Atalanta (Alter)



  • Class: Berserker
  • True Name: Atalanta
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: Greek mythology
  • Region: Greece
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 166cm
  • Weight: 57kg


  • Scenario Writer: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Character Design: Konoe Ototsugu
  • CV: Hayami Saori
  • Main Appearances in Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmB+

Class Skills

Beast Enhancement: [B]

All parameters are raised by two ranks.
Despite granting strength equivalent to an A-ranked Madness Enhancement, the skill's user can remain calm, without losing their reason.

Independent Action: [A]

One can keep acting even in the absence of a Master.
However, for the vast amounts of mana necessary for something like the utilization of one's Noble Phantasm, the back up of a Master is necessary.

Personal Skills

Self Evolution: [EX]

A skill for improving oneself that surpasses Self Modification.
Continuously evolving in order to overcome anything that would hinder the accomplishment of one's goals.
However, it has the demerit of having a reduced general applicability compared to Self Modification due to being overly specialized for one's objective at hand.

Crossing Arcadia: [A]

One can jump over any obstacles on the field, including enemies.

Wild Beast's Logic: [B]

A combat-focused thought process resulting from transforming into a beast.
It can't be used for finding weak points, but the speed of mental processes executed for the sake of swiftly murdering the enemy is accelerated.
By combining this with the Self Evolution skill, the speed at which enemies are defeated increases even further.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Tauropolos Eklipsi: The Archery That Eclipses The Darkened Heavens[1]

  • Rank: A
  • Classification: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~99
  • Maximum number of targets: 1

ταυροπολος έκλειψη.
Atalanta pours all of her mana into the Tauropolos she normally uses and releases a single shot.
Rather than an arrow, it would be more apt to call it an enormous missile.
The devoured opponent is absorbed by a viscous "darkness" and assimilated.
To resist this, an extremely powerful Magic Resistance skill is necessary.



First person pronoun: watashi (私)
Second person pronoun: nanji (汝)
Third person pronoun: are (あれ)/sore (それ)


Atalanta was summoned with her second Noble Phantasm, the Wild Boar of Divine Punishment (Agrius Metamorphosis) in use.

Despite taking the form of a Demonic Beast with the Pelt of the Calydonian Boar and having her stats raised to the equivalent of one with A-ranked Mad Enhancement, she's a rare existence that can keep a cool head.
Instead of being a transformation through giving in to her rage, she's been summoned in a state where she has already become a beast. As a result, its rank is lowered compared to when it is used as a Noble Phantasm.
If an optimal way of bringing down her opponent can be realized, depending on the circumstances, even retreat would be considered acceptable.
However, once the other party has been deemed as an enemy, it is fundamentally impossible for them to persuade her.

Attitude Towards Master

She is like a tiger.
In other words, no matter how attached it got to them, a beast will remain a beast, and even if they are the parents that raised it, it will bite them in an impulsive moment.
On the flip side, even if she is a beast, she'll get all cuddly when she gets attached to them.
She'll even purr and wag her tail.

Dialogue Examples

"I'm not wrong! I'm not mistaken! Aa...Aaaaaaah! Tauropolos, goo!!"

"...It's peaceful, isn't it... So this is the true land of the end... I'm, a bit sleepy...Stay quiet...Aah...So there is light, even at the farthest ends..."

"I, as a hero────No matter what, I can't forsake them."

Character in FGO

In Fate/Apocrypha, when she found herself in an inevitable confrontation with Ruler, Jeanne D'Arc, by employing her second Noble Phantasm, Atalanta went through a transformation.
That form is what served as a foundation for the summoning of this different aspect of Atalanta.

To her, who strives for a world where all children are loved, the fact that a Saint of all people sacrificed an innocent child was unbearably agonizing, and reason enough for vengeance.

Logical persuasions are completely ineffective on her in this state.
As a beast, her logic is based on the "defeat of the opponent" and she devotes her all towards that goal.

As compensation for her heightened ferocity, she has to put up with constant sharp headaches.
Due to this, she does not get attached to others that easily. However, on the other hand, because the original Atalanta's nature remains, she by no means will ever act aggressive towards the Master and will go out of her way to look after children.

The outfit covering her body is the "Wild Boar of Divine Punishment" and if it was to be peeled off, she'd return to being an Archer.

Standard Weapons

The Bow of the Darkened Heavens, Tauropolos.
The arrows are created out of mana.

Jeanne d'Arc

There is still lingering resentment, but she tries her best to appear unperturbed.
Be that as it may, her tails are raised and bristling, perhaps from her wariness.

Jack the Ripper

Please, grant that child salvation.
She keeps on wishing for such a thing, even though she understands that she does not have the right to do so.

Children Servants other than Jack

Constantly worrying about how to make them like her with a difficult look on her face.
(Said expression is probably not helping)
"I should make that guy on my shoulder fancily...!" is the flash of inspiration she receives, but that's highly unlikely to succeed.


She is grateful to him for stopping her past self.
However, the fact that he calls both her and her Archer version 'big sis' gives her slightly conflicting feelings.

Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)

A-a different aspect of that saint woman? And what's more, she's in all black?
And also, why does it feel like we would get along well and both be bad at games...why...just why is that!?

Comment from the Illustrator

"Let's make the first or last a cute and cool dress!" is what I decided on and this is how it turned out. The ferocity of tearing her chains apart as she dashes out was also incorporated into the design. ...In other words, just where was she kept? Having her tail increase in numbers as she grows strong is quite the bargain. And then, it might become a weak point which, when grasped, would make her unable to muster any strength. It is presumed that she got the power of the beast under control in her third stage and clad herself in armor with it. (Konoe Ototsugu)

TL notes

[1] Tauropolos is the name of Atalanta's bow, the Bow of Heaven, which comes from one of Artemis' epithets. Said epithet is interpreted to mean "worshipped at Tauris", "pulled by a yoke of bulls", or "hunting bull goddess". There was also a festival of Artemis in Athens known as Tauropolia. Eklipsi (έκλειψη) is Greek for eclipse.

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