Calamity Jane



  • Class: Archer
  • True Name: Calamity Jane (In Historical Fact: Martha Jane Cannary)
  • Sex: Female
  • Source: Historical Fact
  • Region: The Servant Universe
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Height: 168cm
  • Weight: 60kg


  • Character Creators: Nasu Kinoko and acpi
  • Character Designer: B-suke
  • Character Voice: Touyama Nao
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerD
Noble PhantasmD

Class Skills

Magical Resistance: [C]

Nullifies Magecraft spells that were done with a chant of two verses or below. Cannot nullify large-scale Magecraft such as Great Magecrafts and Ritual Spells.

Presence Concealment: [A]

At first glance, Jane’s appearance and personality totally stand out, but she is indeed a professional scout. If she is serious, she can erase her presence to the extent that people would not even notice her being right in front of them. Because of that, everyone would notice the state of affairs they are in after they realized what she has just done.

Riding: [A]

Piloting and remodelling spaceships are also some of Jane’s specialties. Also, she does not hide the fact, but she does not always obtain consent from the owner(s) before remodelling and/or piloting their spaceship(s).

Independent Action: [A+]

The ability to remain independent in the present time even when rejecting the Magical Energy supply from one’s Master.

Jane’s overflowing frontier spirit promises her the freedom to act.

Personal Skills

Subversive Activities: [B]

A Skill for a brilliant scout. The ability to reduce the effectiveness of the enemies’ attacks by perceiving the slightest gap in those attacks in order for Jane to position herself in those attacks’ blind spots. It is the same as Robin Hood’s Subversive Activities.

Galactic Messenger: [EX]

A Skill that is based on the historical fact where Jane swam across a chilly river in order to have directives delivered. It lowers enemies’ morales while raising allies’ morales. But because “it is not clear whether that historical fact is true or not”, the attack power up being applied to her allies becomes probability-based. (Given that Jane herself believes in that historical fact, she will definitely power up.)

O’ Polar Star, Show Me the Way: [B]

A miniaturized version of Jane’s “Sentinel Stellaris” Noble Phantasm that can now be no longer used anymore. A unique Skill whose effect increases in efficacy in proportion to the amount of critical stars available to her. It is said that it was originally a Noble Phantasm for the purpose of finding out that one hope that can turn the tables, meant to be used against “a threat from a different dimension that is impossible for humanity to defeat.”

Noble Phantasm(s)

Space Dead Man’s Hand: A Black Hand that Leads to Death

  • Rank: D
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~50
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

Jane shoots a bullet engraved with “Bad Luck”, shooting through the opponent’s head from behind them with a single shot. Even if it is shot right in front of the opponent, this attack will go around and cut in towards them from behind their back without exception. This grants the attack a “certain hit” effect. It is said that the shot opponent will hallucinate playing cards in the makeup of “a two pair that resembles the Aces and Eights of Clubs and Spades” while in the course of their death. It is a special move that causes the same manner of death that “The Champion of the Plains”, “Wild Bill” Hickok – who was Jane’s lover and comrade-in-arms – had suffered to her opponent.

In historical fact, in the town of Deadwood in South Dakota, “Wild Bill” – while in the midst of amusing himself with poker in a bar – was assassinated from behind by Jack McCall. It is said that the cards Hickok held in his hand at that time was a two pair that resembled the Aces and Eights of Clubs and Spades. Thereafter, this black two pair is called the Dead Man’s Hand.

Sentinel Stellaris: O’ Polar Star, Shine Upon My Enemy

  • Rank: A+
  • Classification: Anti-Goddess Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~99
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

In the Servant Universe, this is Calamity Jane’s 1st Noble Phantasm. Something that served as the foundation for the Assault Protocol Noble Phantasm “Four of a Kind”, which was used by the squad (team) that once defeated “The Primeval Goddess”. It “discovers” the enemy’s weakness(es) before fixing that condition(s) into place as “reality”.

Once “The Primeval Goddess” was defeated, Jane received a curse as a result, causing this Noble Phantasm to be made impossible to use.



First Person Pronoun: watashi
Second Person Pronouns: kimi / anata / Ishtarin (to Cowgirl Ishtar)
Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo
Appellations for the Master: Master / ○○○ (their name without honorifics)


A person who lifts the moods of others, wanting to support “someone who does their best” rather than “herself”. As far as Jane is concerned, with her extremely positive thoughts, the future is something that will come as a matter of course. She will never lose hope, even if the existence of the universe before her is at stake, and she will believe in everyone surviving in the end with an easygoing attitude. Her motives are all out of a good will, but there are times when she will occasionally take actions that will leave others with some doubts and make them question “Is she actually a good person?” For example, if a hypothetical situation becomes something like, “Watch out! It looks like the bridge is gonna collapse!”, then she will come to a house in the neighbourhood and completely cut off and take a supporting pillar from it for the bridge.

The only disciple taken in by Professor Tokiomi – a space archaeologist who held a principle where he did not take in any disciple with the exception of his daughter (Ishtar) – and, should he be in an emergency and something happened to him as a result, someone who earned his trust to the extent that he would entrust Jane with the situation that would occur after his death. Nonetheless, she had not been academically appreciated by the Professor, viewing her as someone like an unworthy disciple who was not able to learn the orthodox techniques to accurately decipher the historical materials and infer the historical facts from them; instead of trying to use those orthodox techniques, she would start to say “It was right where I was pointing at with my sixth sense” when discovering a relevant material.

To Professor Tokiomi, he had predicted that “Even if I can teach her the innate goodness of man by following a textbook, to me, (because Ishtar is a clever child,) she will see through that fake goodness right away, and aside from the period of time where I am staying close to her, she may eventually lose interest in that goodness and completely shift to her natural wickedness. But if she – by looking at Jane, who is a good person from the very beginning and is not two-faced, and who arrives at the truth in a straight line after some struggle… despite the fact that there are even some times where she brings about destruction and disorder to the surroundings as compensation for those traits – can come to realize that good and evil are not necessarily limited to the two sides of the same coin, I think she will at least never end up stooping to plain evil.”

And just as the Professor predicted there, Ishtarin carried through with her training as the brilliant straight woman of the duo to Jane’s comedy act without lapsing into wickedness even once, and although she is fussy during the times when she is calculating her profits, and although it is somewhat easy for her to lose her temper, she had healthily(?) grown up into a fierce bounty hunter who helps the weak and snaps at the strong.
Moreover, regarding Jane, she has truly not changed at all, astonishingly.

Jane will never blame other people, and on the contrary, she will rejoice and praise them for anything they accomplish, no matter how trivial those accomplishments are. In addition, regarding that kind of point, she has a good compatibility with Ishtar, who gets carried awa… er, rather, who grows with praise.

A capable space scout, Jane’s survival abilities are exceptional. However, she has zero life skills. Her sabotage and disturbance skills that do not involve anti-personnel targets (and when she is put on the spot) are reliable, but her direct anti-personnel combat capabilities fall one step short in comparison.

Dialogue Examples

“It’s okay! You can do it. Yeah, you can do it! Although I’m not confident you actually can!”

“Eh? You dropped your cell phone in that crevice over there? Leave it to meee☆
I’ll try setting some explosives in there right away!”

You know, the output is somewhat insufficient, so I’m going to use your gems, alriiight?” (“But Ishtar is sleeping!”)

Historical Character and Figure

A scout and gunslinger from America’s Frontier Era. Although Jane is not a so-called ‘outlaw’, and although much of her achievements are exaggerated and she has made many dubious claims, she had lived a life that was filled with both praise and censure, even during the days when she was alive. She has a large quantity of debuffing Skills mixed in with her positive disposition due to that dual nature of hers. A figure of the American West who took the word “Calamity” for her own name, and someone who lived in the same time period as Billy the Kid. An expert with guns, and a brilliant scout, she was crowned with the nickname “The Heroine of the Plains” for being the comrade-in-arms of her lover “Wild Bill” Hickok – “The Champion of the Plains”, the two having simultaneously ran through many predicaments together.

Regarding how Jane got the name “Calamity”, there is a rumour where she is “The Helping Hand who Saves Those From Calamity” in that she rescued the cavalry that were being assailed by the Indigenous Peoples, there is a rumour where she is “The Woman who Invokes Calamity” in that her lovers would always lose their lives in the middle of battle, and there is another rumour where both of these folk tales are regarded as true. She is also known as “Miss Greedy Woman”.

Character in FGO

A bounty hunter who does not think about difficult matters, is cheerful and happy, and loves new things. Jane’s life’s work is to support those who she cares about rather than herself. A Space☆Cheerleader who lives on “this day”, forgetting about the grudges from yesterday as well as the debts from the days before yesterday once and for all.

In the Servant Universe, Jane joined the “Primeval Goddess Sealing Team” 2000 years ago as their scout. Although the team succeeded in the sealing operation due to the accurate reconnaissance data that Jane provided, Jane received a curse of “immortality” as the price for killing the Goddess, and that resulted in her completely attaining a body that is unable to die until the time the Goddess awakens again. By all rights, a person’s spirit would get tired and degenerate from wandering for a long time, but Jane did not fall to her knees from this curse because of her characteristic cheerfulness.

Space Ishtar (First Saint Graph[1])

“As far as I’m concerned, Ishtarin is my friend, my money, my partner, and my target, but after all is said and done, she’s very much my friend, you know?☆
But say, I do have a problem with her in not giving even the slightest attention to my romantic tales~
Master from Earth, I wonder, but won’t you come back for me once again?~”

Billy the Kid

“What do you think about a fella who happened to get shot from behind and die while in the middle of playing poker? Stupid? Aahhaahaaa! I think so too!!”

Paul Bunyan

“No way, that’s Paul Bunyan!? She’s a very cute girl, right————!? Nice, this Bunyan is niiice! I want to take her with me on a trip to the Frontier!!”


“Wow, this Sigurd has a wife! Something like a pairing between a beautiful man and a beautiful woman; I diiig it~!
… Huh? Buuut you can say with confidence that your wife has a maxed out murderous impulse? Oh Sigurd, did you have an affair or something!?”


“Remind me, did I ever tell you who was in the Goddess Suppression A-Team~?
Although I can’t say the name of the Master who took the trouble to bring all of us together, it was Sigurd of the Spedra Busters, Old Man Hec from the Trojan Colony, me, an Ancient Goddess – Lady Stheno, who took sides with humanity… or perhaps I should say, collected funds from her believers for our activities, the broken Rider – Red Rabbit, and that cosmic good-for-nothing bum Merlin. Also, Space Toshizou, who took me all the way to the Taboo Region by ship. These 8 + one more person altogether defeated the gargantuan Ishtarin☆”

Comment from the Illustrator

Thickened eyebrows, almond-shaped eyes, hotpants. There are many components I am fond of that I used for Jane. Although it took a long time to get to her implementation since she was designed and finished at the same time as Blackbeard and the others, I am especially more attached to her to that extent because of that. (B-suke)

TL Notes

[1] – Should be Second Saint Graph if Jane is talking about Cowgirl Ishtar.

Material Images

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