Abigail Williams



  • Class: Foreigner
  • True Name: Abigail Williams
  • Sex: Female
  • Sources: Salem Witch Trials, others
  • Regions: North America / Massachusetts
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 152cm
  • Weight: 44kg


  • Character Creator: Hoshizora Meteor
  • Character Designer: Kuroboshi Kouhaku
  • Character Voice: Ohwada Hitomi
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Existence Outside of the Domain: [EX]

Denotes a being that descended from the void of outer space.

Possessed by an evil god, Abigail houses a portent of the god’s Authority within herself and wields it.

Insanity: [B]

Anxiety and fear. Deviations from harmony and providence. A heterogeneous thinking that exerts an influence even on the worldviews within the mentality of the people in one’s surroundings.

Divinity: [B]

Having become the “Gate” for a higher-order existence lurking in outer space, Abigail is tinged with a strong divinity. An immeasurable threat that can even rewrite the image of the world. But as compensation, that Insanity cannot be removed.

Personal Skills

Faithful Prayer: [C]

The Puritan belief that honours poverty and daily prayer.

Sanity Loss: [B]

The Insanity exuded by the evil god dwelling within the girl can very easily break down the fragile common sense and moral sense of humans.

Witch Trial: [A+]

A person in question is made to draw out, from others, impulses of suspicion and jealousy towards themselves without intending to do so even once, giving rise to a chain of misfortune; a threat born because of their sincerity.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Qliphoth Rhizome: The Hollow Tree Filled with the Husks of Light

  • Rank: EX
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~?
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

By opening the “Gate” that leads to a foreign space incompatible with humanity, severe distortions are generated within the target’s mind/body. A rhizome from the Qliphoth, the Tree of Evil, grows alongside that tree. The targets on which this could take effect are restricted to Abigail’s own recognition, as one who became the “Key”. It is an Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm because of that. Under normal circumstances, it should also be called an Anti-World Noble Phantasm, possessing a limitless nature in regard to the targets this effect could take root on.



  • First Person Pronoun: watashi
  • Second Person Pronouns: anata / Master (as a Chaldean Servant) / zachou-san [Mr./Ms. Manager] (during Salem)
  • Third Person Pronouns: ~san / ano kata / minasan


A pious Puritan. Abigail does not forget about her prayers and giving gratitude to God. Being as polite as a lady, she strives to be kind to anybody and everybody, whoever they may be. Normally, an intelligent girl full of emotions, one who is frequently surprised and is often smiling. Although it acts contrary to the belief of honourable poverty, she also holds a curiosity appropriate for her age where she shows a strong interest even in foreign topics, novels and theatre. She has acquired a habit where, in under unknown situations, she comes to a stop to level-headedly think of and decide on what to do. But still, it is easy for her to make mistakes as a result of her rashness and of her worrying too much when it concerns her friends and family.

Abigail’s favourite food is pancakes. Wheat is a valuable item in the settlement grounds, and modern pancakes are seen as a great treat to her due to that.

Abigail is not very good at dealing with dogs barking.

Attitude Towards Master

Abigail has an upfront and straightforward trust for the Master, eagerly striving to meet their expectations. Compared to other Heroic Spirits, she feels a sense of inferiority in that she is no more than a mere child. She is aware of herself as an “Anti-Hero” who carries the deep-seated grudges of the victims of the witch trials on her back, and she has a strong repugnance in regard to enjoying herself when using her Foreigner powers. When she accumulates experience and repeatedly ascends as a Servant, it becomes easier for her disposition as the “Witch” of Salem to manifest to the foreground as well. She openly talks about her wish, and she also shows a whimsy side to the Master where it is like she is testing their ethics. And yet, there are also times where during the evenings – when her feeling of loneliness would then become stronger – she would want to behave like a spoiled child.

Dialogue Examples

  • “Nice to meet you. Now, if it’s fine with you, please call me Abby.”

  • “Were you watching me? Master!”

  • “Master’s a bad person…”

  • “I’m not a Witch.”

  • “You’re my friend.”

  • “This awfully pitiable child who couldn’t be reached by divine love… Yet I feel… that if it was me, I would be able to love her.”

  • “Ygnaiih… ygnaiih, thflthkh’ngha… The Silver Key is in my hands. O’ God my Father, already touched by those fingertips that materialized from nothingness.”

  • “I already told you; I—will—fight—too—!”

Historical Character and Figure

The end of the 17th Century.

The “witch trial incidents” that occurred in Salem, the pioneer village of the Puritans. The two people who showed symptoms of demonic possession at the beginning of these incidents were the girl, Abigail Williams, and her female cousin, Betty Parris, who is the daughter of a minister. Those abnormal symptoms spread to other girls as well, and many villagers were indicted by the possessed girls over a period of approximately one year. The outcome of that resulted in a tragedy where as many as 200 people were arrested, causing the village dungeon to become full, and 19 of the arrestees were executed by hanging, 2 died in the dungeon, and 1 person – a non-arrestee – was tortured to death. Many mysteries still remain behind the tragedy, such as the girls’ true motives and the main cause that became the trigger for everything.

Character in FGO

A 12-year-old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Abigail became the impetus for the witch trials in the cursed town of Salem.

The Outer God “All-in-One, One-in-All”.

That is to say, despite being a fiction that was created by one remarkable man, it possesses all the qualifications needed for an insanity that outdo common sense. Namely, for the Class “Foreigner”; a fictional god, a being who descended from the void.

In order to make the impossible possible, the Demon God Pillar Raum – who escaped from the Final Singularity – searched for the starting point of the man’s idea, followed the historical incident that became the origin of it, and arrived at the one inevitable girl.

That girl, Abigail, is a “priestess” who serves an Outer God, is a “vessel” to allow the god to manifest, and is the “Key” that opens the Gate to fiction.

The Abigail of the FGO Story is a fictitious persona created by the Demon God Pillar Raum and modelled after the one in historical fact. Raum’s objective was to make Abigail a doll that takes over the matter of gathering the deep-seated grudges of those who became victims of the witch hunts in history, all to have (a phenomenon called) an evil god from outer space descend and dwell within her body. In the village, the witch trials were re-enacted, and while victims were born one after another, Abigail was driven up against the wall and lost her sanity, before at last, she was able to house an evil god within her body.

As a believer of Puritanism, Abigail is a pure girl who reveres God and never misses doing her prayers of gratitude. Sensitive and not knowing the things to be suspicious of, she is no more than a girl of her age.

The Puritans – who view honourable poverty as their creed – migrated across the ocean to escape the oppression from the Church – whom catered to political authority – and arrived at the New World. However, they would be caught up to before long, having been completely cornered. The brunt of their objections (protests) would then turn towards their close neighbours.

Just like how a “Hero” will surely rise up in a world of corruption and oppression————the Creed of Purity that should have been used by the Puritans to discipline themselves by became a tool to monitor others, and the turbulent colonial livelihood, in which wars and plundering happened over and over again, fostered feelings of suspicion and selfishness.

————Before long, it reached the point that the Puritans began a search for insanity – for “Witches” – from the bottom of their hearts. “What this misfortune and suffering of ours is must be the deeds of the Devil.”

Sure enough, a Witch materialized in Salem, and the door to the ghastly witch trials was opened. The raging state of affairs that became the “Keyhole”. The girl who projected the people’s desires and became the “Key”. If it were the case that both of those things are indispensable, then, in which one does the sin lie?

Standard Weapons

Tentacles, butterflies and stuffed toys.


“Day after day, the courageous King David tests me with strategies I couldn’t even imagine. My faith tends to be wavering ever since I left my hometown, and God is measuring it… probably. No, surely. Even though he’s saying, “Heey, even though the Queen of Sheba SCORNS me for these, it’s no problem for you, yeah~?”… I’ll do my best.”

Mr. Blackbeard

“It seems that we were born in the same year; that’s a wonderful thing, don’t you agree?! Can I call you Teddy?

… Wait, please, I’m begging you to stop; for you to suddenly convulse and hit your head against the wall hard enough for blood to come running out… you could’ve sweetly smiled and declined. Um, I’m sorry…”

(This moment just now is what will secretly remain in their hearts. A moment between people who know the same ocean.)


“When I met him for the first time, he was scary, but… even so, I became familiar with him as a friend! That’s my commemoration day!”

Katsushika Hokusai

“An amazing painter as one would imagine!… Although I can say with confidence that… her facial profile while she’s in the midst of her work is awe-inspiring too; however…

… Was I getting the feeling that I have to work harder?”


“Honey-coloured pancakes alliance!”

TL Note

Honey-coloured as in the pancakes are drizzled in honey syrup, giving off that honey colour.

Comment from the Illustrator

I tried to design Abigail in a cutely grotesque style for her three stages where they have the look that the things that have been wrapped up would momentarily swell up before they would burst open. The butterflies and ribbons represent lost souls, and they are of the impression that they are closely coiling around Abby-chan’s surroundings. The butterflies will become moths as her Foreigner level rises during her last Ascension. (Kuroboshi Kouhaku)

Material Images

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