Edward Teach



  • Class: Rider
  • True Name: Edward Teach
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Historical fact
  • Region: Caribbean Sea
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 210 cm
  • Weight: 114 kg


  • Setting creation: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Character design: Bsuke
  • CV: Saizen Tadahisa
  • Main works appearance: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerD
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Riding: [-]

The Riding Skill is lost due to the Voyager of the Storms Skill.

Magic Resistance: [E]

Protects against magic. Incapable of invalidating it, but somewhat reduces the damage value.

Personal Skills

Voyager of the Storms: [A]

The ability for sailing vessels recognized as ships.

Because the ability as a group leader is also necessary, this is a special Skill that also combines the effect of Charisma and Military Tactics.

Blackbeard, most feared pirate in the Caribbean Sea, is an exceedingly superior sailor who conducts himself brazenly. He is feared, believe it.

Pirate's Honor: [B]

A unique skill born from a pirate's peculiar sense of values.

Combines low rank Mental Pollution, Bravery, and Battle Continuation. He would get violent towards his underlings without warning, but at the same time he also possesses the bravery to savagely charge towards a line of swords and rain of bullets.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Queen Anne's Revenge - Vengeance of Queen Anne

  • Rank: C++
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~20
  • Maximum target: 300 person

Queen Anne's Revenge.

The ship that Blackbeard once had actually boarded on. Originally it was a French ship, but due to Blackbeard plundering it, it had become the pirate ship known as Queen Anne's Revenge.

After beginning by launcing an artillery attacks using its 40 canons, Blackbeard would then put a savage assault to the enemy ship together with his underlings, who have turned into low ranked spirits (they are nameless and without any understanding of themselves other than as "Blackbeard's underlings").

The monster ship specialized in plundering.

Such an overwhelming amount of violence seems to be quite notable among the numerous Noble Phantasms.

In addition, as long as this ship is on the sea, it manifests as a "continously deployed Noble Phantasm". It is capable of advancing to either the land or the sky, but in those cases it will consume a large quantity of magic energy.

And lastly, this ship possesses the ability to rapidly increase its damage should there be Servants other than Blackbeard embarking on it.



  • First pronoun: sessha/ore
  • Second pronoun: onushi/omae
  • Third pronoun: aitsu


Truly the one who comes to mind when it comes to pirates.

Stealing, killing, plundering; the great pirate that had once put the Caribbean Sea under his control.

Blackbeard does love his share of alcohol, gold, woman, and violence; but his traits as a pirate, too, are intense. The man befitting to be called a pirate-like pirate.

He is thoroughly and severely harsh to adults, but he makes exception for children who admires him. He would not wield violence against them.

...is how Blackbeard is on the outside. But the fact is that he is, in a certain sense, someone at the deepest depth who is probably beyond redemption. Always fooling around, unchanging from when he was still alive.

He does not kill people in anger; instead, he is capable of killing them while laughing or even killing them as he plays a trick on them.

He is more about searching for pleasure instead of being cruel. If he could enjoy himself in any situation, then it's all good.

He had had many women, but since each and every one of them are greedy women who's eyes aim for treasures, Teach himself does not think that that harem as something fulfilling in a real way. True love. Blackbeard, who had become a Servant, believes that such a thing only exists in the sea of internet. Maru.*

(*まる is just 。, the dot for full stop punctuation mark. Reading it outloud is meant to make it sounds cuter. I think. I have no idea why Blackbeard would do that, but Blackbeard's Blackbeard.)

Attitude Towards Master

He takes a "more or less" respectful attitude towards the master, but generally, he would immediately just ignore the Master's plan and begin to use the Holy Grail War for amusing himself to his heart's content.

If one is not of the same nature as him, then he will not follow their instruction.

If one does not possess the same alignment (fetish*) as his, he would relatively be unable to get along with them.

(*can also mean passion/enthusiasm

also, sassuga low rank mental pollution)

Dialogue Examples

"Alright let's go let's go let's go! My prided cannons are also getting serious! Queen Anne's Revenge! Mmm, what a landslide!"

"Though I do appreciate that you at least spare my head, but I, Blackbeard, am done for... Maru."

"Master! Together with me, let us make our dream as comrades come true! I'm gonna be the director and the voice actor for the protagonist, so plx take care of the key animation and script!"

Historical Character and Figure

Immediately following the end of the great Age of Exploration, the Caribbean Sea enters the completely unprecedented "Age of Pirates".

Ruffians in great numbers started boarding ships and began plundering the vessels that flourished from colonial trade.

In those days, it was better to plunder as a pirate than to earn income in normal ships, with one's own share also taken to account. There were much bigger things lay beyond, and many people dreamt of making a killing the quick and easy way, and so they make their name as pirates.

And then, one among them had established a legend as a pirate. Blackbeard-----Edward Teach.

Although, it is not clear whether Edward Teach was his real name, nor is his lineage before becoming a pirate.

What is certain is that he had once been employed under Benjamin Hornigold, who had been a powerful pirate at the time.

Perhaps it was not within him to work under someone; soon, he withdrew from under Hornigold's flag to captaining and starting up his own pirate crew.

And then at one point, after he had plundered the French ship La Concord, he furnished it with forty cannons and renamed it Queen Anne's Revenge. Having managed to obtain just about the most powerful ship in the Caribbean Sea, he had truly reached the golden age of his piracy.

The alias Blackbeard was wellknown in the Caribbean Sea. To speak nothing of ordinary sailors, even the other pirates and his own underlings had feared his atrocity. White fuses are weaved within his wellgrown beard, his blazing and burning eyes are like that of a beast itself------it was said that it was only natural of him to be even extolled as the personification of the goddess of hell.

One night, he was drinking together with his underlings.

But suddenly. Like they had thought a shooting has begin, unaware that the Devil looms above; the underling on the other side had had his kneecap blasted away.

"Sometimes I gotta blow an underling down. Gotta keep ya scallywags shiverin' yer timbers that I'm yer captain."

That cruelness of his had made his underlings believed that Blackbeard is the personification of the Devil himself.

He was both cruel as well as eccentric, but as the many countries of the world established the countermeasures against pirates, it also looms as a threat for his actions. Although he had once retired from piracy due to the amnesty from the English monarch, he had completely, without any remorse, resumed it once again at a different location. In the end, the order to subjugate him was handed down.

Receiving a surprise attack from the navy, Blackbeard together with barely twenty of his underlings boldly welcomed them in open fire. Even after being cut in 20 different places and shot 5 times, Blackbeard kept on fighting with raging expression; but in the middle of reloading his gun, he had finally used up all of his strength and been defeated.

According to the legend.

Blackbeard had been taken down by beheading. His head was suspended on the bowsprit, but his body was thrown away to the sea. And thereupon, for three days and three nights his body had swum about the ship's surrounding in search of his head-----

Blackbeard has no shortage for daring and brutal episodes such as that. But then, in what way and just how and where did he get the information; before anyone had realized it, he had changed into an oddball that speaks with hopeless otaku verbal tic.

Furthermore, going by the flow of things from the start, with the otaku knowledge added he had only become completely unmanageable.

All Female Characters

Everybody is a member of my hare- (the rest of the sentence is plastered with blood, impossible to be discerned)

Francis Drake

For me, she's my fated rival. If I'm Jonathan, BBA here is the D-Vampire. If I'm Joseph, BBA here is the Italian womanizer. If I'm mozarella cheese, BBA here is a round slice of tomato.

Comment from the Illustrator

Even now, I still remember the lolshock* I got upon receiving the unexpected otaku setting. To match it up, I make most of his expression to have a comical feeling. However, I'm glad I at least had drawn just his angry face with a just a little bit of blood thirst. His disgusting blushing face is my favorite. Dufufu.

If I got the chance, I would love to draw and show the Blackbeard full of dignity. (Bsuke)

(*shougeki is shock/impact/crash, but the shou apparently uses the kanji for laugh instead here, aka LOL
vote yes for cool blackbeard)

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