• True Name: Arash
  • Class: Archer
  • Source: Persian Mythology
  • Region: West Asia
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Height: 185cm
  • Weight: 75kg


  • Character Creator: Hikaru Sakurai
  • Character Illustrator: BLACK
  • Character Voice: Satoshi Tsuruoka
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Prototype Sougin no Fragments


Magical PowerE
Noble PhantasmB++

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: [C]

Negates spells with a chant of two verses or less. Cannot defend against something more complex, like high magecraft or ritual curses.

Independent Action: [C]

The ability to sustain himself for while even if the mana supply from the Master is cut. In C-Rank, it’s possible to stay manifested for 1 day without a Master.

Personal Skills

Clairvoyance: [A]

Good eyesight. Perception of distant targets and improved kinetic vision.

Having this Skill on Rank A or higher (which Arash does) enables even one type of future sight (estimating the future) and mind reading.

Robust Health: [EX]

One of the many traces of the Age of Gods Arash has is the special healthy body he had since he was born.

The stories of how Arash never got hurt even on the battlefields and never got sick turned into a Skill.

It ranks up his Endurance stat and reduces the damage he takes when he is attacked.

It is a composite Skill, as the Skill Poison Resistance is included on it.

Bow and Arrow Construction: [A]

He is a designer and builder of “bows” thanks to the being blessed with Goddess Armaiti’s knowledge. He can instantly make bows and arrows if he has the materials.

He needs physical material for bows, but arrows can be made by just spending mana. With this, Arash can shoot countless arrows in quick succession.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Stella (Meteor Streak)

  • Rank: B++
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1-99
  • Max. Targets: 900 people

An arrow shot with all his strength, exactly like in the legend. The ultimate shot.

A max-ranged remote attack that literally “splits the land”, ending all conflicts.

Due to the sheer amount of energy used for it, it also doubles as an Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm.

According to the legend, Arash created the “border” between Persia and Turan with his ultimate arrow. He split the land. His shooting range was exact 2500 kilometers. The legend also tells that in exchange for using this superhuman special move, he had his whole body scattered in all directions and lost his life.

Since it’s affects a wide territory instead of focusing on a single point, it’s classified as an Anty-Army Noble Phantasm, but considering its range, it would make more sense to call it an Anti-Country Noble Phantasm.

However, it is one-use only. Because Arash, the user, will lose his life without fail.

Since it destroys both the Noble Phantasm and the user at the same time, it is in a certain sense a double Broken Phantasm.



  • First person pronoun: ore
  • Second person pronoun: anta/omae/name with no honorifics
  • Third person pronoun: aitsu/yatsu/ name with no honorifics


A cheerful and deeply righteous hero.

He smiles at everyone and encourages people a lot.

In times of peace he is quite kind and tolerant, but in times of war he is extremely cold and rational. Although he has the composure necessary to instantly accurately calculate the trajectories of all the countless arrows on the battlefield, he rarely shows this side of himself to others.

He is a man who does what it needs to be done when it needs to be done.

He doesn’t hesitate.

Doesn’t anguish either.

No matter the land or age, he is here to serve the wishes of those who want peace.

Attitude Towards Master

He can interact with anyone without hiding anything.

He will be frank specially to the Master from the very beginning. You could say he is loyal to them, but it’s more that he sees them a trustworthy companion. For that reason, he would never betray them.

He will try to start friendly conversations but will always keep enough distance not be considered as rude or impolite.

He has no wish for the Grail.

He continues to exist as a “hero” who saves the innocent, exactly how he was when he was alive.

Arash will answer with all his might to the Master trying to restore human history.

Even now, he never forgets how he lived as a hero who saved the people and how he gave everything he had to the people.

Dialogue Examples

"Well, that’s what I am. A hero who ends fights."

"I’ll show you a meteor.”

"A shot arrow will never come back. Once you fixed an arrow to the string, pulled it and shot, there’s no turning back."

"Isn’t ‘hero’ what you call a guy does the job when people need them? Well, I don’t really know."

"If you’re really worthy of calling yourself my Master, then do good deeds. I’m counting on you."

Historical Character and Figure

A great hero from Ancient Persian legends.

As a soldier under the last West Asian king of the Age of the Gods, King Manuchehr (a legendary king who ruled over Ancient Persia for 120 years. Grandson of King Fereydun, the hero who fought against Zahhak, an avatar of the evil dragon Azi Dahaka), he was the last archer, ending the war 60-year war between Persia and Turan.

A savior hero who brought peace and tranquility to both countries.

His story says that by shooting an arrow with all his strength, he ended all battles and performed a feat that exceeds human comprehension, but in exchange he burst and scattered his entire body, meeting his end.

In Persian mythology, at the end of a long war between two countries, the enemy army of Turan sieged King Manuchehr’s army and this leads to the kings of both countries deciding to sign a peace treaty and establish their national borders.

That entailed making someone climb Mount Damavand and shoot an arrow to the East from there, and the place where this arrow fell would mark the location of the national border.

The only volunteer at the time was the Persian army’s best archer, Arash.

During the first month of the summer, on a sunny morning of Tirgan (Persian for “summer solstice”), Arash drew his bow more than ever before and shot an arrow.

It’s said that at that moment his body went flying in all directions.

Most legends say the arrow kept flying the entire morning and landed at noon on the coast of the Oxus River in central Asia, 2500 km away from the shooting point.

That river remained as the two countries’ border line until the 10th Century, when the Mongol armies pushed the Persian territory to the south.

The distance the arrow flew is different in various sources.

One version says the distance was 1000 farsakhs and other says the distance was a 40 days walk.

Most stories say the arrow flew from the daybreak until noon, but some say it flew from daybreak to sunset.

The name Arash in Ancient Persian has meanings associated with “cheerfulness” and lack of “common sense”.

He is also known as Arash Kamangir. Or “swift archer”.

Translating it to English, Arash Kamangir would be “Arash the Archer”. In West Asia, the word “archer” refers to the peace-bringing Arash.

In Iran, he is celebrated in Tirgan Festivals on summer solstices.

Even now, the hero Arash is still loved by the West Asians.

Standard Weapons

A bow he built himself.


Both acknowledge each other as heroes of the same era.

Hassan of Serenity

Since her entire body is a poisonous Noble Phantasm, she is someone who “cannot be touched by anyone”, but Arash is an exception to this rule. Because poison doesn’t affect him.

Arthuria/King Arthur

Arash tends to think quite often about King Arthur, as he is like a symbol of the vestiges of the Age of the Gods.

Comment from the Illustrator

The great hero from Persian mythology… at least that’s what he was supposed to be, but everyone tells me he looks like a background character (sweats). At the time I still didn’t how to draw characters for smartphone games, so I was trying a lot of different ideas and ended up thinking too much about his rarity when I designed him. Despite this, he got the Self-Destruct Noble Phantasm and was promoted to a Sougin no Fragments character. Thank you everyone, specially Sakurai-san and Nakahara-san. Although I’m saying all this, I really liked the design for the armor and weapons. I like thinking about the balance between lame and cool and about making things visually memorable when I design characters. I designed the bow in a way you could feel like he cut down some holy tree to make it. By the way, the first idea for his Noble Phantasm was making the bow grow giant, but it got cut for several reasons (laughs). (BLACK)

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