• Class: Lancer
  • True Name: Enkidu
  • Gender: -
  • Source: Epic of Gilgamesh
  • Region: Mesopotamia
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Height: Varies
  • Weight: Varies


  • Setting creation: Nasu Kinoko・Narita Ryougo・Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character design: Morii Shizuki
  • CV: Kobayashi Yuu
  • Main works appearance: Fate/Strange Fake, Fate/Grand Order


Magical Power?
Noble PhantasmA++

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: [A]

Invalidate A rank magic and below.
Magic used by magus of modern era would not be able to injure Enkidu

Personal Skills

Transfiguration: [A]

A unique skill that divides attribute value from the constant composite value depending on the circumstances. A high rank in this Skill results in a high composite value.
At times STR is made to A rank, at times CON is made to A rank.
However, because the limit of parameter configuration is already decided, turning all numerical value into A cannot be done.
Enkidu possesses attribute value of 30, expending the value of [A: 7] [B: 6] [C: 5] [D: 4] [E: 3] for each parameter.

Presence Detection: [A]

The ability to detect presence of the highest rank.
It is possible to detect far away presence by communicating with the earth.

(It's A + on FSF, and A++ ingame post SQ. Why is it A in this mats? Important?)

Perfect Form: [A]

Reconstruction to original shape by utilizing magic energy of the earth.
Enkidu's body, which was made using clay from the age of the gods, will never crumble as long as there is a supply of magic energy from the earth.
A completely unprecedented powerful reconstruction and regeneration ability.
However, the soul is a different matter.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Enuma Elish - O Humanity, Bind Thy Gods

  • Rank: A++
  • Type: Anti-Purge Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 0~999
  • Maximum target: 1000 person

Enuma Elish.
The very body of Enkidu, transformed into a god forged armament.
Becoming a lynchpin that converts enormous amount of energy, then pierces and binds the target.
Originally, Enkidu was a weapon made use by the gods in order to return Gilgamesh back to the gods.
The "lynchpin of heaven" that holds together gods and men, Gilgamesh.
Due to Gilgamesh rebelling against the gods, Enkidu was given the role to bind him and guide him back to the heavens.

But Enkidu befriended Gilgamesh instead. Enkidu had chosen, just as the one wish of his friend, for a path that use the "chains that binds even gods" for the sake of men.



First pronoun: boku
Second pronoun: kimi/(without honorifics)
Third pronoun: kare/kanojo/
(without honorifics)


Introvert, active, and confident.
Normally Enkidu simply loiter around just like a flower, but should Enkidu begin to move, Enkidu becomes an dreadful, active monster without delay, without mercy, & without hesitation.

For Enkidu, humans are too a living being upon this earth, and thus a target of affection. However, because humans distance themselves from nature due to their intelligence, their value as protection target is low.

With that said, Enkidu at the basis has a large curiosity (intellectual desire), and thus enjoys conversations with humans.

If the target has a likable personality (a totalitarian brimming with benevolence, yet thinks of himself first and foremost), Enkidu will display respect and affection as well as admiration from the heart and will delightfully support him as a friend.

Attitude Towards Master

Enkidu persists in regards of behavior towards humans.
In other words, to walk together with them and for Enkidu's self to be made use as a weapon.
Even as Enkidu and the Master spend time together through day over day, Enkidu's course of action, speech, and conduct would not change no matter what.
Through the chance meeting with Gilgamesh, Enkidu's self had been redefined; the awareness of that is secure and unwavering, just like as a weapon or a machine, unending in preserving its invariance.
Even with a soul, Enkidu's differs with that of a human.

And yet, even so...
If one discovers a change in the midst of mortal struggle surrounding the Human Order-----it would instead be of existing besides the Master.

Dialogue Examples

"Servant, Lancer. Enkidu.
I invoke by your hail.
May you use me freely and without mercy, Master."

"It is pleasant. Competing abilities with each other, I mean."

"Good job. Well sharpened, everybody."

(TL note: Enkidu has this tic in their profile and dialogues where verbs and adjectives and stuffs is that of a machine/weapon. Boot up, sharpen, and the likes.)


A serene expression. A "will-bearing Noble Phantasm" that possesses severe battle prowess, unimaginable to have come from such a gentle bearing.
Said by King of Heroes Gilgamesh as the strongest, the chains that binds heaven and earth.
A puppet made by the hands of the gods; the offshoot (bunshin) of earth itself that unify and harmonize with nature.

Enkidu, the sole friend of the King of Heroes that had ventured many times with him. The sorrowful weapon that, upon gaining a heart, had returned to the earth as a puppet.


One of the oldest heroes, spoken of in the Epic of Gilgamesh.
A weapon created by the gods.
Originally made by the gods as a "clayworks that changes to anything".
Enkidu changes shapes freely at will depending on the circumstances.
In his body was equal to the gods whole body of ichor.
However, Enkidu did not possess the mind and sentiment of a human; practically no different from a mere beast.

After appearing in the world, Enkidu met a lone sacred prostitute and learned many knowledge from her. Before long, Enkidu had then chosen to take the form of a human (as a fundamental form).
The form that esteemed and imitated that of the divine prostitute.

Enkidu's strength is roughly equal to that of King of Heroes Gilgamesh at his golden age.
In Enkidu's fight with Gilgamesh, spoken of in the Epic, Enkidu had demonstrated an ability equal to that and approved by the sole strongest hero within the human history.

Gilgamesh, superior and isolated, for the first time ever had discovered a friend, and Enkidu too, had recognized Gilgamesh as peerless friend.

After the fight within the city of Uruk, Gilgamesh and Enkidu who had befriended each other went to many adventures, and Enkidu would eventually lose life after the fight against the Divine Bull Gugalanna.

(TLnote: イこール, is it really ichor? maybe, dunno)


(Expressing a slight gentle smile while listening to his words)


(Searching for things to throw at her)


(Showing a slightly surprised expression upon seeing her, but immediately returns to the usual serene expression)

Frankenstein/Brynhildr/Katou Danzo/Nezha

(No reaction. Particularly not showing emphatic behavior and such)

Comment from the Illustrator

Enkidu is a character whose visual was shown the first time in Fate/strange Fake. Was so beautiful in the main works. The perfectly and overly otherworldly beauty is the emphasis, and such a high hurdle makes me go "haha man the one drawing this would have a real hard time" as I escape from reality. Anyway I went searching for the meaning of beauty in the dictionary and ended up straying off course, but even now you can still say I am still at lost.

Regarding the ascension, the image is one untouched by the civilization that had separated itself from the basis of the god; it was quite a trouble. Even if I give him a bunch of ornaments, what would that even be for Enkidu who lives best in the forests, those kinds of indispensable stuffs keeps on adding up in my mind, even stuffs such as the Enkidu as a clay doll before gaining intelligence. Would the direction for Enkidu who manifested with the form of a human as a Lancer be subtly different, or would changing the appearance made Enkidu changes personality too. The second ascension's ambience went through just the same. But I also think that maybe I did think too much about it.

And then, I heard about Kingu, who makes an appearance in the 7th chapter, and about Kingu's strong, human-like emotion. From there I experimented a bit with Enkidu's third ascension; the eyes must be easily visibly different from Kingu, with the mood like his awareness is far away in the distance. For the sake of being even more of a weapon...
(Morii Shizuki)

Material Images

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