Space Ishtar



  • Class: Ruler
  • True Name: Amor
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: Greek mythology, Roman mythology, Fate/hollow ataraxia
  • Region: Mediterranean, Europe
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 156cm
  • Weight: 40kg


  • Scenario Writer: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Design: Morii Shizuki
  • CV: Koshimizu Ami
  • Main Appearance: Fate/hollow ataraxia, Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerEX
Noble PhantasmEX

Class Skills

Item Crafting: [A]

As she represents the Arrow of Love, Caren is a professional when it comes to items that affect the heart.

If you're feeling shy and need an extra push, she can make tons of wonderful items that will let people's hearts function all the more pleasantly.

Independent Action: [A]

As far as the Missionary of Love Caren C. Hortensia is concerned, the one she ought serve is not merely her Master.

By the will of the Lord, and under the auspices of the angel serving as man's messenger of love, she does not have to adhere to her Master's circumstances. Freedom.

Channeler of Harm: [EX]

The susceptibility of the body to be possessed by nearby demonic influence without the person in question willing it.

It reenacts the phenomena of devils, and in some cases, even incarnates them.

It makes Caren susceptible to negative status effects like poison, curse, and burn.

Additionally, whenever these negative status effects are applied to her, Caren's attack power is increased. She goes from taking harm, to causing harm.

That said, this attack power is not something she can put out deliberately.

Core of the Goddess: [B]*

Under ordinary circumstances, this skill would be Amor's 'Divinity', but due to the faith of the girl that serves as their human vessel, it became Core of the Goddess instead.

This is probably because, to her, the only one who has divinity is the Heavenly Father.

Iron-Filled Faith: [A]

Caren's version of the Craft Essence "Iron-Willed Training".

The young albino, who by all rights should have died soon after birth, managed to grow up, defying everyone's expectations of her.

In her mind, the fact that she is even alive is a miracle, and proof that God's love is real.

It manifests itself as a passive skill that gives her resistance to fear, charm and buster effects.

Personal Skills

Shroud of Valentinus: [A]

Eros (the love of the flesh)

Usually, Caren prefers her trusty "Shroud of Magdalene", but now she uses the shroud of lovers instead.

It applies invincibility to herself and her allies.

However, the ally it is applied to will have to pay Caren with their NP gauge for the next 3 turns.

Golden Arrow: [A]

Philia (the love of one's friends)

Angelic arrows that en-Amor-s whomever they pierce. Forcibly.

Applies taunt to herself in addition to draining the enemies' NP while applying attack down and defense down to them.

Mana Discharge (Love): [A]

A single great crown.
What returned to its original form by stacking up the crowns of the many goddesses fit to be "queens of the heaven" that were derived from the goddess that served as Ishtar's origin.
It grants a great amount of NP and can increase the performance of every card with a high probability.

Noble Phantasm(s)

The Greatest Hits: "Calling Agape" (Universal, Unconditional and Unlimited Love)

  • Rank: EX
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1-99
  • Maximum number of targets: Unknown

The Greatest Hits: "Calling Agape".

Universal, Unconditional and Unlimited Love.

Noble Phantasm of Ascension.

Caren wreathes herself in a shell of prayers, and then completes her theophany as the mouthpiece of a yet newer and more universal love.

Instead of the Love God Amor themselves, she becomes a "love from heaven" based on Amor, and delivers an attack of divine punishment by lighting up the earth with her unconditional and unlimited love.

It's unmistakably an Anti-World Noble Phantasm, but its user stubbornly insists that it's an Anti-Personnel one.

The love that Caren speaks of is that of God's unconditional love for man.

Thus, Agape.

It is a Noble Phantasm that damages every enemy, but it also has the added effect of increasing the damage dealt by the Extra card during the turn it was used.

"If you're gonna use S Ishtar's Noble Phantasm then go as far as the Extra attack", is what it's saying.



  • First person pronoun: "watashi"
  • Second person pronoun: Master/"anata"
  • Third person pronoun: "kare"/"kanojo"


Deadpan, calm and cynical.

Though still a young girl at heart, she never speaks in a cutesy tone.

She is a devil in the form of a saint.

Or perhaps a saint in the form of a devil.

Scathing, fatalistic, sharp-tongued, slutty and merciless.

And yet, a saint who remains an innocent maiden at her core.

She has an unwavering belief that as someone who has offered up her life to the Lord, she is to spend her life in service of the Father above, as well as the people that He loves.

So when a girl like this takes up the position of Amor, one might think they would feel revulsion at the idea of harboring a god from another religion within them, but what actually ran through Caren's body was an electrifying sense of duty.

"Though of another faith it might be, the role of the 'Missionary of Love' is wonderful nonetheless. Would I not be reciprocating God's love if I were to carry out such a mission to the utmost of my ability? Oh, to remedy the fates of others without their consent! How could I not be excited?"

Now more fired up than ever before, she changed her name to Caren C. Hortensia, and faced up to the task of making Chaldea's Valentine celebration as enjoyable as possible.

More so than the Caren from Hollow, she is closer to the Caren of Tiger Colosseum.

When in her position as Church overseer, she is reticent and never gives word to her own opinion or circumstances, however, when in cases such as these, where she is not restrained by her duties as a nun, she speaks, works, plots and even makes moves befitting of the mastermind behind any story, and does so often.

(While mastermind might sound sinister, she never causes problems out of malice, but rather out of a desire to do things for the good of other people)

Though... be that as it may, she loves seeing people suffer; just as much as she loves for her own body to suffer. Basically, both sadism and masochism have come together to form her ridiculously pain-in-the-ass personality.

Because of this, though her plotting serves to make people's lives better, she arranges for exceedingly arduous hardships in order to achieve such betterment... apparently.

She finds the amassing of wealth to be a virtue, but only because money is the symbol of authority that rules over man.

God is, after all, the desire to be loved and ruled over.

For someone like Caren, who occasionally becomes one with God's love when she finds herself deep in prayer (according to herself), to amass wealth is to bring oneself happiness.

(The Church teaches that 'one shalt not amass riches on the earth', but in Caren's eyes, money does not constitute riches. Additionally, she has little attachment to the money she has collected. She simply finds collecting itself to be thrilling, and doesn't have the slightest desire of buying things or living luxuriously with her money. Basically, she would go so far as burning it all if she felt done with it)

If it's for the sake of exorcising devils, she willingly offers up her body to any human or animal, always prioritizing their happiness over her own, but...

When it comes to a more simple, human love, there is only one she has wished happiness for by her own initiative. Even now, she keeps that wish, and those feelings, buried deep within her heart.

Attitude Towards Master

They are the poor sacrificial lamb chosen to safeguard Humanitas--Excuse me, an ordinary, yet valorous person.

Her belief is that in accordance with God's love―that of watching over the good lives of man,

she ought protect them so they are not felled by the many evils they encounter;

she ought supervise them so they are not swept away by the many temptations they encounter;

she ought shield them so they do not regret the many choices they encounter.

In short, she wants to enjoy the sight of their hilarious hardships from as close as possible.

Hat collecting is what interests her more girly side, while her nun side takes more pride in performing on the pipe organ. Caren's hobby is working on things she is talented at, you see.

Dialogue Examples

"Servant Ruler. I, Deity Amor, also known as Caren C. Hortensia, have answered your summons. Heh. So this is the Chaldea I have heard so much about? I find its liveliness much to my liking. Now whether I can live up the title of

'Missionary of Love' or not... you'll just have to find out."

"Charity, oh, charity... What a wonderful cause. Why not charity me as far as you can, then?

"So it's about how I was before being summoned? Let's see here... I have been an assistant to an exorcist, a nun assigned to take care of the aftermath of a Holy Grail War, and even a devil myself... why, quite a variety of things, really. Though ever since I came here, I cannot recall many of the details."

"Labor hours have started, Master. I expect my entire day's worth of sustenance taken care off."


The God of Love from Roman mythology.

Psuedo-Servant that uses Caren Hortensia as its human vessel.

Due to Caren's innate personality being a perfect match with Amor's Authority, she was miraculously reborn as the 'Fully Merged Deity Caren' (or so she says).

She was a sacrifice chosen as a Humanitas-aligned Servant when the Incineration of Humanitas took place.

Chronologically speaking, she is from after Hollow, but before the Aylesbury Geocentricism (Tsukihime). After ending her work as Fuyuki's overseer, she once again became active as an exorcist in Europe, and it's around this time that the Deity went into her.

Her spiritual core is constituted of Eros, the God of Love from Greek mythology, and Amor, the God of Love from Roman mythology.

When in her angelic guise, she goes by the name of Amor, but unlike what one would perhaps expect, she does not go by the name of Eros in her default, second ascension state.

Not only has she completely rejected (read: finds unacceptable) Eros, but she has even started disguising herself as Cupid, arguably the symbol for both of these gods.

As to why she rejected Eros; due to her strong faith, Caren defines "love" as that of "unconditional love", so while Amor might be acceptable in that regard, she absolutely abhors Eros (sexual love).

(In Greek philosophy, there's said to be four kinds of love: sexual love, comradely love, familial love, and finally unconditional love toward strangers. The vulgarity of sexual love has no place in the way Caren thinks of the unconditional love held by God (that of Agape))

So even though Caren is a Psuedo-Servant of the Love God Amor, at her core, she has rejected both Amor and Eros and serves as the missionary of a much greater form of love.

Very much a strange quirk for a Servant to have, befitting of the walking contradiction that is Caren, someone who loves causing harm as much as she is susceptible to it herself.

Introduced with the 2021 Valentine Event.

Caren sees chocolate as a sort of "love-indulgence", and as such, acceptable to sell at whatever steep price is possible.

She claims that "you can't put a price on love, can you?" and so only displays "true love" with her Noble Phantasm.


he is able to output Amor's powers in a variety of forms (arrow, bazooka, bomb, lightning, earthquakes).

Her appearance is much like an angel's. Or perhaps a devil's. OR PERHAPS EVEN A GOD'S.

Through the power of her strong faith, she is able to guide the hearts of man in whichever direction she likes. Much like she's brainwashing or seducing them.

In her third ascension, she takes on an appearance that is similar to a devil's, but it's not like she really is one in her deep within or anything. It's just that if you change your viewing angle a little bit, she coincidentally happens to look like one. Also, all of her skills drain NP, but this is also just a coincidence.

Her weapons are the massive God-Bazooka and the heart-shaped familiars of Mister Amor and Little Eros. Eros is abused by her constantly, but seeing as they appears to like it, there shouldn't be an issue.

Additionally, in her third ascension she grows a pair of chocolate horns. Not devil ones. Please keep that in mind.

Manannan (Bazett)

"What a wonderful Deity Servant. I expected no less from the famous Manannan of Celtic mythology. As for his human vessel, she is the among the greatest of all mankind in the durability department, so feel free to let her take as many hits as you want to keep shooting those Fragarachs."

Cu Chulainn

"The strongest and swiftest among all Celtic heroes. His feats, looks and abilities leave nothing to be desired. I imagine there are none who do not respect him. But above all else, his name is most wonderful."

Lil Gil

"I do very much get along with the younger Gilgamesh here as well. For you see, his finances are in tremendously good shape."


"I pay close attention to her, seeing as the two of us are both goddesses with a taste for riches, but also because we're fellow Psuedo-Servants using human vessels. Whenever will we do a cross-promotion, I wonder? Under these circumstances, I wouldn't even mind something space-related, just so you know."


"I haven't given eschatology much thought, but I have no choice but to admit that we must find ourselves in the end-times. Why, because it must be the end of the world if such a temperate and upright monk from vast Russia were to choose him as their human vessel. Oh, but I do hear that Mr. Rasputin was someone who had a lot of tangles with the fairer sex... I suppose I am left with no other choice but to purify the both of you in the fires of my bazooka."


"Hm? Are you talking about her? That human juggernaut?
Surely she would never show up in Chaldea... is what I used to think, but with ■■■■ anything is possible, I suppose.
She may not look it, but she is someone who has nonchalantly defeated a handful of last bosses already.
I'm sure that she would display tremendous soloing potential, and then go all 'oops, did I do it again?' here as well.
Hopefully I have not jinxed us, God willing."

Angra Mainyu

No comment.

Comment from the Illustrator

Caren C. Hortensia is like if the Gods of Love from each mythology assembled inside of one human vessel. By letting this very crazy lore come together with these gods' crazy divinities, our rather quirky Missionary of Love was born. Separate from such mankind-scale love, she is actually a nun with who holds a different love deep within her heart. I have some memories of sending in a variety of design proposal, gradually refining each of the "forms of love" she represents. I had been instructed to make the first ascension easily identifiable as Cupid, so I added and removed a bunch of accessories, scarfs, and other things until eventually settling on the current outfit. I also had been ordered to make the paper bag, and baby stuff that had appeared in previous works, so I made sure that was reflected in her sprites. --Morii Shizuki

TL Notes

Item Crafting (道具作成), known otherwise as Item Construction or Item Creation.

Channeler of Harm (被虐霊媒体質), known otherwise as Masochistic Spiritualist Constitution or Masochistic Medium's Nature

Mana Discharge (魔力放出), known otherwise as, well, there's a million variations. It's Saber's skill.

Deity (神霊), known otherwise as Divine Spirit

Humanitas (人理), known otherwise as Human Order, or Humanity

Material Images

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