Arthur Pendragon (Prototype)

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  • True Name: Arthur Pendragon
  • Class: Saber
  • Source: The Legend of King Arthur
  • Region: Europe
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 181 cm
  • Weight: 68 kg


  • Character Creator: Sakurai Hikaru and Nasu Kinoko
  • Original Character Designer: Takeuchi Takashi
  • Character Designer: Nakahara
  • Character Voice: Sakurai Takahiro
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Prototype, Fate Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmEX

Class Skills

Magical Resistance: A

Arthur, who is in the Saber Class, is in possession of a high-ranked Magical Resistance Skill. It is generally impossible for modern mages to inflict damage on him.

Riding: B

It is possible for one to freely handle all vehicles and beasts except Demonic Beasts, Phantasmal Beasts and Divine Beasts.

Personal Skills

Intuition: A

The ability to feel the most suitable development for oneself during combat.

Magical Burst: A

Arthur is endowed with an extremely high-ranked Magical Burst Skill.

Charisma: B

The natural talent to command an army.

Currently, Arthur has been specializing for battle against gigantic beasts. His Charisma is not used in “Fate/Grand Order”. During the occasions where he is fighting against gigantic beasts, since his allies cannot keep up with him to continue onward, which results in him becoming alone, it is expected that there is no place for him to show his Charisma.

Gigantic Beast Hunting: A

King Arthur fought and entirely defeated numerous Mystical Beasts that attempted to overrun Britain.

A Skill that demonstrates one having high combat experience against gigantic enemy creatures.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Invisible Air: The Wind King’s Barrier

  • Rank: C
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~2
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person (used against the sword)

Strike Air as an attack Noble Phantasm. Invisible Air is its normal state. The force of wind that conceals the Sacred Sword. It also functions as a sheath to conceal the sword blade. All sorts of applications, such as defense and attack, are feasible. If its power is unleashed, it is further able to perform a long-distance area of effect attack called “Strike Air: The Wind King’s Hammer”, but it is not able to be rapid-fired.

Excalibur: The Sword of Promised Victory

  • Rank: EX
  • Classification: Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~99
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 999 people

The Strongest Illusion. One drop of the planet’s light. Crossing over all periods of time, it is the unfulfilled dream itself of many humans. After having lost the Sword of Selection, it is reported that this Sacred Sword was brought to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake. Even in spite of being equipped with a condition where its true power is being restricted due to its sheath, which is endowed with the “Thirteen Restraints” that were designated with the names of the Knights of the Round Table, it still has a power befitting an Anti-Fortress classification.

Excalibur: The Sword of Promised Victory

  • Rank: EX
  • Classification: ???
  • Range: ???
  • Maximum Number of Targets: ???

The radiant Sacred Sword that saves the planet. A golden blade that completely repels every evil, constructed for the sake of defeating foreign enemies that would destroy the planet. The form taken when up to six restraints among the Sacred Sword’s “Thirteen Restraints” are released. Although, it has not yet been able to show its true power since over half the restraints – seven restraints or more in other words – have not been released————And yet, there is no doubt that it is an intense light that destroys a powerful evil.

In “Fate/Grand Order”, the release of the “Bedivere Restraint” is being automatically approved where a decisive battle against a great being is thought to be assumed.



  • First Person Pronouns: watashi / boku
  • Second Person Pronouns: kimi / kisama / omae / ○○
  • Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo / yatsu


A Hero who loves goodness and believes in justice. It is possible to say that in a certain sense, Arthur is one of the forms of a completed “Ally of Justice”[1].

Arthur was once taken prisoner by a strong wish to save his native land, but he is now different. His soul has been set free, and there will never be a time where that sword will lose its way again. If the person standing before his very eyes is an evil one who torments the people, he will surely oppose that person, no matter how powerful that opponent is, and will definitely defeat them.

He is kind and sincere to those who should be protected. And he is stern when he ought to ascertain if one is an opponent. Arthur’s response is easy to understand. Does he deal with them with love, or does he deal with them with the sword?

Attitude Towards Master

Arthur has the utmost trust in his Master. Deception and betrayal are improbable from him.

Arthur does not have a wish he wants to make on the Holy Grail. For he has already been liberated from that wish. According to records, he had participated in two Holy Grail Wars. He had thrown himself into the second conflict surely not because of a wish, but to “protect” something. And now, he tackles a third conflict.

Dialogue Examples

  • “I am Saber. A Servant————who will protect you, and the world.”

  • “This radiance, I shall show it to you.”

  • “You have the power to fight. I do mean the skills you have too, but I am of the impression that… in your heart, you have a sword.”

  • “I will certainly cut them down!”

  • “Releasing the Thirteen Restraints (Seal Thirteen)————Commencing the Round Table’s Decision (Decision Start)!”

Historical Character and Figure

Valuing those that are virtuous, ascertaining those that are atrocious. A Hero who is like a knight in shining armour that anyone would dream of as a child. He is also called the Sacred Sword Wielder of the Planet. His true identity is said to be the “Knight King” of a parallel universe who found his way to this world by pursuing an existence of some kind. For a certain objective, Arthur Pendragon visited this world. That is, it is said to be something related to a Beast of Disaster————

The Knight King who continued to fight together with the Knights of the Round Table, the rise and fall of his native land of Britain hanging in the balance. He materializes while evidently taking a pure and unselfish appearance that can be described as the “ideal prince” or a “knight of sky silver”. Although he is the real King Arthur – a Hero who possesses almost the same anecdotes and past as the Heroic Spirit Artoria Pendragon – as an existence, he is an entirely different person who belongs to a world different from the world in “Fate/Grand Order”.

Arthur himself arrived in this world from another world/a parallel universe, chasing after a certain powerful opponent – an evil omen————or so he tells. Perhaps the evil omen is considered to be a body of a Beast. They are words so astonishing, a judgement cannot be acquired on whether they are true or not, even with Chaldea’s system, but he will at least not tell lies to the Master.

Brynhildr, Jekyll

Arthur worries about their unstable Saint Graphs. He also feels responsible for them.


Their relationship is quite tense. If the balance collapses for a moment, it seems a raging sun will come and descend from the sky.

Arash, Heracles

Great Heroes whom Arthur respects from his heart.

Gilgamesh (Prototype)

The Hero King from a parallel universe.

“There should explicitly be nothing serious for him to appear here nowadays… and, I am very careless. How naïve of me.”

Cú Chulainn (Prototype)

A Hero who Arthur once had a mutual dispute with, but in the end, they ended up uniting on a common front. He wanted to talk to Cú once the situation calmed down… but they continued to pass by each other, so they have not been able to talk at ease yet.

Round Table Servants

Every time he sees their figures, Arthur unconsciously shows a small smile.


Arthur is not able to ignore her, even if he understands that Mordred is a different person compared to the one he knows. He often greets her.

Artoria / Merlin

“A different me, and a different Mage of Flowers.”

Arthur has quite a curiosity about their very existences, but it would be very impolite of him to inquire about stories for this and that, so he restrains himself.


A Beast of Disaster. Arthur defeated it twice. It should have been destroyed completely. It should be essentially impossible for something like a third time, but————for the sake of protecting those he loves, Arthur Pendragon will wield the Sacred Sword of the Planet against it once again.

Comment from the Illustrator

Here is Mr. Arthur who I received, of whom I drew for a long time since the light novels and of whom I am already experienced with in drawing, but in FGO, there is a memory where I awfully struggled with him in that I simply cannot finish off a drawing of his standing pose that could reach a very satisfactory level to me. Being on the verge of tears, suddenly, “THIS!! How is this fellow absolutely cool now??!!” And I then happened to submit the drawings of his current standing pose. Yeaaah, he is cool YOU KNOW~ (tell me it is true).

I think it is an interesting as well as an unfair point for the expressions he showed to each of his Masters in the year 1991, the year 1999, and now in the Grand Orders to be all different from each other. And it is really unfair in that he had just reached the point where he can make macaroni gratin. (Nakahara)


[1] – While the Japanese term 正義の味方 (seigi no mikata) is commonly translated and widely known to the Fate fanbase as “Ally of Justice”, “Champion of Justice” or “Knight in Shining Armour” can also be used here as the translation of this term, and those would be more appropriate here for Arthur.

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