Emiya (Assassin)



  • Class: Assassin
  • True Name: Emiya
  • Sex: Male
  • Source: —
  • Region: The Far East
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 175cm
  • Weight: 63kg


  • Character Creators: Nasu Kinoko and Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Designer: AKIRA
  • Character Voice: Koyama Rikiya
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB*
LuckE (EX)
Noble PhantasmB++

*The Magical Power Parameter is C-rank in the game profile

Class Skills

Presence Concealment: [A+]

A Skill to erase one’s presence.

When activated, it is almost impossible for the user to be perceived, even if they are a Servant. However, during the moment of them preparing an attack, the effect will be drastically diminished.

Independent Action: [A]

It is primarily a distinct Skill of the Archer Class. A Skill granted to Emiya because he grew accustomed to mobilizing unaided since when he was alive. Even without a Magical Energy supply from his Master, it becomes possible for him to remain materialized for about a week at most.

Personal Skills

Magecraft: [B]

Emiya has learned Magecraft. From another angle, because he understands Magecraft, he consequently excels at the methods of killing mages. With this Skill’s ranking, by all rights, it works as a bonus for all sorts of checks during the moments of doing combat against Casters.

Affection of the Holy Grail: [A+]

Emiya is being deeply loved by the Greater Holy Grail itself of some era. That love is even equivalent to the world’s greatest curse. Due to the existence of this Skill, his Luck rank is being flipped up to even outside the standard. Without meeting specific conditions, it is possible for him to even break through the abilities of enemy Servants that cannot be typically broken through. However, this good luck is also something that mercilessly steals the happiness of others. He himself is not aware of the existence of this Skill, and he sometimes does not even hear the “voices” being whispered to him by the Holy Grail.

Scapegoat: [C]

A set of crafty techniques for one to survive the battlefield.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Chronos Rose: Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May

  • Rank: B
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~10
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

“Time flows, and even though the flower smiles to this day, it shall completely wither away tomorrow.”

An ability to manipulate one’s own time flow. It is an ability Emiya possessed during his lifetime that uses “Innate Time Control (Time Alter)” as the basis, and it is a technique that has “Time Manipulation”, the magical research transmitted down his family lineage, reformed for the use of combat.

Common uses of this include Emiya performing high-speed attacks and movements according to the acceleration of his time flow and covert actions by stagnating his biorhythms according to the deceleration of his time flow. Due to this power that has been sublimated as a Noble Phantasm, it becomes possible for super consecutive attacks where when using them, he might as well be called invincible in Anti-Personnel Combat.

Phantasm Punishment: Mystery Bisection

  • Rank: C+
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 0~2
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

A knife that has the power of the double attributes of “Severing” and “Binding” – Emiya’s own Origin – put into it. It causes fatal damage to opponents that possess either Magic Circuits, Magic Crests or anything similar to those inside their bodies. It is the same knife he has been using for his common time manipulation attacks. Its true ability is invoked according to its True Name Release.



First Person Pronoun: boku
Second Person Pronouns: anta / ○○
Third Person Pronouns: yatsu / kare / kanojo


Emiya has few emotions – an authentic battle machine. He will definitely kill his targets promptly, without hesitation, and without losing his way. That state of being is the adolescent Kiritsugu Emiya himself. Speaking of that furthermore, it is close to his mentality immediately following the moment where he killed his own mentor, Natalia Kaminski, as the “Mage Killer”.

Attitude Towards Master

For Emiya, who exists as an agent of the Counter Force, he has no personal motives. If anything, the Restoration of the Human Order surely becomes the purpose of his actions.

Towards the Master, Emiya boldly declares that they will be “unable to cooperate”, and it may not be understood that the reason he says that is because he very much does not prefer to be on a united front. Still, in the event that they do deepen their bonds by any chance, it seems he will occasionally express different remarks from what he usually speaks, if possible.

Dialogue Examples

“Dirty work again?… Just fine with me. It’s always like that.”

“Target, clear.”

“You think that’s cowardice? If so, it’ll be your downfall.”

“Aren’t you mistaking me for someone else?”

“In the end, this is no more than what I’m capable of. An Assassin Servant… For this to be the fate of an Ally of Justice… it’s a decent black joke————”

Historical Character and Figure

————An assassin who materialized as an agent of the Counter Force.

Emiya is essentially not a Heroic Spirit. Although he is an individual who killed many people as an assassin, his existence has not been engraved on the Throne of Heroes. An “imitation Heroic Spirit” referred to as a Guardian, and moreover, someone who does not exist in the proper human history. This “what-if that probably would have been possible” exists now only due to the threat that attempts to destroy human history itself from its very foundations… in the Grand Order case alone.

As a result of the Einzbern family not adopting the strategy of hiring an outside Master, Emiya did not meet with his wife who he was bound to meet; consequently, he neither separated from said wife, nor did he suffer discouragement that would come because of that separation; as a consequence, that heart of steel remained as steel, and before one would know it, his emotions completely withered away as well; thus, his soul was called out to the Ring of Deterrence.


“Einzbern’s homunculus. She’s supposed to be an unfamiliar companion, and yet, just why do even my gaze find itself drawn towards her like this…?”

Emiya (Archer) / Illyasviel

“When I’m near them, I have complicated feelings. I don’t get the reason why.”

Jaguar Man

“She always looks this way so strangely, but still… What is it?”


“That’s right, you too.”


“No. You’re easy to understand.”

Lord El-Melloi II

“You… I don’t understand.”

Comment from the Illustrator

I received an assignment with the fundamental lines of a red hood and tanned skin to go in the direction of making people mistake his identity for Emiya (Archer), and it resulted in this appearance. While Emiya still has a Hero’s charm that is a little like in the olden days, it would have been nice if I produced something that gives off a sort of a prototype impression, you know; although I intended on drawing him a bit younger rather than drawing his appearance in his prime that is known primarily by his acquaintances, I wondered if I made his substance not quite complete yet too as he is surely identical to his prime appearance, or something like that, but as expected, there was an immense pressure put on me. After that, I wondered if I can do THIS and THAT successfully to capture the different nuances of his face in the anime version, Mr. Takeuchi’s version, etc., and although I would not think about this matter to be thoughtlessly overambitious of me, I thought too hard about it, became frightened and fainted in agony afterwards. (AKIRA)

Material Images

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