• Class: Lancer
  • True Name: Brynhildr
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: Norse Mythology
  • Region: Europe
  • Alignment: Neutral - Good
  • Height: 172cm
  • Weight: 52kg


  • Character Setting: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Designer: Miwa Shirow
  • CV: Noto Mamiko
  • Main Appearance in other works: Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Magical Resistance: [B]

Spells with less than three verses are nullified. Even great thaumaturgy or ritual curses would cause next to no damage to her.

Riding: [A]

From an anecdote in which she rode a flying horse as a Valkyrie. With the exception of Divine Beasts, all mounts and beasts could be controlled at will. While this skill would be at A+ Rank following the anecdote, it was lowered as a result of being summoned as a Lancer. It would be A+ when summoned as a Rider.

Divinity: [E]

Even with her passable aptitude for Divine Spirits, this is extremely low. Though once a battle maiden of the Valkyries and a daughter of the great god Odin, her divinity was stripped away by Odin himself.

Personal Skills

Mana Burst (Flames): [B]

It’s a skill from an anecdote where she fell in slumber in the middle of a castle covered in flames. Blazing on by the source of her mana, for instance, her flames is stronger each time her passion intensifies.

Primordial Rune: [-]

She possess the Norse Magical Crests known as Runes. As the one who taught Rune Magecraft to her beloved Sigurd, she is also a first-rate magus in her own right. Originally as a skill symbolizing the "Primordial Rune" granted by her father the great god himself, its power is normally suppressed. If she demonstrates the full potential of the skill without having Divinity at A Rank or above, not only would she receive restrictions on the use of her Noble Phantasm, severe damage would be inflicted upon her Spirit Core as well, to the point where Brynhildr would eventually be annihilated. (These special effects do not exist in「FateGO」)

Hero’s Bridesmaid: [C]

The nature of a Valkyrie leading a Hero to victory, which became a skill. Synchronising their prana, the target will receive favourable modifiers in all of their checks for a variety of actions.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Til Death Do Us Part

  • Rank: B
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 2-40
  • Maximum Target: 1 Person

Brynhildr Romantia

A Noble Phantasm that has molded the deep feelings of love towards the fated person as the spear of magic silver that she employed while alive.

The deeper her love towards the target becomes, the more the weight and size of this spear will change. Shows tremendous effects especially towards Sigurd whom she truly loved during her lifetime. I love you. I love you, I really love you. Please die together with me, my dear-----

(Very effective on targets she believes to be「True Heroes」. Also effective towards Siegfried[1] who has a deep link to Sigurd.)



First person: Watashi
Second Person: Anata/○○san
Third Person: Him/her/that person (Only in regards to Sigurd)


Calm and Devoted.

Loneliness mixed with a gentle smile, a Valkyrie of misfortune. Back when she was a Divine Spirit as the eldest among the Valkyries, she was something akin to a 「doll」with little sense of self, after she was cast down to earth when she incurred the wrath of her father, the great god, she attained a human-like nature and a personality due to her encounter with Sigurd.

Deeply compassionate and passionate in love, willing to go to any lengths for the one she loves. Had tragedy not befallen her, a woman that would definitely spend her life as a good wife. While continuing to love the hero Sigurd more than anyone else, she was wreathed in the flames of killing intent at the conclusion of a cursed tragedy of fate, eventually killing him and burning up her very existence.

Even now as a Heroic Spirit, she remains deeply in love with Sigurd. With that said, if on the off-chance that he was summoned in her presence, her spear would automatically be leveled at him. As the very concept of 「the one who has slain Sigurd」was imprinted upon not only her Noble Phantasm, but also herself in her form as a Heroic Spirit.

While she consciously understands that the 「dragonslayer」 hero Siegfried, who shares an origin with Sigurd, is 「someone else who's not Sigurd」, for some reason it seems that she feels close to him so she would just enthusiastically stare at the two of them. (And then kill them.) Then that also sometimes includes Master.

Attitude Towards Master

Initially she would approach with restraint. She’ll calmly obey any order. Fundamentally, she wouldn’t defy any of Master’s instructions in any situation. She accompanies Master. Whether it is the helplessness felt during her previous life, a habit formed when following the orders of the great god as a Valkyrie, her passivity that precludes resistance towards the system of Heroic Spirit Summoning, or a combination of the above, all of that could have shaped that inclination.

Barring extraordinary circumstances, she feels no deep attraction nor love for any person. She is strongly aware that, at the conclusion of any affection she harbours in her heart, the target would likely die at her hands from her Noble Phantasm. Besides above all else, already, her love has been devoted to for Sigurd-----it could also be put this way. She dreads the fact of「falling in love with somebody」. Of course, there is the incident with Sigurd, yet, trapped within her own fixation that 「if I fall in love, I shall kill that person」, she goes to great lengths to avoid even chatting with the Master.At least it’s inside of herself.

She has one wish she desires for the Holy Grail. To reunite with her love Sigurd. Even though, if it came true at such a place, she would start to kill automatically.

Dialogue Examples

「It’s troubling….」

「... It is my destiny to be serving someone.」

「Please think of me as a tool.」

「If you are kind…I will be troubled...because, I...」

「My dear love, Sigurd. I, my dear, from my heart---」

Historical Character and Figure

Daughter of Odin who is the God of Scandinavia, one of the battle maiden Valkyries. A tragic heroine from Norse Mythology. The battle maiden is identical with Sigrdrifa[2] in「Völsunga saga」with her companion’s fate of the King of Warriors Sigurd, in the Poetic Edda「Sigrdrifa’s song」「Brynhildr’s trip to Hell」it talks about a Valkyrie falling in love with Sigurd identically. (「The Ring of the Nibelung」is done with the Valkyries’ Elder Sister)

She leads the soldiers to Valhalla after they died as faithful servants to God, but one time, she allowed someone to triumph against the plans of Odin. She experienced her divinity abundantly stolen because of God’s anger, she was placed with a curse of slumber in a castle surrounded in flames. Manifesting in there was the hero Sigurd, he undid the curse with the demonic blade Gram. Brynhildr fell in love. Teaching him all that she knew, even gifting to Sigurd magical runes, her blessing and that happiness so that he can move in the path of a hero. But, the happiness was nothing but merely short lived. Afterwards, Sigurd lost his memories----- Betrayed her, she was saddened in grief and was abandoned, she deliberately murdered Sigurd whom she loved. And shortly after, she severed her own life by herself.

Character in FGO

Even (presently as a Heroic Spirit) she still likes Sigurd now. Loves him even. To the extent that she would be challenging giantess/Jötunn[3] of the underworld to get him back. Stripping away the shell of missed opportunities, sadness, hatred, and feelings of betrayal, what remains is only her pure love towards Sigurd. In her heart, she knows full well that he, who is stricter towards himself than anyone else, loves herself without a doubt, and she has decided to return his affections. For that reason, even now, she moves automatically.

If they meet once more, this time for sure they’ll cuddle close together.

Thinking in that way, that body craves that life by itself. Or that’s just her cruel curse because of God.

The rest

「Völsunga saga」, Poetic Edda 「Gudrun’s song」,「Sigurd’s short song」, and younger sister of King Atilla (King Atli).

In general:

She will react to Heroic Spirits who did something like a hero that will make her remember Sigurd. A reaction with bad meaning. A handful of male Heroic Spirits, who made women cry in their lives, also trigger this response.


I love you, I love you, I love you. Please die together with me, my dear-----


You are very similar to that man. So, yes, I am very sorry.

Arthur Pendragon (Prototype):

I am troubled. Since, you, are very kind. I am troubled….


You have the scent of that man, right?

Jeanne D’Arc (Alter):


TL Notes

[1] Siegfried is from Germanic traditions and attestations and Sigurd is from Old Norse but they both have the same elements and origin.

[2] Sigrdrifa is a identical version of Brynhildr, they both have the same fate of meeting and falling in love with Sigurd.

[3] Jötunn/giantess of the Underworld is Hel who was threw down into the underworld by Odin.

It feels so great to be doing this. Brynhildr is my #1 waifu and this is a dream come true for me. Now to Sigurd and the Valks.

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