Anne Bonny & Mary Read



  • Class: Rider
  • True Names: Anne Bonny / Mary Read
  • Sex: Female / Female
  • Source: Historical Fact / Historical Fact
  • Region: The Caribbean Sea / The Caribbean Sea
  • Alignments: Chaotic Evil / Chaotic Neutral
  • Heights: 171cm / 158cm
  • Weights: 54kg / 46kg


  • Character Creator: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Character Designer: I-IV
  • Character Voice: Kawasumi Ayako & Nonaka Ai
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


The Parameters are determined with “the greatest values among the two”, and they are treated as one Heroic Spirit.

Magical PowerE
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Magical Resistance: [D]

Nullifies Magecraft spells that were done in one step (a Single Action). A Magical Resistance of the same degree as an amulet that rejects Magical Energy.

Riding: [—]

The Riding Skill has been lost due to the Skill “Sailing”.

Personal Skills

Sailing: [A]

Steering techniques for ships. Because these serve as specialized techniques for ships only, one cannot manage horses and chariots with these techniques.

By merely being reputed as pirates, both of them are talented in steering ships.

Marksmanship: [B]

General shooting techniques, which include trick shots and quick draws by means of small arms.

For Anne Bonny’s shooting ability, her skills are to the extent that she can hit the mark on what she is aiming at with her musket, even while on board a shaking ship.

Combination: [C]

A Skill that displays how much one’s combat power rises in the case of being on a united front with a specific person.

If it is at Rank C, in spite of how severe a battlefield is, a pair can mutually grasp each other’s actions with just a single gaze and then take the most suitable action.

In Anne and Mary’s case, their Noble Phantasm receives a big influence as well from having this Skill.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Caribbean Free Bird: Wings Abreast as if Trees with Entwined Branches

  • Rank: C++
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~10
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 10 people

A combination Noble Phantasm in which Anne, who is equipped with a musket, covers for Mary, who wields a cutlass in her hand. The materialization of their anecdote in which, just before they were arrested, these two fought hard up to the very end while being surrounded by countless numbers of soldiers. If the state of affairs around them are disadvantageous, the more disadvantageous it is, the more advantageous the damage bonus they acquire.




  • First Person Pronoun: watashi
  • Second Person Pronouns: anata [hiragana characters] / anata [kanji characters]
  • Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo / aitsu, etc.


  • First Person Pronoun: boku
  • Second Person Pronouns: kimi / omae / kisama
  • Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo / aitsu, etc.


Anne Bonny

… A passionate, beautiful woman. Regarding Mary, Anne loves her dearly as a close friend, family member and younger sister. Although Anne has a character with a daredevil attitude and is well-versed in being able to deal with men skillfully, it is said that a portion of her “core” is heroic, possessing a courage and liveliness that put men to shame, and is someone who is “not even afraid of death, greeting it with a laugh.”

Mary Read

… A young woman who talks with her mouth in murmurs and with few words. Mary fundamentally has a maidenly character, but because she was raised as a man, she forcibly puts on a strongly masculine and brave front, hiding that feminine “core”. She is a little rebellious against authority, and fights with a dauntless courage on the battlefield regardless of her relationship to either gender.

TL Note

While Anne loves Mary as her younger sister, Mary is actually the older of the two in historical fact.

Attitude Towards Master

For both Anne and Mary together, they take into consideration of whether their Master is of the “same class” as them, and they are fundamentally a little rebellious. Especially even more so if their partner is a person of the bourgeois class. They have no problems with people such as Rin, who is neutral towards those with authority, or the naïve Shirou, but they feel that what is called the ‘worst compatibility’ is being partnered with someone like Tokiomi for instance.

Dialogue Examples

  • Mary: “————Servant, Rider. Mary Read. You summoned us, no?… Well, whatever. Best regards.”
  • Anne: “HEERE. If Mary comes, naturally I’ll also be summoned~ Anne Bonny. If I just have one musket, I’ll show you that I can very much shoot somebody at wherever they may be.”

  • Mary: “Humph. It’s not a satisfactory matter when one leaves their name in history, don’t you agree? Because of that, Master… what will you do about this?”
  • Anne: “Now, now. It’s also fun to have ourselves enjoy a second life in this way, yeah?”

  • Mary: “S-Say. I… I wonder if I can do something for you? Alright. Because I, Rider, will indeed follow you, and even leap out to the ocean for you, no matter how big it is.”
  • Anne: “Unbelievable, Mary was acting affectionately!?”

Historical Character and Figure

Anne Bonny and Mary Read are members among the most famous pirates in history, and they are also extremely unique pirates. They were two female pirates on board the pirate ship Calico Jack that was lead by a man named John Rackham.

One person was Anne Bonny. Although she was the daughter of a wealthy person, Anne eloped with a good-for-nothing man in the end and joined John Rackham’s pirate crew.

And the other person was Mary Read. As she was disguising herself as a man and was in the process of working on a Dutch ship, Mary was captured by Rackham’s pirate crew and was forced to work as one of their crew members. Although, she was originally raised up as a man by her mother, so it seems that she had fitted in with the nature of the piracy business, having fought boldly together with Anne Bonny whom she personally shared her secret of being a woman to. The two are close friends, comrade-in-arms, whom were linking a powerful bond between them that went beyond passions like romance and love.

It was the same in their last battle as well. When John Rackham’s pirate crew had anchored in Jamaica, they were struck by a raid from privateers (they are ships permitted to snatch away enemy cargos, and it is even possible to say that they are state-authorized pirates). It is said that while John Rackham and his subordinate men became frightened and hid inside their ship’s hatch, Anne Bonny and Mary Read were the only two people that kept on fighting to the very end. A testimony left behind said that one among the two fired her pistol into the ship’s hatch while shouting “Get out and fight like men!”, but in the end, Rackham and the others were arrested without mustering the strength and courage to fight back, and the two female pirates were finally captured too after a fierce battle.

Mary Read died while suffering from a fever inside her jail, but it was said that Anne Bonny turned and escaped due to her father’s moves. When she did so, Anne informed John Rackham with a scornful look in her eyes the following:

“If you had fought like a man, you need not have been hang’d like a dog.”

… The name of John Rackham remained in pirate history. However, the reason is not because of the bravery and brutalness he himself has, but for being “a shameful coward and the captain of the ship that had on board two rare female pirates named Anne Bonny and Mary Read.”

Francis Drake

As female pirates identical to Drake, Anne and Mary express their respect for her.

Edward Teach

As pirates identical to Blackbeard, Anne and Mary declare their intent to kill him.

Comment from the Illustrator

Anne’s clothes have a huge admiral clothing article coiling out of her waist, and that forms the silhouette of a dress with a large ribbon attached to it. (Although I do not know who on earth was originally planning to wear that, no matter what kind of size a human being has.) The image of that battle when their various clothes are becoming ragged is at the most extraordinary closing moments. In addition, one can conclude that the burning background is not in accordance with historical fact as it is the result of me having attached an importance of understandability to the background. The rifle seems to be terribly long, but the point is that, for those days, it is not an unusual size even then. Its range is not 100m, so after firing a lead bullet at someone with a bang, it is assumed that the way to use it is by using it as a club with iron covered on both ends.

Mary’s coat, rather than even calling it clothing, is an article similar to a leather armour with the purpose of defending her neck and arms. On the back side of it is a skull painted with white paint. (As a result of reflecting on it, it is not that famous pirate flag when they are summoned as Heroic Spirits, yet what is the significance in Mary fighting while carrying that flag on her back?)

Regarding the bunny suits, they were not in the orders. Naturally, it has no connection to them, not any at all, even if one assesses it historically (Bunny girls were born around the 1960s time period. Even Anne Bonny, who died in the year 1762, would not be at the level of history where she could receive such a thing in advance). The explanation is that, basically, this is my preference. Sorry. Though one should know by now that bunnies are nice, isn’t that right? Just in case, as an excuse, how about I go through with insisting on swimsuits for them? Hey, when I decided to seriously negotiate about that, there was just about no clothing specifications assigned to me when I got the approval. Just that they are fine with them as long as they look like pirates. But look, considering that, there is already elder sister Drake for a proper female pirate I can refer to. (I-IV)

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