Chen Gong



  • Class: Caster
  • True Name: Chen Gong Gongtai
  • Sex: Male
  • Sources: Historical Fact / “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”
  • Region: China
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Height: 182cm
  • Weight: 60kg


  • Character Creator: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Designer: Wadarco
  • Character Voice: Madono Mitsuaki
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Territory Creation: [C]

As a Mage, one can create an advantageous position for themselves.

In addition to being able to prepare a Workshop that is used by military commanders to coordinate among themselves, Chen Gong also has a deep knowledge of tactical formations for times of war. However, since those tactical formations fundamentally use a general who possesses super-armed might as their reference point, the generality of those formations being employed effectively is low.

Tool Creation: [B]

One can create devices tinged with Magical Energy.

Although they turn out to be simple mechanisms, Lord Chen Gong can plan out devices such as tools made for castle sieging, so he really is an intelligent gentleman…

Personal Skills

Scapegoat: [E]

A technique that works as an even more narrow version of Human Observation.

It excels in ascertaining whether or not the human that became the target of this Skill will have their talents potentially bloom in the future – no matter what form they would take – and whether or not they will acquire a super-armed might of the type with a single breakthrough point.[1]

Advice of the Strategist: [B++]

A Skill given to Strategist Servants. By grasping and analyzing the state of affairs, one can give the correct advice to their allies.

This Skill originally stopped at “Rank B”, but there is now a “+”[2] modifier, derived from the fact that Lü Bu obeyed Chen Gong. In do-or-die situations, it possesses the possibility for Chen Gong to give “advice to his lord” that are better than those given out by Kongming.

Desire of the Strategist: [A]

Chen Gong ran through the battlefield together with the Hero of Betrayal/Lü Bu. Although Chen Gong is cold-hearted/cool-headed, he is also endowed with the beliefs and passions of a military man just like that. An oath from his soul to “die for the sake of his lord” and to “die together with his lord.” In other words, that became the long-cherished desire of the strategist.

It is a “Hero Creation” that can be done by Chen Gong, but limited to only Berserker-Class Servants.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Jijiao Yizhen (The Two-Pronged Single Formation)

  • Rank: C
  • Classification: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 10~50
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1~60 people

Chen Gong’s wretched Noble Phantasm that uses the surplus parts of the Five Soldiers of the God of War that were made at the time of developing that weapon… as an ultra-small Magic Circuit super accelerator, something that would not be noticed by anyone either… and it temporarily super-strengthens an ally, granting them super attack power as it makes them reach a supercritical state. It is something that gives big damage to his opponents by sacrificing one Servant from his own army. It is like “a Stella done with another person’s life.” It is the worst thing imaginable.

“Striking the strongest from the enemy side with the strongest from our side. What remains afterwards is a small fight between minor troops. Let us rally our troops then, no matter what the means are————”

That is Chen Gong’s stock phrase, the military commander reciting it in a refreshing tone while looking down on the enemy camp that became scattered due to his explosion.

In order to soften that excessively terrible impression, Chen Gong makes use of an illusionary art from a bamboo Magecraft strip originating from the ancient Xia Dynasty, camouflaging the scene so that it is seen like “When Chen Gong terrifically fires an arrow at the enemy camp, that enemy camp explodes for some reason.”



First Person Pronoun: watakushi
Second Person Pronouns: anatagata / anata / (name)-dono
Third Person Pronouns: arera / are / ○○ (without honorifics)
Chen Gong does not call anyone his Sovereign. He also calls someone his “Lord” when he simply speaks of an objective fact, as in “~If my Lord happens to say such a thing.”


Extremely cool, wretched, and very sadistic. Despite appearing to have a scholarly bent of mind, Chen Gong is aggressive. A rational person who is like iron, suppressing fear on the battlefield with rationality and indifferently conducting himself in a dignified manner. He is a gallant warrior, a cold-blooded strategist, and a stubborn person who would never bend his own beliefs. Although he is also good at fighting on the frontlines, he will further make use of betrayals, surprise attacks and the like as reasonable schemes too if it is for the sake of victory.

Although he impartially receives his opponents’ opinions/principles, Chen Gong will flatly reject them with “But I do not think that” and crushingly defeat them thoroughly. It seems that figure of his that does not appreciate the hearts of men is seen as a ruthless machine.

That sort of Chen Gong further holds that “behaving cold-bloodedly as a military man” and “behaving cold-bloodedly as a human being” should be differentiated as well. During war, Chen Gong nonchalantly carried out all kinds of secret schemes, and yet he has attached an importance to “the propriety of a human” regarding people whom are not involved in the battles. He perceived Cao Cao to be a talented person of the same type as himself and served him, but during the time when he became aware of Cao Cao as a person who does not think that those two types of people should be differentiated, Chen Gong broke his friendship with Cao Cao during that same day to the extent that he left him then and there.

In addition, although Chen Gong has talent as a strategist, he was an expert with the bow in the first place. But he could not obtain all under Heaven by merely being skillful with the bow. He cast away the bow and studied military tactics in depth, saying “Something like one’s individual armed might for example was of no importance.” That premature plan was crushed precisely at the time when he saw Lü Bu, who could aim at all under Heaven with merely “his individual martial arts”, and thereafter, it came to be that Chen Gong would act together with Lü Bu.

Attitude Towards Master

The wish Chen Gong wants to make on the Holy Grail is complicated; there is… the ambition he gave up on during his lifetime… “To rule over the country and make (as far as he is concerned) the ideal society”… but on the other hand, there is also the joy he has as a strategist: “To serve (as far as he is concerned) the ideal lord through thick and thin.”

From the standpoint of Chen Gong, who is a realist that has an aggressive personality and hates pointless toil, modern society was an answer of sorts to him. When that matter is examined from his viewpoint, he says “Ah, it turned out like this, yes? In that case, is this not alright? If it is assured that the number of people in society dying pointlessly is less than half the total population, then it is possible to say that society is going smoothly.”

One can say with confidence that ever since he became a Servant, the wish Chen Gong has as a strategist is being somewhat prioritized over his other wish, and he pushes his great expectations on his Master, his employer.
“Please, take care in being my Lord so that you can brilliantly run through the “plans” that I myself had thought of but given up on.”

Dialogue Examples

“General Lü Bu, what are you doing? Now is a good opportunity.

“Given that I am a strategist, it is natural that I am skillful in using people, right? But in my case, the benefit of “feeling good in using other people at least” is mixed in that point I just raised.”

Historical Character and Figure

A military commander during the closing years of China’s Later Han Dynasty Period. A person from Dongwuyang County, Dong Commandery, Yan Province. A strategist who won fame during a period when all under Heaven were in an upheaval.

Chen Gong served under Cao Cao – who would later become a supreme ruler – and had earned his trust, but Chen Gong would later rebel against Cao Cao and turn to Lü Bu – who was called a wicked person of the turbulent times who would seek advancement by any means – as his lord, before Chen Gong would then compete with Cao Cao for supremacy; however, at the end of several defeats, Chen Gong lost his life along with Lü Bu at Xiapi. Those last moments of his were a dialogue with Cao Cao in person and the execution of his penalty.

Character in FGO

Chen Gong, whose year of birth, origin and lineage were assumed to be unknown, is a descendant of China’s oldest civilization/the Xia Dynasty, and he is an engineer who inherited the documents and technologies of that civilization. Be that as it may, the weapons of the Xia Dynasty are not things humans can handle. Because they are merely things that cannot be handled by one if there is no Mystery (that is to say, no Magic Circuits) within their body, Chen Gong had ridiculed even those weapons, saying “This is such pointless knowledge”, but upon observing Lü Bu having indications of his whole body being filled with lightning, his stance became “Ah, I discovered a qualified person”, and it came to be that he was working hard on the development of Chinese gadgets. As Lü Bu had been tormented by a vigour that even he could not completely control by himself, the weapons provisioned to him by Chen Gong became altogether familiar to him, and since those weapons moreover appeased his anger for him as a result, it reached the point that Lü Bu was placing his trust in Chen Gong more and more.

Standard Weapons

Since Chen Gong is a strategist, his attacks are basically something like “He points at his opponents → Things such as arrows and thrown stones fly over there to attack them.” Because said person is also an expert with the bow, he will personally attack once in a while. He uses not only a bow, but also straight swords in a two-sword style. When he fights by himself, he looks excessively cool and stylish.

Lü Bu

Chen Gong’s lord who he has the most difficulty with, who he treats as the most useful, and who he was most charmed by.

“If General Lü happens to desire such things, then it cannot be helped, you know?
“————Well, humans will lose someday. And that day was today.”
That is the story when General Lü desires something.”

Red Hare Lü Bu

Lü Bu’s favourite horse was summoned as a Heroic Spirit for some reason. In order to ascertain that fact, Chen Gong rushed over to Chaldea.

“Hahahahaha. Well, depending on how you look at it, that thing can even look like Lord Lü Bu. As one would expect, the anecdotes of the Flying General under Heaven are profound. As long as you can even self-destruct for me, yes… I do not in the least care about anything else then.”

Sima Yi

Regarding the strategists whom appeared in the Three Kingdoms Period, this person was the most successful one among them. Even for Chen Gong, who finds out the flaws of someone without fail – no matter what sort of magnificent figure they are – and euphemistically points out those flaws, he can only hold his tongue in front of Sima Yi.

“… Well, if I was still alive back then, I might have criticized him by saying “It is difficult to approach him because that flawlessness of his which surpasses Kongming is too impeccable”, but… goodness gracious, for him to select a good-looking girl as his vessel is something unexpected. Even if it was for fun, I was completely defeated already. He is surely impregnable I tell you.”

Comment from the Illustrator

I got to formally go through Chen Gong’s design thoroughly, building upon his drifting design I drew in Lü Bu’s ED (Ending) in Fate/EXTELLA. His face is a rendition of Sugishita Ukyou’s face from around the time where the detective appeared in the AIBOU preseason!!! I decided on making him sexy, given that I was given a specification in designing him as though he was a fiendish strategist with glasses. It’s my own subjective view of the specification given to me. During his FGO debut, finding out that he was really that kind of character was so unthinkable to me, I laughed very, very hard so much. And because of that, I laughed hard just as much again when I actually gave him a try in-game too. (Wadarco)

TL Notes

[1] – This Skill description is for the Discerning Eye Skill, not the Scapegoat Skill. Considering that this flavour text is different from Waver’s and is meant for Chen Gong, I think Chen Gong should actually have the Discerning Eye Skill, but its description is mistakenly placed under the Scapegoat Skill, and thus the description for the Scapegoat Skill didn’t make it to this material profile.
[2] – This is supposed to be “++” like in Chen Gong’s game profile text instead of “+”.

Material Images

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