• True Name: Chacha
  • Class: Berserker
  • Source: Historical fact
  • Region: Japan
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Height: 138 cm
  • Weight: 34 kg


  • Character Creator: Keikenchi
  • Character Illustrator: Pako
  • Character Voice: Asumi Kana
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Mad Enhancement E+

Normally doesn’t receive the effects of Mad Enhancement. In exchange, she keeps her normal ability to think.

However, regarding matters related to her child, any control will be lost.

Personal Skills

Golden Rule (Calamity) B

It is possible to freely use all the gold of the governors that were said to have gathered all the gold of Japan.

A skill with good compatibility with a genuine spendthrift like Chacha.

『Eh? Money? Your Highness will pay!』

Innocent Monster (Blaze) C

The brand she carries as the matchless fiendish woman who left her name in history for having ruined Toyotomi’s life.

Actually, complex factors overlapped and destroyed him, it’s not only Chacha’s fault, but the masses always seek objects of blame that are easy to understand.

『Meh, false accusations!』[1]

Favored Princess of Japan EX

A curse that continues gradually lowering the status of the target.

She who once made the Sun fall, regardless of her intentions, will ruin those related to her.

『If you fall in love with Chacha you’ll get burned! For real.』

TL Note

1: Okay, but what’s the difference from normal Innocent Monster?

Noble Phantasm(s)

Kenran Makai Nichirinjō: Dazzling Castle of the Sun in the Demon Realm

  • Rank: C
  • Type: Fortress Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~200
  • Maximum number of targets: 100 people

Kenran Makai Nichirinjō.

The ruin of what once was the 『Castle of the Sun』, the symbol of the Child of the Sun, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. A burning Ōsaka castle materializes, the dead of those related to Toyotomi appear from the ground to rush on the enemy, and the surroundings are burned down by crimson flames. A manifestation of the ruin that eventually burned down everything including herself, the remains of a fallen sun.

A Noble Phantasm that embodies the last moments of Chacha, the woman who destroyed Toyotomi, a cursed siren[1] beauty, the princess of blazing hell.

Is it similar to the final Noble Phantasm of Nobunaga because of the blood of the Demon King flowing through her body?

TL Note

1: Interesting fact: the kanjis used here are 傾国, which are also used in 傾国傾城, a “woman so glamorous as to bring ruin to a country (castle) as its king (lord) is captivated by her beauty” (copy-pasted from jisho).



  • First person pronoun: 茶々 (Chacha) / 妾 (warawa)
  • Second person pronoun: そなた (sonata) / そち (sochi) / その方 など (sono kata nado)
  • Third person pronoun: そなたら (sonatara) / そち達 など (sochi tachi nado)


Innocent, troubling, full vent, gorgeous, bright, atrocious beauty. A mischievous princess that loves being as capricious as she wants, loved by a belligerent country as much as she likes. Just for Chacha! The concubine of the Child of the Sun, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The elder of the three Azai sisters that followed an unfortunate fate.

She was the prettiest of the three sisters, the one with the most severe personality, and therefore the one that faced the most tragic end.

As you can see, because of her summoning as a child, she’s a naughty and willful princess, appropriately for her age.

Extravagant and fond of new stuff, she strongly inherits things such as vain freedom from the personality of her aunt Nobunaga.

It can’t be felt from her appearance, movements and behavior, but that body keeps being burned by the grudging blazes of those related to Toyotomi.

The flames that she seems to control are literally the flames of blazing hell that keep burning her from inside.

It’s not just her fault that Toyotomi died, but one can’t imagine her inner feelings after losing even her beloved child inside the blazes at the end.

Would the reason why she manifested while avoiding her golden age form be that the time she was in that form was an irreplaceable moment in her life?

Attitude Towards Master

Because they overlap with her dead sons they’re subject to protection, but due to her strong thoughts she may ignore her Master’s intentions on certain cases and cause excessive interference.

Since summoning her as an adult would be too obvious, being summoned as a child is also a way to suppress herself.

She looks like a young little girl, but it could be said that the affection of a mother that doesn’t need a reward dwells inside her.

She herself is not quite convinced about it, but she’s somehow been summoned as a Berserker.

If she demonstrated her original power, a summoning in the Avenger class would be suitable.

『Eh? W-We refuse to be an Avenger!』

Dialogue Examples

  • 『We are the favored princess of Japan, Chacha!』

  • 『I, Chacha, always see through it!』

  • 『Hold your head high! Don’t look down on Chacha!』

  • 『Aunt & Uncle?!』

  • 『Pick up, throw away……, We are with you……, Even if you make an enemy of all Japan, We alone will continue protecting you……』

Historical Character and Figure

The daughter of the daimyō of Ōmi-kuni, Azai Nagamasa.

Her mother was Oda Nobunaga’s little sister, Oichi no Kata. Her sisters were Gō (Tokugawa Hidetada’s legal wife) and Hatsu (Kyōgoku Takatsugu’s legal wife).

By the way, Chacha had the reputation of being the prettiest and cutest!

Since her father, Azai Nagamasa, opposed Oda Nobunaga, by the time the attacked Odani castle fell she was rescued together with her mother and sisters. At this time, her father commits suicide, executed by Hashiba Hideyoshi rather than by his brother Nobunaga.

After that, Nobunaga was defeated by Akechi Mitsuhide at the Honnōji Incident, her mother remarried the Oda retainer Shibata Katsuie, and she moves together with her mother and sisters to a manor castle in the north of Echizen.

Around the succession of the Oda family, Katsuie confronted and lost to Hideyoshi at the Battle of Shizugatake, her mother Oichi no Kata committed suicide along with Katsuie, but Chacha and her sister were set free and received protection from Hideyoshi. Eh? Your Highness is cruel, or isn’t cruel?

Afterwards, she became the concubine of Hideyoshi, who fulfilled the unification of the country. She gave birth to an abandoned child (Tsurumatsu)[1], and a rejoiced Hideyoshi gave her the mountain castle Yodo castle, receiving the name of 『Yodo no Kata』since then.

Tsurumatsu died in his childhood, but later, she gave birth to a picked child (Hideyori)[2], and grasped the authority of the Toyotomi family as a guardian of Hideyori after Hideyoshi’s death. There it is! Chacha’s premonition of her golden age’s arrival! We were bain-boing!

After the battle of Sekigahara, the conflict with the Tokugawa deepened, and the winter campaign of the siege to Ōsaka broke out. She encouraged the soldiers by wearing armor herself, and made peace after receiving a bombardment to Honmaru. Ca-cannons are unfair……

Despite having established peace, the connections were severed the following year, and the Ōsaka palace finally fell in the summer campaign of the siege to Ōsaka. In the burning palace, she committed suicide along with her son Hideyori.

She experienced three castle falls in her life, each time losing a parent, and finally losing everything.

TL Notes

1, 2: I’m not really sure of how to translate these sentences properly. For example, 捨 is “abandoned”, but Tsurumatsu wasn’t abandoned according to what I found.

Standard Weapons

Japanese katana (Azai Ichimonji). The Azai Ichimonji that was a memento from her father has been burned and altered. Incidentally, the former is a katana given to Chacha’s father, Azai Nagamasa, by Nobunaga.

Oda Nobunaga

The only person that should be able to make Nobbu feel proud. Nobbu has matters with Nagamasa too and can’t give it out strongly. In the first place, Nobbu is unreasonably soft with her relatives so it can’t be helped. Also, we won’t forgive Tokugawa.

Swimsuit Nobbu

It’s unfair that it’s only Aunt! Chacha in the past was also bain-bain and boing-boing and could use a micro-whatever so isn’t it fine? Hm? Tokugawa? Reported.

Okita Sōji

Being sick is pitiful so Chacha will let you drink some medicine. Lie down like an adult already! There, Chacha will give you lap pillow. Tokugawa can die.

Hijikata Toshizō

Takuan stinks of poverty so keep it away! Rather, don’t even talk to Chacha because your face is scary! It’s extremely pitiful that you can’t even talk to Chacha! What what? Hum, the Shinsegumi is Tokugawa’s organization, right? Be crushed.


That skillful loan word……, is not normal! Well, let’s get along as fellow Berserkers and call Us next Halloween……, Eh? You aren’t a Berserker? Seriously?![1] That aside, We can’t get along with Tokugawa.

Oda Nobukatsu

About Uncle……, Mmm, Chacha also had it rough, but Aunt had it quite rough when she as young. Also, We think that if Aunt had done something about the tanuki, Tokugawa wouldn’t have been so cocky.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

We lived a dazzling life under the protection of the nobleman Hideyoshi. Although the gap between ages was big, the relation looked satisfactory in general because our tastes and compatibility were somehow perfect. By the way, he seemed to be on good terms with his legal wife Nene. Whatever but Tokugawa go home.

TL Notes

1: Here they use デジマ, which would literally translate into something like “lyriousse”, instead of マジデ. I preferred not to invert the wording to make the translation clearer.

Comment from the Illustrator

Mothers are a place to return to. They’re family. A Servant that wants you to laugh as much as possible. She wants to mess it up all the way. She wants to contribute by spoiling you. I feel very happy seeing how funnily her battle sprite moves. Surprisingly burning!! (pako)

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