• Class: Archer
  • True Name: Ashwatthama
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Mahabharata
  • Origin: India
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Height: 188 cm
  • Weight: 81 kg


  • Scenario designer: Higashide Yūichirō
  • Character design: pako
  • CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmA+

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: [A]

Cancels all magecraft of rank A or lower.
In fact, a modern mage could not hurt Ashwatthama.

Independent Action: [EX]

The ability to act even in absence of a Master.
As long as Personification of Rage continues, Ashwatthama will head anywhere to defeat the enemy.

Personal Skills

Personification of Rage: [EX]

He whose half of the body is inhabited by Shiva, will never stop until the enemy is defeated once his rage is fired up.

Jewel of Mani: [B]

A jewel embedded in his forehead since he was born.
With this, he could defend himself from demonic entities or beasts.
Later, he handed it over as a proof of surrender.

Violation of Chivalry: [A]

The vows established between the warrior class (Kshatriya) were trampled underfoot in succession at the great war of the Mahabharata.
Vengeance called vengeance, and offense propagated offense. Ashwatthama was so angry, he performed a prohibited nocturnal assault, and brought down the enemy.

Warrior of the Emperor: A+

A sublimation of the anecdote in which he was praised as the best warrior in the Mahabharata, ranked equal to Arjuna and Karna.
(Although his social status is a Brahmin)
Combined with Violation of Chivalry and Personification of Rage he becomes a mad warrior superior to a Berserker.
It’s not like he loses his rationality, but his tolerance to weak points is slightly weakened due to being in a state of extreme fury.

Divinity: [A+]

He is said to have half the body of the highest Indian god, the avatar of destruction, Shiva.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Brahmashirastra: O’ scorching light, manifest the ocean of imprisoned death

  • Rank: EX
  • Type: Anti-Land Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~30
  • Maximum number of targets: Everything within range

The ultimate weapon, received from his father Drona.
Although he was told not to use this weapon no matter what kind of disaster he encountered, Ashwatthama finally activated it, sparked by Duryodhana’s death.
This weapon that possesses the destructive power to paralyze the world,
despite having been antagonized by Arjuna shooting with his bow at full power, left ravages that were said to turn the whole surroundings into a barren land for twelve years.
Although it’s registered as a Noble Phantasm,
Ashwatthama will not use this Noble Phantasm.
It will not be used in 『FateGO』 either.

Sudarshan Chakra – Yamraj: O’ chakra, stir up the raging flames

  • Rank: A+
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~50
  • Maximum number of targets: 500 people

Sudarshan Chakra – Yamraj.
Unusually, the weapon he didn’t, he couldn’t use in his previous life, has become a Noble Phantasm.
He who has obtained the giant chakram, freely used this weapon and kept carving it in his memory as a warrior at the time of being summoned as a Servant.

In other words, the entirety of his way to use the chakram is self-taught, an original style that wasn’t taught by anyone.



First person pronouns: 俺 (ore)
Second person pronouns: おまえ (omae)
Third person pronouns: 彼 (kare) / 彼女 (kanojo)


Stern. He’s continuously angry, to the point that most of his words give the illusion of him yelling.
He’s a straightforward person that laments and resents the unreasonableness of this world more intensely than others, but he’s ideal as a warrior.

Attitude Towards Master

He will never treat them rudely, and will work seriously… but. He would probably enter a super-serious mode surpassing seriousness at the time the Master he’s bound to by a strong bond dies.
The type that is utterly unfitting for a regular Holy Grail War.

Dialogue Examples

「The oath of warriors is long since gone, we have been depraved!
Even so I raged against depravity, and continued raging myself!
Dash! Sudarshan Chakra – Yamraj!」

「Alright Master! You took in my rage and accepted it, didn’t ya?
Then let’s rage together.
Listen, humans are living beings that rage!
Against unreasonable things, you gotta rage, rage, and rage!
It’s okay, I’ll rage with ya!」

「’Kay. Then, let’s do it. This moment is the only chance. Well, it’s like there was no “time” here, though. I’ll use all I have to pull ya outta here. You use all you have to claw yer way up from here」

Historical Character and Figure

Ashwatthama is a warrior of the strongest rank that appears in the Mahabharata, and despite not having the same dramatic quality as Karna or Arjuna, he owns an abundance of episodes.

It is said that, having learned of rage with the death of all the important men of his army, starting with Karna among them, the fall of the leader Duryodhana into a moribund state, and the murder of his father Drona, his comrade in arms Karna, and the king he served, Duryodhana, through cowardly tricks, he carried out a nocturnal assault prohibited by the written vows of the warrior status, slaughtered thousands of people, and was driven to an effective rout.

After that, he was punished to wander the forests during 3,000 years for surrendering. Also, the jewel on his forehead that he submitted as a proof of surrender, would be later inserted in the royal crown.

Character in FGO

In any case, he’s solely angry. Angry for unreasonableness, angry for sadness, angry for arrogance.
On the other hand, he loves justice greatly, and has a disposition to cry often when he’s moved.
However, he swore not to hate. He has always wished to become a being that raises an objection against the unreasonable world.

Together with the Master he rages, laughs, and cries.
That’s Ashwatthama.

In contrast, regarding the Indian deity Parvati,
he temporarily seals his emotions and deals with her respectfully.

Standard Weapons

Giant chakram (Sudarshan Chakra)
A weapon he actually couldn’t obtain in his previous life. Originally the weapon used by Krishna. After becoming an Archer, he worked hard and obtained it or something like that.

It seems his proficiency improves with every Holy Grail War, but details are unknown.


A sworn friend. In their previous life, Ashwatthama thought fondly of him, who despite not having new fellowships was honest and didn’t have two faces. He’s a bit worried that, after Karna’s death, he was defeated despite leading the army as a marshal (obviously Karna isn’t worried about it, though).


Actually in a relation in which they have crossed blades on countless occasions. However, since they had a friendship in their previous life, it’s slightly awkward. The topic of nocturnal assaults in particular can’t be touched.


A respectable goddess.
Ashwatthama usually is so stern he could be likened to a tiger, but in front of her he’s in a temporary cat state.


He wanted to do a contest with his arrows as an Archer,
but it can’t be helped that he’s a Saber…. And so, he’s slightly chagrined.


Although they’re Servants far away from India,
he strangely has good compatibility with both for some reason.
He learns from Chiron’s greed to knowledge,
and from Tristan’s brashness when push comes to shove.

Comment from the Illustrator

India’s intellectual tire Yankee. In the end Indian Servants are all serious, aren’t they…? I was asked to draw a cut-in so I didn’t know how many stars he’d have until rolling the gatcha and fidgeted with magic cards. This is just a personal thing, but I was very happy with the voice. (pako)

Material Images

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