Christopher Columbus


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  • Class: Rider
  • True Name: Christopher Columbus
  • Alias: Resistance Rider
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Historical fact
  • Region: Spain
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 84 kg


  • Character Creator: Minase Hazuki
  • Character Illustrator: Moto Murabito
  • Character Voice: Ootsuka Houchuu
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerE
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

ClassSkill1: [A~E]

Magic Resistance: D

Able to invalidates single action magic usage.

A Magic Resistance on the same degree of an amulet that wards off magic energy.

Riding: B

Capable of operating most rides with above average capacity. However, he is unable to ride members of phantasmal kin.

Personal Skills

Voyager of the Storms: B

A Skill for sailing vessels, as well as assuming leaderships over groups of sailors and fleets.

In possession of both “Military Tactics” and “Charisma”.

However, even though he made use of his leadership strength during his first grand voyage, due to its unprecedented nature and severity it is considered that his sailors had been on the brink of mutiny.

Indomitable Will: C

The exceedingly firm will that will never, ever yield against any kind of pain, despair, or situation.

In his case, the targets are those defined as “all manners of difficulties that obstruct him from realizing his dream.”

It is less instantaneous power of resistance against difficulties and more of his way of being leading towards the power of persistence of “never, ever giving up”.

Yes-----as long as one never gives up, their dream will definitely come true.

Conquistador: EX

Spanish for “conqueror”.

The skill of the one who had conquered the undeveloped land at the end of his voyage during the Age of Exploration. Denotes the ability of invading, ruling, pillaging, and enslaving undeveloped lands.

Strictly speaking, conquistadors also refers to those who had conquered the continent of America, the outcome of their voyage; but as its origin-----as the first one who generated the concept of "a conqueror from Spain", Columbus possesses this skill at EX rank.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Santa Maria - Drop Anchor: Exploration of the New World

  • Rank: A
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~30
  • Max. Targets: 200 units

Santa Maria - Drop Anchor.

The actualization of the most famed first voyage.

The flag ship Santa Maria that he had once sailed on appears, docks (even in the middle of the land), and then-----in accordance to his instruction, accomplishes everything it must accomplishes.

It is the order of the ship's captain to begin the plundering: "Santa Maria, drop your anchor".

It may just be a coincidence so that he would be considered a devout Christian, but…

One can also interpret “Santa Maria - Drop Anchor” as a slang for “O Holy Mother of Maria, go choke a darkie”. [1]

[1] this is considerably much ruder in jp than in english. Also, BMCMIIW



  • First pronoun: ore
  • Second pronoun: omaesan/omae/** (no honorifics)
  • Third pronoun: yatsu/aitsu/** (no honorifics)


A somewhat evil (heinous) old man who really, really loves his gold.

As long as it means he could get some, he’d persevere to any length and even play the role of a good guy.

He has the disposition of an explorer, as well as the ambiance of a scumbag treasure hunter.

He makes his desire a priority in regards to everything.

If someone were to say “Slavery is evil” to him, he’d be able to comprehend it as a piece of information (Well, if that’s what everybody says), but he wouldn’t be able to understand the real meaning behind it (But come now, the damn thing’s just so profitable and convenient).

As long as his desire (dreams) lays beyond, he would never give up on it.

Attitude Towards Master

The wish he has upon the Holy Grail is, obviously, “gold and fame”.

He treats the Master as a fellow accomplice in earning money.

A Master who find earning some money to feel good is a good Master; a Master who make a fuss of morals and justice is a bad Master.

Upon being summoned in Chaldea, the human history being incinerated means money is simply out of the question; and so he reluctantly cooperates.

Because he operates while calculating profit and loss, he understands that disobedience brings nothing to the table.

However, left with any gap and he will carry out his own desire.

Dialogue Examples

“For men: food, gold, and women!”

“I’ll trade it with this glass bead!”

“Don’t you be meddling with my slave… cough my mates here!”

“It ain’t matter whether your dream is to save the world or to get them golds. What I’m teaching you is simply this-----“giving up” is the enemy of all dreams.”

Historical Character and Figure

The first Christian Caucasian to reach the waters of America during the great age of exploration.

His titles comprise of many things.

An explorer, adventurer, sailor, and possibly-----

Contrary to his degree of fame, his origin as well as the first half of his life are wrapped in mystery.

It was around the year of 1480 that he got the idea and confidence of the westward course.

However, it was difficult to find the expenses and patron for the voyage, and it took quite a long time before he managed to actually depart.

In 1492, Columbus finally crossed the Atlantic Ocean with three ship; the flagship Santa Maria, the Niña, and the Pinta. On the verge of the insecure sailors' rebellion, they managed to reach the ocean of America and discovered the San Salvador Island.

The first thing Columbus did upon reaching his destination was--

plundering the valuable things from the native people there and took them as slaves.

There's nothing stopping him anymore now that he had discovered a new world.

Soon, second voyage took place, and new islands were found one after another.

Of course, the slaughter, rape, and plundering of the natives by the Spaniards led by Columbus hadn't stop--

During his life, Columbus had had 4 voyages across the Atlantic Ocean; however, during his last years he was met with cold reception from his supporters, and ended up visited with numerous manners of desperation.

He died in Spain on the 20th of May, 1506.

Character in FGO

A figure filled with absolute selfishness.

Upon believing the western course validity, he spent no less than 10 years until the practical departure across the Atlantic Ocean for raising funds and searching for patrons.

On the other hand, one can also say that he had continued on dedicating the precious 10 years of his life for only the sake of his own desire.

“I want to profit! Likewise, I’ll make you guys profit as well! So why the hell aren’t you coughing up the dough!?”

Such was his outcry towards many feudal lords and kings for more than 10 years-----

He possessed that much strong of a desire, as well as the conviction towards his plan…. His “dream”.

Being eloquent and skilled, he naturally has no qualms with deception and lies if it’s for the sake of achieving his desire.

If it’s for his eventual, maximum gain, he would probably even conceal his desire midway.

“Keep on moving forward, and your dreams will definitely come true! So don’t you ever give up!”


Just by what means was Columbus engraved in the history of man as a Heroic Spirit?

For that he is strong? Nay.

For that he is superior? Nay.

For that he had achieved an exploit of which it was impossible for anyone else? Nay.

It is simply that-----he never gave up. More so than anyone else.

This is a rare man who went down to history simply against the “evil of giving up”.

That might be how the man known as Christopher Columbus is.

There are none who would not approve of such a foundation as a Heroic Spirit, such magnificent strength to carry out the conviction he holds on to. Yet------

The issue in that would be, that the framework of good and evil simply is not included in the full picture.

Pirate Servants

Ain’t like I’m strictly a pirate though.

Still, if you’re taking me to an interesting treasure island, I sure would accompany you, yeah?

Leonardo da Vinci

…..You sure are different from what I heard, eh…


Can’t say I find sinister plans agreeable.

…...So how much profit are we talking about here?

Queen of Sheba

Got some dainty business talk?

I sure wouldn’t mind getting a piece of that.

Comment from the Illustrator

This time, I received the responsibility of a unique Servant, even within FGO. I incorporated every preference and image that I could have with grandiose dream, hope, and grand ambition of aiming for the new continent that none had ever accomplished as the foundation. I’ve had a had bunch of thinking, but I do wonder whether or not I fortunately managed to complete a beyond expectation, austere, intense never-give-up-and-your-dream-will-definitely-come-true figure of Columbus. (I would have never thought that the massive quantity of different expressions would all be accepted.) Also, I’d like to use this chance to convey my deepest gratitude towards everyone whose assistance I had received. Thank you so much. (Moto Murabito)

(might I add that Columbus minus tunic looks p good. He looks more down to earth.

Also santa maria felt small? At least for a grand voyage type ship)

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