• Class: Beast I
  • True Name: Goetia
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Old Testament
  • Region: Ancient Israel
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Weight: 75 kg


  • Setting creation: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character design: Yamanaka Kotetsu
  • CV: Sugita Tomokazu
  • Main works appearance: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA+
Noble PhantasmA++

Class Skills

Territory Creation: [A]

Creation of a "Workshop" territory that is advantageous to himself as a magus.
That ability of his that had created the Temple of Jerusalem is of the highest peak of Territory Creation.

High Speed Incantation: [A]

The ability to hasten magic incantation speed.
Formerly his incantation speed is only average, but now it is comparable to High Speed Divine Words.
That is due to the inside being Goetia, and thus his weakness from when he was alive... his characteristic weakness... isn't there.

Tool Creation: [C]

Creation of tools tinged with magic energy.
Perhaps because he is specialized in contracts, his Tool Creation ability is on average level.

Personal Skills

Evocation: [EX]

Magic that evokes of spiritual bodies of the past, or perhaps the future.
After the death of King Solomon, the concept of "Seventy Two Demon Gods", deserted, then nested inside the corpse of King Solomon and through long months and years was rebirth as "someone" who wears Solomon's skin.
Although unable on performing heroic Spirit summoning or normal familiar summoning, he is capable of freely summonning to existence the "Seventy Two Demon Gods".
Simply put, a converter that projects into reality the "imaginary demon gods" nesting within King Solomon's inner world.

Revelation: [-]

A Skill that hears of "the voice from the Heavens" and performs the most suitable of actions.
Due to this being a Skill possessed by the soul, it cannot be used by Goetia nesting inside King Solomon's corpse.

Rings of Solomon: [EX]

The ten rings given by God. The mark of the king, the progenitor of magic.
In the case of all ten rings present, any and all kinds of magic performed by mankind is invalidated and put under his subordination.
There are 9 rings worn by Goetia. The remaining one is-----

Clairvoyance: [EX]

Eyesight of good quality. Apprehension of long distance target and elevation of kinetic vision. When the rank is high enough, even x-ray vision or future prediction becomes possible.
Solomon's Clairvoyance gives him unobstructed view of both the past and the future. Due to Clairvoyance being a Skill embedded to the body, it can be used by Goetia.

Independent Manifestation: [A]

A special skill. A superior version of Independent Action.
Furthermore, due to the existence fixation it also possesses the effect of resistance towards attack by means of instant death and time manipulation.
Those with the skill does not receive influence from the incineration of Human Order by means of singularities, or from the compilation of Human Order by means of *****, manifesting as long the requirement is fulfilled.

Nega Summon: [EX]

Negates and completely demolish attacks from Servants.
Complete cancellation (invalidation, invincible, absorption, reduction) of symbols of Heroic Spirits, the Noble Phantasms.... saves for one exception.
In FateGO, thanks to that one "exception", the rank of the skill is heavily demoted.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Ars Almadel Salomonis - The Time of Birth has Come, He is the One who Masters All

  • Rank: EX
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

Ars Almadel Salomonis.
The third Noble Phantasm. The I of the original sin. The light that tells of the end of mankind.
By converting the heat value of the entirety of human history, this lightbelt is compiled hundred millions of times, accelerated, and converged, making it possible of the retrogression of vast lenght of time.

(From my limited knowledge of the language, Ars means Art, Almadel (or Almandal) being apparently some sort of altar, amd Salomonis is Solomon. Ars Almadel is also 4th book of the lesser of Clavicula Salomonis aka Key of Solomon. So it sort of literally means Solomon's Art of Altar and indeed, the book itself speaks about creation of altar to contact angels and scrying. I suppose the lightbelt is being likened to altar, and the heat value conversion is the ceremony here. Here'sopen in new window the picture of the Almadel from the book.)

Ars Paulina - The Time of Crowning has Come, He is the One who Begins All

  • Rank: A
  • Type: Anti-World Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 999
  • Maximum target: ? person

Ars Paulina.
The Second Noble Phantasm. The Time Temple Solomon. The last stage for FateGO's first part.
It compiles the human history converted into magic energy, a governed space.
It exists in the imaginary space separated from the normal flow of time.
Goetia himself remains within this Temple, grinning and laughing as he assures each and every era being extinguished.
It is a Reality Marble that Goetia fabricated by amplifying the remains of King Solomon; its structure is the same as Fate/stay night's Justicia's Great Holy Grail.

(Ars Paulina is the third book of Clauvica Salomonis. It literally means Art of Pauline. Pauline itself apparently means anything that has connection to St. Paul the apostle. The book itself speaks of twenty four angels aligned with twenty four hours of the day, and 360 spirits of the degrees of zodiac. The 360 degree and 24 hours is probably likened to how we fight in a circle area inside Ars Paulina back at Solomon chapter.
also was it Justicia or Justeaze again)

Ars Nova - The Time of Parting has Come, He is the One who Lets Go of the World

  • Rank: D
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: -
  • Maximum target: 1 person

Ars Nova.
The First Noble Phantasm. While Goetia knows that this is "the Noble Phantasm belonging to the other Solomon", he is not aware of the detail.
No. He is unable to be aware of it.

(It literally means Art of the New. Only relevant bit i could find is this bit on the fifth book, the Ars Notoria that contains a series of prayers intended to grant eidetic memory (photographic memory) and instantaneous learning to the magician. Quoting the Ars Goetia:
Book of Orations and Prayers which Wise Solomon did use upon the Altar in the Temple. The which is called ARS NOVA, the which was revealed to Solomon by that Holy Angel of God called Michael; and he also received many brief Notes written with the Finger of God, which were declared to him by the said Angel with Claps of Thunder; without which Notes King Solomon had never obtained his Great Wisdom, for by them in short time he gained Knowledge of all Arts and Sciences both Good and Bad; from these Notes it is called THE NOTARY ART.)



First pronoun: watashi
Second pronoun: kisama
Third pronoun: kisamara/shokun


A perfect (independent) ideologist.
He acts as his desire demands, while sneering as those that become his victim grant him immense pleasure. An embodiment of cruelty, viciousness, and atrocity.
He completely disapproves of humanity's freedom.
He sneers from the heart at humanity's happiness.
He draws breath only to reject humanity, the Magic King who curses of the Human Order.

Such is the being he had integrated and establish himself as.


He is not King Solomon himself, but the aggregation of the 72 demon gods.
After Solomon's death, the 72 demon gods--sealed within Solomon's husk--had awaken their own independent idea, took away the name of Solomon (although from their point of view, they are the real Magic King Solomon), and set out on transforming the entirety of humanity to energy.
Those 72 demon gods is a "system that efficiently advance the correct truth" created by Solomon, the progenitor of (human's) magic.
They lament at the relationship between King Solomon and the humans, rage at it, for King Solomon had continued on ignoring the "imperfectness of humanity"; and they had became the curse that act to overcome it.
The name is Goetia, the Human Order incineration system.
A magic possessing will and intention, that plots and devises in order to reach true wisdom and plans on returning to the origin by making use of the entirety of human history.

Attitude Towards Master

He makes it his purpose to become the one and only supreme existence on the planet.
King Solomon, while knowing the helplessness and ugliness of humanity, accepted death without correcting it.
However, the demon gods within him had refused to accept it, had concluded that humans have no value in the future, and had feared of the result where mankind faces extinction.
Putting aside their own extinction, all things are destined to disappear in the end; and such an end disgusts them.
Thus, Goetia put into effect a course of action by nesting inside the remains of King Solomon, as he was put into dilemma on the current state of things. As he declares that there is no value in humans, he as a demon god can only exist if he is to make use of humans.
Despite being a lifeform of higher dimension, it is an insult for him to be under the one greatest waste of the universe, the humans. Goetia does not accept such contradiction and untruth, and he embarks on a journey of self-transformation.

Reestablishing his purpose of serving humankind.
The absolute proof that he is the most supreme of beings on the planet.
Reaching the extreme that not even Solomon could acquire.
Namely, the large undertaking of returning to God.

"I shall kill the whole mankind. I must kill them. I must burn them. I must be the only one left on the surface of this planet. If you ask me why, then I shall answer you. That is because for you, it is the greatest meaning of existence, the ending with most worth."

Goetia then dispatched the demon gods to the future, pounding into a great number of crumbling points within human history, and guide its foundation to disintegration.
It appears that his goal is the erasure of humanity, but that is purely a means to the end. Goetia's goal is to "return to the beginning".

He no longer hold any interest, be it to mankind or to the future.
His desire is to go back before there was life on this planet, to go back to 4.6 billion years before, to observe the moment as the "celestial body" was born at this domain, and take in all of that energy.
That is, he wants to make himself the "new celestial body".
(From what did he start this reason and motive is told only on the original story on the game.)

However, not even Goetia is capable of time travel.
Soaring to the past requires an enormous amount of energy-----of magic energy.
For example, the quantity of magic energy accumulated by certain intelligent lifeforms, flourishing for 2500 years.
Should he able to convert the entirety of human history from 1000 BC to 2016 AD to magic energy, it will be enough magic energy to return and leap until the beginning of the planet.
The destruction of mankind----the incineration is only for this one thing.
For Goetia, mankind, from the time of his creation until the year of 2016, is no more than the first space rocket for the sake of returning to the sky of beginning.


Thus Goetia-----the monster who calls himself the Magic King Solomon began his project.
He created the Holy Grails as singularities that derails history, manipulated the magi that he himself designed (transforming them into demon gods on Goetia's purpose), and produced 7 detonation point.
That is the cause of the Holy Grail War occuring in each era.
By putting his plan into motion, mankind's future starting from 2016 was extinguished.
With what he had achieved and more, his Class was determined.
The likes of Grand Caster are but a false crown status.
He is the greatest disaster, brought forth by mankind, that had extremely and effectively perversed the human history.
His name is Beast I.
One of the seven Evils of Humanity, the beast possessing the principle of "pity".

...A man's luxury to pity and be disappointed at others. That in itself is the beastly nature of Goetia.

Dialogue Examples

"Solomon. Magic King Solomon. Perhaps you would commit it to memory were I to put it that way?
"Burn. Until not even your ashes are left. That is your future."

"Speak not of lives by human's social standard. By the time the premise of death comes knocking, such point of view no longer holds any value."

"Do I enjoy this, you ask?
Of course, of course, OF COURSE, OF COURSE! I enjoy this tremendously! Think you I would thoroughly kill each and every one of you if I do not draw pleasure from it!? This pleases me. Your manner of death is delightful. Putting you to an end brings me such joy. And more than everything, your agony upon death is truly exhilirating!"
//He may said all those things, but in truth, it was the exact opposite. At the very least, it is all dull and boring. Things such as human's manner of death are so worthless that he would never wish to see it.

"Plead for help. Raise your mewling voice. For it is the time for you to drown in the sea of anguish! Behold this festival of flame that set ablaze the altar, rendered in its resplendence!"

(Im slighlty liberal in Goetia's speech because his hamminess and imposing speech doesnt work in a literal translation; it just sounds weird instead.)

Historical Character and Figure

A figure who lived between BC 1000 to BC 931. The third king of ancient Israel.
The great king who had brought about grand prosperity to ancient Israel. He was the man who employed 72 demon gods and had built the first temple of Israel.
His policy as a king was excelling, but other than that he also had numerous anecdote as a magus.

Character in FGO

The Beast that took the name Magic King for himself.
He gives off a sense of omnipotence that conforms everything in the universe, possessing an intimidating air that detests all mankind.
He wears 10 rings on all of his fingers, but the one ring on the left hand of his middle finger is the only one that is a replica.
Because he has King Solomon as his base, he has an intellectual (albeit terrifying) disposition.
Be that as it may, as he is the aggregation of the 72 demon gods, his personality and nature also amounts to 72.
Due to him being both an individual and a colony, when interacting with others a demon god that is similar to the other party comes to the surface. It is because of this that Goetia's nature was appraised as a "mirror".

He is an omnipotent being that not even King Solomon managed to reach.
Originally he has enough qualification as a king that rules over the people.
However, being omnipotent means he is unable to understand human beings; being immortal means he is unable to struggle and reach an answer; and thus, he is unable to become the "king over humans".

Human King Goetia

The "last opponent" who, after the last battle happened and everything had been settled, appeared in front of the protagonist from inside the Temple.
However, by gaining lifespan he became able to comprehend humans, something that Goetia until now was unable to do; he had achieved the state of "human king", a wise king to surpass even King Solomon.
He did not operate only with the violent emotion such as rage and resentment belonging to the previous Goetia, but also with the natural emotion as a human that he now had possessed, as he had arrived to understanding.
He held no anger towards the protagonists that had defeated him.
Even if he killed the protagonists, the fact that Goetia had crumbled and had been defeated would not change.
That last standing of his is simply "the last obstinacy as the one who had persevered until this moment".

Both in spirit and in action, rather than the last boss he has the feel of the main character instead.
His body crumbled bit by bit during the battle; it was regrettable, but he did not lament over it. His only real feeling was "So this is what being alive means. What life means."
"To show respect to this magnificent opponent, all the while swallowing the emptiness of losing everything, and clash as enemies until the end."
That was what granted unto him, the sole greatest reward for his 3000 years of grand undertaking.

-----O Lord. My gratitude of this joy, of being alive.

(lit. 主よ。生命の歓びを。 if anybody got suggestion for better rendition on english, im open for it.)

Comment from the Illustrator

[MAP Goetia]

I did it by shaping the demon pillar into a bundled echinodermata basket fish shape. Because it was such an enormous structure there are heaps of details on it.

[Demon pillars]

The design is developed from the same color design as Tiamat's Black Sakura [black and red streak] coloring. I was delighted when the variations of the demon pillars that I submitted with doubt in mind were all used. It was a pleasure, seeing the demon pillars arrangement keep on being created^^

[Humanoid Goetia]

The combining my draft for the humanoid Goetia and the desain for his shoulders and such from the staffs, the fusion and exchange between it, was quite a hard but enjoyable composition.
(Yamanaka Kotetsu)

I am filled with memories and emotion in various of ways.
Speaking in terms of design, I do have some regrets left for ended up jamming various things in, but exactly because of that that his last form gives off a very refreshed feeling.
(Takeuchi Takashi)

(Takeuchi's speaking about clothed Solomon-Goetia, the one with a bunch of ornaments and clothing, vs HumanKing-Goetia, the naked blondie one)

Material Images

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