BB (Moon Cancer)



  • Class: Moon Cancer
  • True Name: BB
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: Fate/Extra CCC
  • Region: Moon Cell, SE.RA.PH
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Changed from Chaotic Good)
  • Height: 156 cm~??
  • Weight: 46kg~??


  • Scenario Writer: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Design: Wada Arco
  • CV: Shitaya Noriko


Magical PowerA++
Noble PhantasmEX

Class Skills

Item Construction: [-]

She possesses an A-ranked Item Construction skill, but because of Skill Tree: Evil God Emulation, the skill itself has been frozen.

Territory Creation: [A]

This skill does not seem to be blocked/frozen, but its orientation is different from that of the usual BB.
A repulsive Territory Creation skill that erodes into reality, cuts it out, and preserves it for eternity as a "different world".

Magic Resistance: [-]

She possesses a B-ranked Magic Resistance skill, but because of Skill Tree: Evil God Emulation, the skill itself has been frozen.

Existence Outside the Domain: [B]

Observers from outer space and the abyss.
One of these beings' and BB's "eyes just happened to meet" and from such a form of contact this pseudo skill was born.

Divine Core of the Goddess: [A]

The transferred divinity of Hawaii's goddess of volcanoes, Pele.
Although limited to the Hawaiian Islands, Pele is a powerful goddess so the skill's rank is high.

The One Who Devours The Land: [EX]

Pele's epithet. As a personification of volcanoes and magma, Pele was a goddess who ruled over flames and the earth.
Referred to as Pele-ai-honua (one who devours the land). Being a skill that grants a permanent burn immunity, it's simple and handy.

Personal Skills

Self Modification: [EX]

A skill possessed by the regular BB. The skill to remodel oneself.
The AI created by the Moon Cell has been provided with the absolute command to "never upgrade their functionality". However, BB who escaped from this restraint as a result of a bug has begun to expand her own abilities.
To enhance her computational ability, NPCs, AIs, and even Servants were preyed upon and disassembled with her Black Noise, and utilized as her own memory. Although it was a retrofit where it wouldn't be surprising even if she broke down, in the end, BB transformed into a superior AI with a huge capacity.
At first glance, she seems like an ordinary perfect beautiful girl (her own words), but inside her, an absurd amount of functional devices and facilities have been compressed.
In "Fate/Extra CCC", as even A-class Wizards such as Tohsaka Rin and Rani VIII have called her a 'monster of giga structure', in the cyber world, she possesses the same volume of information as a single world.
Originally, in the material world that special characteristic wouldn't be, it wouldn't manifest, but because she possesses the trait of 'eroding reality' due to the Evil God Emulation when being observed by "those who can see", her original information processing ability...her original form compressed into the space of imaginary numbers...can be glimpsed.
This is the reason why only Swimsuit BB has the "super giant trait" and regular BB doesn't.

Grail of The Golden Pig: [A]

Aurea Porc Porcua.
They say that even though the goddess Pele abused the hog demi-god, Kamapua'a, she deeply loved him. This has an outstanding affinity with BB who gives her loved one the piglet treatment.
The Hawaiian version of the golden grail that BB pilfered.
The difference between it and the usual one is that this is something to be used on oneself. By swallowing this, BB-chan's S switch was turned on.
A superior skill that lives up to the Holy Grail name with its NP charge, HP recovery, invincibility and Noble Phantasm damage increase. What the heck, this is awesome. However, its recharge time is immense as well.

Faceless Moon: [EX]

The lingering scent of the god who drives humans to their ruin in order to test them. Also called the Third Eye.
A Reality Marble that turns the boundary aspect of the space of imaginary numbers more definite, casting the surroundings into the "Far Side of the Moon (Shadow Phase)". When the world is covered in the Moon's shadow, time in its entirety is frozen.
It is not only the authority to stop time for 3 turns where the same cards will be dealt, but also grants one the luck (critical stars) to fight selfishly, as one pleases.

Noble Phantasm(s)


  • Rank: EX
  • Classification: Anti-World Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 9~999

The hole of curses boring into the world, utilized by BB who has synchronized with the Moon Cell in "Fate/Extra CCC".
A space of insanity that transforms the surroundings into the space of imaginary numbers by enlarging its own shadow, lowering the rank of the world and the lifeforms existing in it to those of low-dimensional beings, and then treating them as toys as if it was their ruler.
The Noble Phantasm of the regular BB was surgery performed in a "cute, fun and cruel nurse outfit" that causes the enemy to degrade, however, this is a serious operation where BB's ability is utilized in its full glory.
The attack of a last boss who, as the progenitor of horror-type heroines, uses "large-scale, terrifying and seriously awful" as her motto.
BB, who's turned into a giant entity from a higher dimension, gouges out the land without breaking a sweat. Like how one would scoop out pudding with a spoon.



First person pronoun: watashi (わたし)/BB-chan

Second person pronoun: anata (貴方)/○○-san (In the protagonist's case:) Master-san/anata (アナタ)/Buta-san (Mr Pig)
In her third ascension, apart from intentionally malicious lines, she won’t call the protagonist "Senpai", and will use "Master-san" in general. For humans, she’ll attach a 'san' to their family name, while she’ll address Servants without honorifics.

Third person pronoun: kare (彼)/kanojo (彼女)/mina-san (皆さん)


The kouhai-type devil heroine who gallantly appeared on the Far Side of the Moon.
She manipulates her Senpai (Master) as a cheerful and precocious kouhai.
Although she claims to be a great devil and not a minor one, she isn't fully devoted to her devil act due to having a sweet side to her as a result of originally being a kind girl...however, Summer BB is somewhat different.

While first ascension BB is the usual BB,

Upon becoming tan BB (that has Pele installed) in her second ascension, her devilishness skyrockets.
Having installed the divinity of the goddess Pele who is "violent, selfish and usually kills those who get involved with her" in Hawaii, she has become a "super sadistic goddess who keeps driving her beloved into a corner until they die".
A BB who is going full throttle with the villainous acts, so to speak.
Similar to Dark Sakura who appears in the original work, "Fate/stay night". (Although, since this is BB, she is not that glum. While delivering condescending lines, she'll relentlessly bully her prey)

Furthermore, in her third ascension, she emulates an evil god, and, like the Foreigners, her outward appearance transforms to that of an evil god. In addition to that devil-like form, her nature becomes inhuman what was expected, but when it comes to her fundamental policy, it is the usual BB. (Her degree of seriousness as a Boss rose)
If, struck speechless, the Master were to go "H-how come?", she’d reply with "No matter what, even if I am to be possessed by an evil god, I won't change! This desire to tease seething inside my chest and this craving to turn all of humanity into my toys; they are like the sense of security one feels at home!"

Attitude Towards Master

In the regular BB's case: "She will faithfully serve without breaking her wicked kouhai character. There won’t be any personal feelings of love. BB loves 'good mankind itself' after all", but in Summer BB's case "As a wicked kouhai character, she has no intention of serving as a Servant. After all, what she likes is the kouhai character trope. (She defines herself as a "kouhai", but she calls the protagonist 'Senpai' less than regular BB) The reason she is by the protagonist's side is due to taking a liking to her new toy. (She can not help but want to break them)"
BB dislikes everything "other than a senpai" so she dislikes humanity too, but in her case 'dislike' and 'love' are compatible so it's not a contradiction. That part of her is a pain in the ass.

Dialogue Examples

"I'll lead you by the nose♡"

"Are you still carefreely thinking about such common sense (thing)?
There is no need for such a tedious procedure. Why, you ask... From now on, those who come to this island will not be denied, but those who leave will be never let go...
This place turning into such a free island of heaven and hell is the reason, Se・n・pa・i ♡"

"Here, any form of entertainment is exactly as you hoped it would be. Picturesque sceneries, despair, hedonism, joy, stupor, and nightmares; just the way you like them.
Everyone, welcome to the Luluhawa Singularity. I welcome you as the ruler of this island."

"You are pitiful insects who will be defeated by me here and return to the first day.
This time, let's reset your memories of the loop as well.
There is no future for humanity anyway. In that case, if I were to freeze this Summer in time for eternity, everyone would be happy, no?"

"Nonetheless, a promise is a promise. The Luluhawa Singularity will vanish with this.
The Hawaiian Islands should return to their former beautiful form.
Good work, Chaldea's Master-san. I have nothing else in store. The adventure of 2018's Summer ends here. I would be happy to know that you managed to enjoy yourself."

Setting (Official)

The unidentifiable cyber devil who appeared before us once again to turn the Summer of 2018 into something wonderful.
To rescue Chaldea from various peculiar precedents, she shipped a large number of mysterious slot machines and provided troublesome Alter Egos.
Surely omnipotent, lovely, and a kouhai.
Her identity is that of an ordinary, earnestly cute "sweet evil" who changed into a swimsuit to enjoy Hawaii to its fullest; she's none other than your BB-chan!
(Evil is not a misprint. The regular BB is a devil while this one is evil.)

To enjoy Hawaii to its fullest, she remodeled herself into a High Servant and entered the extremely fierce "swimsuit market" (crimson ocean). Ranging from an innocent swimsuit to a provocative one, she's showing off the power of a heroine who can change into a wide variety of clothes.

"The goddess of everlasting summer, scorching heat, and romantic starry skies has been born here♡
I'll give you an unforgettable resort as a present so keep me company properly, cute Master-san☆"

Setting (Truth)

Appeared at 2018's Summer Event.
The organizer of the great Summer event "Summer Servant Festival" held in Hawaii.
This time, she took the goddess of Hawaii, Pele, and incorporated the state of being of an evil god from outer space into herself.
It was a setting where she should have become a Foreigner-class, but, going "That has nothing to do with BB-chan~!" she easily canceled the Foreigner's control and made her appearance as a SSR Moon Cancer.

Her plan to turn the Hawaiian Islands into an event site for the Master of Chaldea stemmed from good intentions without a doubt.
She negotiated with Pele who fell into a slumber due to her fading Mystery and copied the goddess' divinity to turn Hawaii into a festival site for the Servants. (At this point in time, she was damaged from the overload, but since it was the same as usual to BB, she did not view it as a problem.)
However. Afterwards, she carelessly added her abilities to Chaldea's latest telescope located at Mauna Kea Observatories to stargaze and her line of sight met with that of 'something peeking at this universe'.
That thing accessed BB's perception and started a cognition exchange with her.
As a result, BB became a Foreigner and even her outward appearance became that of an evil god just like the other Foreigners.
In addition to that devil-like form, her nature became inhuman what was to be expected, but it remained the same as the usual BB's.
More like, other than her appearance and the abilities she gained, BB did not change much.
After finding a kindred spirit in BB, the evil god figured there was nothing he needed to do as long as she was around, left BB with the words "I leave bullying the humanity there to you" [1] and disappeared.
As a result, she planned a festival to save the Master from the "despair that awaits them in the future" by locking up the Hawaiian Islands in a 'cage of time' with the power of the evil god, and materializing a never-ending resort.
How that ended does not need to be said.
In conclusion, no matter where she is, BB-chan will be BB-chan. Chanchan.

Still, did she really synchronize with an evil god, I wonder?
Maybe it was all just BB getting the wrong impression, a sort of placebo effect.

"Something watching this place from deep space.
The evil god that could be called a trickster that doesn't exist on Earth, that does not originally belong to this universe, one who entices and toys with all kinds of sentient lifeforms and drives them to self-destruction."
Setting aside what kind of being that is and whether it exists, BB observed its gaze as something real and incorporated it into her self-developing program.
Evil God Emulation...the skill trees she originally accumulated as a 'universal last boss-type kouhai' have been invested into the 'evil god last boss-type kouhai' from 1 to 999. As a result, her nature became different from that of the regular BB (the scale of humanity's health care has gone even more out of control), and even her function is different (time manipulation system).

Standard Weapons

Unlike the other swimsuit characters, she does not use Summer-feely weapons.
In the first two ascensions, she mainly uses a "comical cute hand-to-hand fighting style" and her showy moves include things like dunking with a ball of magma and summoning a volcano geyser with a snap of her fingers.
In her third ascension, with her devil wings spread out, she mainly engages in aerial battles, and by freely transforming her tentacles, she becomes a cruel fighter who thoroughly mangles her opponent with swords, sickles, claws, and tentacles.
"Oh no~, BB-chan is so cruel~!", acting like a cute child in such a manner, she tears her opponents to pieces. What a little devil.

Mysterious Heroine XX

I don't want to think about the Servant Universe, but when it comes to its theme alone, then it's a different matter! Mm~~, I want to try wearing a spacesuit too~!


It’s a space trope on the serious side. With a foot already in this category, I'm in no position to deny that. Yes. When humanity's in a pinch, you use what you can!


A pseudonym, so there was a move like that too! As expected of Mel-, no, the Mysterious Alter Ego Lambda. To be capable of such light footwork while remaining classy, BB-chan will follow your example!
But, are you fine with this? The mermaid motif is proof that at your roots, Melt-chan and that woman you hate the most are exactly the same, you know?


───── (Lost for words).

Comment from the Illustrator

Daytime BB, night BB and Nyarly BB all differ somewhat, but she has the image of a bad girl. I wanted to attach plenty of the stars floating on the night sky to the headdress she has in her second ascension♡ Since the stars were arranged with a sparkly☆feel, I kept insisting for her to be a 5 star which I found tons of fun.

TL Notes

[1] The "you" is in English in the original text.
[2] Some obscure folk tale character who ate the mermaid meat his Dad brought home from god knows where and gained eternal youth. Her husband and the people she knew died so she became a nun and started wandering the world then killed herself or something at the age of 800 hence her name.

Material Images

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