Artoria Pendragon



  • Class: Saber
  • True Name: Artoria Pendragon
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: Arthurian cycle
  • Origin: England
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 154 cm
  • Weight: 42 kg


  • Character Creator: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Designer: Takeuchi Takashi
  • Character Voice: Kawasumi Ayako
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/stay night, Fate/Zero, others


Noble PhantasmA++

Class skills:

Magic Resistance A:

No matter what kind of large spell, magecraft lower than A is nullified.

Riding B:

Talent for riding.

Can ride most vehicles with skill above average, things that didn’t exist in the age where she lived are not an exception. However, cannot ride Phantasmal Species.

Personal skills:

Charisma B:

Natural talent to command an army.

In military battles, improves the abilities of the own army.

Since Charisma is a rare talent, it can be said that B rank is enough to be the king of a country.

Mana Burst A:

By wrapping weapons, or the own body, with mana, and releasing it, allows to temporarily increase abilities.

In other words, it’s jet propulsion with mana. This Heroic Spirit applies it in sword fights for defense and movement, demonstrating high performance in every aspect.

Normal weapons without strong protection will not be able to endure her attacks covered with mana, and will be destroyed with one blow.

Instinct B:

Ability to always “feel” the most suitable course of action for oneself in battle.

A sharpened sixth sense that is already close to future sight. Halves interference blocking vision/hearing.

Noble Phantasm:

Excalibur: Sword of Promised Victory

  • Rank: A++
  • Type: Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~99
  • Maximum number of targets: 1000 people


A sword of light. It is not a man-made weapon, but a Divine Construct forged by the planet. Although managed by the hands of fairies, the mage Merlin entrusted it to king Arthur as an intermediary.

A Noble Phantasm that stands at the top in the category of holy swords.

A holy sword that, by summoning the owner’s mana as “light”, increases momentum by means of convergence/acceleration, and makes possible to exert magical power on the level of a Divine Spirit.

That huge magic power gives heat not only by the tip, and as a result is taken as a wave of light that scratches the ground. It could be also said to be a directional energy weapon.

It is said that this sword that was birthed (forged) in the inner sea of the planet, only exerts its true power only with the appearance of a foreign enemy that threatens the planet.



  • First person pronoun: 私 (watashi)
  • Second person pronoun: 貴方 (anata) / 貴様 (kisama) / 貴公 (kikō) / 〇〇 (without honorifics)
  • Third person pronoun: 奴 (yatsu) / 奴等 (yatsura) / 〇〇 (without honorifics)


As it can be guessed from her dignified appearance, she has a too serious personality that doesn’t play around.

Her outside appearance seems to be that of a girl in her mid-teens, but that’s because the development of her body stopped at the age of 15 when she pulled the Sword of Selection from the stone.

Fostered as the 「king of the next era」 since she was very young by Ector, who thoroughly drummed into her the path of chivalry since her childhood, she acquired an insight and a composure above her age.

Since she’s falsified her gender for a long time, her consciousness about being a woman is sparse.

Therefore, people surrounding her treating her as a woman is usually an inappropriate interaction, specially discourteous when coming from the opposite sex.

Though serious by nature, she was a girl brimming with curiosity before becoming the king of Britain. The her summoned as a Servant is from the time when she was severely ruling as the king of knights, but by being apart from her homeland even for a while and interacting with people from foreign lands, the apparition of a girly personality is increasing.

In the past, when summoned in the Fifth Holy Grail War of Fuyuki City, she liked the lion plushie she got from the youngster that was her Master, and it seems she carries it and sleeps with it in the futon.

Motivation/Attitude towards Master:

Properly speaking, she is a Heroic Spirit that appears not a Servant, but as a special guardian.

Although she faced a tragic end, she has no regrets about the honor of a king and of chivalry she believes in, and has a firm conviction.

When dealing with the Master who isn’t a subject, she leaves the position of the king and comes in contact as a good friend, or as a guide.

Trying to understand the personality or the position of her companion, she doesn’t hate giving advice or admonition based on her own values.

Occasionally, she shows a sweet attitude, perhaps rooted in that she was the younger sister of two siblings.

Dialogue examples:

『I ask you. Are you my Master?』

『If there is something to think about, the answer is one after being summoned as a Servant.

Enemies that compete with each other for victory. I’ll deal with them with my whole soul.』

『…… Well, we’re not in the middle of a battle now. Even I feel at ease when I can breathe.』

『Why did I dress as a man, you ask?

In my times, kingship was for men. To begin with, I couldn’t protect anything with the body of a girl!』

Historical image/depiction:

The legendary king of England, the person that is the king Arthur, who was called King of Knights. Pendragon is a title given to the royal family of Britain.

A woman in the world of 『Fate/stay night』, Arthur Pendragon, the girl declared the greatest king in the history of Britain, was called Artoria in her childhood.

She pulled the sword of royal selection from the stone, faked her gender, and ascended to the throne with the new name of Arthur. Under the guardianship of the mage Merlin, he continued fighting by leading the Knights of the Round Table in order to defeat the evil king Vortigern who usurped Uther’s throne, the Saxons who were drawn into Britain, and the Northern race of the Picts.

Reviving the devastated castle of chalk Camelot, she governed the island of Britain.

After searching for the Holy Grail for a certain reason, she finally won over the Roman emperor who invaded Gaul, Lucius Tiberius, but the Knight of the Round Table caused a rebellion, and she was misplaced at the Battle of the Hill of Camlann.

In the tombstone of king Arthur that once existed in Glastonbury, it was written 『the king of the past and the future』.

Role in the game:

Since Artoria Pendragon’s story is narrated in 『Fate/stay night』, she seems to have less opportunities to be active as a main (protagonist).

Same as the top Servant Scáthach, she has the position of watching over the future generations.

Rather, various classes derived from Artoria will become the main of FateGO.

In the prologue 『Flame Contaminated City Fuyuki』 and the fourth chapter 『Death World in the City of Demonic Mist, London』, Servants that are another aspects of her appear.

In her 『interlude story』, and in the novel 『Garden of Avalon』, part of the secrets of her birth are written, and her feelings towards her homeland can be heard.

Role in past works:

Her summoning as a Saber Servant in the 4th and 5th Holy Grail Wars at the city of Fuyuki is narrated in 『Fate/stay night』 and 『Fate/Zero』. In both works she’s the partner of the mage that is the protagonist, and those two appear with a different form in 『Fate/Grand Order』.


The golden king that appears with know-it-all airs wherever I go. I was cautious at first, but if this is an inseparable relationship, I’ll be more cautious now.

Connection with the Knights of the Round Table

Needn’t be said. I kind of dislike the don’t-know-if-awake-or-asleep Tristan.

Comment from illustrator:

While making the Servant pictures for 『FateGO』, what bothered me in special was the evolutionary design of the Spirit Origin.

Specially with an already existing character, adding extra elements to a familiar design without changing the silhouette, and putting three stages of change was very difficult.

With Artoria’s evolutionary design, I thought about various things like plainclothes or a dress, but in the end I settled with the simple royal road design. It’s not a change for the better, but I think that’s the role of Artoria in FateGO. (Takeuchi Takashi).

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