Beast III/R - Heaven's Hole



  • True Name: Heaven's Hole/The Tenma Natured Boddhisatva of Pleasure Ruling the Souls of Sumeru
  • Class: Beast
  • Source: Fate/Grand Order
  • Region: City of the Pleasure of Rebirth SE.RA.PH
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Height: Half a yojana~???
  • Weight: None


  • Character Creator: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Illustrator: Wada Arco
  • Character Voice: Tanaka Rie
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerEX
Noble PhantasmEX

Class Skills

Authority of the Beast: A

A skill that can surely be called Anti-Humanity.

Possesses a great understanding of lifeforms who discovered the meaning of reproductive acts, or more broadly speaking, the "continuation of the species".

Enables the understanding of their purpose and the meaning in it, regardless of the difference in the form of knowledge.

...You could call it a special attack against religion and ideology.

Independent Manifestation: B

If there is a voice pleading for salvation somewhere in the world, she can appear there.

Naturally, the method with which she saves the owner of the voice depends on the Beast.

Logos Eater: A

The special trait of the Pleasure Deva. Provides a damage buff against any sentient being possessing intelligence (pleasure), regardless of scale or structure.

It is a powerful skill by itself, but when combined with the Authority of the Beast, it displays a truly horrible effect.

Nega Saver: A

The fate of the beast who tried to bring salvation only to her own world, while possessing the qualifications to be a messiah (Saver).

Every skill possessed by the Saver and Ruler class is nullified, targets with magic stat not exceeding A rank are charmed with a 300% probability and the effect of buffs cast by Kiara are increased by 200%.

Although the scale of the existence of the Pleasure Deva that was born once on the moon is superior to Beast III, they say that she had no choice but to withdraw when faced with a messiah since she did not possess this skill.

Personal Skills

Karma Phage: EX

KP. Kiara's five senses...her erogenous zones...removed and bestowed upon others as skills when she turned her body into SE.RA.PH.

It appears to be an imitation of the way BB removed her love towards humanity - after finding it an unneeded extra - to create the Alter Egos.

Abbreviated as KP, they were named as Body, Sight, Mouth, Spice, and Organ, respectively.

Since the Sentinels bestowed with these can use Kiara's Authority, they become immensely powerful Servants.

  • Body: Suzuka. Only receives 10% of the damage dealt. However, poison alone is an exception.
  • Sight: Eliza. Permanent sure-hit. Critical hit chance is greatly increased.
  • Mouth: Lip. Half of the damage received is healed back as what its effect should've been, but due to Lip's reluctance, it was limited to the effects of HP regen and Guts.
  • Spice: Cat. One hit evasion, each turn. +Protection against critical hits.
  • Organ: Melt. Increased resistance against stuns and every other action impending debuffs. As her HP decreases, she deals more damage and her defensive power increases.

Myriad Colored Stagnation: EX

The thing that metamorphosed Sesshouin Kiara into a demonic boddhisatva.

A heretic technique once created by Kiara in a certain cyber world.

It was a medical software that separated the target's body, mind and soul, stripping the soul naked (without the protection of the body or the mind) so it could listen to their woes and remove their anguish.

Of course, that was just a front.

These defenseless souls, detached from the body and mind, were absorbed into Kiara's own soul, making sure to savour them carefully, while claiming this was salvation.

The power of the ultimate form "charm", or "enthrallment".

This power has only become stronger with her transformation into a Beast.

The beauty of Kiara who's become a Tenma (the Demonic Boddhisatva) with Mara (the crown of the beast) on her head, shakes the sanity, reason, and morals of those who see her.

Those seen by Kiara, or those who saw Kiara, have to roll a check to see if they can sustain their sense of self.

Instead of a "Sanity point save", it's a "Kiara point save".

The senses of sight, taste, hearing, smell and touch. These all have their saving rolls and if you find Kiara beautiful even just a little, you immediately fail.

Those who fail end up losing sight of their self and, after being assaulted by a little dizziness, they become Kiara's devotees, standing on the palm of this boddhisatva without even realizing.

When you open your eyes, a flesh-colored plain stretches into infinity before you.

You're standing on the boddhisatva's palm.

In the direction of the eternally distant horizon, there's Kiara smiling.

"Mankind is a collection of immature beasts.

Subsisting on their desires, drowning in their desires and dissolving into bubbles in their desires; such is their reality──────"

If it's a goddess who would accept such animalistic nature as if she were a boddhisatva, is there anyone who could somehow refuse such enormous and immeasurable love?

With a single finger, she can grant you the overwhelming joy of enlightenment or reaching Nirvana.

The destination is the institution where life is destroyed, the maw of the Heavenly Paradise.

...Like this, no matter how much power one has, it becomes meaningless before a Tenma.

It is difficult for those who possess reason, those who know pleasure and those who know pain to escape from this salvation.

Of course, there is nothing about this salvation that would provide one relief.

Being granted the boddhisatva's benevolence is the impression it gives, but that's strictly from the victims' point of view.

To Kiara, the believers on the palm of her hand are nothing but insignificant rabble on the same level as insects.

The fight with the Boss ver. Kiara starts -> whole party gets charmed by Myriad Colored Stagnation -> the battle stage changes to the stage of being on the palm of Kiara's hand -> Game Over where you couldn't do anything.

...such an ending developed in the FGO/CCC collab.

After that, we escape from Myriad Colored Stagnation with the help of BB, successfully seal the Demonic Boddhisatva transformation by making optimal use of the KP (Kiara Punisher) we collected and commencing the confrontation with Beast III.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Pleasure Deva・The Womb Realm Magdala

  • Rank: EX
  • Classification: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~90
  • Maximum number of targets: 7 knights

Amida Amidula・Heaven's Hole.

Anti-Human Order, or maybe Anti-Grand Noble Phantasm.

The Noble Phantasm for Beast III's exclusive-use, which breeds a virtually infinite amount of demon pillars within her own body.

The inside of her body has already become a single universe, the Sukhavati.

Those brought inside her will disappear from reality, having their egos removed and their reason melted away.

No matter what kind of robust body or defensive armor one might have, they are meaningless inside Kiara’s body; they are all rendered powerless like a newborn existence and liberated from earthly desires and the woes of man.

Beast III is the “hole” itself that was formed in reality, and those who fall into this hole taste the greatest pleasure imaginable right before disappearing and are absorbed by Kiara while drowning in ecstasy.

Depending on how you look at it, this end of being released from the world of suffering called reality could be called salvation.

In FGO, it deals damage that ignores defense and pierces invincibility. It also recovers one's HP by the means of ecstasy.

In addition, as a hidden trait, it deals bonus damage to the Grand-class.



  • First person pronoun: watakushi
  • Second person pronoun: ○○○-san (attaching a "-san" to the name)
  • Third person pronoun: that lady, that gentleman (basically, it's a respectful way to say he or she)/mina-sama (a respectful way to say everyone)

Refers to the Master as "Master" and "Buyer-sama"

Dialogue Examples

「To think I would become SE.RA.PH itself──────
...Honestly, what an ordeal this turned out to be.
Inside the time that stretches ever longer, I have been attacked, destroyed and forsaken by Heroic Spirits on multiple occasions──────Truly, what a dream-like period it was.
You cannot purchase such religious exultation, no matter what you offer as compensation, no?」

「Everything was like foreplay for this.
At this rate, SE.RA.PH will reach the inner core of the Earth and I'll become one with the planet──────
No. This planet will be inside me.
And with that said, it is time for the salvation of mankind.
Relieved from all sorts of suffering and pain,
seven billion beings will be used for the sake of just one's salvation.」

「Color for the eyes. Words for the ears. Nectar for the mouth. Aroma for the nose.
And an exciting heat for the skin. Fufu, ufufufu, ufufufufu─────!
Your destination is the institution where life is destroyed, the maw of the Heavenly Paradise.
They say even a worm will turn... However, no one can escape from me now──────」

「The time of salvation has come.
Let's call forth the pain and agony of every living creature.
I, alone, am human in this world, I, alone, am a star in this world.
Now's the time to become the foundation of Paradise.
──────Sukhavati・Heaven's Hole」

Character in FGO

The "Hole of Heaven" is a variant of the True Magic known as Third Magic.

Although it draws substances into itself with ultra gravity like a black hole, its true nature is considered to be a disposal chute.

"Something inconvenient to possess when humans do good deeds".

The beast crowned with the title of the "Hole of Heaven" is the malignant data of selfish humans──────

She accepts "All the World's Desires" and continues to spread it.

Although it is undeniably repulsive and stagnant, this hole is a mechanism that is indispensable for society, expanding in scale at the same rate as intelligent activity is carried out.

For human beings, it's something that shouldn't exist, as it amasses their repulsive desires.

Love is a fine thing, and desire is also something good.

Be that as it may, it is the act of a beast when "love is turned into pleasure".

Originally, love and desire are things to be thought of separately and they should be carried out at the same time for satisfactory results.

When the soul of the messiah who tried to love and bring joy to people attained the Third Magic, Sesshouin Kiara metamorphosed into something inhuman.

Wishing for the greatest salvation, she brings relief to every animal on Earth via pleasure while also becoming an outlet for said pleasure.

Seven billion lives for the sake of her own salvation alone, in an attempt to reach climax.

Unaffected by a purpose or a sufficient end, she's just trying to bring salvation to a "human" with pleasure alone.

The Evils of Man revealed up to the appearance of Beast III were:

『Regression』: The desire to start over, the heart wishing to return to the beginning. Reset Desire.

『Pity』: A man's feelings of pity for another, the compassionate heart. Self-serving Philanthropy.

『Comparison』: The heart that compares itself to another. Measurement without result. Vanity.

And then, the aspect that separated from the 『Pleasure』 of Beast III was 『Lust』.

Love is a good thing. Desire is a good thing too. However, one must not "turn love into pleasure".

By their nature, love and desire are things that one must consider as separates.

When these become one, apoptosis will occur.

Comment from the Illustrator

Awright, Ms. Kiara~ let's make your final ascension amazing! And so -「a cross-section view of a woman pregnant with the Earth」 or 「a naked portable shrine in space」 or 「an ordinary wide leg-spread」- three amazingly rough concepts, where nothing is shown and nothing is worn, were assembled, but they were really, really, really, completely out of the question. I learned a lot from this. Ain't that right!!!! I drew her standing pose in the image of Buddhist pictures. Can I make the background a little more Mandala-like? Or would that be too much trouble?? (Wada Arco)

Material Images