The King of the Cavern — Edmond Dantès



  • Class: Avenger
  • True Names: The King of the Cavern / Edmond Dantès
  • Sex: Male
  • Source: “The Count of Monte Cristo” Novel by Dumas
  • Region: France
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 185cm
  • Weight: 75kg


  • Character Creator: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Designer: Komatsuzaki Rui
  • Character Voice: Shimazaki Nobunaga
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Avenger: [A]

One’s state of being as an avenger that gathers people’s hatred and resentment onto themselves; a way of being that became a Skill.

Although it is easy for the hostility from his surroundings to be directed towards him, negative emotions directed towards Avenger will automatically be converted into his power.

Oblivion Correction: [B]

People, who are living beings, will be forgetful of many things, but an avenger never forgets. An avenger’s attacks, which strike from beyond the people’s lapses of memory, will have their critical hit effects strengthened.

Self-Restoration (Magical Energy): [D]

One’s Magical Energy endlessly surges until their revenge is accomplished. Recovers a minuscule amount of Magical Energy every turn.

Personal Skills

Determination of Steel: [EX]

The dynamism and mind of steel of the man who walked on the path of revenge throughout his entire life after breaking out of the Château d’If (Tower of If) prison – which was even called the Hell on this Earth – becoming a Skill. A complete blockade of Dantès’ sense of pain, resulting in effects such as the acquisition of a superhuman mind and body that is even able to endure ultrahigh-speed actions. It is a composite Skill that also primarily contains the effects of the Valour Skill and the Calm and Collected Skill.

Wisdom from Predicaments: [A]

The ability to call upon Luck with a precedence in critical situations. The wisdom brought about by the abundant knowledge Dantès received from Abbe Faria as well as by his own natural intelligence. By combining this with the special characteristics of his Extra Class, it becomes possible for him to use the “Tool Creation” Skill, which is primarily a Caster’s Class Skill, at Rank B.

The Golden Rule: [A]

The King of the Cavern attained everlasting wealth and political power by obtaining the “hidden treasure” told of by Abbe Faria in the Château d’If, so money is hardly a matter for him to be troubled with.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Monte Cristo Mythologie: The King of the Cavern

  • Rank: C
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: —
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

Monte Cristo Mythologie (Monte Cristo Mythology). Dantès, who had materialized as a Servant, is not that one who was saved at the end of his repentance and reform, but rather, he is really that “King of the Cavern” who swooped down upon Paris while seething with a desire for revenge, living as the personification of vengeance. Even though he does not fall under any sort of Class, his flesh had materialized as the Extra Class Avenger, transforming into a Noble Phantasm that sublimated that way of life (one theory is that the “14 relics” he encountered by chance during his lifetime are at least related to this).

Besides allowing him the use of Magical Energy brought forth from his deep-seated grudges as poisonous flames that bring about death, this Noble Phantasm allows Dantès to not receive any kind of poison, and it reduces the effects of mental interferences. It is also possible to even conceal his own status and Class, displaying false information.

If its True Name is released, the grudges amassed within Dantès himself scatter to his surroundings all at once————resulting in his enemies falling into a dilemma where they will begin to suspect and kill each other by mistake.

Enfer Château d’If: Tyger, Burning Bright

  • Rank: A
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel/Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~20
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1~100 people

Enfer Château d’If (Hell House of If). Dantès’ mental strength of steel cultivated in the hellish Château d’If and transformed into a Noble Phantasm. Not to mention the body, the King of the Cavern can also escape from even abstract prisons such as time and space. By conducting ultrahigh-speed thinking to an extent that is impossible for human beings and forcibly reflecting that on his body, he subjectively realizes ultrahigh-speed movements that is even equivalent to the use of a “Time Stop”.

In “Fate/Grand Order”, Dantès performs a simultaneous multi-attack by means of the “clones” consequently created by his high-speed movements. The flames of dark grudges formed according to his Magical Energy are released from his multiple clones, giving damage to his target(s).

Attendre, Espérer: Wait, and Hope

  • Rank: B
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~50
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

Attendre, Espérer (Wait, and Hope). A streak of a dazzling, shining hope, existing in the middle of one’s darkness that was filled with atrocities, despair and regrets. All human wisdom can be agglomerated into these two words. Namely: “Wait, and Hope”————

An unbelievable recovery Noble Phantasm. On top of completely restoring one person around Avenger’s own position even from the verge of death (condition of being unable to fight), all of that person’s Parameters are temporarily Ranked-Up.



First Person Pronouns: ore / sometimes watashi
Second Person Pronouns: omae / kisama
Third Person Pronouns: yakko / kare / kanojo


An avenger to fate and reality. The Count of Monte Cristo always hates the irrationality and malice that is generally in the world. In that case apparently, it appears that his hatred is even projected towards the whole world except on himself, but he is never a demon that hates people who are proven to be innocent. He surely hates, and continues to deny, reality itself that reigns while it is full of immoralities and atrocities.

Dantès defines himself as the “Vengeful Demon of Eternity”. He is full of roughness and violence, hurting every person who approaches him, but————

Attitude Towards Master

To the Master who does battle in order to rescue human history from its incineration, the Count of Monte Cristo has two forms to select from. Namely, the form of his current self that was revealed as “the self (Edmond Dantès) that was trifled with by vicious fate and reality”, and the form as “a person who got close to the self (The King of the Cavern) that materialized as the idol of hatred.”

Particularly regarding the latter form, before long, it seems the Count of Monte Cristo will surely recognize the profile of the Master who continues to struggle, seemingly remembering at first Abbe Faria, his benefactor, or Haydée, a princess of a ruined country.

“He is not Abbe Faria.”
“She is not Haydée.”
“Of course, this form is not even the self that shows my very own self. The Master who walks together with me is just one person in the past, present and future. Even though, the others should not be here. If that is the case, the feelings embraced then is also the sole thing that must be there, and not here.”

Dialogue Examples

“————Wait, and Hope.”

“I hold no pity. Freely crumble to dust.”

“The path I conquer is endless. I will show it to you as well… what lies there beyond love and hate.”

“Just like that Father, will you show me the way, I wonder?”

“… What… are you? To even accompany me in this way, as though… no, you are different from Haydée. You… are you.”

Historical Character and Figure

The person who possesses the world’s highest popularity as an avenger. His popular names are known as “The Count of Monte Cristo” and “The King of the Cavern”. Due to a false charge derived from an unscrupulous conspiracy, Edmond Dantès was imprisoned in the hellish Tower of If (Château d’If), but he did not fall into despair despite that because of his mind of steel, and eventually, he acquired the treasure of Monte Cristo Island and swooped down upon Paris————It was said that he dealt with the many influential people reigning over France, namely, the people who once deceived him, and pulled them down to Hell.

That stern way of life, the revenge tragedy that concealed his identity, his love and attachment towards his lover Mercedes – which were trampled on and snatched away from him – and his journey that led to his reform because of his anguish and remorse, are all acclaimed by people not only from France, but also from around the world, and Dantès is remembered as “the most famous avenger in the world.”

Although the story of the King of the Cavern is viewed as a literary creation of Alexandre Dumas père, it has been confirmed in modern times that “Abbe Faria”, the Father who guided Dantès when he was imprisoned in the Tower of If, existed…

Character in FGO

Although his True Name is indeed Edmond Dantès, he perceives himself as a different person from the “Edmond Dantès” who lived as a seaman from Marseille. “The reason is that “Edmond Dantès” gave up his evil nature at the end of an extremely gruesome revenge tragedy in Paris, but I, who materialized as a Servant, continue to exist in the “image of a Vengeful Demon”. That being the case, I am not Edmond”, or so he says.

“My name is the King of the Cavern (Monte Cristo). I do not know about love, nor do I know about compassion; only according to hatred and revenge would I establish myself as the black flames of deep-seated grudges that blaze with light; I am nothing but an Avenger who rages until everything ends in ashes.”

“My favourite mistress (Haydée) is nowhere in this world, so if that is the case, this body shall continue to exist only as a Vengeful Demon of Eternity”————

Standard Weapons

Dantès can carry out attacks by projecting his Magical Energy by means of his hatred. A dark Grudge effect occurs, causing damage to his enemy. It is fundamentally a poison where if one happens to essentially receive these attacks, in addition to the direct damage, it causes persistent damage and an abnormal Grudge status effect.

Amakusa Shirou

Dantès highly appreciates Amakusa’s way of life.

“That greed that intends to save the world… it is unmistakably the embodiment of human nature!”

Jeanne d’Arc

Dantès doubts Jeanne’s current state of life.

“There is no reason to believe that she is not harbouring the flames of vengeance, as if she was not betrayed by the world…”


Even if it is not because he can recognize this particular case as a Heroic Spirit, this Vengeful Demon caught a glimpse of Nightingale who holds to herself an unwavering conviction, something that is dazzlingly beautiful, of which the current state of her soul has even reached the domain of an idol.

Angra Mainyu

Dantès respects Angra Mainyu, for it is even possible to say that this one person is the original Avenger.

Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) / Jeanne Alter Santa Lily

Dantès is quietly observing their fates, for they had materialized as a new Avenger.

Comment from the Illustrator

I decided on a character that is constantly engulfed in black flames because of Dantès’ aspect – being called the embodiment of the desire for revenge, and I arrived at this design with that thought. (Komatsuzaki Rui)

Material Images

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