Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter)



  • Class: Lancer
  • True Name: Artoria Pendragon
  • Sex: Female
  • Source: The Legend of King Arthur
  • Region: Europe
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 171cm
  • Weight: 57kg? (There are various opinions about Artoria Alter’s physique as her body weight is not listed when she is a Lancer.)


  • Character Creators: Sakurai Hikaru and Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Designer: Ishida Akira
  • Character Voice: Kawasumi Ayako
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA+
Noble PhantasmA++

Class Skills

Magical Resistance: [B]

Artoria Alter can repel the average Magecraft spells, but she is not able to defend against Great Magecrafts and Ritual Spells.[1]

Riding: [A]

One can freely handle all vehicles and beasts except for those with a Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast ranking.

Personal Skills

Magical Burst: [A+]

Being accompanied by a strong destructive impulse, Artoria Alter is endowed with an extremely high-ranked Magical Burst Skill.

Charisma: [E]

The natural talent to command an army.

Even when Artoria Alter’s troops see her in her current state, their morale will not necessarily be uplifted from that sight of her.

Blessings from the Ends of the World: [A]

A Skill automatically granted to the possessor of the Holy Lance.

Artoria Alter’s Magical Power and Luck Parameters temporarily rank up only in times of combat.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Invisible Air: The Wind King’s Barrier

  • Rank: C
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~2
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

When Artoria materializes as a Saber, this Noble Phantasm was something that conceals her sword, but now, it is treated as nothing more than a “Wind Noble Phantasm”.

By using Invisible Air together with her Magical Burst Skill, boost effects such as the reinforcement of her Agility and super-jump capabilities, and unleashing a long-distance area of effect attack (Strike Air) of the “mowing down type” by releasing the stockpiled wind all at once, are all possible. (Differing from the piercing type at the occasion of when Artoria is a Saber, this Strike Air is a mowing down type.) Lancer Artoria Alter makes use of this Noble Phantasm’s effects to mainly augment her offensive power.

Rhongomyniad: The Lance that Shines to the Ends of the World

  • Rank: A++
  • Classification: Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~99
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1000 people

The true form of this is said to be something that fastens the two sides of the World. The Holy Lance is essentially a “tower” or a “pillar of light” that sews and fixes the outer layer of the World into place, and it is said that if by some chance this was unfastened, the World that is made up accordingly with the physical laws of the present will peel and fall off, and the many phantasmal laws that were the way of the past would be expressed. Due to the circumstances where she was the “King” who stood in the final moments of illusions and the Age of Gods, Artoria possesses the Holy Lance that hid this tremendous power.

By releasing its True Name, it will result in the Holy Lance releasing a fragment of the power of the light that shines at the Farthest Ends. In order to perform its True Name Release, it is necessary to lift at least half among a total of Thirteen Restraints. This property serves as the same property as the “Sacred Sword of the Planet that saves the world.”



First Person Pronoun: watashi
Second Person Pronouns: anata / sonata / kisama / omae
Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo


Even if she exchanges the Sacred Sword to hold onto the sacred lance, the way the Knight King ought to be does not change in a big way. Artoria is still that distinguished person, the Knight King, who obtained the Sword of Selection and became King, fought against foreign enemies, monsters, and occasionally even dragons that came to make an assault, and continued to battle for the sake of her native land.

However, Artoria’s values have somewhat changed from the event where she switched over to the Holy Lance as her main armament. She is no doubt self-aware of herself being someone paranormal – of herself being someone feared by everybody. King Arthur of the Sacred Sword was a king for the people, but King Arthur of the Holy Lance was a king who controls the people. Her solicitude towards the weak changed from “a solicitude pointing at her compatriots” to “a solicitude pointing at the people who should be protected.” Those intentions, words and deeds have truly become more forceful, and yet, more firm than the times when she had the Sacred Sword, but as far as everybody is concerned, her very manner of speaking had completely become the views of a tyrant. It is not King Arthur as an idealist, but King Arthur tinted as a realist, and thus, she is comparatively darker. In addition, regarding the powerful Holy Lance she owns, she perceives it as what should be a sacred object to be a “curse” instead.

Attitude Towards Master

Although she is the possessor of a Noble Phantasm endowed with a world-class power and has materialized with her aspect as a savage hero being emphasized during battle, depending on her compatibility with her Master, it will probably result in Artoria Alter serving as a “single knight” with relative devotion. She, who was summoned as a Servant, is in a state where she restrained herself, and with the exception of the times of battle, her wild disposition is comparatively weaker. But that might be a different story when it consists of her choice of meals…

Dialogue Examples

“Behold, the cursed lance that shines to the Farthest Ends. Whether friend or foe, my blow will exterminate the rebels————Master. You do well to not leave my side, until the end.”
“There is nothing that cannot be broken with this lance. No matter if it is a Heroic Spirit, or a Noble Phantasm.”
“What is sleeping inside the Holy Grail————You, have you ever thought about that?”
“If it is the duty of a Hero to be hated and shunned, the present me… would sincerely accept that.”
“Orders, Master. What is prepared for me to break?”

Character Image

This person in question is Knight King Arthur of the Round Table as told in legends. The true form of that distinguished person is a sweet girl knight who possessed both the integrity and nobility just like in the legends. She is known as the Sacred Sword Wielder, but the Holy Lance in her possession is very powerful too, so she is also able to materialize as a Lancer. She who holds the Holy Lance is the “King of the Storm”, a king viewed as a person of the Wild Hunt.

… And then, it is even possible for Artoria in this way to materialize as the possibility where she was violated by the Holy Grail’s Curse. It is a side of the Knight King who carries a lance, and a Knight King who devoted herself to callousness. Even the Holy Lance utilized at the occasion of the “Battle of Camlann’s Hill” – known as King Arthur’s final battle – possesses an ominous sign, changing into a black colour as well.

————She held in her hand… something that shines to the Farthest Ends. The Holy Lance Rhongomyniad.

The transformation had begun from that moment. It began with the body, and then the mind. Just before she completely turned into the “Goddess of the Holy Lance”, she chose. For herself to live as the “King of the Storm”; for herself to live for a dark tyranny.

She, with every possible means, strongly defined herself. Because she also used what even appears to be the Holy Grail’s Curse and got a link to it somewhere, she is very far apart from herself as the Knight King of the Sacred Sword, and she became an existence endowed with a wild nature, but————still, she continues to exist as a human being. Not as the Goddess of the Holy Lance, but as Artoria Pendragon.

What Artoria is here… is someone who became the Heroic Spirit of the Holy Lance without having to experience being the Lion King.

Being altered into a black colour scheme and having materialized as such, this is not an aspect of Britain’s protector within the legends/anecdotes/events of Artoria’s lifetime, but a materialization of a warrior that tries to exist as a ruthless slaughterer who swiftly steals the lives of their opponents and as a battle machine dashing through the battlefield, a materialization of which it strongly tends to appear in the open. Lancer Artoria Alternative, so to speak. The signs of being clad in cruelty all over her body closely resemble “Saber Alternative”.


On the occasion when she materialized as a Lancer, it is said that the Knight King attains a figure that differs from what she had while alive. Whether her body of eternal youth is developing consequently from her possessing the Holy Lance instead of the Sacred Sword and scabbard, or if it is because her body is developing consequently from the Magical Energy of the lance————

Standard Weapons

The Holy Lance, which is a Noble Phantasm. Accompanied with the change of colour in her equipment, the Holy Lance has also even changed into a black colour.

At times of battle, Artoria Alter rides on a black horse (when she is a Lancer, she is always mounted on a horse. In the case when she is an Alternative, her steed is her horse “Llamrei”).

Artoria (Saber)

By all rights, Artoria is a different person who walked on a different possibility, but there is a time when Artoria Alter saw her not as “a different self”, but as “herself from the time when she was young.” It may not be evident that her mental state is similar to an older sister looking on tragically at, or watching attentively, her younger sister.

Arthur (Proto)

Artoria Alter recognizes Arthur as the proper “Sacred Sword Wielder”, but on the other hand, Arthur stimulates Artoria Alter’s pride with a little intense sensation since she was the former Sacred Sword Wielder. Because he makes use of Excalibur with the Thirteen Restraints, Artoria Alter provokes Arthur by saying “Hah, you novice. If you are a true king, you should be releasing them constantly.” Of course, both understand that it is not a good thing to liberate the restraints continuously.

Francis Drake

Lancer Alter draws a line from the other Servants as a way to not have to do with them, but the line to Drake, who is one of the “King of the Storm”, is of a slightly shorter distance. To a third party, they are said to be even seen as… female friends talking together carefreely.

Comment from the Illustrator

To be able to receive and draw a really appealing topic of Artoria summoned as a Lancer, I received and drew this assignment with great joy. On the composition of the illustration, when I drew the horse, I felt happy while being thankful that they even attached the horse to her battle sprite. Regarding the size of her breasts as it has been said often, I will insist in advance that it is not because of my own preferences that I beefed them up. (Ishida Akira)

TL Notes

[1] – This Skill description should be for C-rank Magical Resistance instead of B-rank.

Material Images

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