• Class: Rider
  • True Name: Alexander
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Historical fact
  • Origin: Europe
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Height: 151 cm
  • Weight: 50 kg


  • Scenario writer: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character designer: BUNBUN
  • Character Voice: Sakamoto Māya
  • Main appearances: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmB+

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: [D]

Can cancel Single-Action spells.

Riding: [A+]

Can freely control all beasts and vehicles except the Dragon Kind.

Divinity: [E]

Attitude as a Divine Spirit. Although Alexander is said to be the son of the supreme god Zeus, he doesn’t possess such a high Divinity as a young boy. He will recognize himself as a son of Zeus as he grows up to become a Great King so that his Divinity becomes higher.

Personal Skills

Rosy-cheeked Pretty Boy: [B]

Nature as a pretty boy that charms people.

It works like a magecraft-like effect of fascination regardless of gender, but it can be avoided with the Magic Resistance skill. Even without having Magic Resistance, the effect can be reduced to a certain extent if one has the will to resist.

Charisma: [C]

The extremely high Charisma that he displays as the Great King wasn’t completely obtained when he was still a young boy, but that portion is already shining as the 『Rosy-cheeked Pretty Boy』 skill.

That said, it already surpasses the ability of an ordinary king.

Signs of a Supreme King: [A]

A portion of the spirituality that will be held as the Conqueror King Iskandar.

By invigorating the spirit, plus corrections are added to all sorts of checks.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Bucephalus - Trampling Conquest of the Beginning

  • Rank: B+
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~50
  • Maximum number of targets: 50 people


The loved horse of Alexander is a legendarily famous horse, and a terrible man-eater horse as well.

A rampant horse that doesn’t let anyone besides him ride her, and which was said that the one that could ride her would obtain the world. Bucephalus has already become an existence as partly a Heroic Spirit. In other words, the Heroic Spirit is a Noble Phantasm, the Noble Phantasm is a Heroic Spirit.

The black horse that appears when Alexander of later years ―― Iskandar uses his Noble Phantasm 『Army of the King』 is this Bucephalus, and the Servant Alexander boy makes use of this horse in battle by riding her.

Upon release of the True Name, a violent charge towards the enemy formation is performed while riding her, trampling while scattering the lightning of the father Zeus. The scale of destruction is smaller than 『Distant Trampling Conquest』, but the mobility is superior.

Zeus Thunder - Blessing of the God

  • Rank: C
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: –
  • Maximum number of targets: 1 person

Zeus Thunder. The self-recognition of the young Alexander as the child of a god that has become a Noble Phantasm.

The lightning of Zeus strengthens his body when used, and increases the rank of the Divinity skill too. In exchange, the Rosy-cheeked Pretty Boy skill gets a rank down. In other words, if he uses it too much――?

(Not used in 『FateGO』).



  • First person pronoun: 僕 (boku)
  • Second person pronoun: 君 (kimi)
  • Third person pronoun: 彼 (kare) / 彼女 (kanojo) / あのひと (ano hito)


A bright cheerfulness. A rosy-cheeked pretty boy filled with possibilities.

His behavior is basically that of a child, he amiably comes into contact with anyone without exception, but the important point is his calmness. He’s not reluctant to choose cruel methods if the situation requires it.

He fundamentally can’t tell lies, he thinks there’s no need to lie.

While coming to grips with the world by feeling with his five senses, he continues to learn a lot.

He will someday notice that the end of human history means nothing but the closing of his own possibilities. And unhappily, he’ll oppose it.

The manifestation of a spirit giving its first steps will be of help to the Master without doubt.

Attitude Towards Master

His loyalty towards the Master isn’t that high, but he delivers trust as a friend.

Because he’s at the age of learning, the easier relationships to build are 『friend · schoolmate』.

Since in the end the young Alexander is at the present world, his insistence on the wish to become famous as 『the Conqueror King Iskandar』 is weak. The abundant large figure (not sure if by 大柄 they mean this) he’ll somebody grow into and experience, what he holds in his chest, he can’t feel it yet as 『something of his』.

Dialogue Examples

「I’m Alexander. Alexandros III is fine too. Other names as well, of course.」

「I’m supposed to be experienced but this sensation is new ―― It’s strange.」

「Go! Bucephalus! My trampling starts from here!」

「It was as teacher Aristotle said」

「You, do you have something you like? I have a lot.」

Historical Character and Figure

The young prince of the Macedonia kingdom in the 4th century BC.

An unmatched pretty boy, the Greek philosopher Aristotle was the first genius among many wise men to discover his talent, and, an innocent child that loves the Greek epic 『Iliad』 from the bottom of his heart.

Sometimes learning philosophy and political science, sometimes excitedly absorbed in reading mythology, sometimes accumulating training as a soldier, while letting many talents blossom, he was allowed all the possibilities ―――

For whatever reason, the Conqueror King Iskandar is summoned in the shape of the young Alexander boy.

Not only his appearance but his spirit is also that of a young boy. It’s not like his memories have been ever lost, but regarding the memories after his youth period they’re a bit in a『feeling weak』 state.

Standard Weapons

A one-handed sword called spata for melee attacks.

When fighting, usually, he rides the large black horse that is his Noble Phantasm. A prince on a black horse.

(His loved horse Bucephalus is also a fully-fledged Heroic Spirit).

Kǒngmíng El-Melloi

Teacher and student. Although he remembers a somewhat bizarre sensation, he acts as a student.


The future self. Doesn’t strike home at all.

Darius III

The future rival.

Comment from the Illustrator

I had to look twice the first moment I got the designation. I was worried about how much of Iskandar’s looks I left (although it’s the opposite), but I already went serious and drew him. I wanted to make Bucephalus huge in contrast to a young boy of delicate looks, but since the main point, Alexander, would get smaller in the screen, she’s still growing… that’s the little excuse in my brain for making her smaller. (BUNBUN)

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