Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova



  • Class: Caster
  • True Names: Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova / Viy
  • Sex: Female
  • Sources: Historical Fact, Folklore (Novella)
  • Region: Russia
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Height: Anastasia – 162cm / Viy – 30~50cm
  • Weight: Anastasia – 40kg / Viy – Unknown


  • Character Creator: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Character Designer: sime
  • Character Voice: Yumi Hara
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Territory Creation: [EX]

While she is summoned as a Servant, Anastasia can temporarily have several meters surrounding her function as “The Territory of the Russian Emperor”. By stacking her other Skills with it, that territory can expand even more.

Tool Creation: [—]

The Tool Creation Skill has been lost.

Fairy Contract: [A]

A Skill that denotes a contract with Viy, a fairy who lives in the lands of Russia. Naturally, Fairies are invisible existences, but Viy – who is contracted with the Romanov Dynasty – is an exception, being able to be seen by third parties as well as use its abilities. Furthermore, there is also a theory where Viy, who is in the first place a product of a creative work, does not fall into the Fairy Category.

Personal Skills

Shvibzik: [B]

Anastasia’s former nickname (meaning ‘imp’), while simultaneously, one of Viy’s abilities. Every small impossibility becomes a possibility. For example, an object being held by someone can be transferred to her hand. It becomes possible for “small pranks”-level Marble Phantasms, such as having a small ground crack open to have someone’s foot fall into it and be stuck there.

It is a relatively outrageous ability, but it is impossible to hurt someone with it on the level that it would kill people.

Glacial Charisma: [B]

A special Charisma handed down only to those who draw the blood of a Russian Emperor.

Mystic Eyes of Clear Sight: [D]

Mystic Eyes that descended from Balor and followed a different degenerative line from the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. It is not Anastasia’s power, but Viy’s ability. It breaks down every Bounded Field and even occasionally discovers the weak points of a fortress. It is said that the Russian Tsars fought at an extreme advantage in sieges by being blessed with this ability from Viy.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Viy, Viy, Viy!: Dash – Elemental Eyeballs

  • Rank: EX
  • Classification: Spirit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: ?
  • Maximum Number of Targets: ?

The full power release of Viy’s Mystic Eyes. The eyeballs that see through everything distort even the principle of causality to create weak points.

Sumerki Kremlin: Afterglow, Citadel of Abominable Blood

  • Rank: A+
  • Classification: Fortress Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~99
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 11 people + 1 animal

Sumerki Kremlin (Twilight Fortress inside the City). A recreation of a fortress (Kremlin, or Kreml) of the type scattered all around Russia. Anastasia, who draws the blood of the Tsars, can summon an extremely strong and splendid fortress, using it as protection for herself. And this castle cannot be entered except by those that Anastasia has chosen for entry. The entire fortress will make their attack on intruders and anyone else except those that Anastasia has chosen for entry.



  • First Person Pronouns: watakushi / OTMA (a name made up by using the initials of each name of the four Romanov sisters. Some signatures bearing this name are left behind)
  • Second Person Pronoun: anata
  • Third Person Pronouns: ano kata / kare / kanojo, etc.


Anastasia is fundamentally innocent, but somewhere within her, she has feelings of distrust towards others, and in particular, she looks dispassionate and talks at a distance immediately after she is summoned. It is possible for her to hold conversations with magical existences that still exist in the world, like Mystical Beasts for example.

Anastasia is basically cold towards the masses, and this is not restricted to only Russia’s people. “If something will perish, then there is nothing I can do when it perishes.” she says quite bluntly.

… That is because… Anastasia will by no means do things such as loving Russia. Since she was raised up in a closed space and was imprisoned in that space, she truly does not harbour things such as love towards the people of Russia. As far as Anastasia is concerned, the people of Russia are a symbol of barbarism and massacre, while simultaneously, they are nothing more than fear itself.

However, Anastasia also understands simultaneously that she is a legitimate successor to the Russian throne who was born and raised in the lands of Russia and who draws on the blood of the people of Russia. That standpoint and the lack of a place to put her feelings into are viewed as things that complicate her mentality, and as a result, it results in her showing a cold-hearted expression towards others.

The normal Anastasia is a mischievous, very mischievous, carefree girl.

Attitude Towards Master

Given that she has a feeling of distrust towards others, Anastasia somewhat places herself at a distance away from her Master. But when their bond with each other rises and the distance between each other becomes closer, she will show signs of dependence towards those she is somewhat closer to.

Dialogue Examples

“Die peacefully.”

“Are you alright? I did not help you because you are my superior. I, as a Servant, did what was natural because you came to place your trust in me.”

“Hold my hand, and do not let go… Be within my sight. If you hear my voice, then always respond to me. I… do not want to lose anyone anymore.”

Historical Character and Figure (Anastasia)

Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova is the last imperial princess of the House of Romanov, the Imperial House that placed Russia under their control for a period of about 300 years. She – who was born as the fourth princess under the moderate Russian Emperor Nikolai II and Empress Alexandra – was raised and loved above all else. On the other hand, the world followed a turbulent path in contrast to that moderateness of the Emperor. With things such as his defeat in the Russo-Japanese War and the shooting incidents occurring on the masses, the glory of the Tsar was now close to falling to the ground as well.

However, the Emperor was a man ignorant of the ways of the world, nurtured by the history spun by the Emperors of Russia and not knowing the realities of Russia, while Empress Alexandra on the other hand was a woman who led a life of being on top of the world as a noble.

It was recorded that Anastasia was a mischievous girl who did mischievous things such as climbing trees, but at the same time, she frequently assumed responsibility of looking after her younger brother Alexei, who suffered from a disease.

If they were at least not the Imperial House, it seems they would have been given an ordinary peace, but their era was at that moment in the middle of a revolution. And so, due to being swallowed up by the surge of that era that her parents unexpectedly created, it has been decided that Anastasia will lose her life.

The Emperor abdicated, and the Nikolai family – whom were to live their lives in incarceration – were all executed together with their servants by shooting. In order to falsify the incident, their corpses were chopped up and burned with gasoline, and their remaining bones were furthermore poured onto with sulfuric acid and buried into the ground.

Afterwards, a woman calling herself Anastasia had also came forward, but according to a DNA scan of her discovered remains, her being the actual Anastasia has been completely denied.

Now, the Russian Revolution was an event that could also be called an inevitability due to that era, but still, if the Imperial House did not even make a mistake in their choices, the Revolution could probably have ended by having the family go into exile in Germany, which was Empress Alexandra’s birthplace, and it may have ended as a bloodless revolution that did not spill any blood at all.

However, the Empress’ reputation at that time was at its worst. For one can see that she was so completely reliant on a monk who was similar to a shady impostor, and moreover, it was even said that she was sharing her bed with him together.

That monk’s name was Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. That mysterious monk Rasputin.

Historical Image / Character Image (Viy)

A species belonging to either the Fairy or Elemental Category that possesses an iron face, iron fingers and heavy eyelids. Originally, Viy is a kind of ghost or monster fabricated by Nikolai Gogol, a literary master of 19th Century Russia.

Khoma, a theological student, went to pray at an old-looking church, but he was attacked by a witch – who tried to devour him – and a group of monsters led by her. So on the night of the first day, he decided to draw a circle of devil exorcism and continued to pray while inside that circle. The monsters were frustrated by the man they could not see, so in the end, they decided to speak out the words “Call Viy here!”

Sure enough, Viy – a monster who was viewed as short and stout with eyelids that dangled all the way down to the ground – came around.3 When its voice said “Come lift up my eyelids!”, the monsters used all their strength to open those heavy eyelids. Khoma thought “I musn’t look!”, but he was not able to resist the temptation and his gaze matched up with Viy’s.

The moment Viy shouted “He’s here!”, the effect of devil exorcism vanishes, and Khoma pitifully dies.

Furthermore, at the beginning of the story, it was alluded that Viy is a legend that actually existed in Ukraine.

Reference Material: “Viy Investigation Notes: A Chat Over Tea About Ukrainian and Russian Monsters – Revised Edition” by Asano Yoshifumi.

Character in FGO

The day before he was murdered, Alexei revealed to his older sister, Anastasia, of a secret handed down the Tsars. It is said that a “mysterious thing” is connected to the Tsars for generations. It protects the Tsars, but it also does harm. “It” is whimsy, mysterious, and cannot be seen by humans at all.

Viy – a fairy, or perhaps an Elemental – signed a contract with the Romanov Dynasty and was used as a familiar for the sake of maintaining the life of the House of Romanov.

But before Viy could accept the contract, Anastasia had likewise been murdered. Viy chose to unite with Anastasia in order to supplement her Saint Graph.

By having a girl and an Elemental that should have been harmless supplement each other, they are able to achieve a promotion to the status of a Heroic Spirit.

… In the Russian Lostbelt, Anastasia appears as a Servant of Kadoc Zemlupus. It turns out that while she was showing her face as a queen and her face as a girl, she was also toying around with the too-serious Kadoc.

Standard Weapons

Mysterious phenomena by means of Viy.


Anastasia is being extremely cautious of Rasputin as he dealt the finishing blow to the Romanov Dynasty. On the other hand, she is also having a confusion about how he was kind to her during their lifetimes.

Ivan the Terrible

Ivan was… the Great Tsar who existed long before Anastasia and her family, but…

“Um, excuse me… why are you an elephant?”

“I also do not know. Why am I an elephant?”

An object of fear, rather than say, respect.


“Can you kindly lend me your kotatsu? You cannot?”

Kadoc Zemlupus

The person who summoned her as a Caster. What feelings Anastasia had towards him, or what feelings Kadoc had towards her, are perhaps some things the people themselves were not even able to understand. Attachment, yearning, comradery-in-arms, familial love, partnership, companionship, and so on and so forth.

Comment from the Illustrator

Given that I knew little about the story concerning Anastasia, I aimed at an unhappy girl who is not only ominous but also terrifying. Hence in the first rough draft, I inserted some shade on the area around Anastasia’s eyes for the feeling that she is a bit sickly. In the future, I became aware of who her Master was going to be in the Lostbelts, and I secretly laughed at how their eyebags also match with each other (lol). While I was drawing her, I was being wholly conscious of the appearance of the world in the game “ICO”. (sime)

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