• Class: Caster
  • True Name: Asclepius
  • Sex: Male
  • Origin: Greek Mythology
  • Region: Greece
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Height: 170cm
  • Weight: 60kg


  • Scenario Writer: Minase Hazuki
  • Character Design: Teita
  • CV: Suzuki Ryouta


Magical PowerD
Noble PhantasmA+

Class Skills

Territory Creation: [A]

As a mage, he can create a “workshop”, a territory advantageous to him.
Because he possesses an A-rank skill, it is also possible for him to create a “temple” which surpasses a “workshop”.
Naturally, such a place is nothing but a consultation room, a treatment room, or an operating room for the sake of medical practice to him.

Item Construction: [EX]

Although he can only create items related to medicine, the items he creates are of extremely high quality. These items are, in most cases, more or less effective on his target injuries or diseases. However, the same cannot be guaranteed for everything else.

Divinity: [A]

He (grudgingly) possesses high divinity as a son of Apollo.

Personal Skills

God of Medicine: [EX]

A skill that proves his existence as the founder of the concept of “medical care”, which has been handed down until present times, and as the god of medicine.

In one myth version, the first to use herbs for treatment was Chiron, but the one who studied and developed that knowledge and the first to practice clinical medicine was Asclepius.

Son of Apollo: [A]

A skill that proves his lineage to the Greek god Apollo. Apollo is the god of many fields such as archery, performing arts, prophecies, and the sun. He is also the god of plagues as well as healing, a manifestation of duality.
Asclepius would very much want to forget about this skill. However, if there are patients he can only save through the power of this blood… It’s likely that, while clicking his tongue, he will not hesitate to make use of this power.

Serpent Bearer/Ophiuchus: [B]

He employs a serpent which is a symbol of immortality and also used in medical care.
In Ancient Greece, serpents were regarded as sacred messengers of the gods.
Asclepius, killed by a thunderbolt thrown by Zeus as punishment for resurrecting the dead, became the constellation Ophiuchus/Serpent Bearer after death—something he may or may not have wished for.
“The Rod of Asclepius” has a serpent wrapped around it and is still used as a symbol of medicine today.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Resurrection Fraught Hades (Emulated Medicine - The Grief of the Obsolete Underworld)

  • Rank: B
  • Classification: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: -
  • Maximum number of target: -

Resurrection Fraught Hades

The resurrection medicine Asclepius created to bring back the dead. Hades, the god of the Underworld, felt his territory was invaded when Asclepius resurrected the dead, so he turned to Zeus to punish him which brought about his end.

...However, this Noble Phantasm is not the “genuine” medicine and simply an imitation he created.

The resurrection medicine he once created and used was made from a unique raw material. Even as a Heroic Spirit, it is not a Noble Phantasm he can bring forth automatically. Thus, in regular Holy Grail Wars, he can only use this emulated medicine. Its effects are less pronounced, and several conditions must be met to be able to bring back the dead through this medicine, such as the post-mortem interval as well as the body’s condition. Having acquired modern medical knowledge, he self-deprecatingly compares this to “a slightly better AED”.

To add, this emulated medicine is quite valuable as is and its usage is limited.

Resurrection Fraught Hades (True Medicine - The Grief of the Obsolete Underworld)

  • Rank: EX
  • Classification: Anti-World Noble Phantasm
  • Range: -
  • Maximum number of targets: -

Resurrection Fraught Hades

His true Noble Phantasm which he generally does not use (cannot use).

The very resurrection medicine that once invaded Hades’ territory and angered Zeus, capable of fully resurrecting humans and demigods even from extreme conditions. It is said that he used this to resurrect Glaucus, son of King Minos, and Hippolytus, son of Theseus.

This medicine was created with Gorgon’s blood given to him by Athena (which was an offering from Perseus). Blood from Gorgon’s left side had the power to destroy men, while blood from her right side had the power to save men. In truth, simply taking blood from Gorgon was not enough for it to work, as resurrecting Hippolytus was said to have been possible “with Artemis’ power”. The resurrection medicine was first completed because the blood was incorporated with the power of a pure god (Athena and Artemis-class). Some minor factors might have played a role as well.

Simply put, creating the resurrection medicine was made possible not just through his medical skills alone, but also by several factors and coincidences. Asclepius himself has yet to fully master its creation.

It goes without saying that Asclepius wants to create the true resurrection medicine once more.
Can I create it through my own abilities alone? Is it impossible to achieve it through simpler means? How do I mass-produce it?— He is, as expected, only thinking about the advancement of medicine.



First person pronoun: boku
Second person pronoun: omae/kisama/first name basis
Third person pronoun: yatsu/aitsu/kare/kanojo/first name basis


A mad doctor who is only interested in advancing medicine. Conversely, he won’t give a damn about bothering others for the sake of his goal. (The reason for his goal is rooted in his love for humanity, his desire “to leave exceptional medicine for posterity” - something he himself has forgotten.)

He is typically a calm and quiet man. He won’t interact with others by choice except for medical reasons. Neither is he interested in others.

He considers himself an excellent doctor which is an absolute assessment rather than a relative assessment. He neither needlessly scorns nor looks down on others. But if the need arises, he would nonchalantly say, “I am far better than you. That’s a given.” And even if his words anger the other person, he would only add, “Why? It is a fact that I am better,” puzzled.

Although he is a quiet person, that doesn’t mean he has a lot of patience. He would suddenly snap when he’s furious. A mad doctor indeed.

Attitude Towards Master

My wish to the Grail is, of course, “to further advance medicine”.
For the time being, how about the mass-production of the true resurrection medicine?

I treat my Master as a patron.
Bring me patients with all sorts of medical cases. Let me do research and experiments as I please.
In exchange, I’ll be sure to treat them—something like that.

If he were to be summoned in a regular Holy Grail War by a Master skilled in combat, he would probably tell his Master, “Go, Master. I’ll treat you if you get injured,” and earnestly provide medical support. That said, there’s also a chance that he would frown and tell his Master, “Why did you come back unscathed? I need you to get pleasantly and unusually injured.” In short, he’s still the same old Asclepius who sailed as an Argo crew.

Dialogue Examples

“I am a doctor. Bring patients to me if there are any. The more severe the symptoms, the better… What? You're coming down with a cold? Go shove a leek into your ass and sleep.”

“Fuha, FUHAHAHA! God of the Underworld, behold! Your role here is over. Man has conquered death! [Emulated Medicine - The Grief of the Obsolete Underworld (Resurrection Fraught Hades)]!”

“Seeing their faces reminds me of that voyage. I was only aboard as the ship’s doctor, so it didn’t matter to me if it was a fun voyage or not... But well, there was never a dull moment.

“Foolish patient… Behave yourself!”

“Huh. You want to help me? How thoughtful of you. I’ll be the one to perform all the actual treatment of course, but… Let’s see. Learn how to ‘quickly knock unconscious a patient trying to escape’ and ‘safely and securely gag a patient without suffocating them’. What? That doesn’t sound like helping out with treatments at all? What are you talking about? That nurse performs those tasks perfectly, and I don’t even have to say a word to her.”

Historical Character and Figure

Asclepius was a Greek hero who studied medicine under Chiron and later on became known as the “god of medicine”. He was also a member of the Argonauts led by Jason.

His father is Apollo, one of the twelve Olympians. Apollo became romantically involved with a woman named Coronis and got her pregnant. However, after learning of her infidelity from a crow (which was said to be a lie in some versions), he killed Coronis and turned the crow’s white feathers black in a fit of rage.
Apollo regretted killing Coronis. When she was laid on her funeral pyre, he rescued the child (Asclepius) inside her belly and entrusted him to Chiron, the wise centaur, to raise him.

Asclepius studied medicine and hunting under Chiron and later began showing talent in medicine that surpassed Chiron. By creating a medicine with Gorgon’s blood given to him by Athena, he eventually succeeded in resurrecting the dead.

Unfortunately, this feat posed a problem. If men were to conquer death, the Underworld would lose its value. Sensing an impending crisis, Hades turned to Zeus (he could not harm him himself because Asclepius was a son of Apollo) and Zeus killed Asclepius with a bolt of lighting. In order to appease the enraged Apollo, Zeus deified Asclepius and turned him into the constellation Ophiuchus.

Character in FGO

A mad doctor who is only interested in the advancement of medicine.

His medicine encompasses all fields including clinical pharmacology, surgery, as well as medical magecraft, and is highly effective. However, his fundamental goal isn’t “to relieve people of their suffering” or “to be thanked for healing people” but “to advance his skill at medicine”, making him completely different from an ordinary “doctor”.

He would gladly treat novel illnesses that could potentially advance medicine, but would rather not spare a moment to examine mundane illnesses. He often performs unnecessarily experimental and dangerous treatments, the likes that would make another doctor’s blood run cold.

Because of his own genius abilities, his treatments still end up in success. Patients with no medical knowledge would simply exclaim, “I’m healed! This man really is an amazing doctor!” This is the reason behind his reputation.

His one and only goal is “to continue devoting himself to his medicine in order to advance it”. But there’s one thing he can never forgive: Zeus' cruel treatment of him. Even after manifesting as a Servant, he still bears anger and hatred due to the fact that he was killed by a god.

Why did I have to die?
All I wanted was to devote myself to medicine. I excelled in medicine, that’s all. Why did I have to be killed?
You turned me into a constellation and a god after my death. Do you think I’d forgive you because of that?

The flames of rage directed at that god’s selfish and unfair treatment will never die down.
Having been summoned by the King of the Indian Lostbelt who aimed to reach “a perfect utopia” by eliminating all impurities and embedded a divinity he stole in Asclepius, his rage intensified and went berserk.

Rejecting those who excel for their superiority must not be allowed.
Between things superior and things inferior, those superior ought to remain.
That is the inherent and proper nature of the world—

Adhering to the extreme tenet of this Lostbelt, he began to act as a Servant of the King—a Lōkapāla.

If you ask him, “Why are you so intent on advancing medicine?” his first reaction would be puzzlement.

He himself probably hasn’t realized that the answer is right there. It might have been an initial impulse to him, but he himself has forgotten about it. The reason is so natural to him that he himself has forgotten about it. That’s why he will never say it.

The answer is clear and simple: “I aimed to advance medicine for the future. In other words, for posterity.” His love for humanity.

If you have stayed by his side and spent time with him, the answer might come to you naturally. At the very least, the heroes who sailed with him in the Argo had more or less realized it. Telling him would put him in a sour mood, though. It will bring out his orneriness, and there’s a possibility that he would head in the wrong direction so they made sure not to tell him.

Going deeper, the reason for that initial impulse might be a personal one.
By advancing medicine even further and successfully conquering death, no one will have to meet a pitiful end due to the gods’ foolishness just like my mother...
In other words, his reason might be “(indirect) salvation for the mother I never met, whose death at the hands of the gods left me bereaved”.

Standard Weapons

Rod of Asclepius



The thing on top of Paris’ head


Some of her words and actions do not quite make sense to me, but we are aiming for the same goal… That's the impression I get. Probably.

Her skills as an assistant are impeccable.


I can tell that he is hesitant about something, but his skills as an assistant are impeccable.


A man knowledgeable about drugs. I want him to be my source of (what I consider) new pharmaceutical knowledge, but for some reason, that self-proclaimed Galaxy Police keeps shouting, “I smell crime!” and interrupting us even though we’re just talking.


Familiar faces. I wish they would present all sorts of medical cases to me just like they did in that voyage.


She doesn’t want to get too deeply involved, yet she can’t seem to completely cut all ties. A goddess who doesn’t know how to keep her distance. I might as well make use of her. She is my **** after all.

Hm…? I sense a goddess using her powers for jamming. I’d rather you help me recreate the resurrection medicine if you’re just going to waste your powers on something so foolish.


A hero who is like a relative, the lover of my ****.
After he died due to that horrible, poor excuse of a god’s scheme, I may have accepted a request and tried to resurrect him.
This man won’t die except under rare circumstances. His robust health reminds me of Heracles, so he’s secretly second in my “Patients I Can Expect to Get Unbelievably and Unusually Injured One Day Ranking”.

Okita Souji

She coughs up blood at every opportunity and is practically at death’s door, yet she won’t die… I sense a pleasant, rare disease. Let me examine you.

Trojan War Heroes

My children (fought) in the Trojan War? Hmm…


Unfortunately, I cannot heal your body. That’s because it’s not an illness, but you yourself. Your expression tells me you understand that. Not a case for a doctor, it seems.

Underworld-Related Servants

Are you trying to protect death like Hades? How foolish.


One of my very few successful cases. About your mother, you… no, nevermind.

Nikola Tesla

Kukuku! How gratifying, how marvelous! You’ve depreciated god’s lightning and claimed it for humans to use! Well done!

...That’s right. This means that one day, “death” will also certainly be—

Comment from the Illustrator

“A gloomy introvert who, at a closer glance, is actually a beauty but doesn’t give off that vibe.” “A mad doctor.” With these orders, I drew his First Ascension design. I incorporated many elements of his anecdotes into it.

In my first draft, I modified his 1st Ascension costume to be more combative for his 2nd Ascension, and designed his 3rd Ascension with the theme “god of medicine” and the same color scheme as his current design. But Takeuchi-san suggested an operating gown for his 2nd Ascension and to also give him longer sleeves for his 3rd Ascension since his pampered sleeves/amaenbo-sode is his charm point, so that’s how his current designs were finalized.

For someone who seeks the advancement of medicine, I think his 2nd Ascension is perfect for him. Above all, it warms my heart to find out that his long sleeves are actually called “pampered sleeves/amaenbo-sode” (lol). (Teita)

Material Images

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