Gladiator Circus

Spartacus: Master! Ye who's not an oppressor, but destined to become an oppressor one day.

Spartacus: Yes. I see that you're confused. I understand, we're inside the camp of a Roman army.

Spartacus: And at this moment, we're going to show them our strengths. So it seems that I cannot avoid my destiny for battle.

Fujimaru 1: What's going on?

Fujimaru 2: Where is this place?

Spartacus: Not to worry. We both share the same destiny.

Spartacus: Although if you do end up being an oppressor, I'll have no choice but to cut down your head–

Spartacus: Perhaps, I should've cut you down the day you became my "Master." But for now... I shall accompany you.

Spartacus: Or, maybe... No, as long as you're a "Master" there's no use. It's sad, but that's destiny.

Fujimaru 1: What happened?

Fujimaru 2: Please listen to me.

Spartacus: It is time now for battle and bloodshed. The road forward from here will be a living hell. Yes, my blood will seethe.

Spartacus: And my muscles, organs, skin, and all that I am will tremble with delight!

Mash: Um... Master, Master. I don't want to bother you when you look so confused.

Mash: –And I know this is sudden. But it looks like we're captured.

Fujimaru 1: Why?

Fujimaru 2: How come?

Mash: All I know is that we were already like this when I woke up. See? Even Fou has cute little shackles on.

Fou: Fou!

Mash: It seems that we will be forced to fight as combatants–as Gladiators.

Spartacus: You there, puppets of the oppressor. Come out. I'll take you on as much as you like.

Mash: And what's making this even worse, Spartacus is really in the mood for a fight...

Mash: Rather than think our way out of this, it might be better for us to fight.

Spartacus: All right, so we'll start with a warm-up, eh?

Mash: Master, orders, please. All right, let's begin!

Mash: ...Huh?

Spartacus: It is over, sad and fragile. And no one would sing of their praises.

Spartacus: They stood before us, without a shred of fear in their body, they charged at us.

Spartacus: Now that's courage. A great and might conviction, something an oppressor will never have.

Spartacus: Hail them! Hail these warriors! Not me, but them!

Mash: ...Master. Wait a little while longer before giving orders.

Spartacus: Ah-ha! You're next? Come at me!

Mash: A-A lion? Master, your orders! This could be a real fight–!

Mash: –Or maybe not.

Mash: Now that I think about it, Spartacus was always renown for being a great gladiator.

Mash: On this kind of battlefield, he can handle this all alone without a problem.

Spartacus: –This stench! It reeks! This is the stench of impatience. Mixed with the stench of rage.

Spartacus: It's the stench of animosity, that they will not let us return alive. In that case, I am already prepared!

Spartacus: Monsters! Bring out the monsters that you people sealed away with your oppression!

Spartacus: That is their way to becoming free! For as long as our interests conflict, I will crush them!

Spartacus: Yet, when all has ended, I shall weep! I will take their hands, and shed tears of blood for their destiny.

Mash: ...This time, it is my turn...right?

Fou: Fou...

Spartacus: Hmm. A warrior with the head of a beast, eh? I am ready. Let each of us now fight for our freedom!

Spartacus: Wahahahahahahahahahahaha–!


Mash: We've defeated the werebeasts–but. From what I can see, it looks like more are on the way!

Mash: Now it's–!

Spartacus: Now it's the merging of a woman and a serpent. But, whoever appears before me shall be a warrior.

Spartacus: Will that torso of yours curl around me and crush me first? Or will my blade pierce your torso first.

Spartacus: The bone crushing battle shall wait no longer! I'll gladly vanquish my foe!


Mash: Whew... When Spartacus got Lamia in that suplex, I wasn't sure how it would turn out.

Spartacus: All right, what's next?

Spartacus: Oh, another lion? ...No, it's not. This is...a lion, yet a lot more ferocious!

Mash: Could it be–

Mash: A Chimera?

Spartacus: What an abomination! Well, never in my lifetime have I encountered a creature like this!

Spartacus: The trembling that I feel is by no means my imagination. Let's do this, great lion!

Spartacus: I shall risk my life–to obtain my freedom! Gaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgh–!


Spartacus: I am...victorious...

Mash: I'm exhausted...

Fujimaru 1: Well done!

Fujimaru 2: You fought well!

Mash: Thank you.

Spartacus: All right, what's next?...Hmm? What is the meaning of this?

Spartacus: The Roman soldiers have disappeared. The campsite is gone, too.

Spartacus: Hm. ...What's this? Now I'm troubled. What am I going to do now that the oppressor is gone.

Spartacus: I was to regain my freedom after I defeat the oppressor. Now that he's gone, how am I going to...

Wait! Could this be what true freedom–tastes like? Master, what do you think?

Fujimaru 1: Well, let me see...

Spartacus: Wait, there're more oppressors out there in the world. My fight won't end until I've defeated them all.

Spartacus: Yes, without a doubt– Until that day arrives, you're coming with me to the depths of hell.

Spartacus: Oh, my Master!