Bartholomew Roberts



  • Class: Rider
  • True Name: Bartholomew
  • Sex: Male
  • Origin: History
  • Region: Caribbean Sea
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 188cm
  • Weight: 79kg


  • Writer: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Artist: Mata
  • Voice Actor: Kobayashi Chiaki
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerD
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Riding: [D]

Riding skill. Capable of riding most vehicles like most people.

Magic Resistance: [E]
Protection against magecraft. Although incapable of nullifying magecraft, it allows him to reduce damage taken to a degree.

Personal Skills

Voyager of the Storm: [A+]

The talent to helm anything that is recognized as a ship. The ability to lead a group is also necessary, making this a special skill that combines the effects of Tactics and Charisma.

Bartholomew led the world’s largest group of pirates and furthermore imposed an absolute pirate code on them.

Pirate Gentleman: [A]

A special skill stemming from the peculiar values of a pirate. This skill is a combination of low-rank Mental Corruption, Valor, and Battle Continuation.

Although he was unpredictably violent with his crew, he also possessed the valor to charge towards a rain of bullets.

He was reluctant to become a pirate at first, hence the low rank.

Gale Plunder: [A]

A skill that indicates how much one excels in piracy.

As the captain of the world’s largest group of pirates, Bartholomew was rather adept at plundering.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Black Dirty Barti Howling (Howl of the Noble Pirate Bart)

  • Rank: C+~B+
  • Classification: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~20
  • Maximum number of targets: 15 ships in the direction of firing

Black Dirty Barti Howling:

The simultaneous firing of pirate ships. Away from the yoke of the seas, Bartholomew simultaneously opens fire from all directions.

However, a strategy must be properly formed beforehand in order to increase its maximum power. Moreover, if the target is a famed captain or strategist, they can see through his schemes at once.



First person pronoun: watashi
Second person pronoun: omae/kimi/kikou/shokun (ladies and gentlemen)
Third person pronoun: kare/kanojo


A stylish, dashing dandy. His love runs deep for the mekakure[1] type (regardless of their gender) but isn’t vocal about his feelings.

“I am not vocal about it, but Mash is cute. You sure are Mash. Oh Fran-chan. You are lovely, Fran-chan. And you, Fuuma Koutarou-kun, I could totally go for you.”

Save his obsessive affection towards the mekakure type, Bartholomew is generally well-mannered and at the same time can commit wicked deeds without batting an eye. He is a great pirate who possesses both cruelty and sincerity.

His episodes of violence are not sporadic like Black Beard’s, but he is quick to deal with those he has chosen to abandon.

Attitude Towards Master

He interacts with his Master elegantly like the dandy he is. However, he starts speaking too fast when it comes to the mekakure type.

He is blessed with good judgment and decisiveness, but he is generally willing and makes it a point to abide by his Master’s commands.

That said, when he betrays you, he does so without so much as a by-your-leave—which lives up to his reputation(?) as a pirate.

Dialogue Examples

“Leveling up feels like there’s some heat building up in my lower abdomen… I could get hooked to this.”

“Your usual crudeness makes me envious, Black Beard. I truly envy your simplicity—to the point where I’m starting to think this might be friendship.”

“Now, I have accomplished what I could never have done in my lifetime. Indeed… I have, without a doubt, delivered hope!”

Historical Character and Figure

Bartholomew Roberts was a great pirate who led what was considered history’s largest group of pirates.

That being said, piracy as a career was something he didn’t wish for in the first place, making his origins as a pirate very unique. Bartholomew was a lowly second mate on the slave ship Princess, but their ship was captured by a pirate ship one day, leaving him with no choice but to reluctantly join the pirate business in order to stay alive. As it happens, Bartholomew had remarkable aptitude as a pirate, and with the death of their captain, his crewmates convinced him to take post.

Perhaps fed up with how very hopeless pirates are after several acts of piracy, he worked out a stringent pirate code. It was obviously unlikely that all his crew complied, but nevertheless Bartholomew’s pirate code was enforced on the crew of his large fleet.

While other pirates had been disappearing one after another through the increasing efforts of crackdown of the armies of various countries, Bartholomew remained standing as the last and greatest pirate of all.

However, like all other famed pirates, he would also suffer the same tragic fate. Bartholomew engaged in battle with the army ship that had located them while reprimanding his drunk, unconscious crew at the same time. But as ill luck would have it, his throat was torn out by a grapeshot, and he died instantly.

Perhaps shocked by the death of this man of overwhelming charisma, his crew apparently surrendered without much resistance.

Character in FGO

For some reason, it seems that all pirates are into some sort of type, and in Bartholomew’s case it’s the mekakure type (regardless of their gender). But because he claims to be a dandy, he would never make a move that will blatantly expose his fetish. Was he always into the mekakure type, or did he develop this fetish after death? Bartholomew doesn’t remember either.

In Atlantis

Bartholomew was originally one of the Servants summoned ahead of time in Atlantis. Instead of joining the main force, he operated as a separate squad and was in charge of disrupting the Atlantis army, overseeing covert maneuvering, as well as acting as decoy.

Even after the main force was annihilated, Bartholomew integrated into Atlantis as a transporter (it helped that the people of Atlantis had become less vigilant after many years of peace in the islands), waiting for the day when reinforcements would be sent.

In the end, he fulfilled the dream he could never have achieved in his lifetime due to his position as a pirate. His dream of delivering hope came true.

Standard Weapons

Cutlass and flintlock

Black Beard

I don’t want anything to do with you. Just do me a favor and die.
Through your death, I will grow as a human being.


She’s a fine pirate, so I want to follow her example.
I’m not interested in her as a woman.
But the Drake I met in Atlantis is another story.
Quality mekakure.

Anne Bonny

I’m not interested in her. Not in the slightest.

Mary Read

A bit of a shame… Could you perhaps try growing your bangs?


Wonderful. Your doctor (father) was a man of culture.

Mash Kyrielight

Wonderful. Truly wonderful. Stanning her from afar.

All the other various mekakure Servants

Am I in heaven?

Comment from the Illustrator

I did think, “He sure has a lot of character~!” when I received his character profile, but finding out he was 5 times much more intense than my initial impression when he was released was very funny. If I remember correctly, he was supposed to be a closet otaku in his first profile setting (Well, you’re not doing a good job hiding it!) which is why I designed him to have this snobbish feeling over all, then show his unconcealable otaku-ness through his expressions and his gun strap. I guess I could have shown a bit more? Also, his clothes don’t quite fit him because I imagine him to be dressed up in his loots. I want to make him wear a T-shirt like Black Beard. (Mata)

TL Notes

[1] Possible equivalents are Peek-a-Bangs and Blinding Bangs.

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