• Class: Caster
  • True Name: Circe
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: Greek mythology
  • Origin: Europe
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Height: 147 cm
  • Weight: 39 kg


  • Character Creator: Hoshizora Meteo
  • Character Illustrator: Hidari
  • Character Voice: Akaneya Himika
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA+
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Territory Creation: [B]

Makes a territory advantageous to oneself as a mage.

The feast of abundant crops becomes an “altar” to extol the goddess Hecate.

Item Construction: [A]

Can create tools tinged with mana.

The medical arts directly transmitted by the goddess who rules over life and death, Hecate, bring surprising mutations to the user.

Personal Skills

High-Speed Divine Words: [B]

Can activate magecraft without an incantation/connecting the Magic Circuits.

The words possessing power of the Age of Gods can’t be pronounced by modern people.

Poisoned Meal: [A]

A meal refers to food gathered at the dining table.

The treat that turned sailors into pigs is kykeon.

Advice for Sailing: [A]

For the setting off of the one who fears the witch’s wisdom and knows the goddess’ love, she grants useful advice to overcome hardships.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Metabo Piglets: Forbidden revelry

  • Rank: C
  • Type: Anti-Unit
  • Range: 1
  • Maximum number of targets: 1 person

Metabo Piglets.

A Reality Marble of summoning.

The boorish fellow invited to the luxurious banquet space is trampled by the beloved pigs of the witch Circe, “piglets”.

Pleasant and noisy, a fearsome banquet of magecraft that stuffs you up until bursting. Those who have learned the taste of ecstasy, will desire to degenerate into a beloved pig of their own will.



  • First person pronoun: 私 (watashi)
  • Second person pronoun: きみ (kimi) / 愛豚 (ピグレット) (piglet)
  • Third person pronoun: 彼 (kare) / 彼女 (kanojo)


Likes: Flawed human males that rely on her. Treating to the oat porridge “kykeon”.

Dislikes: Men getting bored of her, being unilaterally protected.

While she’s intelligent, her speech and conduct are, like a witch, ignored in some respects.

She likes to gallantly entertain visitors.

Without showing timidity to anyone, she receives with an attitude without decorations, but on the other hand if anything she’s introverted and has a strong desire for monopoly. Weak when pushed, easy to lapse.

She is harmless for a short time, but as the association deepens, she’ll shorten the distance and her affection will get heavier. As many partners that neglected being loved, there wasn’t a single person who personally wanted to say goodbye. Excluding the hero Odysseus.

The reason why her proudly beautiful hair, praised even by Homeros, was drastically cut short starting from certain time, was due to her experiencing a hard heartbreak that overwhelmed her.

She doesn’t speak ill of men, but protects them to the maximum and reacts favorably to them. Still, in the scenes where it must be said, she’ll daringly employ magecraft.

With women she’s basically dry and indifferent. She often doesn’t even remember their names. Still, since she gives a sharp opinion without including her personal feelings if she’s consulted, there are also those who say she’s easy to get along with. To only a small part of the women she gets along with, there has been such a thing as her occasionally showing her feelings and whining.

Attitude Towards Master

She understands well that she’s a Servant. Her faithfulness isn’t influenced by the gender of the Master.

By relying on her deeds and knowledge in magecraft, she feels comfort and joy, and serves gallantly.

If the bond deepens, even though confused, she will seek love and freedom.

Dialogue Examples

「Fufu, fufu. I understood it all! You too want to become a piglet!」

「No matter what you do, I’ll endure. As long as I want us to be together. So… Don’t go…」

「If we’re talking about any specialty besides magecraft, I guess that would be singing and weaving. And of course, the skill of cooking. Yes, not as much as Hestia, but seeing it like this I’m quite domestic, am I not? And above all, inside the bedroom[2] I’m a quite efficient… What’s wrong?! I’ll turn you into a pig! I’LL TURN YOU INTO A PIG!」

「The Holy Grail, huh…? If I said that unfulfilled wishes are what shape the existence of me, the witch Circe… Would you laugh?」

「I’m a great witch?!」「Eat some kykeon?」

Historical Character and Figure

She appears in Homeros’ epic 『The Odyssey』.

The renowned witch of myth that lived in the Eëa island.

Speaking of witches that were considered the subject of poems and pictures identified her so much that Circe became a byword for witches.

Originally a goddess[1] that governs the moon and love with a genealogical connection to the goddess Hecate.

She warmly received the human men that visited her island with a treat, but when they had enough, she’d turn them into animals like lions, wolves, or pigs.

Her elder brother was Aeëtes (Medea’s father/king of Colchis). Her elder sister was Pasiphaë (Asterios’ mother/wife of Crete’s king, Minos).

When she offered love counsel to the sea god Glaucos, she was rejected for an illicit love by Glaucos, her envy increased, and she turned the other maiden, Scylla, into a monster. This Scylla would later eat six of Odysseus’ subordinates.

The hero Odysseus stopped by the Eëa island during his return to his hometown, was offered Circe’s poisoned oat porridge, and since he broke that magic with Hermes’ protection, he ended up being expressly liked by her. When Odysseus left, she gave him helpful advice to avoid hardship in the journey.

Character in FGO

Investigating the medical arts instructed by the goddess Hecate, she dispenses magical medicines with various effects.

She assisted in the learning of magecraft of her niece Medea when she was young (in other words, Medea Lily).

In addition to the episode of the chance meeting with Odysseus, the Argonauts led by the hero Jason headed to the Eëa island, and she helped in the purification of the cursed Argo ship.

Her alias of “The Witch of Hawks” derives from her father, the Sun god Helios, and the 「winged words」 that appraise the appearance of a witch’s power.

Standard Weapons

Free mana projections from Hecate’s staff.

During non-battle time, she determines the direction of mutations with magical medicine, and goes through the process of pouring the necessary mana from the staff.

By brandishing a golden cup filled with deadly poison that can alter space, she can also summon mythological monsters.


At least the you in Chaldea don’t seem to be unhappy.

You became a good woman.

……Weh?! Fist of Defeattt?! I didn’t teach you that!!

Medea Lily

Demonic remodeling is…… Is there any meaning in remodeling a Demon God Pillar…?


Such an earnest child from that little sister…… Truly a mischief from the gods!

Ah jeez, you can call me Aunt though! Stop doing it in public!


The princess of the forest. The goddess Hecate and the goddess Artemis have a close relationship, so don’t you feel some affinity?

That lifestyle of not relying on men is relieving and the best.


Looking at him makes me think deeply about the true strength of a hero.

He’s a man looking like an exhibition of a hero’s flaws, though.




……Gah……Kh……Gigghgh……Nyunyuu……. (lying on a room’s corner in a fetal position[3] and trembling)


No no no, please wait, I’m er, a completely different person from that Alci-whatever witch![4] To begin with, I hear her figure is superb, and don’t tell me about changing lover knights repeatedly. To mistake me with that woman… Eh, don’t say 「Is that so?」, don’t agree so easily! How extremely rude, these stupid paladins are!

Comment from the Illustrator

When designing Circe, for the clothes I thought about showing the silhouette instead of making it simple to match the corresponding times. As if the element of 「hawk」 was necessary as well, I continued with the design with a feeling of breaking through one point with big feathers in the whole surface. The point of the pose on her first stage coupled with her whole body being covered was that you couldn’t even know if she had arms. (Hidari)

TL Notes:

[1]: Her profile in FGO called her a demigod (半神) but here they call her a goddess (女神) for no reason.

[2]: It’s interesting to note that she uses 閨 for “bedroom”, which usually is used for a married couple’s room. Also, why lewd the loli when the loli already lewds herself on her own?

[3]: ミジンコ寝かして, literally “lying down like a water flea”. From what I’ve found it’s a trending hashtag in Japan for pictures of pets sleeping like in a fetal position.

Here’s an example: https://sociorocketnewsen.files.word...9/04/df-31.png

[4]: Reference to Alcina, heavily based on Circe. Also, teaser for Charles & co. in the Greek LB?

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