Fuuma Kotarou



  • Class: Assassin
  • True Name: Fuuma Kotarou
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Historical fact
  • Region: Japan
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 158 (286) cm
  • Weight: 49 (195) kg


  • Setting creation: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Character design: Sasaki Shounen
  • CV: Hanae Natsuki
  • Main works appearance: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Presence Concealment: [A+]

Suppresses one's presence as a Servant. By perfectly suppressing his presence, detection is next to impossible.
However, as he moves in preparations to attack, the rank of this skill drops considerably.

Personal Skills

Subversive Activities: [B+]

The ability to reduce enemy's war potential in the preliminary stage before going to battle.
An expert of traps.
With this skill at B rank, it is possible to disable close to 30 percent of the enemy forces before they advance.
In Fuuma Kotarou's case, the more subordinates he has the more the damage ratio increases.
However, the higher the ranking of this skill is the more one's spiritual status as a hero declines.

Ninjutsu: [A+++]

Intelligence gathering skills, combat techniques, larceny skills, torture techniques, and etc. utilized by ninjas.
At A++, one can be said to be on the class of Iga and Koga's head.
At A+++, one stands shoulder to shoulder among the legendary ninjas.
The system is unique for each school, and almost no documents related to the Fuuma shinobi clan, brought to ruin by the Tokugawa house, are left behind.
This Heroic Spirit, fifth head of the clan, is thought to be chosen by means of his true strength and competency.

Paranoia: [C]

A state that originates from soldiers of a defeated army being frightened simply from the sound of the wind, or the cry of the crane; from fear as the origin itself.
As Fuuma Kotarou suppresses his presence and lays surprise attack, by making use of his subordinates as if they are his own limb he is capable of intentionally reproducing the state of paranoia. The will to fight severely declines, and all kinds of bad status effects are applied as a matter of course.

(TLnote: in japanese this skill is 風声鶴唳, using kanji for wind, sound, crane, and such; a proverb that means "getting frightened even by a slight noise," "hearing the enemy in every leaf that rustles," or "being afraid of one's own shadow." So Paranoia technically fits, but it doesnt encapsulate the whole meaning.)

Noble Phantasm(s)

Immortal Chaos Brigade - Undying Chaotic Brigade

  • Rank: B
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 2~50
  • Maximum target: 100 person

Immortal Chaos Brigade.
Summons the 200 spiritual body of his subordinates, then assaults the enemy group into disorder. Automatically put the the surroundings of the enemy group into darkness, throwing them into a hell of agonizing cries (Avici).
Grants bad status such as confusion and applies moderate damage to the whole enemy.
The fifth Fuuma Kotarou, employed to Houjou's side, had once infiltrated the encampment of the Takeda army together with his 200 subordinates, throwing fire all around and plundering weapons and supplies.
It is said that the night assault that had continued endlessly had inevitably forced the Takeda army to withdraw.

Ogre Trans - Turning Into Endless Rakshasa

  • Rank: C
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm (Self)
  • Range: 0
  • Maximum target: 1 person

Ogre Trans.
Fuuma Kotarou. It is his true form that had, for generations, been suspected to be that of an oni, or an existance comparable to it. And probably of the figure of one from a foreign country as well, from his stature and appearance.

His reasoning is equipped with Mad Enhancement. All of his status is improved to the extreme, and his stamina is recovered every turn continuously.
As compensations, his life span and internal organs are severely damaged, parts of hims starts breaking down due to putting his brain output to the limit (overdrive), etc.
(In FateGO it is fundamentally not utilized.)

(TLnote: Is it Ogre Transform or Ogre Trance? Im not sure. Context wise transfrom makes more sense, but the katakana read toransu. DO they just shorten Transform into Trans, maybe? Is that a thing in Japanese? BMCMIIW. RIght now using Trans to cover my ass. Inb4 it's Ogre-like Translation.
Also dunno if the "continue for generations" is referring to the suspicion or to the "true form"; im leaning towards the latter based on what i know about japanese grammar but context wise it's kinda weird. BMCMIIW)



First pronoun: boku
Second pronoun: anata
Third pronoun: kare/kanojo


A shinobi of the "indoor" faction, docile and honest.
Physically, he had attained the one true destination as a ninja, but he is compassionate to the point that he is unfit to be one.
He will accomplishes his duty precisely as a duty, but normally he prefers tranquility.

However, I'm stopping any compliments to the Iga and Koga said in front of me!

Attitude Towards Master

Fundamentally, he will accept any and every kind of order, even if said order is ambiguous in its nature of good or evil.
To have somebody die, to have somebody be ruined, to have somebody fall as prey, and simultaneously deciding which should be prey; in order to find the clear solution for those, almost anything and everything is permissible.

Dialogue Examples

"Suppressing the heart with a blade. As they met... tragedy begins."

"Mayhaps I am not of man. And yet... that too, is fine. That is what I believe now. My gratitude upon you."

Apathetic I may be, but there are three kinds of people I never forgive;
One, those involved in the trade yet neglecting to care for their weapons.
Two, subordinates who turn away merchant doing home delivery.
And lastly-----
Those who grade us of Fuuma below those of Koga and Iga!"

(TLnote: the first dialogue is maybe another shinobi pun. kanji for blade and heart when adjoined together becomes kanji for ninja/shinobi. Also, 絶つ can means either sever or suppress. Kotarou did say in Shimousa "A shinobi (忍び) without a heart (心) is nothing more than a blade (刃)" so it alludes to that, but context wise i think he is also saying misfortune and tragedy follows shinobi? Anyway I need help with this, I fear I didnt get the meaning totally right, context wise.)

Historical Character and Figure

Fuuma Kotarou is, strictly speaking, a name granted to the head of the Fuuma shinobi clan.
However, this is not the case like that of Sasaki Kojirou, where several legends are sublimated and a fictitious swordsman is brought forth; he is, without a doubt, the "fifth" Fuuma Kotarou.
Fuuma Kotarou, employed during the warring states period by the Houjou, daimyo ruling the Kanto region, had helped cementing the Houjou rule with those terrifying techniques of his.
Among the others, the Fifth is a legendary existence, winning fame as a thief even after Tokugawa's established age.

Character in FGO

The Fuuma shinobi clan had, since the time of the First, came up with all sorts of ingenious plans with the purpose to be cast as the greatest of shinobis of all time. Arousing the blood of oni kin, intentionally adopting the blood of foreigners, polishing and refining their art. Even further, by accurately cultivating the technique of the Fuuma in a karakuri kunoichi, they had prevented the degradation of information caused by oral and book instruction.
Their end goal is unknown, but in the course of casting the Fuuma shinobi clan as the greatest of shinobis of all time, several hundreds have lost their live, with the mantle passing on to the next.
Fuuma Kotarou, summoned as a Servant, is the fifth head and simultaneously the heroic figure bearing the lives of those several hundreds.

However, it is nothing short of irony for him to be lacking any sort of desire for the prestige, for the pursuing to be the greatest of shinobis of all time.

He wants the Fuuma to remain; yet even as he hold such a sentiment for some reason he did not pass on the technique of the Fuuma to anybody, instead leaving it hidden under the shadow of history.

Standard Weapons

Kunai, kusarigama (sickle and chain)

(TLnote: i didnt know it before but apparently kunai's kanji is made up of "pain" and "nonexistent" lol)

Sasaki Kojirou

Putting the Fuuma after the Koga and Iga... absolutely unforgivable.

Sakata Kintoki

The great hero that I revere as my great senior. Golden... Immortal Chaos Golden Brigade...!

Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily

I think I did a bit of bad things to her. I apologize.

Katou Danzou

There is a strong bond. A bond beyond that of a mother, a teacher, an elder sister; a bond beyond those and everything else.

Comment from the Illustrator

With him being a mixed blood oni and all, at first I thought he has a perm that looks similar like the one on oni toys, with the horns growing and stuffs. But this and that happens and he then became a calm and composed ninja with his eyes hidden. After he was implemented I was like, is this ok!? He's, like, totally cute this way! Too much gap! He ain't doing any sneaking! He's shining, totally shining! Is how i'm enjoying this so much. To be given the chance to creating a character like this, I feel like THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I wonder if someday his oni version will make an appearance. I'm looking forward to it. (Sasaki Shounen)

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