Dragon Slayer

Siegfried: Ah Master, Mash Kyrielight, I need a word with you... Is now a good time?

Fujimaru 1: I don't mind.

Fujimaru 2: Not a problem.

Mash: No, I don't mind.

Siegfried: ...I see. Well, where to start...

Siegfried: You know how I am the "Dragon Slayer?"

Mash: Of course, you defeated the evil dragon Fafnir, didn't you?

Siegfried: Yes. Afterward I bathed in its blood– and gained immortality from it.

Siegfried: Although, there is one part which was untouched by its blood. My back.

Siegfried: ...Well, that I'm aware of, at least.

Fujimaru 1: Why wasn't it touched?

Fujimaru 2: Why did you leave it?

Siegfried: Let's just say I had my reasons. I'm terrible at explaining this.

Siegfried: You see, because I bathed in Fafnir's blood– I can resonate with "that dragon."

Siegfried: You could say it's like the relationship between Masters and Servants.

Siegfried: However, the link is extremely weak. It only allows us to confirm each other's survival at best.

Siegfried: During the battle in France, I was certain that Fafnir was destroyed, but...

Siegfried: It seems it's revived.

Mash: Wha...Fafnir has?!

Siegfried: Master, I beg of you. Return to France, and this time slay the dragon.

Siegfried: Won't you take me with you?

Dr. Roman: All right, I'll start monitoring... Multiple signatures of lifeforms confirmed.

Dr. Roman: It goes without saying, they're not human.

Mash: Please look at this, Master! There are wyverns among them!

Siegfried: Did they survive that battle then recover? Or were they reborn?

Siegfried: ...In any case, they must be destroyed. Aim for the wyverns first. Let's go!


Siegfried: ...It looks like we got them for now. Let's look for Fafnir.

Mash: A ruined fortress. It looks like the wyverns attacked it.

Mash: But Doctor, I thought Fafnir was summoned by that Jeanne.

Mash: It's possible she, too is–

Siegfried: ...No, I doubt that.

Dr. Roman: Siegfried's correct.

Dr. Roman: She needed the Grail to exist as a Servant, there's no sign of it in France.

Siegfried: I'm sure. ...I fear this is my fault.

Mash: ...Yours?

Siegfried: By defeating Fafnir, I left behind a legend and became a Heroic Spirit.

Siegfried: But, my very existence itself is also the proof that "Fafnir exists."

Siegfried: Not to mention it's already been summoned once here in France.

Siegfried: So long as Fafnir isn't killed completely, it will keep reviving.

Mash: But I thought its Master, Jeanne no longer exists...

Siegfried: Dragons generates magical energy simply by breathing.

Dr. Roman: –I see. Standing atop of all Phantasmals, they never have to worry about magical energy.

Dr. Roman: Living. Just by doing that, it's possible to generate magical energy!

Fou: Fou!

Mash: Master, it's the wyverns! They've formed a pack and started to attack!

Siegfried: It's not easy being a "Dragon Slayer." Master, let's go!


Siegfried: –Hm. These wyverns were just born.

Mash: Born?

Siegfried: When dragons become as large as Fafnir, they can bear offspring on their own.

Siegfried: Just like these.

Siegfried: Most of them are dead, but even if a few survive– they'll eventually be surrounded by strong fantasies.

Siegfried: Then new Evil Dragons will be born.

Siegfried: It's because of that fear, we humans desperately fought the dragons.

Fujimaru 1: Weren't you afraid?

Fujimaru 2: You're brave.

Siegfried: I appreciate that, Master. Unfortunately, I was afraid.

Siegfried: I only killed the dragon because I was asked to. I suppose I'm the type who–just can't refuse a request.

Siegfried: To all warriors, the title Dragon Slayer was an eternal honor. ...I won't deny that I was motivated by fame.

Siegfried: But, it was so scary I regretted it immediately.

Mash: You still ended up victorious, right?

Siegfried: Yes, but as I said before, even I don't know how I won.

Siegfried: When I came to, there was the bloody dragon and my bloodstained self. Its lair was dyed red.

Siegfried: My skin which should have been badly burned was hardly hurt. ...It was strange, but I knew I had won.

Fujimaru 1: Were you happy?

Siegfried: Of course. The dragon was slain and I thought I could devote my entire life to realizing that.

Fujimaru 2: Was it fun?

Siegfried: ...Yes, it was fun. The moment I realized it, I gave an uncharacteristic shout.

Siegfried: The treasure I gained eventually cast me into misfortune, but... I have no regrets or hesitations.

Siegfried: I know it's not the most enlightened way to put it, but I accepted the circumstances of my life.

Siegfried: I grant someone's wish. I accept their joy, their sadness, and their rage.

Siegfried: ...And that was enough to give my life fulfillment. Except–

Siegfried: !!! It seems our idle chatter is at an end.

Siegfried: I've located it– Which means it's located me, as well.

Dr. Roman: I've picked up a massive signature incoming... No doubt about it, it's Fafnir!

Siegfried: Now is the time to settle this! Let's go!


Siegfried: ...Farewell Fafnir. May you be destroyed, this time.

Mash: This is Mash. Fafnir's destruction confirmed.

Dr. Roman: Yes, I've confirmed its destruction on my side as well. I'm scanning, but there's no sign at all.

Dr. Roman: I think you managed to finish him off this time.

Siegfried: Now it seems Balmung too has regained its original power.

Fujimaru 1: Can you continue with your story?

Siegfried: ...There's nothing more to tell. We'll talk more next time we get the chance.

Siegfried: I'm grateful, let's return Master.

In Search of Das Rheingold

Siegfried: Master, Mash Kyrielight. Forgive me, but I have a request.

Mash: Is it Fafnir again–?

Siegfried: No, that dragon was completely destroyed. Please rest assured.

Siegfried: But when the dragon revived, so did my lost Noble Phantasm. We must return to France and secure it–

Mash: We've arrived.

Mash: ...It's just as Siegfried said. I can sense a powerful presence.

Dr. Roman: I can confirm that, as well. Hang on while I find the shortest route.

Fujimaru 1: What's the Noble Phantasm?

Siegfried: Have you never heard of the Rheingold?

Dr. Roman: The Rheingold ...The treasure you obtained.

Dr. Roman: I've heard it's a mountain of treasures that couldn't be exhausted even by all the people of the era.

Siegfried: That's an exaggeration. But it's enough to allow me, my children–

Siegfried: and even my grandchildren to grow old in luxury and still have some left over.

Siegfried: It's likely an aftereffect of Fafnir's resurrection. The Rheingold has been summoned, as well.

Siegfried: There's evil surrounding the gold. If we don't secure it, there will be trouble.

Mash: Trouble how?

Siegfried: For example... Suppose a man finds it. With one glance, the treasure would captivate him completely.

Siegfried: The captivated man would naturally spend the treasure. Once he did, he would become known as its owner.

Siegfried: Eventually, everything around him–will be drawn into a bloody struggle. The battle will drag on and spread like fire, without end.

Siegfried: In the end, the nation will be consumed by atrocities and executions, treachery and perfidy.

Siegfried: That's what Rheingold is. I regret having ever summoned it...

Mash: Understood. We need to prevent that from happening. Let's hurry to the location!

Dr. Roman: I've got the route. Hurry!

Siegfried: ...The gold has begun to attract evil creatures. Let's break through, Master!


Siegfried: Hm...

Soldier A: That treasure... belongs to me!

Soldier B: Quiet! That's mine!

Siegfried: We're too late. The mind corruption has already begun.

Siegfried: We can disable them for now. Master, let's go!


Mash: Will they be all right?

Siegfried: Once the Rheingold disappears from this nation, any related memories will also be erased and return to normal.

Siegfried: Let's hurry before we have casualties.

Dr. Roman: We're almost at our destination. However, I am picking up multiple signatures around it.

Mash: It's spacious. ...Master, please stand back.

Mash: The signatures the Doctor mentioned are approaching!

Siegfried: We're done once we defeat these. What?

E:???: ...It's been a while, my friend.

Siegfried: You're!?

E:???: No need to be surprised. You're not the only one who obtained the Rheingold.

E:???: I, Hagen, killed you to acquire it.

Mash: Hagen...I believe he was the one who killed Siegfried from behind...

Mash: It seems he was summoned using the Rheingold as the catalyst.

Hagen: Exactly. Though, I only did it because this guy asked me. Right, my friend?

Siegfried: ...If you think of me as a friend, stand aside Hagen.

Hagen: I refuse. This treasure is mine. I killed you to obtain it.

Hagen: I won't give it to a wench like Kriemhild. I won't give it to a coward like you who chose death!

Hagen: This gold! This treasure! Everything is mine!

Siegfried: –No matter what I say, it will only be an excuse.

Siegfried: It's true that I am a coward. I should have stood firm, and found a way to break through.

Siegfried: That tragedy was not one I schemed... Even then, there's no doubt that I am responsible.

Siegfried: ...However. I will retrieve the Rheingold.

Siegfried: Not for my own greed, but because it is just.

Hagen: –Haha. Says the man who wielded his sword not knowing what is just!

Siegfried: You're correct. When I was alive, I wielded my sword in ignorance.

Siegfried: However, lately I have finally been able to see my own righteousness.

Siegfried: I will have my wish granted– Hagen!


Hagen: –Hmph, ruin it is. That's fine, I didn't want this gold in the first place.

Siegfried: What, you were just venting?

Hagen: What else did you think it was?

Hagen: ...I was happy when I could drink and joke with you.

Hagen: I'm the only one that could have assaulted you from behind in that situation.

Hagen: I can see you wanted it to be by my blade, as you trusted me.

Hagen: However–did you not imagine that you would hurt my heart doing so?

Hagen: Did you not think it would infuriate your wife Kriemhild?

Siegfried: ...You're right. Seems I knew little about emotions.

Siegfried: No, more than anything else–since I was asked to, I believed nothing else could have been done.

Siegfried: I showed excessive lack of interest in everything.

Hagen: You neglected your life, your hope, and most of all your desires.

Hagen: You may have been fine with that, but you should've noticed those around you couldn't bear it.

Siegfried: ...Yeah.

Hagen: Then, let me ask you. –Do you have any wish as you are now?

Siegfried: I do. I had decided this from before. In this second life– I'll protect justice, and be proud of it.

Siegfried: I care not about the opinions of others. I merely wish that "I myself want to be as such."

Siegfried: My dream is—to be a hero of justice.

Hagen: ...Hmph, such a childish dream, much like you. But that is fine.

Hagen: I will entrust the Rheingold to you. I'm sure you'll be able to deal with it properly—

Siegfried: Master, this is what I couldn't tell you earlier. I neglected myself too much, and ended up causing tragedy.

Siegfried: I will not repeat my mistake again. I want to become a hero of justice and prevent it.

Siegfried: Is it absurd... to wish for that?

Fujimaru 1: Not at all.

Fujimaru 2: It is not absurd.

Siegfried: ...Thank you Master. I give you my best regards for the future.