• Class: Beast II
  • True Name: Tiamat
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: Mesopotamian Mythology
  • Region: The Middle East
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 160cm~74,000,000km2 (matches the area of the Indian Ocean)
  • Weight: Given that it is made up of Imaginary Numbers, her weight cannot be measured. Essentially the same as zero. On the other hand, its volume grows to be infinite. In short, it is a 4-dimensional pocket.


  • Character Creator: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Designer: Yamanaka Cotetsu
  • Character Voice: Yuuki Aoi
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA++
Noble Phantasm

Class Skills

Authority of the Beast: [A]

A Skill that is also referred to as Anti-Humanity.
It demonstrates a special attack performance towards beings born from the “womb”, whether they are Heroic Spirits, Divine Spirits, or whatever they may be. This is conferred not only on Beast II’s main body, but also on all Demonic Beasts born from her.

Independent Manifestation: [B]

A Skill to materialize into the present world as an individual entity.
Should Tiamat ever manifest herself, the Indian Ocean will be repainted over a period of seven days. From the moment of her manifestation, she gives birth to Demonic Beasts without rest, consuming all of humanity. On the other hand, because Beast II’s main body is the sea itself, she is not able to come ashore. The work of cleaning up humanity then falls upon the Demonic Beasts, her children. Also, because this Skill exemplifies how she is “already existing anywhere even in the spacetime continuum”, it will not only cancel time paradox attacks that utilize time travel, but it will also cancel all instant death attacks.

Self-Modification: [EX]

Tiamat can remake her Saint Graph by utilizing the black Sea of Life. From her usual Saint Graph status (Femme Fatale), she can grow into a draconic body that exceeds a height of 60 meters. Tiamat, who grew into a draconic body, can cancel attacks that are Rank A++ or below.

Personal Skills

The Sea of Life: [EX]

Beast II is the very sea that produces life. Because it is circulating the True Ether that existed since the Genesis of the Earth, Magical Energy is infinitely supplied while within this sea. Beings submerged in this sea has Skills such as Self-Modification, Ecological Alteration, Ecological Fusion and Unit Multiplication added to them at random. At the time of emerging from the sea to the surface, they must perform a Geis on the cellular level… a Nitrogenous Base Contract (Amino-Geis) with Beast II, and they automatically and completely become enemies of humanity.

Self-Sealing: [C+++]

A chain of self-mutilation that ties down Beast II. Although Beast II hated her grief of being banished for “not being needed anymore” by the collective unconsciousness of humanity, the depths of her consciousness accepted that as something inevitable. Beast II, who has the role “Mother” as her foundation, possesses a desire to function as a patron of humanity to the very end. This Self-Sealing is something that became that form.

Beast II constantly seals herself. This self-inflicted pain is equivalent to giving herself a damage that deals 50% of Beast II’s current HP every turn. In the rare cases where Beast II emerges from the sea while losing her self-control, the seal admonishes her for this and the damage is raised to 90% of her current HP instead for a moment. This is why she has +++ in this Skill.

Nega-Genesis: [A]

A Skill of the same kind as “Nega-Messiah” that Beast VI possesses. A conceptual Bounded Field that entirely disproves the current evolutionary theory and the predictions of how the earth was created. By carrying this, Beast II nullifies the Noble Phantasms of Servants born from proper human history. Specifically speaking, a barrier takes root against the Noble Phantasms of Servants with the Attributes “Man” and “Star”.

Monstrous Strength: [A++]

An ability one has as a monster. Raises one’s Strength.
This is almost of the highest grade. Having the black mud as her body and materializing with a draconic body, Tiamat’s strength is like that of a giant’s.

Noble Phantasm(s)

None. The form of her brain, which is her core, has nothing that can possibly be said to be a Noble Phantasm.



Because she cannot conversate, Tiamat’s pronouns are unknown.


Something like a personality cannot be confirmed from Tiamat. Whether she has lost her ideals, or whether she has no reason since the beginning, one cannot surmise the reason. Although she simply birthed, raised and loved her children, which was viewed as her only meaning in life, she has set out to fight against humanity, of whom they decided that for the sake of denying this meaning, they have declared “You are not needed.” Her behavioural ideology when becoming a Beast is extremely simple. “If I do not kill humanity, I will be killed.”

Attitude Towards Master

One of seven billion. Naturally a target for obliteration. As far as human beings are concerned, Beast II is a repulsive aggressor (invader), but concerning Beast II too, human beings are terrifying extraterrestrials (aliens).

Dialogue Examples


Historical Character and Figure

One of the Primordial Deities in Sumerian Mythology. In Sumerian Mythology, the gods were given birth from the pairing of Tiamat, who is the salt water, and Abzu, who is the fresh water. Afterwards, the gods, whom are their children, waved their banner of revolution against the primeval father Abzu and acquired supremacy over the world. At this moment, Tiamat gently approved the deeds of her children. It is proof that her love for her children has won over her love for her husband.

However, the gods pointed their blades even at Tiamat, their mother. Tiamat, in her grief and disorder, gave birth to 11 Demonic Beasts as her new children, and they altogether had a showdown with the gods. At the end of the conflict, Tiamat and her 11 Demonic Beasts were torn apart. It is said that the gods tore up her corpse into two, forming Heaven and Earth from it, and this act had established the ritual for the creation of the World of Man.

Character in FGO

Beast II was “a womb discarded after the Genesis”, becoming the origin of Sumerian Mythology. She was turned into a “Mother Sea” and was put to use as a breeding ground to produce life, but once the earth’s environment stabilized and after the ecosystems were established, she was banished to the World of Imaginary Numbers (a world on the Reverse Side; an imaginary space that has no life and is not even a Parallel World) as someone unnecessary. (Seeing that the ecosystems were already established, there is no need for her who designs life randomly, or more precisely, she was nothing but an impediment by now when regarding the journey of the lifeforms in acquiring an intelligence that conformed to this planet.) Hereafter, Beast II has been waiting in the mirror world for a chance to return back to her original world.

Beast II, who achieved her return to this world due to the distortion of the Holy Grail, has started to clean up humanity in accordance with her primal instincts. Although there is resentment/hatred/sadness in her for being abandoned for having already served her purpose, there is also her behaviour in indulging in the “joy” of coming back to repaint the earth’s ecosystems once again as the mother of everything.

Tiamat’s Class was determined by her real nature mentioned above. The Primordial Goddess and the like are but false titles. Deserted by the humans, that being is one of the great disasters most rejected by human history. That name is Beast II. One of the seven Evils of Humanity, the Beast who carries the principle of “Regression”.

Also, the title called Femme Fatale was something given to Tiamat by Beast I (Goetia). Goetia successfully saw the true nature of Beast II’s core, so he bestowed a title meant for a Woman of Destiny rather than one meant for a Mother of the Gods (Magna Mater). At the bottom of her hatred towards humanity, there is also joy towards humanity for becoming a mother, as well as love towards humanity, humanity being the children of her first-generation children. For this reason, Beast II binds herself. A mother’s love is something necessary for growth, but it is something unnecessary for adults. In order for humanity to advance to the next stage, they must overcome the “original woman”.

It is a digression, but Tiamat was taken into consideration as a boss of a raid event when planning “Fate/Grand Order” in 2014. She is an anthropomorphism of the sea, someone similar to a generator that produces powerful Demonic Beasts, and she was depicted as a peerlessly beautiful woman who dissolves into the chaotic mud. During the moment where Beast II appears, “Fate/Grand Order’s” image… becomes a fun Starship Troopers. It is also a service character that makes a homage to Dark Sakura of “Fate/stay night”. Revising that design is for some reason, two times more appealing, as long as one can see that “Ah, it is a genealogy of that Dark Sakura.”

Comment from the Illustrator

I joined rivers/harvests and destruction (clear streams and sludge) growing wild together as in the colour image (of the black + red stripes) of Dark Sakura. I aimed at a silhouette that is simple where it shows a girl with gigantic horns + hiding her breasts, but for her monster form, I crammed as many details into her as a gigantic structure in order to potentially put them to another use on the occasion of expressing her parts and in the MAP plan. (I was thinking something like walking on a road above her horns when viewing her.) (Yamanaka Cotetsu)

Material Images

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