Charlotte Corday



  • Class: Assassin
  • True Name: Charlotte Corday
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: History
  • Region: France
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Height: 166 cm
  • Weight: 43 kg


  • Writer: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Artist: Aotsuki Takao
  • Voice Actress: Horie Yui
  • Primarily Appears in: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerE
Noble PhantasmD

Class Skills

Presence Concealment: [C]

To suppress one’s presence as a Servant. Suited for covert operations. When changing into an attacking posture on one’s own, the rank of Presence Concealment drops dramatically.

Personal Skills

Ludicrous Planning: [D+]

Though it had been an extremely thoughtless plan, all manners of fortune had smiled upon her.

Angel of Assassination: [A]

She was praised as such by the townspeople for her lovely looks and audacious plan.
To go with the flow of fortune and lower the guards of all kinds of enemies.

Determination of Steel: [D]

From her resolve in deciding to carry out the assassination, even though she had absolutely no connection to either the revolution or assassinations.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Le Rêve Ensoleillé - To the Homeland; Love, and Drowning Dreams

  • Rank: C
  • Type: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1
  • Maximum Targets: 1

Le Rêve Ensoleillé
A silent and mellow assassination as performed by the one hailed as the Angel of Assassination; Charlotte Corday.
Not before the very precipice of one’s murder, can even a single drop of murderous intent be felt.
It is hard to avoid through Intuition or Eye of the Mind, unlike other kinds of assassination Noble Phantasms.



First-person pronoun: watashi
Second-person pronoun: anata
Third-person pronoun: ano kata


An energetic, precocious, and somewhat otherworldly beauty.
Lovely and cute enough to be called the Angel of Assassination. Her hobby is reading books.


At the centre of her soul she’s very strong, and so once she’s set her mind on something she will push forwards towards it as long as it’s not too much.
One could even phrase it as a rampage of sorts.

However, depending on the outcome of such a rampage, there are cases where she may become dejected and timid.

Attitude Towards Master

She possesses enough passion that not even she herself can believe it, unable to cease her yearnings. Or so it seems.

Fundamentally speaking, her attitude towards her Master is not much different from the usual moderate Servant.
However, every time there’s an event or such, she always conducts herself aggressively.

Still, as she feels bad about not being much of a Heroic Spirit, believing herself to have no redeeming qualities, she won’t take to such direct action like a confession.

Dialogue Examples

“Here I come!”

“I see... to think such events transpired over that ocean…
I’m sure that Charlotte was happy.
It’s fine, please do not worry about me.
I will become enamoured with you, no matter what happens.
I have no doubt about that, seeing as the current me is the one saying as such.

“Please, have a good life!”

Historical Character and Figure

Charlotte Corday was the woman who assassinated the Jacobin party heavyweight of the french revolution; Jean-Paul Marat.
Due to her lovely looks and for single-handedly and adeptly carrying out her assassination plans, she earned a reputation and was hailed as the “Angel of Assassination”.

Originally, she did not especially concern herself with matters of politics. She was but a very, very normal girl who simply loved books.
However, due to the shutdown of the convent she lived in by the revolutionary government, and with political strife spreading throughout the provinces, gradually the hatred she felt towards the Jacobin party grew.

Eventually, she chose Marat, one of the three great figureheads of the Jacobin party, as her target for assassination.
Her plan was extraordinarily simple. Marat, who at the time received information from people of all kinds of classes, committed the folly of leaving himself alone with her just because she had claimed to have a tip.

Be that as it may, had the assassin been a man then even Marat would probably have exercised some degree of caution.
If there was a reason for his misjudgement, then it is perhaps her all too lovely appearance that was the cause.
But then again, there is also the point of view that Marat, who at the time was afflicted with a skin disease, had mostly detached himself from politics...

Incidentally, the one who passed her through the guillotine was none other than Charles-Henri Sanson.
Though Sanson had no interest in her loveliness, it is said that he was deeply touched by a woman who so resolutely faced forward onto her death, even to the point of flashing a smile.
Three months later, Sanson would by his own hands have to pass another woman flashing a similar smile to Charlotte through the guillotine.

Character in FGO

Corday, who believed she had made the world a better place by killing Marat, even if just by a little, felt an awful shock at the realisation that what she had wrought had instead incurred the decline of the revolution.

Though now summoned, and lacking confidence, she convinced herself at the time that she would just fight in whatever way she was ordered.

But in actuality, it’s not like the world is something that changes with just the slash of a single blade. It is something that changes through the concerted efforts of either countless heroes or nameless people.

She herself just happened to be one of those few chosen.
If anything, that’s precisely why she has to rise to the occasion.

Thus, Corday’s gonna do her best!
Whether she said the above or not is uncertain (she probably did not).

Though she still lacks the confidence to talk to the people involved with the french revolution, she feels as though it would be nice if she could gradually get there.

In regards to the protagonist, as a powerless and nameless existence like herself, she holds respect, yearning, passion, and all kinds of needlessly complicated, or perhaps quite simple, feelings towards them.

In Atlantis

For love at first sight, it was an all too twisted way of meeting someone.
She did not fall in love because she had been saved, but for the sake of having been able to save them

Helpless and wounded, a life that would probably have drawn its last breath had she just kept it outside her notice.
Precisely because such twistedness was there, did she yearn for the boy/girl and decide to follow them.

Even though the end may await ahead, she believed that she would not regret it.
And so even though she harboured such terrible regrets, overwhelmed by excessive emotion she still let out these words.

“Oh, please do forgive me.
This was my indulgent and very first love.”

And so Charlotte Corday accomplished the brilliant feat of assassinating Odysseus, fading into the twilit sky.

Standard Weapons

Cuts very well.

Charles-Henri Sanson

A kind executioner.
Corday feels well towards him, holding no particular bias against him.
Still, she feels a bit bad at the expression on his face filled with guilt whenever he looks at her and so occasionally stops at just greeting him.

Those Involved in the French Revolution

She has complicated feelings about them.
She holds especially complicated feelings towards Marie Antionette, even a bit astonished.
Why, and how can she love France so?
Perhaps the day will come when the two can speak about that.

The folks in Atlantis

Though she may not have the memories, they are members she gets along with mysteriously well, occasionally getting together with them in the cafeteria.
Being treated so crudely by Jason too, feels almost as if she has gained a bigger brother, which she rather likes.

Comment from the Illustrator

If I remember correctly, ‘a normal and cute girl’ was the kind of instruction I received. I tried bringing out a kind of cliched cuteness that I’d always wanted to draw at some point. What do you think? A bit too much of a normal girl? Is that fine? I worried about that a lot. Personally, I like all of her ascensions. (Aotsuki Takao)

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