• Class: Berserker
  • True Name: Asterios
  • Sex: Male
  • Source: Greek Mythology
  • Region: Greece
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 298cm
  • Weight: 150kg


  • Character Creator: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Character Designer: Shima Drill
  • Character Voice: Toriumi Kousuke
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerD
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Madness Enhancement: [B]

One rank up for all Parameters, but snatches away most of one’s reason.

Personal Skills

Monstrous Strength: [A]

A Skill that temporarily amplifies one’s strength. An offensive special characteristic possessed only by monsters and Mystical Beasts. Increases one’s Strength Parameter by one rank upon usage. The duration for this increase depends on the rank of “Monstrous Strength”.

Natural Monster: [A++]

A Skill endowed not to a hero or a god who degenerated into a Mystical Beast, but to those who were given birth to as a monster.

Asterios has attained a rank of Strength and Constitution that is absolutely impossible for a human body.

Labrys of the Abyss: [C]

The pair of gigantic axes that are in Asterios’ possession. It is the symbol of the Labyrinth as well as the root of the word ‘labyrinth’. It was originally a double-bladed axe, but Asterios rearranged it into a pair of axes.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Khaos Labyrinthos: The Eternally Unchanging Labyrinth

  • Rank: EX
  • Classification: Labyrinth Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 0
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 14 people

Khaos Labyrinthos (Chaos Labyrinth). The materialization of the Labyrinth where Asterios was confined in. A Great Magecraft exceedingly similar to a Reality Marble, it was created in the Underside of the World. Asterios merely has to reminiscence “the place he once lived in”, and once it manifests after, it takes form with a difficulty level that complies with the popularity of the concept called “The Labyrinth”.

After it manifests, it will not disappear unless either Asterios is defeated or Asterios has annihilated his opponents. Even once it disappears, it is possible to rebuild it again when some time passes. However, in doing so, if it is not a labyrinth different from the previous installment, one can probably just downright walk out of it there and then. Because once a labyrinth is solved, it is no longer something where one can lose their way from.



  • First Person Pronoun: boku
  • Second Person Pronoun: omae
  • Third Person Pronoun: aitsu


Due to his blood as a human being faintly remaining in him, a conversation is possible with Asterios, but there is only a small chance for that to happen. Although his intelligence is like a child’s, he is extremely wise. He further understands ethics, common sense and the like as a human being, and for that reason, he constantly lives while bearing feelings of guilt towards his very existence for living on.

Attitude Towards Master

Fundamentally obedient, Asterios does not interfere with his Master, nor does he choose to ignore them. As long as his Master treats him as ’Asterios’ as much as possible, Asterios is in a good mood.

Asterios usually loiters around Chaldea, having a good time with Euryale.

Dialogue Examples

“Get lost, wander, and then, die!”

“Yeah… I don’t dislike, being gentle. This place, is warm, isn’t it?”

“I’ll eat you…”

Historical Character and Figure

A monster that had been born with the head of a bull on the body of a man, during the time when a bull and Pasiphaë – the wife of Minos, of whom he is the King who ruled over the island of Crete – bore a child.

Minos was exchanging promises with the Sea God Poseidon to sacrifice a bull presented from the latter, but in some year, while he still has the valuable Bull of the Gods for instance that should have been sacrificed originally, Minos had sacrificed a different bull instead. Poseidon, who had his promise trampled underneath Minos’ foot, placed a curse on Pasiphaë, the wife of the King, having induced her so that she will bear a sexual desire towards bulls. And like that, so was born Asterios, his name meaning “The One Who Rules the Stars”, but because he possesses the body of a man with the head of a bull, he was given the name “Minotauros”, which means ‘The Bull of King Minos’. Minos was at a complete loss because of the Queen’s scandal, so he ordered the famous artisan Daedalus to construct “a place where one can never get out from”————namely, the Labyrinth.

Because of the King’s command, it became a usual custom to offer seven boys and girls each as a sacrifice to Asterios. Understandably, he cannot offer the people of his own country, so King Minos demanded from Athens, the state that he invaded, to offer sacrifices for his compensation.

On the occasion of the sacrificial group being elected the third time around, Theseus, the Hero of Athens, came forward personally for the sake of defeating Asterios. Ariadne, King Minos’ daughter, fell in love with the handsome Theseus at first sight. Theseus, with Ariadne’s cooperation in securing an escape route from the impossible-to-escape Labyrinth, succeeded in realizing Asterios’ defeat.

————What a wonderful heroic tale.

It was neither his mother’s responsibility nor his own responsibility that Asterios was a monster. Whereas it was said to be his father’s responsibility, for he valued the bull that should have been sacrificed to the gods. Nevertheless, the boy had never blamed his father, not even with just a single word.

It is not because Asterios loves his father. But if there is such a strong emotion out there, it can surpass the resentment sealed within himself. His father paid tribute to him with the most important name of all, and he was saved. Someday, with the salvation of being slain by a Hero————he can be proud, of the name Lightning (Asterios). To a monster like himself, this beautiful name is, to a degree, more than what he deserves. At only just that time, he could not be even capable of hating his father.

“I wanted to save you.”

Theseus, who noticed that Asterios was only a boy, threw these words with his heartfelt thoughts put into it.

Theseus’ prayer is over there, in the distant future. It will be fulfilled, in the endless Okeanos Sea. For Theseus, that trip by boat, and the chats with his fellow comrades about this tale, were cherished memories where just about everything around him was shining, just like how a gemstone would sparkle.

————If it is for that, one should not even hesitate in any extent to risk their life.

Standard Weapons

The Labrys… A very gigantic axe that can turn into a “double-edged blade” by installing one hatchet used for ritualistic ceremonies to another back-to-back. Asterios has separated it into two for his utilization.


A goddess who is a godsend of radiance, communicated her affections, and engraved an unforgettable memory to Asterios. If Euryale smiles and appears to be having fun, Asterios will somehow be having fun too.


A young man who became a Hero and defeated Asterios. On the verge of his death, Asterios talked together with Theseus of the blessings and curses they received reciprocally.

Comment from the Illustrator

At first, the assignment came to be a monster with a bull’s head, but while I was going to suggest something, I then had a chat where they want me to differentiate Asterios from the enemies, so it resulted in the design of a bull mask similar to how it is now in its portrayal. The moment the direction became certain, I received a great response, “This young beast-man, is… it!!!”, from Mr. Takeuchi approximately at the time when a rough sketch of his current state was revealed. Within the game, his hair tied to his battle sprite fluttering around like a tail is a favourite of mine. (Shima Drill)

Material Images