Vlad III - Apocrypha

Legend of Dracula I

Vlad III: History is a cloth woven from truth and dreams. At times the truth is too brutal, so we paint over it with our dreams.

Vlad III: ...However, there are those who embrace delusions. They crush the truth, and delight us with deception.

Vlad III: –That is to say, to be frank, I will not forgive "Dracula." Not ever.

Vlad III: –Are you awake?

Fujimaru 1: What's happening now?

Fujimaru 2: Has something happened?

Mash: I-I'm sorry, Master. I know it's late.

Mash: But Vlad has something he wants to talk to you about.

Fou: Fou.

Vlad III: –It's mixed.

Fujimaru 1: What is?

Fujimaru 2: Mixed?

Vlad III: My memories. You see, I was born the second son of my father, Vlad II, and was ruler of Wallachia.

Vlad III: Although I was driven to misfortune, I have no regrets over my life.

Vlad III: However–since my materialization as a Servant, I have been haunted by a different memory.

Mash: Could those be of–Dracu...

Vlad III:

Mash: ...I apologize. Please continue your story.

Vlad III: You're right. The memories of that dreaded vampire. People I've never seen before glare at me, and try to drive a stake through my heart.

Vlad III: ...The hearts of men! They are full of absurd naivety and incorrigible stubbornness.

Vlad III: They affix imaginary personalities, imaginary histories, and imaginary stories to reality.

Vlad III: But they have no idea how much trouble those affected are going through. Therefore, heed my orders.

Vlad III: Travel with me to a different era, and eliminate the imaginary history. –It should be easy.

Vlad III: Even imaginings are based on real tales, and those tales have authors.

Vlad III: We will bring an end to them. It should be easy for us. –Don't tell me, you're going to say no?

Fujimaru 1: Let's go.

Fujimaru 2: Of course not.

Mash: ...W-Well, that's right. Defamation is a problem that can't be ignored.

Mash: Regardless of the outcome, or how we arrived at it... Revealing the truth is the right thing to do.

Fujimaru 1: You think we can?

Mash: Yes. At least I think so.

Mash: Once we start tracking Dra...'s footsteps, the place with the highest magical energy response...

Mash: ...will most likely be the origin of Dra...'s legends.

Mash: It's just that... Can the commonly known legend of Dra... be erased that easily?

Vlad III: Why are you still talking? I gave you an order. Hurry and make haste.

Mash: Y-Yes, sir. All right, let's get going.

Mash: We're in London. We're picking up a strong magical energy response here.

Mash: ...Most likely, the biggest difference between the original Vlad and the vampire Vlad is whether he visited London or not.

Mash: Normally, Vlad has no connection with this place whatsoever.

Vlad III: –So, this is London. I see. What a dreadful place.

Mash: Naturally, Mina Harker and Lucy Westenra never actually existed.

Mash: However, it's possible there were actual women being attacked, and having their blood sucked– Women who resembled the characters.

Vlad III: Fine. Commence your investigation.

Mash: Y-Yes, sir.

Mash: But we have no clues at all. Doctor, do you have anything on your end?

Dr. Roman: Well... I have picked up several small traces of magical energy.

Dr. Roman: But it's hard to say if those are powerful enough to establish the legend of Dracula.

Vlad III: Hmm...

Dr. Roman: But I'll keep trying!

Vlad III: –No, that's fine. I'm well aware of your devotion to this task. However, it vexes me that there's nothing I can do.

Vlad III: It's true that later generations would brand me a tyrant for my reign.

Vlad III: However–even so, I am sure it wasn't enough for people to start calling me Dracul.

Mash: Vlad...

Mash: What?

Vlad III: That was–the cry of a woman!

Dr. Roman: I picked up a strong magical energy response. Mash, you should go take a look.

Vlad III: I will accompany you. Right–I hope we run into this vampire.

Woman: Please...stop...

Vlad III: –"Kazikli Bey."

Woman: What?

Vlad III: ...I see. This is quite intriguing. Look, Mash and my Master!

Vlad III: Completely unfitting for this era, for this place– On appearance alone, this is indeed "Dracul."

Mash: This is...

Vlad III: A monster that transforms into a bat, and preys on human flesh– Truly despicable.

Vlad III: Prepare for your death, you heinous bat. In my current rage, I don't care if you're the Devil himself... I'll crush you.

Mash: That sound just now...

Vlad III: It looks like he's calling his allies. Fine. Saves me the trouble of hunting them down. How efficient.

Vlad III: Oh how I wish every war was like this. Wouldn't you agree, Master?

Fujimaru 1: You are absolutely right.

Fujimaru 2: Let's crush them all right here.

Vlad III: I couldn't agree more, Master!

Vlad III: Let the devastation commence! Otherwise–show us just how much of a devil you are!


Vlad III: Hmph. Perish without a trace, you filthy beasts.

Woman: ...

Vlad III: You, girl.

Woman: Y-Yes?

Vlad III: Worry not. This beast shall no longer trouble you. Return to your home, and indulge in peaceful slumber.

Woman: Y-Yes, sir. Pardon me– What is your name, sir?

Vlad III: Vlad III. Remember it.

Vlad III: Hmm. I believe it's safe to assume the history has returned to its proper path.

Dr. Roman: Ah, yes. I think–this will do the trick.

Vlad III: Magnificent! Then let us return.

Vlad III: Sorry for forcing you to accompany me.

Mash: N-No, not at all. It's quite all right.

Vlad III: Yes. Tonight you should rest as much as you like. I will be in my spirit form.

Mash: Excuse me, Senpai.

Mash: ...Even if we correct history, the chance for the legend of Dracula to be erased is...

Fujimaru 1: Pretty low?

Fujimaru 2: Almost none at all?

Mash: ...Yes.

Mash: But, for Vlad–this IS his wish for the Holy Grail.

Mash: Who knows what might actually happen?

Mash: But at the very least, people's perception of Vlad III might change– That would be a miracle.

Mash: All we can do now is hope and watch.

Legend of Dracula II

Vlad III: Hm... London again? We've already taken care of that devil... Is there something else?

Mash: I'm not sure, but we picked up something in in the area.

Vlad III: Perfect, then! Even the defeat of a small foe would be a worthy addition to my legend!

Vlad III: My name remains infamous, but I shall not be known as demonic nor as vampiric.

Vlad III: Very well. Let's go, Master!

Fujimaru 1: Let's do our best!

Vlad III: ...Ah. It seems we've found it. It seems our foe is a mere wraith this time, rather than a devil.

Mash: Yes, but that doesn't mean it is not malicious. The Demonic Fog still seems to be lingering in the city.

Mash: It may normally be “just a wraith,” but right now it's a deadly evil spirit.

Woman: Heeelp...!

Fujimaru 1: Let's go rescue her!

Vlad III: Oh, I know. I shall do what I did before: Kazikli Bey!

Woman: Wh-what!?

Vlad III: Woman. Stand back.

Vlad III: That creature has crept into your world, but it is a being that should not exist.

Vlad III: Touch it and you will die. If you value your life, leave!

Woman: B-but, but...I can't...move...!

Vlad III: Oh... Then I have no choice. Master, stay back and protect her.

Vlad III: I shall impale that wraith. Normally, my stakes are reserved for punishment...

Vlad III: To threaten to harm civilians even after death... Unforgivable! I shall destroy you!


Vlad III: Vanished like the mist. How petty.

Vlad III: But with the Singularity gone, how could there be a problem with evil spirits...?

Vlad III: I suppose I should expect as much from a demonic city like London...

Woman: U-um. Thank...you...

Fujimaru 1: Get home safe.

Woman: Thank you very much...!

Vlad III: ...Wait.

Woman: Y-yes?

Vlad III: My name is Vlad III. Remember it, keep it within your heart, and live the rest of your life to your fullest.

Vlad III: And listen.

Vlad III: Some of the things I do may seem odd, but I am in no way related to vampires.

Vlad III: Understood?


Woman: Y-yes!

Vlad III: ...Hm. Now at least that woman will never think of me as a vampire.

Vlad III: Well, let's continue. Mash Kyrielight, have you found anything?

Mash: Y-yes... In the northern part of the city, there is a response very similar to the devil we just saw.

Mash: However, just like last time, it is a weak response.

Mash: ...This is just speculation, but there is a high possibility that it's a Demonic Beast that we're just assuming is a devil.

Mash: It's likely here because of the residual Demonic Fog still in the area.

Vlad III: Or perhaps it was summoned for some purpose related to magecraft.

Mash: This is... Could this be a summoning circle of some sort?

Man: A monster! Monster!!!

Man: Get to safety now! Hey, you too...!

Man: It's surely the devil!

Vlad III: Ah. So this is the devil. Laughable. It's no more than a beast gone mad.

Man: H-hey, you...!?

Vlad III: I shall quite literally rip you to shreds!


Vlad III: What trifling nuisances. Such pathetic opponents may even weaken my spear.

Man: Wh-who the hell are you?

Vlad III: Ah. You ask my name. Then I shall answer.

Vlad III: My name is Vlad Tepes. You there, repeat it...

Man: U-um...Vlad Tepes?

Vlad III: Correct. If it's hard to say, you may simply call me Vlad III. Either way, there's one very important thing you must remember.

Vlad III: Listen well: Vlad III is NOT a vampire.

Vlad III: Repeat!!!

Man: Vlad III is not...a vampire?

Vlad III: Very good!


Vlad III: Now all that's left is the mage. I will not ask him to come to me.

Vlad III: No...I'll chase him round perdition's flames before I give him up. I shall show them what it is to be Lord Impaler.

Mage: ...Wh-who the hell are you guys?

Vlad III: You do not know me? I am Vlad Tepes–

Mage: Vlad III...of Wallachia? You lie. Lord Vlad perished long ago!

Vlad III: Yes, that is correct. I fought and died as the ruler of Wallachia.

Vlad III: What is done is done. The story of my life has been swallowed in the annals of history. However, I will not tolerate anyone who glosses over the truth in later years.

Mage: ...What are you talking about?

Vlad III: There's no need for you to know. After all, I'm going to destroy you.

Mage: Ack! N-no! Summon...I summon thee! Come forth! Save me!

Mage: Help me...!!!

Mash: A summoning circle...! Is he trying to summon something again!?

Mage: Ahhh! It's here... It's here! Kill them! Kill them all...!

Vlad III: ...Now what has he summoned this time?

Mash: This's a super giant organism reaction... Could it be...!?

Mash: Did he manage to summon...a dragon to the 19th century...?

Vlad III: There's no need to be surprised.

Vlad III: The seven eras had stood once under fire. If they are undergoing repairs, it wouldn't be surprising something like this can happen.

Mage: Y-yes... I did it! My clan's ambitions have finally been fulfilled!

Mage: Using this dragonkin, I shall bring all of London's mages under my command!

Mage: Now all the Lords of the Clock Tower will be erad—

Mage: ...Huh?

Mash: The mage...!

Mage: Gyaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! It's... IT'S EATING MEEEEEE!!!

Mage: Why!? I was the one who summoned it...! Why!? Sto–Gyaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

Vlad III: Pathetic. Only through luck and coincidence did he succeed in his summoning. Without the ability to control his thrall, there is no point summoning it.

Vlad III: Fine. O almighty Phantasmal Beast... Dragonkin!

Vlad III: My father revered thy name, and deemed thy form perfect for battle!

Vlad III: And as his son, I have been despised by my enemies, by the people, by history itself... Not as a dragon, but as the devil!

Vlad III: And now, I shall grapple with thee...a being Father deemed perfection itself. What irony!

Vlad III: But I am grateful for this evil fortune! It may be twisted, but I will make a most worthy opponent for you!

Vlad III: I, Vlad III, the son of Dracul...shall sink my fangs into your neck!

Mash: Dragonkin...incoming!

Fujimaru 1: Let's do this!

Vlad III: Indeed! Taste my deadly spear!

Fujimaru 2: Protect the people of the city!

Vlad III: ...Yes! How like my Master to be conscious of such a thing, even in a situation like this!

Vlad III: If we were in the right era, you might have made a respectable king.

Vlad III: Now, let's do this!


Vlad III: ...Impressive, dragonkin. As a creature that possesses part of my name, you truly were a worthy opponent.

Fujimaru 1: It's the opposite, my lord.

Vlad III: ...Ahem.

Vlad III: I suppose we've managed to improve my name's ill repute here.

Vlad III: A mysterious hero who saved London from a dragonkin... Not bad. Not bad at all...

Mash: (If it's mysterious, then no one will know it was him...)

Mash: ...Oh no! A crowd is gathering!

Mash: Let's move out! Master, Vlad...hurry!

Man: U-um...

Vlad III: Hm? What is it?

Man: If it's all right...may I take a photograph with you?

Vlad III: A photograph? Hm. I'll allow it. Master. Let's take it together.

Mash: Eh!?

Fujimaru 1: Is that... C-can we do that...?

Vlad III: I'll allow it.

Vlad III: Even that Saint George–Georgios–has made a hobby of it. That surely means it is not something that would give offense to God.

Vlad III: Master. My collar is not crooked, is it?

Fujimaru 2: I-is this okay?

Vlad III: Ha... I have knowledge of the modern world. I know very well that such contraptions don't steal one's soul.

Vlad III: Pity it will be monochrome, though...

Mash: (I think Vlad is missing the point...)

Man: Here we go!

Mash: Th-this picture's not going to be left for future generations, is it...?

Vlad III: Do not worry. Even if it were, nobody would know what kind of photo it was anyway.

Vlad III: It is destined to turn to dust someday, much like that dragonkin we just defeated.

Vlad III: Let us return to Chaldea, Master. I appreciate you accompanying me on my endless journey to fulfill my desires.

Vlad III: It may be futile. It may all be in vain. It may be a meaningless and ludicrous journey.

Vlad III: But such a thing is not to be fought. It is not in my nature to be abashed.

Vlad III: And. While I savor all of these endeavors...

Vlad III: I simply cannot take pride in the fact that I am a vampire. Not ever.