Angra Mainyu



  • Class: Avenger
  • True Name: Angra Mainyu
  • Height/Weight: 167cm・58kg
  • Source: Zoroastrianism
  • Region: Ancient Persia
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Gender: Male


  • Scenario Writer: Kinoko Nasu
  • Character Design: Takeuchi Takashi, Nekotawawa
  • CV: Terashima Takuma
  • Main Appearances in Works: Fate/Hollow ataraxia


Magical PowerD
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Avenger: [A]

NP gain rate increases when taking damage. Resentment and hatred are easy to accumulate.

Oblivion Correction: [A]

The damage value of critical attacks are higher than other Servants.
(One that attacks even when the other party already forgot about it.)

Self Replenishment (Magic): [E]

Mana continues to endlessly surge forth until vengeance is achieved.
A miniscule amount of mana is restored every turn.

Personal Skills

Right Fang Grinder: [C]

Zarich. A weapon bestowed with the name of an evil god. Receives the attack of the enemy before intertwining it.
Reduces an enemy unit's critical attack chance.

Left Fang Grinder: [C]

Tawrich. A weapon bestowed with the name of an evil god. Destroys the entangled weapon of the enemy.
Reduces a single enemy's NP gauge and lowers their attacks.

End of the Four Nights: [EX]

「The Boundary of the Looping World」 which announces the end.
A powerful debuff is put on every enemy. The conditions of his own party are also returned to their default state.
(The buffs and the NP gauges are returned to 0.)
(This does not exist in FGO.)

Death Desire: [A]

The action of an existence that doesn't balk at death.
In combat, it works by ignoring the limits of the flesh and increasing the speed ad infinitum.
Of course, what is at the end of that is a loss of self, but, a moment before burning out, for the last few seconds, Angra Mainyu is able to become a top-class Servant.

Noble Phantasm(s)

False Copy of Inscribed Creation

  • Rank: D
  • Class: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: Unlimited
  • Maximum number of Targets: one person

Verg Avesta.
The scriptures of Zoroastrianism, Avesta's false copy.
A primal curse that reflects the damage one receieved directly to the enemy.
...which sounds good without context, but if the user suffers a fatal wound and dies before the Noble Phantasm is invoked, the condition of 「recieving a wound that barely doesn't kill me」 is not fulfilled and the Noble Phantasm won't activate. With Avenger alone you can not win against an enemy; after using this Noble Phantasm, a partner that can defeat the opponent is necessary. Truly the weakest.



First person pronoun: ore
Second person pronoun: anta[1]/ otaku[2] /〇〇 (no honorifics used)
Third person pronoun: aitsu/renchuu[3] /ano yarou[4] /ano onna[5]


A trickster that laughs at both good and evil.
Pessimistic, somewhat submissive, crude and sarcastic.
A hooligan-like young man that won't wipe the grin off his face.
While praising the malignant side of men to high heavens, on the other hand, he also acknowledges the innate goodness of men and glorifies it.
(Since he was born as the Devil of Manicheanism, neither are denied.)
Despite talking about the shortcomings and disgraces of humanity, he also indicates how they shine therein; such is the figure of the Saint of Darkness itself. The Devil who, even as he continues to find faults in mankind, grasps their hand and shows them the way in the right direction.
Although he speaks ill of effort and faith by uttering this like "Those things are not as straightforward as you think, you know?"; he would never make fun of them.
Humanity at its foundation, is something that betrays.
Such 『betrayal』, without getting mad or being disappointed, he frogives with words like "Such is life."
Although his attitude seems to be one of a third party utterly disappointed in humanity, that couldn't be further from the truth.

「Basically, betrayers, once in a while, believing in people due to some mistake, leave behind something good. I will not laugh at such a mistake.」

Angra Mainyu, born of hatred, is an avenger that speaks about love,
the King of the Cavern, born of love, is an avenger that speaks about hatred.

Of course, he's not the real Devil.
The form of an ordinary young man from a certain village who committed no crimes and did not achieve anything great either.
Due to a single teaching of the village, the villagers came to an agreement and he was chosen as a human sacrifice.
It was a teaching that establishes evil.
In that village, for the sake of enduring the hardships of their daily life and their poverty, the teaching was necessary.
『It's the evil's fault that our lives are not easy in the least.』 This was the problem they could not solve. For the hearts of the people who wouldn't be saved, to beat this unreasonableness, a necessary evil───a scapegoat was necessary. The young man was chosen as the 「evil threatening the good of the villager」 「the culrpit for things not going well」 「something that you can unconditionally show contempt for」, imprisoned at top of the mountain and dropped into Hell on Earth.
The young man that went through every torture one could experience passed away, as a matter of course. However, the hatred felt towards such absurdities was burned into the rock prison and he became a nameless ghost.
Even after the young man disappeared, even after the villagers he hated were gone and even after the village itself vanished.
In a state bound to the top of the mountain, he continued to watch the actions, ugliness and joys of mankind.
A warm light. Thinking about the "ordinary everydays" that were not granted to him, like a sage.

Attitude Towards Master

A form that's not the real Angra Mainyu, but a young man who was set up as Angra Mainyu, summoned as a Servant. Basically, everything he does is without interest and negative, but he'll properly carry out his duty for his contractor and he'll accompany the Master until the end.
Despite saying that, given his animalistic nature, there is a danger of him snapping at any moment and biting the Master to death.
Even while swearing and critisizing them with abusive language, he's a Heroic Spirit that will watch over the Master's growth.
Such way of observing the future of the immature human race, is also that of an outcast.

Dialogue Examples

「Heya-! The weakest Heroic Spirit, Avenger, has answered your summon and came to see you!」

「Boring~. Hey~. Please, just take me outside with you already. Use your stamina, your stamina.」

「Sometimes, I wonder what type I am. The type that silently serves or the type that plays rough. Well, I'm a dog. A dog. Something that might viciously devour his master can’t be a cat anyway.」

「I want you to refrain from wishing for justice or evil from me. Ah, but, a talk about morals? Since I'm a Devil, the bill for that will be severe, you know? 」

Historical Character and Figure

Sixth century BC, the Devil of Zoroastrianism believed in Ancient Persia.
The highest ranked demon, every wickedness in the World of Man is Angra Mainyu's doing.

Character in FGO

Mankind's oldest good and evil dualism called Zoroastrianism.
The Servant crowned with the name of the demon lord of evil that has been passed down in Zoroastrianism. Whether he's the real Angra Mainyu, other than the summoner, nobody can tell.
A Heroic Spirit specialized in murdering humans, but other than that, he can't do anything.
In the battle between superhumans that is the Grail War, he is of no use whatsoever, the weakest Servant both in name and in reality...but, depending on how you use him in a fight, against opponents with certain attributes, he has a set powerful fangs concealed and becomes a literal Joker.
───it would be nice if there was such a thing, while having such carefree thoughts, the weakest Servant is earning Friend Points even now.

Standard Weapons

A fighting style using two misshapen daggers called 「Right Fang Grinder (Zarich)」 and 「Left Fang Grinder (Tawrich)」.

King of the Caverns

Since we're both Avengers, the jealousy can not be suppressed.
With things like black flames sprouting from his hands and wearing a coat, it's not like I feel inexcusable as the Senpai who's pretty much stark naked or anything.
Setting that aside, he's flying around in the air too much.


I knew that big sis had that kind of character too. To be specific, I knew since 2005.
Even so, what's this...didn't she become far more atrocious than I imagined? Won't that swallow you whole if you try to tease her?

Darius III

In terms of mythological background, I'm extremely familiar with him, but, it's just too bad.
Since I'm a free nameless Heroic Spirit right now, I can not respond to that wish.

Comment from the Illustrator

Despite his body covered in tattoos, his attire was that of a simple man so I was worrying what parts to add or remove when he transforms. "Could it be, I'll have to just change the color of the tattoos on his body..." Since he goes through a strange transformation in his third stage, thoughts of wanting the final ascension's illustration to be something familiar to the original work's fans surfaced while I was drawing. Although a design plan of the third stage having Emiya Shirou's colors (hair color) was submitted, since I have no idea how his colors ended up changing like this, "From now on, I wonder what kind of settings will appear~" is how I'm looking forward to it. (Nekotawawa)

TL Notes

[1] You (familiar form of "anata").
[2] A polite way of saying "your house", also used as a pronoun to address a person with slight sense of distance.
[3] A familiar or derogatory term (in Angra's case it would be derogatory) for lot, bunch and those guys.
[4] Ano means that. Yarou can mean guy, fellow. It is mostly used as a derogatory term, however, that can mean bastard, asshole or son of a bitch.
[5] That woman (when used like this, it is a bit rude).

Material Images

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