Crypters Profiles and Illustrator Comments


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Profiles are from Material VIII and illustrator comments from Material VII.

Kadoc Zemlupus

  • Height: 174cm
  • Weight: 57kg
  • Born in: Poland
  • Talents: Anti-Beast Magecraft, erasing his scent, survival in the wild.
  • Likes: Modern music in general (mainly rock).
  • Dislikes: Talented mages.
  • Complicated feeling for the rest of his life: Tsarina.


A slim silver-haired young man.
Despite his lineage and wits as a mage being both mediocre, he was selected as a member of the A-Team because he displayed high Master Aptitude values.
Together with the icy Tsarina, he’s the first assailant standing the protagonists’ way in the Lostbelts.

Comment from the Illustrator

When I received the info about Kadoc, I got impressed with how well this character understands how high he is in the hierarchy. My feeling is that since he knows so well what doesn’t work with him, he chooses to wear only clothes and piercings that do look good on him… When he’s standing next to Anastasia, it feels like he doesn’t deserve to be there but that’s still the place that feels right for him to be… The perfect fit, don’t you agree? Doesn’t it sound a lot less bad when I put it that way? (Araya Hachino)

Ophelia Phamrsolone

  • Height: 166cm
  • Weight: 48kg
  • Born in: Germany
  • Talents: Spiritual Evocation, Summoning, Mystic Eye of Delay, baking.
  • Likes: Käsetorte, Lindt chocolate, Kirschtaria.
  • Dislikes: Sundays.


A woman wearing an eyepatch over her right eye.
She sworn her loyalty to Kirschtaria Wodime and acts like a subordinate to him.
She strives to behave as a cool-headed and intellectual secretary, but she can’t hide her good heart.
She refers to the Servant she summoned as “Knight”, but it’s unknown if that Heroic Spirit really is a knight.
She was part of Spiritual Evocation Department in the Clock Tower.

Comment from the Illustrator

Since she was a tragedy heroine, I tried to imagine a character that would look more beautiful than ever on the moment she died. From the character profile I received, I wondered if her character would be in a constant mental breakdown, but in the actual story she was written as quite calm. Well done, Ophelia. One of the suggestions in the commission was “gothic clothes” and I still kinda want to draw that. (La-na)

Akuta Hinako

  • Height: 160cm
  • Weight: 49kg
  • Born in: Japan
  • Talents: History (biased towards one region and era), phytotherapy, feeding animals.
  • Likes: Reading, trekking (off-season only).
  • Dislikes: Noisy ambiences, crowds, being pried.


A wandering mage invited to Chaldea as a scientist.
She’s unsociable and apathetic but not necessarily a bad person.
Since she used to be an aristocrat (a refined person who received high level education), she values decorum and preferred destiny to be less chaotic.

Comment from the Illustrator

A very long time after I had delivered Yu Mei-ren’s design, I got commissioned to design Hinako… and I remember making her exactly how the story required her to be. Looking now, it’s a pretty plain design, but I don’t think it’s a design I could have made if hadn’t drawn Yu Mei-ren before. Because I have this belief that if I’m getting called to be a guest designer I need to stand out to make it worth it… The “The Silent Woof” book she’s seen holding was based on a copy of “The Silent Miaow” I randomly found in my work office… She hasn’t removed the Book Off sticker from the cover. Seeing Hinako’s reveal was deeply emotional moment for me because it had already been two years since I first designed Yu Mei-ren. (toi8)

Scandinavia Peperoncino

  • Height: 188cm
  • Weight: 75kg
  • Born in: Unknown
  • Talents: Love fortunes, shugendou, dirty jobs.
  • Likes: Positivity, reconciliation, Prince Charming.
  • Dislikes: Negativity, crows, diets.


A person full of mysteries, including his name, race and age.
He supposedly is the oldest among the seven.
The Crypter meetings tend to get tense but he’s always there to calm the mood and make everything run amicably.
He’s a man of feminine sensitivities and he loves being that way.
His motto is “Always be fun, friendly and smooth”.

Comment from the Illustrator

I believe he’s a person who cares for his inner beauty. I believe he doesn’t care if others consider him beautiful, but he has an absolute need to consider himself beautiful. And maybe he also sees beauty in almost everything. I want a kiss from his last Command Spell. (pako)

Kirschtaria Wodime

  • Height: 187cm
  • Weight: 74kg
  • Born in: England
  • Talents: Astrology, Astromancy, High-Speed Incantation.
  • Likes: Walking, fencing, baking.
  • Dislikes: Failure caused by lack of information, thick clothing, alcohol.


The leader of the Crypters.
The traitor of humanity, who welcomed the Blank Earth Phenomenon, erasing Pan-Human History.
He has some signs of elitism, but there is a valid logic behind the imagined future he leads people towards.
This young man may look like a cold and composed aristocratic scion, but he treats people kindly and never imposes his authority on others.
He’s confident without being arrogant. Cool-headed without being cold-blooded.
Although he’s the greatest traitor ever in the eyes of the humanity up to the year 2017, his goals and ideals are beneficial to humanity and undeniably a great turning point.
He established a line of Magecraft that allows him to defeat Servants while still human.
His mage lineage has been in the Department of Astromancy since before the Earth became blank, and for that reason he was never treated as a threat, as his theory was regarded as genius on paper but impossible to put to practice.

Comment from the Illustrator

I remember it took a lot of trial and error to get his style as leader right, with the hardest part being making him stop looking a loser… I was trying to represent a prestigious mage that’s not conceited and I think I did it. Since he’s harder to imagine in casual outfits compared to the other Crypters, I hope I do get this chance to draw in a more lighthearted situation. I created his staff supposing it’s an ancient Mystic Code rebuilt with every replaceable part replaced for better modern materials. Did you know that spherical jewel is apparent made to peek at the universe? (Hirokazu Koyama)

Beryl Gut

  • Height: 185cm
  • Weight: 75kg
  • Born in: Great Britain
  • Talents: Witchcraft, fashion, gardening.
  • Likes: Pitiable people, interesting people.
  • Dislikes: People having fun, boring people.


A mage recruited as the team’s main fighter.
He’s normally a talkative and sociable young man, but when he gets serious, he turns into a malicious and ferocious serial killer.
He may look thuggish at first glance, but he’s an understanding gentleman when you actually talk to him.
He likes to brag about his very sociable and philanthropic personality.

Comment from the Illustrator

I made his facial expressing aiming to make something of a dangerous but reliable bro. Same goes for his height. I want to learn how make chest hair look better. I’m dying to see how his not yet revealed characterization and his connections to the other characters will play out in the story. (Shounen Sasaki)

Daybit Sem Void

  • Height: 179cm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Born in: Nevada, USA
  • Talents: None in particular.
  • Likes: Unique people.
  • Dislikes: Nothing in particular.


A cool-headed young man, a little lacking in humanity.
Silent, emotionless and expressionless. All the right ingredients to ruin a conversation.
His no-nonsense attitude makes people describe him as “like a robot”, but it would be a lot more accurate to describe him as a game animal doing everything it can to survive. The simple beauty of the wild.
Marisbilly considered him the one with the highest Rayshift aptitude of all and his skills were also in the top tier among the Masters gathered by Chaldea, but due to his unsociable personality, he was given the role of supporting from the shadows instead of being the team leader.
Although the other team members acknowledge his abilities, his complete lack of cooperativeness made Wodime a preferable choice for the leader position.

Comments from the Illustrator

From the start, I was given a very detailed description of what Daybit should look like, so I got the design done on my second try (on the first try I misunderstood the prompt and sent in a wild man with his huge muscles exposed). He may not look like a character with a lot of facial variety, but he has multiple expressions with very subtle differences, so please do your best to tell them apart…! (Keitarou Takahashi)