• True Name: Florence Nightingale
  • Class: Berserker
  • Source: Historical Fact
  • Region: Europe
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 165cm
  • Weight: 52kg


  • Character Creator: Hikaru Sakurai
  • Character Illustrator: Keitarou Takahashi
  • Character Voice: Miyuki Sawashiro
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerD+
Noble PhantasmD

Class Skills

Mad Enhancement: EX
Ranks up all parameters, but deprives her of most of her sanity. Nightingale can still talk calmly, but as all her words are “said to herself”, communication is difficult.

Personal Skills

Anatomy Knowledge: A
Displays a high-precision understanding of the human body.
A buff to treatment-type Skills or magic.
It enables her to target the opponents' vital points with extreme precision, adds a damage buff when attacking and decreases the damage taken when attacked.
For Nightingale, this is not only knowledge but also a series of instincts fixed into her muscle memory.

Nurse of Steel: A Treats her allies using scalpels, medications, etc. made of mana.
Since it was strengthened by anecdotes of her saving people, it's possible to treat even severe wounds. She can treat people and Servants equally. She is mostly limited to the XVIII/XIX Century technology, so you can't expect the same treatment results from other people doing the same procedures.

Angel's Yell: EX
A heartfelt yell from the woman known as "The Angel of Crimea".
It stirs the souls of everyone who hears it, considerably improving their instincts to survive.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Nightingale Pledge (I Will Abstain From Whatever Is Deleterious And Mischievous)

  • Rank: D
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 0-40
  • Max. Targets: 100 people

A representation of Nightingale's mentality when she ran through the battlefields and faced against death and is also connected to the very concept of a nurse as "angels in gowns who save the sick and injured" established in modern age from her own anecdotes.
The image of the giant torso of a "goddess in gown" very similar to Nightingale appears and swings down her sword. It negates all toxicity and aggression within its effect range- In other words, weapons and Noble Phantasms temporarily lose their effects. Poisons (and in a Servant's case, many other status alterations) are eliminated, swords are dropped from hands, guns cannot spit out their bullets, bombs cannot start their chemical reactions, magic cannot be compiled, and Noble Phantasm cannot have their True Names released. A forcibly established perfect safe space.
It additionally has a recovery effect, greatly restoring physical and magical energy for any number of targets.



First person pronoun: watashi
Second person pronoun: anata/Mr. -- /Ms. --
Third person pronoun: kare/kanojo/Mr. -- /Ms. --


The Angel of Crimea, who takes duty and devotion as her creed.
A woman of faith. No difficulty could ever diminish her conviction. She has only one principle of conduct: saving people.
She has a strong mental fortitude that lets never lose heart and say what it needs to be said to anyone, even to the Queen of England.
She is also known as "Little War Office"1. She has enough persistence to be called an one-woman army.
In her current state, since her mentality is now combined with a Mad Enhancement Skill EX, she will probably "not listen to anything people tell her", unlike how she was when she was alive.

Attitude Towards Master

Nightingale's existence can be summed up exclusively to always saving people, she is not properly aware of the Master. As she vaguely perceives them as "basically the commanding officer of my squad", she will say "You must improve our barrack's sanitary conditions" "Are we lacking more nutritious food?" every now and then. (She ignores their replies. She only does what she wants. Stuff like rescue work, nursing or hygienizing your place).

Dialogue Examples

"Let us save all lives. I will definitely do so, even if I have to take away all lives."

"I will do anything! To save lives! You heard it right, anything!"

"The words 'angel in gown' never fail to make laugh."

"Angels are not those who scatter beautiful flowers, they are those who fight to save those who suffer."

"If you are a real commanding officer, then you must also obey my instructions. I know the importance of battlefield medicine. Lack of hygiene causes hell. So please, remain clean."

Historical Character and Figure

A person from XVIII/XIX Century England.
An invincible lady with an absolute creed of saving people.
She faced an absurdly cruel battle against her "world" and "era" themselves by the means of medicine and nursing.

As soon as she returned from her military service as a manager of nurses, she became well-loved all over England due to her feats as "The Angel of Crimea", receiving large donations from multiple sources, from people of importance to groups of soldiers. This was used to fund the Nightingale Foundation, which, among many others, built London's St. Thomas Hospital and The Nightingale Training School and Home for Nurses. it's said that before long, the nurses taught by Nightingale in London's St. Thomas Hospital would travel to hospitals all over the world and highly contributed to improve the world's hygiene and nursing.
The world changed by her actions, even if just a little.
Even today, all nurses about to enter the field of medicine swear the Nightingale Pledge.

Character in FGO

She wanted to save people...
That wish was a little bit too strong.
Despite being born in a high-class family, despite being a beauty of high society, the young girl wanted to be a nurse, a profession often associated with the poor.
Naturally, she faced opposition. Fierce opposition from the mother and sister. However, even though they thought she was crazy, she did not give up and managed to enroll in the Kaiserswerth Institute in Germany, the best medicine school in the XVIII Century.

After obtaining medical and nursing knowledge and technology, she was hired by London's Harley Street hospital as a manager for their reform on the nursing body. She paid for modern equipment from her own pocket and worked to improve the nurses' conditions.
After that, she takes an acquaintance's, Secretary at War Sidney Herbert, request to do military service in the Crimean War as the British Armed Forces General Manager of Medicine and Nurses, but...

What she found there was hell.
They had hygiene problems originated from a lack of understanding of medicine and nursing and applied several outdated regulations. So, as she felt that war medicine had turned into all aspects of hell, she roused herself and her fellow nurses about the need to reform it. Although "the mortality rate in war medical barracks increased" for a short time, she continued working with unshakable conviction, turned sanitation and proper nursing into the norm, spent personal resources without spare for funding, and lead to the saving of many lives 6 months later.
By the end of it, she managed to reduce the mortality rate from close to 40% to a meager 5%.

The soldiers said "I saw an angel".

All newspapers in London reported her as a real angel descending from the Heavens into the battlefield. The people were crazy about the female hero appearing at the Queen's age. She gained a lot of acclamation. People wanted to marry her, people wanted to interview her, and so on.
However, she never smiled.
She is no angel. She only saved people.

She continued her work and brought great reforms to battlefield medicine and military hygiene. She brought even Queen Victoria, the head of state at the time, to her side and continued her reforms.
Her progress in analyzing medical history for her reforms made her known as pioneer in statistics.
Additionally, she made overall improvements in all fields of national medical science, like developing the Royal Sanitary Commission in order reform workhouses and prevent epidemics. Not satisfied with the amazing feats she had already accomplished by the time of Crimea, she just simply fights against the "world with too much death".

To save lives, she doesn't mind even the loss of life. Exceedingly simple conviction and fierce attitude are often criticized as "madness and horror".
Therefore, her assigned class is Berserker.
She might feel reluctant about it but... no, if she can save people, she pays no mind.

All Servants

Nightingale perceives them as "soldiers". They get injured often. In other words, they are nursing patients.


Whoever attacks her is an enemy soldier, but they are also lives to be saved.
She must first incapacitate them or else she won't be able to treat them or nurse them. Nightingale beats her opponents without hesitation. To save them. Even if she has to take their lives.

The Count of Monte Cristo/Caligula/Phantom/Gilles (Caster)

The mentally ill are nursing patients too.

Comment from the Illustrator

Nightingale-san, as you can see, wears 3 bags. I designed it this way because I thought making her carry stuff would make her silhouette would look funny with the big puffs on her hip. When the service started and I saw everyone else's characters with awesome weapons and got really anxious, feeling I screwed up for drawing Nightingale-san empty handed, so it was a huge relief to find out she fights by just punching and kicking. (Keitarou Takahashi)

TL Notes

1: That nickname is only a thing in Japan, as far as I could research. In English-speaking countries, her only notable nickname is "Lady with the Lamp". Addendum by Infernal: It comes from after she returned from the Crimean War, after which she set up at London's Burlington Hotel which was nicknamed 'Little War Office'.

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