Artoria Pendragon (Lily)



  • True Name: Artoria Pendragon (Lily)
  • Class: Saber
  • Source: Arthurian cycle
  • Region: England
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 154 cm
  • Weight: 42 kg


  • Character Creator: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Illustrator: Takeuchi Takashi
  • Character Voice: Kawasumi Ayako
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Unlimited Codes


Magical PowerA
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: [E]

No matter what large spell, magecraft lower than B is nullified.

Since the draconian heart hasn’t awakened yet, it’s been reduced one rank from the grown-up Artoria.

Riding: [C]

If it’s been trained and adjusted properly, she can ride it perfectly.

Personal Skills

Instinct: [B]

Ability to always “feel” the most suitable course of action for oneself in battle.

A sharpened sixth sense that is already close to future sight.

Halves interference blocking vision/hearing.

However, intuition is also a thought. Anyways, since she feels sensitive to the troubles of people, when she encounters people, she’ll help them.

Mana Burst: [A]

By wrapping weapons, or the own body, with mana, and releasing it, allows to temporarily increase abilities.

In other words, it’s jet propulsion with mana. This Heroic Spirit applies it in sword fights for defense and movement, demonstrating high performance in every aspect.

Blossoming Journey: [EX]

A blessing (Gift) for the girl knight that started walking the path to kingship.

That road is filled with hope, making the hearts of those who fight along her positive.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Caliburn: Golden sword of assured victory

  • Rank: B (Conditionally A+)
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~30
  • Max. Targets: –


Originally a sword to select the king. The 『Anti-Unit』 of Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm isn’t aimed to the enemy, but to the current owner.

When that proprietor is corrected and completed as a king, its power will become suitable for a holy sword.

Despite being inferior to Excalibur, this holy sword also converts the user’s mana into heat values, releasing it as particles of light.



  • First Person: 私 (watashi)
  • Second Person: 貴方 (anata) / 貴様 (kisama) / 貴公 (kikō) / 〇〇 (without honorifics)
  • Third Person: 奴 (yatsu) / 奴等 (yatsura) / 〇〇 (without honorifics)


An Artoria that has pulled the Sword of Selection and began walking the path to kingship. A what-if.

Honest, positive, does everything with utmost effort.

Her being a rather unconfident late bloomer since she’s aware that she’s still half-baked is the fly in the ointment.

Pleasantly happy and joyful when having fun,

saying straightforwardly that sad things are sad, the shape of a young girl that wasn’t allowed to the original Artoria.

Attitude Towards Master

With a “Since I was called as a Heroic Spirit I’ll serve Master with all my strength!”, she expresses motivation and joy through her whole body.

She trusts her Master and doesn’t hesitate if she thinks the fight is good. She doesn’t think at all about a reward for herself.

Dialogue Examples

  • 『Nice to meet you, Master. Since I’m still a half-baked knight, please call me Saber Lily. From now on, thanks for your continued support.』

  • 『I-is that so…… I think that A rank is an exaggeration… But, I’m happy with flattery. When Master says that, my self-confidence springs out!』

  • 『Master is still growing too. I’m glad to somehow have made a friend. Fufu. It’s a competition about who will become an adult first.』

  • 『And ―― This holy sword (sword) shines to protect the loved ones! Ready your sword, Heroine Z……! Saber Lily will lead you to death!』

Character in FGO

The appearance of Artoria after pulling the Sword of Selection and just having begun walking the path as a king. Still a half-baked knight girl.

That appearance is like a lovely lily and those eyes are filled with bright hope.

Wandering around the country in order to experience lots of things, she left behind many adventures. Those who were helped by her seemed to praise her as a knight princess for her gorgeousness.

A romantic knight that, in order to become an ideal king, studies every day.

Since she’s still half an adult that can’t sweep away her girlishness, that heart and those dreams are still filled with hope.

The tour round the country with the party consisting on her stepbrother Sir Kay and her retainer, the mage Merlin, usually started with Artoria’s meddling, became a big deal with Merlin’s jeering, and ended with Kay wiping her buttocks.

The leading Servant of the special event 『Saber Wars』.

Having set up the 『alliance of undeveloped Noble Phantasms』 with Mash, she admirably devoted herself to practice in order to raise the power of her Noble Phantasm.

Studying under the mysterious Servant that called herself Saber among Sabers, Heroine X, she fought fierce battles against the strange Servants that kept attacking one after another.

What about the Artorium? What about the Servant Universe? What about Heroine X’s hidden goal?

Saber Lily’s fight has just begun! To Be Continued! (※ This has absolutely nothing to do with the Arthurian cycle)

Interlude 1 Clear Profile

Caliburn and Excalibur are different sacred swords.

Caliburn nurtures royalty, and raises Arthur into a king. Originally, Caliburn was used for ceremonies.

Using this as a weapon by releasing its True Name can exert the same firepower as Excalibur, but the sword will not be able to withstand Artoria's magical energy and will likely disintegrate.

Mysterious Heroine X

Despite the difference in style of acting and worldview, she respects her as a teacher of the sword.


The masked pretty boy that gallantly appears when Saber Lily is in a pinch. His identity is still shrouded by mystery.

Comment from the Illustrator

It’s a basic rule of evolutionary designs that equipment and decorations become more luxurious, but there are also some characters like Lily that become more lightly dressed.

Although I liked Lily’s design from the start, I liked even more fully the mini-skirt dress of the third Ascension. (Takeuchi Takashi)

Material Images


SummonedIt is nice to meet you Master. Since I am still in training, please call me Saber Lily.It is a pleasure to meet you.「はじめましてマスター。まだ半人前の剣士なので、セイバー・リリィとお呼びください。これから、末永くよろしくお願いします。」
Bond 1I'm still training. I haven't achieved anything worthy to be called a Heroic Spririt, but I will do my best as a Saber.「私はまだ修行中の身。英霊と呼ばれるほど偉業は成しえていませんが、精一杯、セイバーとして努めさせていただきます」
Bond 2You're still growing, too, Master. That's why it feels like I just gained a friend. Hehe, let's see who ends up being the best.「マスターも、まだまだ成長中なのですね。なんだか友人が出来たようで嬉しいです。ふふふっ、どちらが先に一人前になるか、競争ですねっ」
Bond 3I'm still working on my swordsmanship and have a long way to go to become a knight. It's not just about skills, but mental fortitude as well. One day, I will have the strength worthy of the Sword.「私はまだ剣士見習いで、騎士の位くらいには程遠いです……。技量もそうですが、精神がまだ鍛えられていません。いつか必ず、この聖剣に相応しい心の強さを手に入れます」
Bond 4Umm... I know I said "long time to come" when you first summoned me, but I really didn't think we'd get this close. Now, your presence alone is enough to give me strength, Master.「えっと……召喚時に末永く、とは言いましたが、こんなに親身になってくれるとは思っていませんでした。今は、あなたが身近にいてくれるだけで力が湧いてきます、マスター」
Bond 5I'm grateful, Master. I may still be immature, but now I know the difference between what I should protect and what I want to protect. Oh? You feel the same? Hehe. It's like we're reading each other's minds. Someday I will part ways with this sword, but please fight with me until then, Master.「貴方に感謝を、マスター。半人前だった私ですが、今は守るべきものと、守りたいものの違いが分かりました。……え? 自分も同じ、ですか? ふふ……以心伝心というやつですね。いつかこの剣は失われますが、それまでどうか共に戦わせて下さい、マスター」
Dialogue 1Resting too much isn't good for you, Master. So let's work hard again today!
Dialogue 2You speak of kings and retainers? Th-That's not happening anytime soon, and I'm not prepared in the slightest... S-Sorry!「王と臣下の話ですか? そ、その、まだ将来の話なので、私自身、全然覚悟ができていないというか……す、すみません!」
Dialogue 3I am currently training. I will learn by your side, Master.「私は修行中の身ですから。マスターの下もと、勉強させていただきます」
Dialogue 4 (Medea Lily)That person who's wearing that pretty violet outfit over there... Oh, so her name is Medea. I somehow feel closeness to her. And her title as a friendly witch is also lovely! Surely she must be a gentle and delicate person. There's no doubt she'll grow up to be a wonderful lady! yep! There's no way she would annoyingly curse enemies from afar.「あちらの、菫すみれ色の素敵な服装の方……メディアさん、というのですね。何故か、親しいものを感じます。『仲良しの魔女』という称号も、愛らしいです。きっと、とても穏やかで繊細な方なのでしょう。将来は素敵なレディ間違いなし! ですね! 遠くからチクチク敵を呪うとか、あり得ません!」
Dialogue 5 (Mysterious Heroine X)Thanks to Master X and Master, I've gotten confident with my Noble Phantasm! One of these days I'll visit the Universe and eradicate all the evil Sabers with Master X!「X師匠とマスターのおかげで、私も自分の宝具に自信が持てました。いつかきっとユニヴァースにお邪魔して、X師匠と一緒に悪のセイバーをやっつけたいと思います」
Something you LikeThings that I like? Well, I like village festivals and grooming horses. I know I have to forget about all that, but I doubt I ever will.「好きなもの……村の祭りや、馬の世話ですね。本当なら忘れなくてはいけないのですが、どうも一生忘れられそうになくて……」
Something you HateThings I hate? There isn't any...but there is something I'm bad at. I'm great at dancing with women but can't dance with men for the life of me...「嫌いなもの、はありませんが、苦手なものがひとつ。同性とのダンスは得意なのですが、殿方とのダンスは、どうも勝手が違って……」
About the Holy GrailA Holy Grail that grants wishes you say? Such a thing would certainly come in handy.「願いの叶う聖杯……ですか? 確かにそんなモノがあるのなら、便利ですね」