Antonio Salieri



  • Class: Avenger
  • True name: Antonio Salieri
  • Sex: Male
  • Origin: 'The Man in Grey', the legends about Mozart's assassination, etc.
  • Region: Europe
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 181cm
  • Weight: 65kg


  • Design: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Design for Lostbelt: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Design: PFALZ
  • Voice: Seki Toshihiko
  • Appears in: FGO


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Avenger: [C]

A skill symbolizing the way an Avenger received and collected hate from others.

It makes him more likely to receive hostility from those surrounding him, but in turn, this gets turned back into power for himself.

Oblivion Correction: [B]

Humans are beings that tend to forget many things, but the Avenger never forgets.

The Avenger's attacks which assault the enemy from oblivion have their critical effects boosted.

Self-Replenishment (Mana): [C]

He will continue regenerating mana until his revenge is fulfilled.

He regenerates mana every turn, although only a small amount.

Personal Skills

Innocent Monster: [EX]

Salieri didn't kill anyone in his past life.

But due to the rumors and legends spread all over the world about Mozart's assassination, Antonio Salieri was bound to become an innocent monster.

The effects of this skill are somewhat different from the usual 'Innocent Monster', since it has fused with the Self-Denial skill (which is usually separate), and has become a composite skill.

Wailing Facade: [A]

The shell or armor that Salieri wears as an anti-hero.

He obtained this skill from the fact that Salieri's existence has mixed with that of the Man in Grey, the mysterious grim reaper-like figure that sometimes appears in stories about Mozart, as the one who requested him to make his Requiem in D Minor in July of 1791

During battle, Salieri will wear this armor and act as a weapon for slaughter.

Wildfire: [B]

The rumors about Mozart's assassination spread just like a curse, just like a wildfire.

The Avenger Salieri, uses the disdain, ill will, slander and demagoguery that gave birth to him, and turns it into power for himself.

Aside from weakening the psyche of the target group, it can also double as a powerful attack to the mind.

If the targets do not possess magic means of defense, it is even possible for Salieri to make them commit suicide.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Dio Santissimo Misericordia De Mi - To the Great One Up in the Heavens, Please Take Pity on Me

  • Rank: C
  • Type: Anti-Army
  • Range: 1~20
  • Maximum Targets: 50

Salieri condenses and solidifies an enormous amount of murderous intent uncontrollable by any living being, and by combining this with his mana, turns it into a song of destruction that eats away at the body and mind.

A supreme technique and musical noble phantasm that Salieri could never have possessed during his life, and is only possible due to his summoning as the Innocent Monster Servant, Avenger Salieri.

...Yet it is truly a shame.

The 'music' that plays is grandiose enough to rival Amadeus', but the Salieri turned Avenger will never be able to recognize it as 'sound'.



An excellent Servant that obeys his Master's every command and swiftly eliminates his targets.

No trace of human emotion or thought will interfere with his tasks.

Usually, he's a thoughtful and cool-headed person.

But after having turned into an Innocent Monster, his mind was in shambles. Fusing with the grim reaper-like figure of the 'Man in Grey' didn't help either.

If he were to ever see Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, it is likely that he would ignore any of his Master's commands and turn into a murderous, rampaging machine.

Attitude Towards Master

Salieri takes the orders from his Master with the obedience of a machine.

Thought it is important to understand that there may be some troubles with communication.


If he can recognize something as an order, he will obey it, but there's the possibility that Salieri may not understand what his Master says. (Not that he cannot understand anything, but rather that his understanding of certain specific things seems to be hindered.)

Dialogue Examples

'Who, am I? Who am I...!?'

'I am death. I have come to kill the one who is loved by god.'

'Gottlieb Mozart. I will...Kill you...'

Character in FGO

Antonio Salieri was a friend of Mozart.

He really shouldn't have been recorded into the throne as an anti-hero to begin with.

Even though Salieri had once lost his position as court musician, he was still a very respected musician who also took many other musicians and their children as pupils. This included Mozart's best pupil, Süssmayr, as well as Mozart's son Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart and even Beethoven.

However, sometime around 1820, the rumor that Salieri had killed Mozart started to spread all over the world. Even though it was untrue, people kept imagining this story where 'the genius loved by god was murdered by a jealous and hateful prodigy'.

The now old Salieri told his pupil Moscheles 'that is nothing but vile slander', but people even took that as a confession of the crime. Later there were even rumors that a regretful Salieri had taken his own life by cutting his throat with a knife.

And now, after long time passed, Salieri's existence has become warped by the unjustified rumors. His existence has also become fused with the mysterious man in grey, who is also related to Amadeus' last days, and has materialized as a Servant in this way.

An anti-hero that kills people.

A pitiful man. A furious man. The man who must kill he who was loved by god.

A single innocent monster.

Due to his origin, Salieri is a violent and aggressive Servant, and must be treated with care.

Usually, communication with him would also prove difficult, as Salieri's humanity also turned into ash, but that wasn't entirely the case within the lostbelt.

This is due to the lostbelt being a world separated from panhuman history...A world that didn't scorch Salieri into his avenger form...It would seem that this allowed some of his humanity to remain.

Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart



Stop coming near me.

Stop looking at me.

Stop laughing at me.

Stop playing music.

I am the one who will kill you.

Your honor, your music, any last trace of you, I will destroy it all.

Now that you've finally appeared in this world, I shall finally kill you with my own hands.

Gottlieb, the man loved by god.

Marie Antoinette

It seems I owe some gratitude to your brother...Or do I...

No, wait, I...I...

Who am I...?


I'm sorry.

Oh queen, you are god's grace...

Phantom/Caster Gilles/Salome

They don't get along.

Edmond Dantes

They get along.

Jeanne d'Arc

They don't get along.

Jeanne Alter

They get along.

Comment from the Illustrator

Salieri's eyes were originally supposed to be gold, but the color of red flames conceptually reflected upon his being and changed their color. Conversely, Amadeus' were originally silver, but then changed to sky blue or green, something like that? In regards to the Wailing Facade, the original plan was that Amadeus had created his very own grim reaper from things he was scared of, so the broader origin of the design were the black armor that the knight captain's ghost (who was presented as a father figure) wore in the movie, as well as the neck part of archbishop Colloredo's clothes. I guess Salieri's build in his third stage is closer to a bird or a dinosaur, huh. There was also a plan for Salieri to use his wings as speakers or sound amplifiers when he spread them. (PFALZ)

Salieri and the Man in Grey show up as sort of relatives or acquaintances of Amadeus, but actually the reason why Amadeus' design is so gaudy is because his design was based on the idea of the Man in Grey. "There is a legend that Amadeus was killed by a grey reaper", starting from that I started thinking about other things, like 'grey days', 'rationalism', 'melancholy', 'not partaking in pleasure and simply living is the best choice'...all those 'colorless' concepts that Amadeus would appear to oppose pretty much ended up making me design him to be flashy and needlessly gaudy. The request I got for Salieri's human form was 'a sophisticated dandy man'. So while I was at it I remember having a lot of fun designing my own unique brands for him. (PFALZ)

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