Arjuna (Alter)



  • Class: Berserker
  • True Name: Arjuna
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Mahabharata
  • Region: India
  • Alignment: Lawful・Good/Evil
  • Height: 177 cm
  • Weight: 82 kg


  • Scenario Writer: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Character Design: Pako
  • CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga
  • Appearance in Main Works:Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA++
Noble PhantasmEX

Class Skills

Mad Enhancement: [EX]

He resolved himself to eradicate all evil to start a new era. In return, he lost all of his humanity.

Personal Skills

Anti-Evil (Unique): [EX]

Power that’s equal to the authority bestowed by someone that brings about the end.

He is burdened with the duty of erasing all evil. He’ll destroy villains that claim to be king, but he is too upright. This is applied to everything except pure children and saints.

Clairvoyance (Transcendental): [EX]

His clairvoyance supasses the limits of a human being. In a sense, it’s different from Mystic Eyes, it could be said to be the ultimate form of vision.

Lamplight of the Soul: [EX]

Arjuna barely managed to protect his lamplight (personality) as human. His brilliance becomes stronger as he repeatedly ascends.

Divinity: [EX]

He possesses the highest level of divinity. He lacks any humanity in return.

Noble Phantasm(s)

『The Revolving Sword that Arbitrates the Great Dissolution (Mahapralaya)』

  • Rank: EX
  • Type: Anti-World Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 100
  • Maximum Targets: Everything in range


Power that’s bestowed to Arjuna along with the 「Anti-Evil Skill」. That is this 「The Revolving Sword that Arbitrates the Great Dissolution」. He’ll decide to swing the sword at the end of everything which will end the world and obliterate evil. The world as a whole will be extinguished if this sword is swung. Mahapralaya points out the extermination of the universe when Brahma dies...namely, the kalpa of destruction.

As expected, even though he’s referred to as the peerless Arjuna, this sword can’t display its power perfectly when swung. However, when it comes to bringing forth destruction that’s condensed・limited, being the same as the「shadow of the hands of the God of destruction」, Arjuna thinks it’s good enough regarding its ease of use.



First Person: watashi

Second Person: anata/kijo

Third Person: kare/kanojo


Originally, he lost his humanity as he behaved as a tool of complete destruction. In return, he gained divinity and the anti-evil skill as authority from 「someone that brings about the end」. However, Arjuna’s humanity can be barely recovered through repeated ascensions. In that case, he’ll appear in the form of a young man who is a little simpler than Archer Arjuna.

Attitude Towards Master

He mostly works in silence. But, he’ll mercilessly condemn him if his Master is found to be evil. He’ll start to converse as he ascends like in his third ascension, he’ll speak relatively calm.

Dialogue Examples

「Servant. Berserker, Arjuna…. My body exists to eradicate evil, to judge all evil.」

「What do….you desire?

There will be no reward for goodness….

Nor dejection in your steps….

Carrying pain and sorrow while moving forward….

That is, beautiful….」(First and Second Ascension)

「Banning greed, suppressing conflict…

Of course, that is correct behavior.

However, knowing your dazzlingness to move forward, I want to ease that ban.

And it’s a faint proof that I am human, Arjuna」

※The two lines above roughly mean the same thing. When it comes to human deeds and strengths of moving forward even amidst of hardship, First and Second Ascension Arjuna faintly understands it while Third Ascension Arjuna largely perceives it.

Historical Character and Figure

Historical Image・Character is the same with Arjuna.

Character in FGO

In Hindu Mythology, he is a hero that exists as a god repeatedly restarting and ending everything. The one who inherited the authority of destruction from him is Arjuna Alter. In return, he was losing his humanity, but his naturally born heroic self somehow saved him from turning into a puppet.

The universe revolves and the「The Revolving Sword that Arbitrates the Great Dissolution (Mahapralaya)」is used in a world that’s far into the future. For the sake of fulfilling that moment faster, Arjuna Alter was sent in, but-----

He ruled as the perfect God in the Indian Lostbelt. His original sense of self was destroyed, truly a Deus Ex Machina…. He has reached the brink of becoming a concept that only reincarnates the world.

However, Arjuna’s egoism was ruled by his humanity (that is wanting to win against someone, wanting to be someone who is great, to hate, to be angry at something) was left over and ironically it returned his humanity. This time, he wants to win against Karna, that kind of wish...desire, managed to return him into being a human. In the Indian Lostbelt, he went overboard after taking many Gods’ Authorities and became a concept that won’t tolerate even a slightest imperfection, but when he’s summoned as a servant, he won’t allow any wicked hostility to his Master and the calm nature that’s originally held by Arjuna from Pan-Human History can also come out.

He doesn’t perceive that beautiful things are beautiful and is a sentimentalist that marvels at things that are made「beautiful」.

You are not awarded by the heavens, value the things you earned yourself, cherish that joy.

Arjuna Alter isn’t aware of that, but that in itself could be his most human side.

Standard Weapons

His sword is his fundamental weapon, but he can emit energy waves in the form of a shining horse.


Arjuna Alter isn’t just an inverse being, but someone that lost more than half his humanity because of Authorities.

Hence, he harbors longing for Arjuna. On the other hand, Arjuna harbors strong feelings for him as well. He’s the ideal hero that he once dreamed of.

Archer Arjuna finds his current state to be an ideal image of a hero, but Arjuna Alter who is a Lostbelt Servant sees a face of a proud hero in Archer Arjuna.[1]

With that there, the relationship of those two is relatively fine.

(However, to avoid any complications, they don’t really encounter much.)


Although Arjuna was broken by a certain scheme, he felt Karna’s power was beautiful and threatening. With the lamplight of his soul, he refused to ignore him.

Putting that aside, he thinks about if he should have named himself Super Arjuna since he’s against 「Super Karna」.


Even though Ashvattaman knows him as Arjuna Alter, Ashvattaman is still friendly with him.[2]

Astolfo (Saber):

He doesn't think that they’re the same just because they have ears, but he holds some sort of strange feeling of fellowship.

However, he’s amused himself with the interactions with other Servants having expanded through Astolfo.

Comment from the Illustrator

Even though he’s basically a floating Indian God, he even has the universe in his setting, so I thought it would be good to draw a universe and while I was at it, the face of a space cat; I guess Arjuna-san is very serious. That is his virtue and it is his merit. (pako)[3]

TL Notes

1: The 彼 in "his current state" talks about Arjuna Alter's current state rather than Archer Arjuna's state.

2: The 付き合ってくれる in "Ashvattaman is still friendly with him" means that even though he knows Arjuna as Arjuna Alter, Ash is still friendly with him and that Arjuna Alter is grateful for that.

3: Pako also drew Arjuna Alter on his own Vimana. A god that looks at everything from above. Hereopen in new window

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