Xuanzang Sanzang

It's Just...I'm not Lost!

Sanzang: ...

Sanzang: ...

Sanzang: ...

Sanzang: ...!

Sanzang: ...(Glare)

Sanzang: ...Camping is wonderful!

Fujimaru 1: Camping out in the night forest is nice.

Sanzang: Ugh...sorry. I'm really sorry. But I'm relieved to hear you say that...

Fujimaru 2: Yep...that's right...

Sanzang: Ungh...that's right...

Sanzang: Sorrysorrysorry! I heard we were going to investigate a tiny Singularity...

Sanzang: So I thought this was going to be super easy even without Touta or Nitocris. But, well...um...

Sanzang: We wandered...and wandered some more... Next thing we know, we're waaay beyond where we're supposed to be...

Sanzang: And now we're camping out in the woods... I'm sorry.

Sanzang: Even though we have a clear destination, we took so many detours... Even I know that this is bad...

Sanzang: It's just, from the moment I start a journey, I can never take the straight path...

Sanzang: It's not always like that when I'm not alone. The normal me does have proper disciples, after all.

Sanzang: But when I'm alone, I just can't help myself... I am beyond hopeless...

Sanzang: Um...

Sanzang: C-camping out is wonder...ful. The stars are so pretty!

Sanzang: And now that we started a fire, all the bugs are out and attracted by it...it's like we're attracting attention because we're so popular!

Sanzang: And eating under the night sky is so nice! (Munch, munch...)

Sanzang: Oh, I have plenty of rice balls. It's a Sanzang rule to carry two days' worth of food on a one-day trip.

Sanzang: Now come on. Don't hold back. Eat up. I even have fresh water from that river over there!

Sanzang: Since we're in a lush forest, we were able to forage up plenty of nuts and mysterious fruits!

Fujimaru 1: Let's try a taste...

Fujimaru 2: Mysterious fruit may not be a good idea...

Sanzang: Oh. Would you rather have fish or meat? Yeah...you're right...

Sanzang: ...Ugh! I'm so sorry for being so inconsiderate. But since I'm a Buddhist monk, all killing is forbidden.

Sanzang: Oh, but I won't stop you from hunting. I won't go in and stop other hunters from doing their thing, either.

Fujimaru 1: Rice balls and nuts are fine for tonight.

Sanzang: You don't have to force yourself. But...thanks.

Fujimaru 2: I'm gonna try the mysterious fruit!

Sanzang: Be my guest! Hee hee!

Fujimaru 1: Anyway...

Fujimaru 2: We're totally lost...

Sanzang: Ugh...I am beyond sorry...

Sanzang: It was because I kept powering forward. I know...I get it...it's totally my fault!

Sanzang: It's always been like this...Wukong, Bajie, and Wujing have all scolded me about this.

Sanzang: (Sigh) I just can't seem to break this habit. Maybe I can't get better because I'm not trying to fix it.

Fujimaru 1: Who knows?

Fujimaru 2: You definitely can't get better if you don't try!

Sanzang: You're right. Absolutely right. Ungh.

Sanzang: We've lost communication with Chaldea, and I'm sure Mash is worried sick.

Sanzang: ...Ugh...

Sanzang: It's morning!

Sanzang: Then let's head on! GO! WEST!

Fujimaru 1: Not to the west!

Fujimaru 2: We need to go north, though.

Sanzang: ...

Sanzang: Yes. That's... That is what Da Vinci's instructions said.

Sanzang: But trust me. Listen.

Sanzang: You and I...and humans in general don't journey on rationality alone.

Sanzang: Yesterday, I forced you to walk so much that your legs got all sore.

Sanzang: Aaand yes, I forced you to stay outdoors overnight, with all those bugs around.

Sanzang: I apologize for that. I shouldn't mix exploration with training.

Sanzang: I don't want to cause trouble for Master. I don't want you to think of me as a stubborn teacher.

Sanzang: But...even so...I just can't ignore my instincts!

Sanzang: So, once this is all done, I'm going to apologize to you SO much!

Sanzang: But right now, I want you to just follow me! I'm going west!

Sanzang: I need to go. Because...I hear a voice!

Fujimaru 1: A voice...?

Fujimaru 2: What does that mean?

Sanzang: No need to explain...cuz I don't get it either! Anyway, let's GO! GO WEST!

Village Man: Aaahhh!!! A monster...! It's the monster that's said to come from the north!

Village Woman: Help! Help! My child is still in the house...oh no...the monster's coming...!

Sanzang: Hold it right there!

Sanzang: We made it! Just in time! No...we might actually be too late.

Sanzang: But this village hasn't been destroyed yet! Good! All that's left is for someone to get rid of this monster!

Fujimaru 1: Sanzang!

Fujimaru 2: Did you know about this?

Sanzang: Talk later!

Sanzang: Right now, we gotta stop this monster! Hey, you four-legged beast! Don't eat the villagers!

Sanzang: The Buddha once said: if there were to–

Sanzang: ...H-hey! It's a really inspirational quote!

Sanzang: I guess I have no choice since you're not gonna listen, and you're trying to eat a child!

Sanzang: All living things feel hunger, yes... So eating isn't evil, but I can't just let this happen!

Sanzang: If its actions are beastly desires that surpass natural desires, I'll just have to teach it a lesson!

Sanzang: My palm is an impregnable wall... I will never forsake those in pain...

Sanzang: People who seek my help, the children who shed their tears... Now come on, Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: Roger that, my teacher!

Fujimaru 2: Don't worry about magical energy! Just fight!

Sanzang: GOGO! Enforcing Buddhist law...I mean, let's kick its butt!


Sanzang: Swift Divine Retribution!

Sanzang: Phew...

Sanzang: As there are laws in Buddhist teachings, so too are there laws in this world, and passions may lead to enlightenment!

Sanzang: Now is probably not your time to stop hurting others and gain salvation, but I believe that time will one day come for you.

Sanzang: So for now, goodbye. I'm sorry.

Village Man: Oh! Oh...! The monster has fallen! Are we saved!?

Village Woman: Oh my son! My baby! I'm so relieved! Come here, my son!

Sanzang: It was strong! But we managed to beat it!

Sanzang: Villagers, listen! Please let those who got hurt or weakened rest!

Sanzang: Take them to an open area, like a temple or church! Give them water and blankets! Also medicine if you have any!

Sanzang: Go find them all! Right now, it doesn't matter if they are rich or poor!

Sanzang: Do all you can to aid the wounded! With your help, I will get as many people back in shape as I can!

Sanzang: I don't have healing skills or Noble Phantasms, but I do have some knowledge in making medicinal soup.

Village Woman: We haven't quite grasped the situation, but if you are a traveling monk, and got rid of this monster for us...

Village Man: You must have come from a distant land, yet you still saved us.

Sanzang: Of course I did! I demonstrated the protection of the Buddha to everyone!

Sanzang: So save those in need! I will continue to wander around to do so myself as well!

Mash: ...Senpai!

Mash: What a relief! We've restored communication!

Mash: The location of the abnormality's source has changed. Unbelievably, it moved to a different place at high speed right after you Rayshifted...

Mash: And when I tried to contact you...

Da Vinci: We had trouble getting a connection. We panicked on our end, but maybe that worry was for naught.

Da Vinci: I'm just glad we didn't completely lose you guys. Anyway...

Da Vinci: You guys never cease to amaze. I was watching as you beat the crap out of the source of the abnormality.

Da Vinci: Was it a coincidence? Or is it Sanzang's special ability? Did she manage to detect where the abnormality was located?

Sanzang: Eh? What's this?

Sanzang: Hm? Is it a special Servant ability of mine? No way. Nope, that's not it.

Fujimaru 1: Really?

Fujimaru 2: So you were really just lost?

Sanzang: Heh...hee hee...um...

Sanzang: Yes. That's right. I always get myself lost...even when I don't intend to...

Sanzang: Whether that be in a Singularity or when I'm wandering around in the simulator...it's all the same.

Sanzang: I'm always in search of something. Especially when I'm traveling alone.

Sanzang: There is always someone who needs help. Definitely. After all, the world is BEYOND big.

Sanzang: I'd like to help as many people as possible, as much as possible.

Sanzang: Though I can't do it while I'm sleeping or eating, but while I'm still up and running, I'd like to help everyone I meet!

Sanzang: That's why I walk, and I'll keep walking!

Fujimaru 1: Sanzang...

Sanzang: But, I'm sorry.

Sanzang: I roped you into this...I'm sorry to have made you worry when we were alone in the woods at night.

Sanzang: You have many roles, and you are a busy person. You're the last person I should drag into my whimsical stuff.

Sanzang: This time around...yep! I'm reflecting back on my actions!

Sanzang: I won't do it again. Next time, it's not going to be the two of us. I've learned my lesson!

Sanzang: That's why we should go with everyone next time! I'm sure we won't get lost then!

Fujimaru 1: Just the two of us camping out can be nice, too.

Sanzang: Eh?

Sanzang: Eh, eh??? Really?

Sanzang: But...didn't you have a hard time sleeping because we were infested with bugs?

Sanzang: ...Don't tell me you don't mind sleeping in uncomfortable, outdoorsy places?

Sanzang: If Master insists, I don't mind, either. ...Really? Are you sure?

Sanzang: ...You're serious?

Fujimaru 2: Let's go camping together again!

Sanzang: Yes! Let's bring more people along so we can assign them to be the lookout or make them do the cooking.

Sanzang: Fufufu! How exciting! Now that that's decided, I need to prepare for the next Rayshift!

C:Village Child: Miss? We gathered all the injured people in the church.

Sanzang: Thank you. I'll be right there!

Sanzang: Come on, Fujimaru. We'll discuss what we'll do later. But first, let's save the village!

Sanzang: GO! WEST!

Mash: U-um...the church is actually to the south, Sanzang!

Sanzang: ...Waah...