Sasaki Kojirou


Chairperson: Thank you for your patience! The next challenger hails from the Far East.

Chairperson: A mysterious fighter called "SAMURAI!!" It's "SASAKI KOJIROU" and friends!

Mash: Why did this happen...?

Dr. Roman: Her Majesty sure got us this time.

Dr. Roman: She asked us to come play at the Colosseum, and this is what happens when we believe her words!

Dr. Roman: She told us to risk our lives as gladiators to entertain her. As expected of a historically renown tyrant!!

Dr. Roman: And so, as they were forced into this battle. A comment from SAMURAI of the Far East, please.

Kojirou: Hmm, the Colosseum. A rather special arena, isn't it?

Dr. Roman: And you fit in a little bit too well, Kojirou! Are you here on tour!?

Fujimaru 1: You're calm.

Fujimaru 2: Aren't you scared?

Kojirou: Well, those walking the path of swordsmanship are prepared for this. Everything you do is part of your training - as my predecessors would say.

Dr. Roman: That refreshing smile. You're amazing, SAMURAI.

Kojirou: Hmm? No, you're wrong, Lord Roman. I'm neither a warrior nor a samurai. Just some dude that can wave a stick.

Dr. Roman: Whaaaaaat!?

Kojirou: Besides a sword, I've carried hoes before, too. So I am quite handy with peasant works, too.

Dr. Roman: Whoa...That's impressive, but how did you become a Heroic Spirit, again...?

Chairperson: The first match "SAMURAIS" vs. "Immortal Soldiers!!"

Dr. Roman: Wait wait wait, this is messed up!! Immortal!? Are they zombies!? Skeletons!?

Fujimaru 1: I'll leave it to you this time, Doctor.

Fujimaru 2: Groovy, Roman.

Mash: Yes. It is twice the communications traffic than usual. The Doctor's interested in Kojirou...or rather, SAMURAI.

Kojirou: let's have a fair...fight!!


Kojirou: Umm. Given your opponent's build, you'll need to be creative. Focus on inserting your blade and pulling your arm back, I guess.

Chairperson: What an overwhelming force! Who on earth is he? "SAMURAI," warrior from the Orient!

Chairperson: But that's the extent of his power!! Next up is a gladiator-killing demon!

Chairperson: Our champion!! "Demon Sword, the Emissary from Hell!!"

Dr. Roman: Any way you slice it, that's a demon! That's insane! Isn't that insane!? What has happened to the reign of Rome!?

Mash: Calm down, Doctor. That's a gladiator's costume.

Dr. Roman: Oh, I seeee. It's just a performance to hype up the battle...and you think I'd fall for that!?

Dr. Roman: I mean it's got wings and a tail!! That transcends the level of a costume!!

Dr. Roman: Why did the Emperor hire this guy? Is she a moron? I had a feeling all along, but is the Roman Emperor a moron?

Dr. Roman: No matter how great a samurai you are, Kojirou... No, even if you were raised in the wild, that's not fair!

Dr. Roman: Your opponent transcends Bushido, you know! Default, Kojirou! That would be the best!

Kojirou: Hahaha. Lord Roman, you worry too much.

Kojirou: Don't worry about me! I fought beasts on a daily basis in the mountains.

Kojirou: Look. An ox head, bear body, and monkey legs. A worthy opponent, but rather boring.

Kojirou: Why don't you relax and enjoy this, Lord Roman? OK, Master. Let's show off our abilities!


Kojirou: Hmm. He's invulnerable like Berserker. Guess this wasn't just a beast?

Chairperson: No matter how much you attack him, he won't fall!! That's our champ, "Demon Sword!!"

Dr. Roman: You're still going to insist that it's a human fighter! I'm going to make a direct complaint to Emperor Nero!

Demon Sword: Ugoaaaaaaaaa!!!

Mash: Watch out, Master!!

Kojirou: Hidden Sword–Swallow Reversal!!

Demon Sword: Goaaaaaaaa...!!

Chairperson: ...!! Wh-What has happened!?

Chairperson: Demon Sword, undefeated for 100 battles, has finally fallen!!

Kojirou: I guess its stock of resurrection ran out. ...How boring.

Kojirou: I expected a tough opponent, but it's still quite far from an enlightenment of a new Hidden Sword.

Kojirou: Well. I wonder when I'll meet the one who could surpass the swallow on that day.

Dr. Roman: No, no, no. The swallow you fought was absolutely nuts, a phantasmal! Was it a phantasmal?

Chairperson: A new champion has risen here!! His name is "SAMURAI," the warrior of the Orient.

Chairperson: We ask the audience to welcome this new champion with a loud round of applause!!

Mash: This just turned into something amazing, Senpai.

Fujimaru 1: You're amazing, SAMURAI!

Fujimaru 2: That's right, SAMURAI.

Kojirou: This is some pretty good cheering. It lacks elegance but the thunderous applause is nice.

Kojirou: Lord Fujimaru, I've caused you trouble. Well, let's have a drink to celebrate the victory.

Kojirou: Will there be a bag of rice, too? Man, a place where you can make money from martial arts! This is a nice town!

Da Vinci: –After that, the fighter from the Orient piled on victory after victory as a great Gladiator in Roman history

Da Vinci: and became a legend among the people for a long time henceforth...

Da Vinci: –Well, that bit of Roman gladiator history continues to be described about in detail but

Da Vinci: Have anything to say, Kojirou?

Kojirou: No, I was just excited. Forgive me.

Fujimaru 1: It was incredible! Swallow Reversal 100 slashes!

Fujimaru 2: Her Majesty was delighted, too.

Mash: Kojirou was really popular. The merchandise was flying off the shelves, too!

Mash: Emperor Nero was having a fit though. She said, "I shall be the 100th opponent!"

Mash: But, I am surprised that the history can tolerate this amount of changes.

Da Vinci: No, it can't tolerate at all. Romani, what are we going to do about this?

Dr. Roman: Well...We went there to correct the history, and now we actually ended up changing it...What should we do, Fou?

Fou: Fou!!

Mash: Fou said, "Super Overtime." Doctor, do you want to eat the food we got as prizes?

Dr. Roman: Don't need it, return it to Rome!