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The End that Resisted the Unbearable

Kiichi Hogen: I see, some intensive training, then!?

Scathach: Indeed, intensive training. Many heroes and geniuses gather in Chaldea, but no matter how strong they may be, they end up feeling at ease. That’s why this special training is essential. It’s practice, after all. Any bold hero must always be at their blade’s side.

Kiichi Hogen: Mhm, training’s always good. It’s exactly as you say, Lady Scathach. If you're not always readied for battle, you’ll return to being no more than your child self. Well, if you think of it like that, then the time for some intensive training is soon!

Scathach: Indeed, intensive training!

Kiichi Hogen: Fufu, just as you’d expect from the West’s Teacher.

Salome: … Ah, what’s this? You two seem to be having quite the enjoyable discussion, no?

Scathach: Ah, Salome.

Kiichi Hogen: Were you the princess of some foreign country or something? Hm, well, regardless of whether you’re a princess or not, you’re a Heroic Spirit of Chaldea now, so you’re not exempt from having your mental attitude always readied for battle. We’ll be having a massive special training session soon, so you’d do well to attend.

Salome: Always readied for battle…

Kiichi Hogen: Haha, it’s a Japanese phrase. It means you should always think of yourself as if you’re on a battlefield, more or less.

Salome: Oh my, how frightening. But… fufufu. Indeed. Perhaps I shall come. This is Chaldea, after all. For our Master’s sake, we must always have the power to fight. Always readied for battle—— I shall commit that to memory.

Scathach: Well, that’s good to hear.

Fergus: Well, take a look at this!

Diarmuid: What gorgeous——

Fergus: It seems like we’ve interrupted a gathering of beautiful women, but I can’t help but ask what you two are talking about?

Scathach: Training. Intensive training, to be precise. To ensure our minds are always readied for battle. That’s the topic here.

Diarmuid: I see, I see. “Always readied for battle” is a term I recall hearing about before, actually.

Fergus: That was a phrase from Master’s homeland, right? It’s a good one, it fits strangely well with us Celtic roughnecks.

Diarmuid: It’s an idea that every bold hero should keep close to their heart. I, for one, certainly think I should.

Fergus: Don’t you think you’re the embodiment of the idea?

Diarmuid: No, certainly not. Not nearly as much as you are, Lord Fergus.

Salome: Oh my. The pair of you are quite earnest with your blades, aren’t you?

Diarmuid: I endeavour to be. For both swords and spears.

Fergus: I’m earnest about everything.

Scathach: Hoh…

Fergus: Wait, wait, I had no indecent meaning in that, I swear! (At least, I certainly didn’t think of that…)

Kiichi Hogen: Hoh indeed.

Fergus: …… ……

Salome: Fergus? Fufufufu. Ah, so perhaps… Is “that” the indecent meaning you’re talking about?

Fergus: Hahahaha! Of course not! I always try to be a Celtic gentleman in all things!

Kiichi Hogen: Lady Scathach. I’m not overly familiar with the one calling himself a gentleman, so what are your opinions on Fergus’ remarks just now? Is he all right, or out of line?

Scathach: Hmm… … … …… OUT!

Diarmuid: Lord Fergus…!

Scathach: Fergus is the sort of man who can act like a gentleman if he tries, no doubt, but what he was saying just now is… More than a little crude!

Fergus: (It’s like she’s seeing into my soul!)

Scathach: Alright then, Fergus, it’s time for you to go through some retraining! I’ll prepare a special training course designed just for you! Lady Kiichi!

Kiichi Hogen: A special training course just for the brave Celtic hero, Fergus! This should be very, very interesting! Ohhhhohohoho! Well, let’s get on with it!

Scathach: Hahahaha! Now it’s time to show off the power of the Teacher Duo to all of Chaldea! Let’s go!

Fergus: Wait, no, I have some other business to—— ……… And she’s already grabbed my hand. How passionate.

Scathach: Yes, yes, that’s right.

Fergus: Hahaha. (I’ll just resign myself to my fate)

Salome: Fufufufufufu. Oh, Fergus—— I’ll cheer you on. Please do your best in your special training.

Fergus: Alright……

Salome: Fufufu.

Fujimaru: (......) (Salome’s gotten really familiar with Chaldea…)
(... hasn’t she?)


Did you notice that?

Diarmuid: About Lady Salome?

Fergus: Mhm. Seems like Master’s already restraining her disposition, so there’s nothing else to do but keep an eye out for them. Hmmm…

Diarmuid: Indeed. …… It’s truly heartbreaking. It’s said that the beautiful princess came into this world with the Spirit Origin of a madman.

Fergus: I just don’t get it.

Scathach: Oi, what are you two talking about?

Fergus: Um, nothing…

Kiichi Hogen: I heard it, but I’ll pretend that I didn’t. After all, that’s the job for my Disciple, our Master! But I have to agree—— This whole system of Spirit Origins is utterly horrid!

Mash: Everyone, I’m detecting a magical energy response. Several hostile entities inbound. One of them has a fairly large magical energy signature—— It’s likely the lynchpin of this Micro-Singularity, the hostile entity that has taken in a fragment of a Holy Grail, if I had to guess! Please be careful, Senpai!

Fujimaru: Roger!

Benkei: Let us go! Lord Kintoki, Lady Salome!

Sakata Kintoki: Okay! I’m gonna send it flying, Golden-style!

Salome: Fufufufufufu. So be it. Let us go then, Benkei, Kintoki! My Jokanaan is awfully motivated! I can hear him boasting——

“I am Jokanaan!

Everyone, let us eat our enemies!”

Sakata Kintoki: Hyah! I know you can bring other people out from that skull, but the golden Jokanaan is always your big guns!

Benkei: Well it doesn’t seem to be in golden skull mode, but even still! Hahahaha! Let us see how it fares against——

Benkei: Hoh, some kind of vengeful spirit!

Sakata Kintoki: Let’s GOOOOOO!

Salome: So that’s the source of the Micro-Singularity—— My sincere apologies, I don’t know what kind of wish you held, but it will end here. Goodbye! Farewell! You may not be Jokanaan, but this is simply how it is!

I’ll be taking your head!


Sakata Kintoki:

I leave the rest to you, Princess!

Salome: Aah—— My my, now that’s a surprise! That’s so kind of you, warriors of distant lands! Then, keep its head still for me! I’m so happy, so so happy! I’m so beyond overjoyed, so I… I will live up to your expectations!


Mash: Magical energy response, terminated! The fragment of the Holy Grail has materialised!

Salome: Oh my, how pretty…

Benkei: Please be cautious, Lady Salome. You too, Lord Kintoki. While it may be just a fragment, it is still a Holy Grail. So please take very good care when handling it… Like so.

Sakata Kintoki: I’ll take care of the lifting.

Benkei: It seems that my Nenbutsu, while not as vibrantly skilled as Lady Mash’s shield, is still of some help.

Mash: Holy Grail fragment, collection confirmed! The operation was a success! Thank you, everyone, for your help. The Rayshift will begin shortly.

Salome: Fufufufufufu. I thank you in turn for your aid in navigating us, Mash. It’s thanks to your support that we were able to complete this operation so easily, right, Master?

Fujimaru 1: Yup!

Mash: I look forward to helping out again!

Fujimaru 2: Thanks, Mash.

Mash: N-No need. If I can help, then...

Salome: Fufu. Fufufufufu. Really, you two. Master, Mash, you have such a good relationship. It’s wonderful. It’s glittering. Sparkling, even. It shines like stars in the night sky, mhm—— It’s so shiny that I want to do something about it. Fufu.

Benkei: Lady Salome.

Salome: Yes?

Benkei: No.

Narration: (The Princess’ feelings…) (Is it because her Spirit Origin is that of a Berserker? Or is it simply something that originates from her own existence?) (Lord Kintoki must have noticed it too. Then it seems that there is a good reason for Lady Scheherazade's concerns.) (All the same, she is adhering to Master’s orders, and there’s nothing to critique in her cooperative skills. We’re even able to come to an understanding with one another.) (Hmm.) (This is a terribly troublesome matter…)

Salome: Well then, I’m sure I’ll see you two some other time. And if we ever happen to become a team again—— Then I insist we give it our all! It’s been nice working with you, Mash!

Mash: Likewise!

Scheherazade: —— So how is the princess, Salome, doing?

Fujimaru 1: I think she’s getting to know everyone here in Chaldea.

Fujimaru 2: Even in battle, there’s not a hint of her going berserk.


I’m glad to hear it.

Fujimaru: But...

Scheherazade: Is there…

Something else on your mind, perhaps?

Fujimaru: (Nod)

Scheherazade: …… …… … Indeed. She’s getting to know everyone in Chaldea, and she smiles around everyone too. And it’s like that even during battle. While she drives that crystalline skull, she continues to smile. And then, at night—— Even when listening to my tales. She just continues to smile. Ah, please don’t be concerned. It’s a serene, beautiful smile, as if it’s telling you “It’s alright”. I don’t believe there’s any lie in that. But… I… For some reason, I can’t shake this feeling. It’s like some kind of sign, different from magical energy. It’s like she’s—— Ever since she was summoned, all the time… All the time…

It’s like she’s resisting something, I feel.

I don’t know if she’s resisting something flowing out from her, or if she’s holding back something from flooding in from the outside. I’m not even sure what it is she’s being forced to bear. But… That smiling face of hers is proof that she is weathering it. That much, I understand.

Fujimaru: … Resisting…

Scheherazade: Indeed. One day, if that resolve breaks, collapses, or whatever it is overflows… At that time… What will happen to her…? Master, I feel incredibly uneasy.

Fujimaru 1: I feel the same way, Scheherazade.


… Indeed.

Fujimaru 2: Thank you, I think I should talk to her.

… Indeed.
… Please be careful.

Salome: … Well then, Master. It’s very nice. It’s so big and quiet, it’s almost like the ruins of a castle. But… If you wanted to talk to me, then you didn’t really need to use the simulator, you know? It’s a lot of fun talking with everyone in the dining hall, and it would’ve been just fine if you called me to your chambers. Isn’t that right? But that’s clearly not the case this evening. Hey, Master, what is it you wanted to talk about?

Fujimaru 1: Salome…

Fujimaru 2: Are you working yourself too hard?

Salome: Too hard? That’s… Fufu, such is life. I don’t think I get to decide that sort of thing, Master!

But of course I am.

Fujimaru: …!

Salome: All day, every day. Morning, noon, and evening. Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever!

I’m aaaaaaaalways keeping myself restrained!

And that’s just not natural, is it? If there’s a person who shines as bright as Jokanaan, then it’s natural for me to love them. And if I fall in love with someone, then… Then I want to take their head.

A pure person. A noble person. A holy person—— Before such people, I will always be like that.

They remind me of Jokanaan.

… … But, that’s just it.

I’m restraining myself.

Always, always, always restraining myself. After all—— that’s what you want me to do.

Fujimaru: For my sake…

Salome: Mhm, that’s right. In Chaldea, you want me to be a quiet person, yes? And during battle, you don’t want me to bother everyone, yes? And with holy people, you don’t want me to fall in love, yes? And you want me to get along with Mash. Then that’s how it is, Master. I’ve simply been responding to what you want me to do.

Fujimaru: ……

Salome: Something the matter?

Fujimaru: I don’t want you to work too hard.

Salome: I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. After all, Fujimaru. You’re a Master, aren’t you? It’s you who’s working too hard. You’ll continue onwards, facing hardship all the way. We Servants, who are bound to you, will have to keep working hard, just like you, then. Isn’t that right?

… Fufu. Don’t worry, you’re a kind person. You’re also very different from Jokanaan.

Fufufu. You don’t have to give me that sort of look, it’ll be okay. I will only fail when you do. So please, don’t worry yourself.

Fujimaru 1: That's...

Salome: Fufu.

Fujimaru 2: This is a serious responsibility.

Salome: Mhm, indeed it is.

Salome: You should pay no mind to me, and be more concerned about yourself. Right, Master? As long as you remain you, then I’m sure… I won’t be able to think of you as Jokanaan… But, that’s the thing, isn’t it? You keep climbing the steepest paths. You keep fighting on. And you keep exceeding yourself, and you’re going to keep doing so… Someday, you might become someone like Jokanaan—— And that’s when I’ll take your head.

Fujimaru 1: Then it’ll be alright.

Salome: Fufufu. Is that so?

Fujimaru 2: Well I don’t think I’m ever going to be saintly.

Salome: Mhm, mhm, neither do I.

Salome: I hope so—— Really, that’s what I think, from the bottom of my heart, Master. I’ll keep doing my best and resist… So in turn—— do your best to remain the person you are, okay?