Guardian of Septem is Here

Nero: Umu! My Rome is alive and full with people as ever today!

Nero: We no longer face the threat of the United Empire, smiles have been back on Rome's, my dear Romans' faces.

Nero: How wonderful. I'm in a great mood today. Indeed–

Nero: It's sad I won't see Fujimaru and Mash ever again, but I'm the emperor of Rome!

Nero: As long as my people have smiles on their faces, all I need is to reign over and govern Rome with unlimited love!

Nero: My talent has no limit, and neither does my love. The applause of roses will always resound in Rome!

Nero: I'm so excited! Which song should I sing today?

Romans: Oh, I see her Imperial Majesty over there! She's as bright as Apollo, and as beautiful as Venus!

Romans: Long live her Majesty! Hurray for Emperor Nero Claudius!

Nero: Umu. Keep on, I'll allow for the applause.

Nero: If there's one thing to be added, I'm also as talented in art as a Muse.

Nero: Now let me sing! Young girls, come here and hold flowers!

Nero: Honor of Imperium is here! I'll sing with my sweet voice to people throughout the capital, no, the whole land of Rome.

Romans: Oh, wow! Look, her Imperial Majesty is about to sing!

Romans: We're blessed, but you have to put up with it! Don't lose your concentration, otherwise you won't last!

Nero: Hehe, even the people passing by are excited! I'm so happy. This is the Rome I love!

Nero: ...Whew! That was a great recital.

Nero: But those orchestra folks that rushed to join. Isn't their performance a bit too loud?

Nero: Didn't it drown out my sweet voice and block my singing from reaching my people?

Nero: I understand that they get excited, but I need them to remember to be patient.

Nero: Anyway, I spent the whole morning singing. I should work on some official business in the afternoon–

Burrus: Your Majesty. I bring news.

Nero: Oh, my Knight Burrus. What's the matter?

Burrus: From the provinces ruled by the United Empire, we've received letters from the viceroys and director-generals who went missing.

Burrus: I'm sorry to bother you, but I'd appreciate it if you can read it.

Nero: Umu, Burrus. What you just brought in is nothing less than good news!

Nero: Hand over their letter to me. I've been concerned about them.

Nero: (If what Mash and others said was true, all the matters associated with the fake United Empire)

Nero: (will disappear without a trace at some point. But, umu. For now I should just read the letters.)

Nero: (My dear vassals. How did they survive from the attack of the United Empire?)

Nero: (I should learn that. I'm already someone who's killed her own mother–)

Nero: (All that's left is to continue to be the Emperor. I believe my love will reach both my vassals and my people)

Nero: (...Isn't that right, O Romulus?)

Burrus: –Your Majesty?

Nero: Sorry, I think I got a little tired from singing. But not to worry.

Nero: Give me the letters. I'll make sure to hear what the governors and others must say!

Seneca: ...Your Imperial Majesty. You seem to be pushing yourself too hard.

Seneca: It's already late at night. You should rest soon.

Nero: Oh, Seneca. Hehe, thank you for caring for me.

Nero: I got a stack of official work to deal with. I wish there were a few more of me so it wouldn't take this much time.

Nero: But that wouldn't work either. For I am the one and only in Rome!

Nero: Hehe. It's okay. I'm glad to hear you say that to me.

Nero: Once, when my mother was alive–

Seneca: Your Majesty.

Nero: Oh... Well, excuse me. Never mind what I just said.

Nero: I've noticed my migraines are coming back. Indeed this prevents me from finishing my work.

Nero: Certainly, I think I'm a little tired. I'm going to bed now.

Nero: ...Can I ask you to sleep by my side, private tutor?

Seneca: Please stop kidding. But I'm glad you changed your mind.

Seneca: Please rest well. You are our only Roman Emperor.

Seneca: You should never push yourself too hard. Your recklessness will lead to Rome's recklessness.

Nero: Umu. That makes sense–

Mash: ...No one is here. Nero appears to have gone to her bedroom.

Fou: Fou.

Dr. Roman: Wow, Imperial Privilege EX is incredible! It shut off your presence completely!

Dr. Roman: Besides, not only Romulus himself, but both Mash and Fujimaru as well.

Dr. Roman: I wonder which skill he used? Um, is it possible to tell us–King Romulus?

Romulus: ...

Mash: Romulus?

Romulus: ...

Mash: Excuse me–

Fujimaru 1: Are you worrying about Nero?

Mash: ...Sure. To Romulus, Nero is like a "descendant," I suppose.

Fujimaru 2: Rome?

Mash: Huh, Senpai?

Romulus: Every Roman is my child. Nero Claudius. One of my beloved children.

Romulus: With such a tiny body, the fragile girl tries to support everything in the far-off land, Rome.

Romulus: I, Rome, witnessed love in her. It's not gods' love, and yet not human's love, either.

Romulus: It is exactly... One of many forms of love a Roman emperor ought to possess.

Romulus: Even if that path heads to none other than the Underworld itself–

Mash: ...Yes.

Dr. Roman: Right. In several years from now Emperor Nero's political power becomes weak, and she loses the support of everyone under her.

Dr. Roman: I cannot tell her the truth, but sadly, it's just how the history is.

Romulus: Even if everyone rejects her, even if the gods reject her.

Romulus: I, Rome, shall never reject her. Nero Claudius is great.

Romulus: She is– truly a great "Roman emperor."

Romulus: Therefore, leave immediately. The "emperors" attracted, gathered by my divine radiance.

Mash: What–

Mash: What did you just say? We just came to check up on her, didn't we?

Dr. Roman: Wait, I'm picking up something– It's a extremely powerful reaction, but different than a Servant!

Dr. Roman: A more vague existence. A ghost-type monster perhaps? But this is too powerful for something naturally created.

Romulus: Augustus–!

Romulus: Tiberius, Claudius! O, Trajanus! Hadroanus, Severus!

Mash: Names of the emperors of the ancient Roman Empire?

Dr. Roman: Ah, I got it! Those ghosts are the "emperors" themselves!

Dr. Roman: Those "emperors" were chain-summoned by Romulus's existence, attracted by it.

Fou: Fooou!

Mash: I can sense hostility in their magical energy. Senpai, this is going to be a battle!

Fujimaru 1: Let's get ready for battle!

Mash: Yes, Master! Your orders, please!

Fujimaru 2: Rome!

Mash: What! S-Senpai?

Romulus: Emperors from the past! Emperors from the future!

Romulus: You must all leave now! You certainly are Rome, but now is the time of Nero!

Romulus: The short-lived United Empire is no more! Hence, O, my children, gathering in the void!

Romulus: –Behold my spear!

Romulus: This spear I hold is Rome. Hence, you shall–

Romulus: Return to Rome through my spear. O, O, Magna Voluisse Magnum!

Romulus: –Rome!


Mash: The battle is over. All hostile targets were destroyed.

Romulus: ...Rome will never collapse. Even if all the Roman emperors end up crawling on the ground.

Romulus: Rome will continue to shine in the past, present, and future. I, Rome, can see that.

Romulus: Look, heavenly gods. Behold my Rome, no–

Romulus: Behold Nero's Rome, one that lasted longer than mine. Beautiful. This moment of beauty is infinite.

Mash: ...Okay.

Dr. Roman: I think I can understand, or maybe not. Hmm. What exactly is he saying?

Fujimaru 1: It's Rome

Fujimaru 2: It's Rome

Mash: ...Oh, sure Senpai.

Dr. Roman: Huh?

Dr. Roman: Wait a second. Mash, you just gave up on thinking, didn't you? And Fujimaru, you've been–

Romulus: Rome...

Fujimaru 1: Rome...

Mash: Yes. Rome, it is. Somehow–I started to understand it.

Fou: Fooou.

Dr. Roman: Wait, wait, wait! I still don't get it, what is it?

Mash: Doctor. No matter what history says, at least Nero is shining at this time.

Mash: So, she's all right as she is. I think he's saying...something like that.

Dr. Roman: Oh, that is... what it is?

Romulus: Rome...

Fou: Fooou...

Roman Soldier: It's right here, Lord Seneca! We've sensed an unusual presence from the Throne Room!

Seneca: Build up the defenses around Her Majesty's bedroom. I need four soldiers to follow me to the Throne Room!

Roman Soldier: Yes sir!

Dr. Roman: Uh-oh, they'll find us! Now, let's Rayshift out of here!

Fujimaru 1: Rome!

Mash: Yes, Senpai! Rome!

Fou: Fooou!

Romulus: –Rome forever!