• Class: Caster
  • True Name: Geronimo
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Historical fact
  • Region: North America
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Weight: 76 kg


  • Setting creation: Higashide Yuuchirou
  • Character design: Sakamoto Mineji
  • CV: Egawa Hisao
  • Main works appearance: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB+
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Territory Creation: [B]

Creation of a "Workshop" territory that is advantageous to himself as a magus.
He creates an impromptu campsite that capitalizes on locational advantage instead of a closed off workshop.
Bonus to all member’s fighting prowess.

Tool Creation: [C]

Creation of tools tinged with magic energy.
He produces things such as weaponry granted with blessing of a spirit.

Personal Skills

Bloodstained Devil: [B]

He boasts of martial legend unbefitting of a Caster.
The dexterous ability in wielding whether guns, bows, spears, knifes, and else.
Grants great bonus to close combat ability.

Shamanism: [B]

Dialogue with spirits passed down among the Apaches.
Through compact, he is able to borrow their strength.

Guardian Beast: [B]

The spirit of coyote accompanying Geronimo.
Its one minor drawback is its slightly mischievous nature.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Tsago Degi Naleya - Creator of the Vast Plains [1]

  • Rank: B
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~30
  • Maximum target: 100 unit

Tsago Degi Naleya.
Summons a giant “Coyote”.
Upon being summoned, the “Sun” which had its tobacco stolen by the Coyote begins to chase after him, resulting in damage by means of powerful sunlight that covers vast ranges.
At the same time, the Guardian Coyote also amplifies allies’ prowess.
A great thaumaturgy that reproduce the legend of Apache tribe, even if it’s in small scale.



First pronoun: watashi
Second pronoun: kimi/omae
Third pronoun: kare/kanojo


He is an intellectual, and speaks in an exceedingly dispassionate manner.
He possesses an orderly way of thinking, abiding to a calm position no matter the circumstances.
However, once truly enraged he goes beyond control[2]. Known as the red devil, it is not for mere appearance’s sake that he was feared by all soldiers.

Attitude Towards Master

Basically, Geronimo treats the Master as a leader of a same rank.
However, due to his polite demeanor, unless the Master is overly prideful he/she would not regard it discomfortful.

Dialogue Examples

“...Nay, it’s not that.
The world does not move; it merely began to revolve.
I pray.
That may the light of the planet be a prideful one indeed….”

“What this age basks in is the blood that I had spilled, the blood that my brothers had spilled, the blood that had now turns idle.
It is easy for someone to say that they have nothing.
All the more so to treat is as their handicap.
Yet to endure all that is to be a warrior indeed.
To simply pretend that it was nothing is what of a small, sly coyote would do.
For there is a limit even in sarcasm.”

“I had once said thus to my son.
Do not train yourself in something special; instead, be better than everyone in things that anyone can do.”

Historical Character and Figure

Geronimo is a warrior of the tribe of Apache, one of North America indigenes.
The life of one originally known with the leisure name of “the one who yawns” went a complete change when he turned twenty.
His mother, his wife, and his three sons were slaughtered by Mexican soldiers; he thus then made a bold speech and proceed to exact his revenge on the Mexican army as a “warrior”.

An excellent warrior, he was burned by the desire for revenge more than anything else; it is said that he would fight Mexican soldiers even if his spear is broken, his arrows exhausted, armed only with a knife all the while stained red from the blood of his enemies.

Hereafter the panicked Mexican soldiers screamed “Geronimo!” (Saint Jerome, a holy man who was famed to have fought like a lion)[3], his name thus changed to Geronimo.

Geronimo is decidedly not just a cruel savage.
He is calm and careful. Even if he is prepared to surrender, he would never throw away his pride.
The America government had mobilized 3000 soldiers to seize Geronimo and the 300 Apache warriors he led.

Geronimo, who had fought both American and Mexican army, had surrendered 4 times. [4]
During his last, he was promised to return to Arizona once 2 years passed, but the agreement turns into nothing but scrap paper and he never was able to go back to Arizona.

….In this work, he is summoned as a Caster.
Although there is no anecdote of him being a shaman (he was a pure warrior, without any duty to converse with the spirits), he utilizes arts that embodied several legends of the Apache tribe.[5]

Standard Weapons

A knife.

Billy the Kid

"A youngster from the winning side of the battle. I bear no ill will against him. I would only do so were he a soldier of the winning side."

Helena Blavatsky

“While I too, am generally an outlaw in the world of magic, I have no idea what is going on with that child.”

Comment from the Illustrator

The one behind Geronimo (Gan Dancer) actually had more revisions compared to Geronimo himself.

TL Notes

[1] Tsago Degi Naleya is apparently part of a lyric form Geronimo’s IRL holy song.

::: The Song:
O, ha le
O, ha le!
Shichl hadahiyago niniya
O, ha le
O, ha le
Tsago degi naleya
Ah--yu whi ye!
O, ha le
O, ha le!


O, ha le
O, ha le!
Through the air
I fly upon the air
Towards the sky, far, far, far,
O, ha le
O, ha le!
There to find the holy place,
Ah, now the change comes o're me!
O, ha le
O, ha le!

[2] Funnily enough we never ever really see Geronime angery. Inb4 berserker geronimo.

[3] No, I have no idea where did “fight like a lion” thing comes from, i only knows saint jerome to have healed a lion instead.

[4] Well, “surrendered”. He broke out 3 times.

[5] Strictly speaking this isn’t really true. He is an actual medicine man among the Chiricahua, which is technically what a shaman is among the native americans. And there is this thing where when his followers were asked why did they follow Geronimo, they credited him with various supernatural deeds such as foresight.

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