Carmilla (Summer)



  • Class: Rider
  • True Name: Carmilla (Elizabeth Bathory), or better known as: The Phantom Thief, Mistress C!
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: Historical Fact/Summer 5
  • Region: Hungary
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Height: 168cm, Weight: 49kg


  • Scenario Writer: Hazuki Minase
  • Character Designer: okojo
  • CV: Tanaka Atsuko
  • Main Appearance: FGO


Magical PowerD
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Independent Action: [A]

A skill that greatly extends time to stay manifested even without a Master, mana supply, or likewise.

A necessity for a bona-fide celebrity, and a Phantom Thief, to deal with crowds.

Presence Concealment: [B]

Suppresses signs of being a Servant, allowing for covert movements.

As a Rider, the skill has ranked up compared to her Assassin container. Perhaps this is because it is “Only fitting for a Phantom Thief to have”.

Personal Skills

Femme Fatalle (False): [A]

A skill that enables her to naturally slip right next to her target. This indicates her proficiency in the preliminary investigation needed for a phantom thief, and it's a compound skill that includes analysis, intelligence, the use of pheromones, disguise, covert action, and more.

Her demonic nature makes anyone, male or female, naturally fall in love with her as she gets close to them when she goes in for a steal. But the feeling is but an illusion that persists only until her thieving is done. No matter how precious, compatible, and comfortable that love may seem, it will never truly go anywhere.

No matter how much the other person may wish it.

Even...if she herself wishes it.

“What th-? Where’s the gem for today’s wedding!? Didn’t we put it in the safe!?”

“Heavens! But let’s not this bad news affect the bride to be. She’s still in the bathroom, for now…”

“Inspector! We found a wig in the bathroom!”

“Also, an unknown woman was seen speeding off in a red sportscar!”

“You dunderheads, that was Mistress C!”

Thief's Calling Card: [A]

A most bold card left by the mysterious female thief "Mistress C" before she carries out her crime. It bears an image of some sort of canine symbol, as well as messages like, "On this day at this time, I will come take ◯◯." The described act is always carried out flawlessly.

The act of sending a calling card creates a unique feeling of ecstasy...or rather a form of catharsis. But be warned: once she gets hooked on doing this, she'll keep on throwing cards at you during ordinary conversations.

Mistess C: [EX]

A skill that changes Swimsuit Celebrity Madam Carmilla into a mysterious a mysterious thief called Mistress C. Generally nobody knows her true identity.

”Her appearance is simply graceful…so elegant…And just so sexy… (sigh)”

Mistress C is a terrifying sexy lady with vast knowledge of myriad advanced gadgets, a body to die for, skills at the wheel of her bright red car that would make racers green with envy, and has A LITTLE bit of skill in torture.

Locked door? She’ll enter through the vents.

So easy, it's torture.

The owner’s holed themselves up? She’ll drug the guards to sleep.

So easy, it's torture.

The police established countermeasures? She’ll befriend the guard dogs.

So EASY, it's torture!

She prefers not to kill on her heists, not because she has any interest in justice or the like, but because she thinks that if she hears the screams of her victims, she might get a bit…distracted.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Iron Maiden Tearing through the Night Darkness

  • Rank: B
  • NP Type: Anti-Personnel - Anti-Army
  • Range: 3 - 100
  • Maximum Targets: 1 - 500

Testarossa Maiden.As she jumps into the red luxury car reshaped from her Iron Maiden, she drives like an elegant celebrity, attacking by running her targets over. In other words, this car itself is the Iron Maiden, according to Swimsuit Carmilla."Testarossa" means "red head" in Italian, and it has nothing to do with the luxury sports car of the same name.Probably.

The torture device originally was not so much a physical item she carried around, but rather an illusion, and so its general concept doesn't change even after it transforms into something else entirely. The illusion that she freely manipulates simply got an extreme face-lift. That it would make the faces of the virgins to whom she is attracted twist in horror, that it would make others scream, and that once you...take it for a spin, nobody can get out, conceptually, this all remains the same.

No matter how beautiful and famous the noblewoman may appear, young ladies really, REALLY shouldn't get in her car. Their bodies and souls will be taken, and they'll never get out... Well, it could just be a sort of urban legend...

Additionally, Swimsuit Carmilla has lovingly named her red car “Laura”.



First person pronoun: Watashi

Second person: Anata/Kijyo/, Boy/Girl

Third person: Kare/Kanojo


With an ever present grave demeanor, she instills the attitude of a composed celebrity. As her swimsuit gives off the aura of a composed adult, she maintains a tight grip on her manners.

Especially when she has to flirt to get close to men.

Even though she silently looks down on regular people, she’s a celebrity through and through, waving about an air of noble comfort around her. However, this is largely done to scatter bait and "Ensure tonight's job will be a success".

At a glance, one can’t feel the dangerous elements that the true “Blood Countess” possesses, so the thought gradually dissipates. However, this persona only works on a surface level. If you were to probe at her further, it would be relatively easy to reveal her true colors. Without that thin layer protecting her, her small oddities suddenly become red flags.

The Phantom Thief Mistress C strikingly sends her “Mistress Cards” to the owners of the treasures she sets her eyes on. It doesn’t really mean much, but she's convinced that, “Isn’t this what a celebrity Phantom Thief would do?”.

(While strategizing in your hotel room…)

“So, what’s the next plan…hm? Where’re you going?”

Standing tall at once, Carmilla flashes a sweet smile. She throws a card that turns and stabs into the wall.

Written on it, is…

“I just wanted a drink”.

You could’ve just said that!

(In the dark of night, a card whirls through the window, stabbing itself into the wall!)

Written on it, is…

“Let’s talk. Is now good?”

As you read that, Carmilla suddenly enters through the same window.

Was this just a theatrical way to just say you’re coming in!?

And so, you’re always inferring that “She loves being celebrity Phantom Thief-esque and attractively throwing calling cards in the moment”.

Attitude Towards Master

She is obstinate on using the Holy Grail to answer her wish and create the True Csjete Castel for herself.

Master is an accomplice, standing by on support. As such, she believes it’s alright to let their occasionally unreasonable demands slide. The backbone of mana they supply to carry out her duties as a Phantom Thief are a necessary support for her.

Dialogue Examples

“This won’t do, boys. Care for a ride?”

“O-hohoho! I am the Mystery Phantom Thief: Mistress C! This ruby, more red than a maiden’s blood, is all mine!”

“What a wonderful night. I can think of only two things more beautiful than the stars in the sky at present. Could you guess what? The treasure now in my possession…and you beside me, more valuable than any gemstone.”

“…Cutting through the dark, red silhouette…

…unwavering, dangerous speed…”

Character in FGO

If we're being completely honest, she has long watched her other self with abject jealousy. Halloween? Brave? Mecha? And even a Japanese gothic form!? Why does SHE get so many different versions!?

Taking a good hard look at her actual self and her, she saw there was no discussing it. One was clearly "A bloody countess", and the other, "A past self, transformed by the moon or something weird".

Maybe it was from watching her appear time and time ago, leaving herself to say "You, again", but she refused to give up.

Summer was her chance. She still hadn’t touched the Swimsuit Domain. She still had a chance to show up there!

"I will NOT let her be the one to keep standing out!" And when her frustrations finally exploded, her Spirit Origin changed into a long-anticipated swimsuit Servant.

Now that she finally feels at ease now that she has gained a swimsuit form, and she is able to behave more like a mature and sophisticated other words, she now has a sense of celebrity.

With her newly enhanced ego, she thought up a grandiose plan to further solidify her status as the great countess: remodeling Castle Csejte.

Turning the castle into a giant music amplifier like that brat did is out of the question: Confinement Castle Cjete was half-assed and wrong. The castle needs to be more glorious, more suitable for torture...meaning she needs to build a Torture Castle Csejte! Such a project will surely set her apart from that brat, and show the world which of them is better once and for all!

But the problem is cost.The celebrity, overflowing with the allure of fame and beauty, needed to plan how to collect funds. Working hard or negotiating like some commoner simply will not do for such a sophisticated woman. No, that is beneath a celebrity of her caliber.

But raising funds by gathering jewelry, famous paintings, necklaces, and other such valuable treasures...? Yes, that sounds just perfect. And that would mean...

You can see where this is going, right?

That's right: Becoming a Phantom Thief.

A high-society swimsuit celebrity that would now ride in her Noble Phantasm/Iron Maiden turned supercar, she’d get robot-dogs, and she’d start using the moniker of Phantom Thief: Mistress C. Her goal would be loads of treasures of course, as well as being filthy rich and perfect for Las Vegas!

Standard Weapons

Small gun/Phantom Thief Skills/Robot Dogs


Would love to gleefully run her down once the chance presents itself.

Vlad III (Berserker)

Joked about Carmilla’s appearance once her first saw her saying, “You are a lord, yet look to have lost the pride of one” with a pained expression. After noticing that her goal was reclaiming her one true castle for herself, he said, “Phantom Thief? Foolish, but, do as you’d want.”, and took the stance of a spectator.


Since they'd make good partners, there’s a chance they could join forces.

However, since the professor has a primary interest in being “excessive” in his would-be actions as a phantom thief, he’d probably lose interest if the treasure wasn’t already protected under extreme measures.

Hijikata Toshizo

“Toshizo, darling, you look deplorable as usual. Come here, let’s get you dressed in a high class suit.”

Celebrity Servants

May I host a ball for us?

I’d like to make some friends to call upon, lest I be lonely once I construct my castle. There’s all manners of things I’d like to chat about. For example…what kind of treasures they keep in their castle vaults, and so on.”

Pirate Servants

You aren’t celebrities. Why would I spend time with you?”

Swimsuit Musashi/Hokusai/Okita

“You aren’t celebrities. You don’t even have any money.”

Mysterious Alter Ego Lambda

“Now there’s someone worth talking to. She’d make a lovely Cinderella-themed phantom thief. She seems to like teasing others as well. I’ll store these feelings on the backburner for now. I wonder if I could recruit her someday..."

Swimsuit Osakabehime

“A princess, rather than a celebrity. Will she ever calm herself down more? Yet I do wonder, what sort of fantastical treasures are in the keep of Himeji Castle…?”

Swimsuit Artoria (Ruler)

"An unmistakable celebrity. What amazing items would the ruler of Las Vegas have tucked away?"

Comment from the Illustrator

Designing for FGO is always laborious, and even more-so this time. I felt like I got side-tracked with the android dog’s mecha-designs in particular; I had the image of a Sci-Fi suit for a Phantom Thief, but the mecha aspects couldn't distract from her. Having her bare skin all the more apparent worked out well though, I feel. Overall, I think I really captured an elegant feel for Carmilla with her swimsuits. (okojo)

Material Images

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