Billy the Kid



  • Class: Archer
  • True Name: Billy the Kid
  • Sex: Male
  • Source: Historical Fact
  • Region: North America
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Height: 158cm
  • Weight: 49kg


  • Character Creator: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Character Designer: Shimaudon
  • Character Voice: Takano Urara
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerE
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Magical Resistance: [—]

Because he is of the latest Heroic Spirits, Billy has no resistance to Magecraft at all.

Independent Action: [A]

One can act even with the absence of their Master. However, in a situation where one decides to use Noble Phantasms and the like that require an enormous amount of Magical Energy to consume, backup from their Master becomes necessary.

Riding: [C+]

The ability for riding.

Only horses can be managed with above-average skill.

Personal Skills

Marksmanship: [A++]

General shooting techniques, which include trick shots and quick draws by means of small arms.

When it is at A++, one is a once-in-a-century genius.

Quick Draw: [A+]

The specialization of the quick draw technique among the marksmanship techniques.

Billy’s skill with this is to the extent that even if he drew out his weapon just after he saw his opponent drew out theirs, there would be sufficiently enough time for him to shoot at them and he would still have plenty of time to spare afterwards.

Mind’s Eye (Fake): [C]

Billy can sensitively sense danger according to a sharp sixth sense.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Thunderer: Thunderclap of Breaking Sound

  • Rank: C++
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~100
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

A counter triple-burst shot by means of a Colt M1877 double-action revolver (nicknamed “Thunderer”), which is said to have been favoured by Billy the Kid. To be precise, it is not that the revolver is the Noble Phantasm, but it is when the entirety of “Billy the Kid’s marksmanship when he holds this revolver” is completely covered that it would then be regarded as a Noble Phantasm, and it is almost the same as a personal Skill as well.

With a Servant’s perception, the flow of time in Billy’s surroundings can be slowed down, and by doing so, he completely grasps the situation he is in before he hits a counter shot into his opponent, all before their attack has reached him. Whether it is an Archer’s shot or a Saber’s slash heading towards him, he completely grasps his opponent’s location and their attack before firing a maximum of three shots to penetrate their vital points. By becoming a Servant, the range of his shots has been extended several times further than when he was alive. However, this is understood as a counter only to an “avoidable attack” – attacks he can actually dodge in other words – and it is meaningless against measures that result in an unavoidable attack.

The craftiest aspect of this Noble Phantasm is that it has a low amount of Magical Energy consumption due to the fact that the Noble Phantasm’s concept is using a large part of “technique” to work. Specifically, it is no more than the same amount of consumption of using a Rank E Noble Phantasm.



First Person Pronoun: boku
Second Person Pronoun: kimi
Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo


Jovial, yet harsh. The strongest and fastest gunner who is abundant in childishness. That is the ostensible nature of the “boy” named Billy the Kid. A rebellious behaviour cannot be assumed from his appearances when he is coming into contact with his Master in an affable manner. However, that is simply his outward appearance. In reality, he is in all respects cold and pragmatic, and his smile is nothing more than something he was born with that has been stuck to his face since then.

Billy is impulsive, but he is not foolish. Having received a higher education as it is from his mother, he is proficient at the part where he judges things rationally. In relation to that, it is often expressed in his most famous shooting episode too.

Attitude Towards Master

At first, Billy comes into contact with his Master cheerfully. Meanwhile, he carefully observes them, and if his Master is the type to regard themselves as the “superior”, then there is no need for his smile to disappear. If it is the case that his Master sees Billy as a “comrade-in-arms” or a “partner” however, Billy will drop that mask, and while he is seemingly brusque, one is probably able to see the pride of a cordial outlaw with a sense of moral obligation and humane feelings.

Billy’s wish for the Holy Grail is modest, something like “I want to come across a situation that’s fascinating from the bottom of my heart.”

Dialogue Examples

“Yo! I’m Billy the Kid, the best gunman in the West. Seeing that I was summoned as a Servant, lemme properly take care of you!”

“Ahhahha! Well then, let’s kill each other! It’s a duel, a duel!”

“… Well, it’d seem a life that keeps on smiling isn’t something even fun.”

“I’ve stopped smiling. Master, my pal. There’s something you can do for me, yeah?”

“Hey pal. Although my body will perish, this bullet’s for you…”

Historical Character and Figure

Billy the Kid. His real name is William Henry McCarty Junior. He is an exemplary outlaw of the American Old West, and even in the modern era, his popularity is extremely high. From the fact that a photograph of him that was left behind has a value of $1,709,000 dollars[1] attached to it in an auction, and furthermore, when it comes to a newly discovered photograph of him that was estimated to be about $5,127,000 dollars[1], that popularity appears to be perceived well. He was born on November 23, 1859. It is unclear who his father is, but it seems he received a higher education from his mother, having left behind letters with good handwriting for a Western outlaw.

When Billy was 12 years old, the curtain opened for his outlaw life when he stabbed to death a man who insulted his mother. Henceforth, he accumulated crimes of rustling, robbery and murder while doing work such as the escort of goods at the same time. He was the type who would pick a quarrel with other outlaws at random in spite of being in a town, but before anyone knew, a smile was stuck to that face, and he started to try to avoid trouble.

Although he was accepted due to his tactful attitude, maybe because of his fate as an outlaw, Billy happened to be dragged into an organizational dispute concerning John Tunstall, a ranch owner who had hired him. As a result of this conflict, which is commonly called the Lincoln County War, the Kid ended up being arrested by Sheriff Pat Garrett, his friend.

And yet, Billy broke out even before a year had passed. Sheriff Pat Garrett attempted a tenacious pursuit, discovering Billy in Fort Sumner, New Mexico. Maybe he thought that he could not win in an open gunfight, or maybe there was a different reason————for when Billy just came out of his room to search for food, Pat Garrett attacked him under the cover of darkness.

A boy who was all sorts of extraordinary at anything and everything as a Western outlaw. In particular, whether Billy had a friendship with Pat Garrett, whether there was no friendship between them, or whether it is precisely because Billy was a friend that Pat had to make an attack under the cover of darkness, just about everything about it is unclear.

The episode that was sublimated as Billy’s Noble Phantasm is like something that proves the speed of his thinking. During a certain moment, a gunman who was known as a rowdy person was staying in a bar. Billy went as far as to daringly approach that gunman, who was after him, and he began to talk to him, pestering him to show and give him his gun. When he did so, it is said that Billy secretly pulled out the bullets from the gun before returning it, and he would leisurely fire three gunshots into the gunman, who drew out his gun even while he lost his bearings when Billy revealed his own identity to him later on. Although it is an episode that definitely has to be verified, there is no doubt that it was the type that showed Billy’s quick-wittedness to the extent that such a legend remained.

The Juvenile Rascal King, said to have killed 21 people by the time he was 21 years old. Ten years after Billy’s death, it has been decided that the American Frontier had reached its de facto end. The outlaws were treated as mere criminals, and the frontier has been brought into the framework of the States.

Or perhaps, the very existence named Billy the Kid is the symbol of the American Frontier, and it may not be evident that his death has indicated the demise of the outlaws that could carefreely live as they pleased.

Connections to Other Characters


As a person on the side that used to be the victors, Billy bears a little complicated feeling. Nonetheless, his empathy as a person who came to live on the same land as Geronimo is stronger.


A person of roughly the same generation as Billy’s as a matter of fact. His era is finished, and Billy is envious, as well as happy, that a person like Edison came around in his place.

Robin Hood

They were on a common front in the Fifth Chapter. Given that – for a resistance fighter and an outlaw at heart – they have been getting along excellently well with each other, they have also been frequently mobilizing together in Chaldea.

Comment from the Illustrator

Billy’s design was really difficult. I made more than 10 kinds of hairstyle patterns until his design was settled, drew up considerable patterns for his attire as well, and on top of that, consulted with Mr. Takeuchi, and it resulted in his current figure. From his initial setting, there is a statement in the document that said “A positive and friendly character at first, but as his words continue to become more serious, the more apparent his true character becomes”; the image of his Final Ascension has been coming to my mind for some reason or another ever since the moment I read this setting, and I reckon his figure was made well. Because it appears his Final Ascension illustration has a very favourable reception, having done my best in drawing his pictures was worthwhile. (Shimaudon)

TL Notes

[1] – It was 200,000,000 yen and 600,000,000 yen respectively in the profile. I used the Yen to US Dollar currency exchange rate from December 30, 2016 as that was around the time when FGO material III was released.

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