Beast III/L



  • Class: Beast
  • True Name: Kama Mara
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: "Tokugawa Kaiten Labyrinth: Ooku"
  • Region: Japan
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 156cm
  • Weight: 46kg

(It must be remembered that these are her base height and weight. She can freely change these based on her target's preferences.)


  • Scenario Writer: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Design: ReDrop
  • CV: Shitaya Noriko
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerEX
Noble PhantasmEX

Class Skills

Authority of the Beast: [A]

A skill that one could call Anti-Humanity.
She has a strong hold over lifeforms that require the "recognition of the living".
Although lifeforms with differing forms of intelligence can not communicate their intentions and their meaning, Beast III's devilish wiles do not require connecting through such intelligence and can corrupt her target through emotions alone.
One could even call it a special attack against growth, that makes one renounce hard work and compromise that their current situation is already "good enough".

Independent Manifestation: [C]

In a world overflowing with voices starving for love, she appears to satisfy them.
Of course, the world will be satisfied at the Beast's discretion.

Nega Desire: [A]

The absolute and ultimate skill of adoration possessed by the beast that is the incarnation of worldly desires.
No matter what kind of existence they are, those with desires will fall into depravity due to her love.
If all desires and appetites of the flesh can be fulfilled with infinite love, that is the same as erasing the concept of desire from the universe.
Also, as an existence that gives love, she is completely immune to "charm".

Constitution That Accepts Every Desire: [EX]

Originally, Kama/Mara was endowed with a high degree of diversity when it comes to shape and ability in order to answer the (worldly) desires of the multitude of humans inhabiting this world.
This diversity has been sublimated into a more specific form by the addition of the nature of infinity known as the universe.
It is an authority that makes sure that each and every (worldly) desire inhabiting this universe is cuddled close together, pampered, and corrupted. A theorem that, innumerable like stardust, there are freely customizable "all-accepting versions of her".
In other words, the beast that is Kama/Mara is infinitely present in the universe known as her.

Personal Skills

Embrace of Dreams: [-]

Summons Mara's "doubles" that are unevenly distributed inside the universe by "Constitution That Accepts Every Desire".
Although they do not possess the Beast's Crown of Light, the clone bodies' abilities are of the same rank as Kama/Mara's.

Pathos Scepter: [A]

Her special trait as the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven, Hajun. The power of the Beast's Crown of Light (scepter).
Depending on Beast III/L's state and mood, it emits various beams of love.
"Free love", "pure love", "unjust love", "unbiased love", "inexhaustible love" and "everlasting love"; these six.
Each one will restore her HP and apply numerous debuffs to the target whenever she attacks.
The more Beast III/L fights, the more she will heal her wounds, weaken the opponent and multiply. When it comes to a battle of pure quantity, Beast III/L could be considered the strongest among the Beasts.

Affection of the Heavenly Demon: [A]

A rare skill that activates after death.
The one who defeats Beast III/L or one of her doubles will have all of the debuffs that have been applied to them up to this point cleared.
A skill that embodies Beast III/L's special trait of "loving even her killer".
It has a disadvantageous effect for Beast III/L, but that might also serve as a source of amusement for her.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Saṃsāra Kama/Mara Avarodha: The World of Love, the Burning Universe

  • Rank: EX
  • Classification: Anti-World Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 100~99999
  • Maximum number of targets: 100~99999

Saṃsāra Kama/Mara Avarodha.
The personal Noble Phantasm of Beast III/L, as a special case, it possesses two True Names.
This is because they both represent the "same thing".
In Sanskrit, saṃsāra is the "cycle of reincarnation" and is derived from Kama's other name, "Samsara Guru". In Sanskrit, avarodha means "obstacle" and it signifies the various ways with which Mara hindered Shakyamuni or, in other words, the temptation for depravity.

Love's compulsion for debauchery in the sense of good and evil...
A Noble Phantasm of extreme depravity that displays an evil of cataclysmic scale with the power of two gods, Kama and Mara.
If one's struck by this Noble Phantasm inside Kama's universe, they might witness a hell────or perhaps heaven-like spectacle where "without distinction, Kama dispatches herself (doubles) everywhere, burning and exhausting the universe with her one-sided love".

When the large-flowered lotuses bloom under Kama's feet, she and the target she chose to love fall into the darkness of the universe.
Within the immeasurable darkness, Kama faces her partner and presents them her hand.
The hand that seems to be inviting a lover or perhaps tempting a saint, will turn into blue flames before lengthening and flowing through the darkness.
(Kama's hand is the universe itself, so it will remain in space as the universe after lengthening)
The blue flames will eventually crash into the other party in the form of a gigantic arrow, piercing through them and imprisoning them in Kama's universe.
Afterwards, the arms of flame become innumerable, filling the space vigorously and inexhaustibly as if to tear the world into pieces, and in the end, the immeasurable darkness is replaced with the blue universe of Kama────by the time one notices, everything has been captured within Kama's arm.
Just like an ant encased in amber.

It is a powerful Noble Phantasm, but due to Beast III/L's special characteristics, it also has its flaws where she is unable to love those in close proximity or just a single person. If her target of corruption is not "a large number of people", but a "'single person", she can not wield this authority.
Her Noble Phantasm being single target in "FGO" signifies that Beast III/L was still in an immature stage.



First person pronoun: watashi
Second person pronoun: anata
Third person pronoun: kare/kanojo


Basically, she's no different from Kama.
She hates, looks down on and mocks everyone (humans), but at the same time this also means that "she pays mind to everyone".
As a god of love, Beast III/L's forte is "being able to love anyone no matter what they are like".
She has a truly annoying personality of "hating everyone other than herself" despite "loving everyone but herself".
The only point in which she differs from Beast III/R is "whether she loves herself". Kiara only loves herself, while Kama loves everyone but herself.


Beast III/L. The L stands for Lapse (corruption).
While Beast III/R was the incarnation of narcissism/self-love that "filled the universe with love for her alone", this one is the incarnation of love for others that "exhausts the universe with love directed at all of humanity".
Regardless of how high-handed and sadistic she is, and how much she looks down on humanity, since Beast III/L is capable of "loving" someone regardless of what they're like, she can "corrupt with lust".
Having said so, just as one would expect, that love of hers is not something that takes the other party into consideration.
Falling into depravity from indulging in her love is not what gives Beast III/L the nature of a beast, but her use of love for the sake of corrupting others.

The bunrei that was originally merely a fragment of the Divine Spirit Kama/Mara, borrowed the form of a human and manifested as a Pseudo-Servant.
(Although not deliberately) Parvati divided the body of "young girl used as her vessel" into a good and evil part.
As if drawn to that evil part of her body, she possessed it and was reborn as the "Kama of this life".
The reason she is a female deity instead of being male is due to that.
Kama/Mara possesses the affinity, the multifaceted existence, as well as the hidden, negative aspects of the emotion called love.
Her existence unstable from the very beginning, Kama/Mara's "divine nucleus that associates love with pain" coincided with the fate of the body she possessed, and she gained a more solid Saint Graph as a result.
Generally, the ratio of Kama:Mara is around 6:4.
Similar to Divine Spirit Servants like Ishtar, she has the character (disposition and nature) of the girl she's possessing, but not her personality (personal history).
The usual Kama is in a 6:4 ratio of Kama/Mara, but when that ratio increases on a grand scale in Mara's favor, her Saint Graph awakens as a Beast-class.
Kama acquired the body of the universe which is equivalent to her other side, Demon King Mara, obtaining the power of the territory of infinity (universe).
The worst calamity is that the "Demon King of Desire being connected with the universe" is the same thing as the "God of Love connected with the universe".
Kama became an entity that contains the calamity known as the "Deluge of Love and Desire".
That is enough to qualify her as the immature form of a beast that destroys mankind.
One of the Seven Evils of Humanity, the Beast of Lust, Beast III/R has already manifested.
As if linked to that. Despite having an aim that is the exact opposite of the beast that "directs all love towards herself", as the same Beast of Lust that "gives love to all───in other words, plunders all love (in truth, the one directed at one's beloved)", she manifested in this place.

The god of love who was defined to be closely attached to the love lives of others before getting annihilated due to getting mixed up in said love-life, only to obtain infinity as a result had, as a matter of course, grown tired of love.
Therefore, she's trying to fill everything with her infinite love.
Since if the universe (mankind) could be filled with her love, the unpleasant and annoying love of others' wouldn't exist.

Here stands a beast that lavishes mankind with (arrows of) lust that could burn the universe.
Do as you wish.
Become as useless as you wish.
Even if you degrade into livestock, she will love and affirm you to the bitter end. Such an ultimate form of pampering is possible for Kama/Mara.
To all of mankind in the universe, to each and every single one of them, she'll give more love (temptation) than she once gave the Gautama Buddha.

"However immeasurable the worldly desires are, I vow to overcome them all──────isn't that harsh? I'll burn all worries for you"

That look of her smiling while ridiculing and toying with the vow of the bodhisattva is perfectly fitting for the great enemy of Buddhism known as the Demon King.
Her class has been determined based on her true nature mentioned above.
The god of love is a false title.
That has become a symma[1] , a great calamity that brings salvation to mankind the most extensively.
Her name is Beast III/L.
A single aspect of the Seven Evils of Mankind, the beast embodying the principle of "lust".

As an aside, Kiara's line: "Shujou Muhen Seigando" is a vow to save all living creatures.
On the other hand, "Bonnou Muryou Seigandan"[2] is a vow to never be led astray by worldly desires.
Nonetheless, the Four Encompassing Vows are made by those who become bodhisattvas so they have nothing to do with Kama; the reason she's deliberately bringing it up is just something done out of spite for Kiara.

The Beast's Crown of Light

Each Beast has a different crown...horn of the beast, but for Beast III/L, this horn comes in two forms.
The first crown of the beast is made out of stone and when it is destroyed by humans, it's true form──────a crown of light will appear from under it.
The Beast III/L who received her "Beast's Crown of Light" could be said to have "gone through eclosion", but from there, it would take her a hundred million[3] hours to fill up the universe and she would only reach her "adult" form after that.
While requiring a long time to reach her normal state after "eclosion" compared to other Beasts is a weak point of hers, Beast III/L came up with the amazing plan of shortening that hundred million hours to just a couple by likening the universe to the restricted space inside the "Ooku". Her resourcefulness was shining. It was definitely shining.
However, due to other factors...such as underestimating humans due to loving them too intensely or making light of the stubborn nature of a "woman" despite possessing the body of one herself...cracks appeared in that amazing plan of hers, and, despite attaining her "adult" form, she was driven away to the ends of nayuta.

Character in FGO

Appeared in "Tokugawa Kaiten Labyrinth: Ooku".
The Chaldea that was preparing for launching an attack on the Indian Lostbelt, was assailed by a mysterious "Vanishing Servant phenomenon".
The only Servants who remained were the Demi-Servant, Mashu, and the Servant with unclear origins, Sesshouin Kiara.
To resolve this situation, Chaldea decided to Rayshift to the singularity──────the Edo castle of 1643 AD's Japan that served as the phenomenon's cause with only Mashu and Kiara as their war potential.
What awaited them in the singularity of Edo was the Ooku[4] that transformed into a labyrinth where every human would vanish.
With the cooperation of the soul of "Kasuga no Tsubone" that they met there, the Master set out to conquer the Ooku, however──────

Everything was according to the plans of Kama, the immature form of a Beast.
Kama formulated a plan to annihilate Chaldea so she could fully emerge as Beast III/L and to assert her dominance over the existence that formed a pair with her, Beast III/R, by defeating those that defeated her.
Originally, her plan should have been perfect, but Kama's policy of "corrupting the Master of their own volution" created a chance for a counterattack and eventually, the incident came to an end with Beast III/L's defeat.

Even though she thinks Chaldea an eyesore, she also finds Beast III/R (Kiara) odious; that human-like nature could be said to be Beast III/L's weak-point.
As a pair, R and L make up Beast III, but its visual concept is "the hell of women".
While Kiara is the "boundless yet lone woman (or in other words, boundless motherhood)", Kama is the "all-encompassing yet lone girl (or in other words, all-encompassing girlhood)".
Kiara's Beastly trait is Kiara herself, but Kama's encompasses "all the charms and terrors of a girl".
Kama-Mara 's Noble Phantasm which "fires indiscriminate arrows of love that burn all in the center of the universe" has been shifted to "throwing one's self (doubles) into enveloping all and burning them with one-sided love" as Beast III/L.

TL Notes

[1] Symmas are beings classified as gods in one mythology and demons in another. Kama is a god in Hinduism and his equivalent Mara is a demon in Buddhism.
[2] "Shujou Muhen Seigando" (Kiara's second NP select line which is written as "衆生無辺誓願度" in Japanese) and "Bonnou Muryou Seigandan" (Kama's second NP select line in her third ascension which is written as "煩悩無量誓願断") are the first and second of the Four Encompassing Vows for a boddhisatva.
[4] See note above.
[3] The word used here is nayuta which is a word referring to an extremely great number.
[4] The Ooku refers to the harem of Edo Castle, the section where the women connected to the reigning Shōgun resided.

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