Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Symphony of the Heroic Spirits

Townsperson: Get out if you can't pay! I'm keeping this until you've got the money you owe!

Amadeus: Oww...What a violent man... The drink was cheap... And there were no pork cutlets either...

Amadeus: Oh, but losing my travel bag was a bad blow. I don't want him selling it to the pawn shop.

Mash: ...Master, that's Amadeus lying on the ground in front of us.

Mash: He appears to have been bounced out of the tavern like a pinball.

Fujimaru 1: What happened?

Fujimaru 2: You okay, scum?

Amadeus: Oh dear. You've caught me at an embarrassing moment. Fujimaru, Mash, are you two getting lunch as well?

Amadeus: I would advice against that tavern. The meat and fish are excellent, but the drink is awful.

Amadeus: And the customer service is abysmal! What kind of establishment throws you out just because you can't pay?

Mash: Amadeus, did you go in there without any money?

Amadeus: Of course I did. I'm a genius composer.

Amadeus: God loves me and says I get an unlimited tab for everything.

Amadeus: But the owner here knows nothing about music! He doesn't even have a single piano in his tavern!

Dr. Roman: Taverns in this era don't have pianos, obviously. From his perspective, you're the crazy one.

Amadeus: How am I crazy? I played him a song on my flute. It wasn't a full concert, but it should more than suffice.

Mash: T-That sounds wonderful. I think a song from Amadeus would be worth a full day's meals, not just one.

Dr. Roman: I see. And what kind of song did you play for him, Amadeus?

Amadeus: Well, it's untitled, but if I gave it a name, perhaps, "A fugue to inspire sudden bowel movements."

Amadeus: As you can tell from my Noble Phantasm, it worked perfectly. It was hilarious seeing the line to the bathroom.

Mash: Senpai, he's bad news! He's the kind of Servant you can't let wander around on his own!

Amadeus: Hahaha! You're making me blush! Still, excellent timing.

Amadeus: I've had my revenge on the owner, but he took my bag of instruments. I need to make money quickly.

Amadeus: Will you come with me for a while? I just need a simple bodyguard.

Mash: ...We're all the way outside town. What are we doing here, Amadeus?

Amadeus: Oh, there are bandits in this area that attack merchant wagons. If I get rid of them, I'll be paid in gold.

Amadeus: Look, here they come. I'm counting on you, Master. Teach them a lesson!


Bandit: What's going on? They're as strong as raging bulls! We can't beat'em by ourselves! Bring it over here!

Mash: R-Raging bulls is rather rude, isn't it Master?

Amadeus: Well, anyone would think that seeing the way you swing that shield. Then add in the size of your chest—

Mash: Monsieur Amadeus, one more word and your category might switch from ally to enemy.

Amadeus: Oh my. How scary. I'd love to tease you more, but we're in the middle of combat.

Amadeus: Fujimaru, the bandits haven't given up yet. The big one's coming—

Bandit: Okay, take off the leash! Go, Patricia! There's your targets! Go ahead and eat them!


Mash: A-A stray wyvern...! They must have a decent breeder with them!

Amadeus: Yes, I'm surprised, too. And disgusted. Talk about a waste of talent!

Amadeus: If they've got the talent to train a wyvern, why are those idiots wasting their lives on this?


Amadeus: Well, wasn't that a nice haul? We got paid three times what I expected, Fujimaru, Mash!

Mash: Yes. I didn't expect to capture 23 people.

Dr. Roman: They were tough enough to have a wyvern with them. Each one's worth a pretty penny, and all together they're worth even more.

Fujimaru 1: Now you can live the high life.

Fujimaru 2: Now you can pay off your debt.

Amadeus: That's right. I can pay my tab at that tavern, then at the others...And then I guess that's all of it.

Mash: You owe money at other taverns too!?

Amadeus: Yes. Most just wouldn't let me in. Otherwise, why would I go to a new place?

Mash: I don't know...Amadeus's skills and appearance are so impressive, but he's got too many personality problems.

Mash: Next time we summon him, please summon him at an age where he's more dignified.

Fujimaru 1: You mean when he's older?

Mash: Yes. An old Amadeus should be a lot more calm.

Fujimaru 2: You mean when he's younger?

Mash: Yes. He'll be less powerful in battle, but a child of 12 won't be going to pubs.

Dr. Roman: No, that's impossible Fujimaru. A Servant is summoned at the height of their powers.

Dr. Roman: It's at the time of their lives when that Heroic Spirit was strongest. Otherwise there'd be no point.

Dr. Roman: As long as he's a Servant, Amadeus will carry this form. Well, his age might change if he's in a different class...

Amadeus: I'm never anything but a Caster. So you won't see me old, or young.

Amadeus: And I'll tell you something else, Mash. There are only two kinds of artist Servants.

Mash: Two kinds? Um...What do you mean?

Amadeus: I mean their age when they're summoned. Whether they appear as children or adults.

Amadeus: I can promise you that artist Servants will all either be children or young adults. Nothing else.

Amadeus: Servants are summoned at the height of their powers, right? That means when they were a genius.

Amadeus: The ones who appear as children grew up to be decent, dignified adults.

Amadeus: That's why they manifest as "children," when they were called geniuses. Child prodigies who didn't care about the problems they caused.

Dr. Roman: Oh, I see. An artist's talent comes from their instincts. And they're summoned when those instincts were strongest?

Mash: In other words, they're summoned as children, when they were pure geniuses. And the young adults?

Amadeus: Those ones are weirdos and scums, who would never change until the day they die!

Mash: ...

Dr. Roman: ...It sounds so convincing when he says it... And what an awful Servant he is...

Amadeus: Oh, it's dinner time! My tab's paid off, so it's off to my favorite pub.

Amadeus: Oh, but I do need to thank you. Here, Fujimaru. A present from me.

Amadeus: This is also my thanks for everything you do for me. Buh-bye, then! You guys have a nice dinner too!

Mash: He's gone... Some Servants have no interest in the era they're summoned to,

Mash: And some Servants, like Amadeus, act like they belong there...

Mash: There really are all different types of Heroic Spirits...