Gilles de Rais



  • Class: Caster
  • True Name: Gilles de Rais
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Historical fact
  • Origin: France
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 186 cm
  • Weight: 91 kg


  • Scenario writer: Higashide Yūichirō · Urobuchi Gen
  • Original character designer: Takeuchi Takashi
  • Character designer: Azusa
  • Character Voice: Tsuruoka Satoshi
  • Major appearances: Fate/Zero


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmA+

Class Skills

Territory Creation: [B]

Makes up a favorable encampment for one as a mage.

Formation of a “Workshop” is possible.

Personal Skills

Mental Pollution: [A]

Since the mentality is deranged, it has a high probability of shutting out other mental interference magecraft.

However, mutual understanding can’t be established with people that don’t have the same rank of Mental Pollution

Artistic Appreciation [E-]

Admiration towards works of art and fine arts.

In the case of seeing a Noble Phantasm with artistic connotations, there’s a very low probability of discovering its True Name.

Wicked Vision of the Abyss: [-]

The end of Gilles de Rais, who looked into the darkness of the abyss and was looked back.

Those eyes suffered a great transfiguration, and became something to spread fear like the “things” living in the depths of the sea.

It’s not fear through violence or intimidation, but by exciting the “fear of the unknown” on the inside of the enemy themselves.

Prelati’s Spellbook - Textbook of the Spiral Sunken Castle

  • Rank: A+
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~10
  • Maximum number of targets: 100 people

Prelati’s Spellbook.

A grimoire that is a mana furnace itself. Gilles de Rais himself isn’t a legitimate magus nor has any grounding in magecraft, but this grimoire performs magic instead.

That means, it’s an exclusive Noble Phantasm for him as a mage. Regardless of the owner’s skills, the grimoire itself executes High-Thaumaturgy/Greater Rituals and performs the summoning of water demons containing attributes in accordance to the deep sea system. For this reason, it’s fine that Gilles de Rais himself just uses the sea demons he called. The individual power of the sea demons is weak in comparison with a Servant, but the classification as Anti-Army isn’t for show, as it’s possible to summon them in dozens. Fuel efficiency is good since it’s possible to summon new sea demons from the defeated ones. Also, it is possible to summon a super-gigantic sea demon by disregarding execution (can’t control it).

However, in the end it’s just 「summoning magecraft performed by the grimoire」, the summoning itself is not a 「miracle of the Noble Phantasm」. If constant mana supply from the grimoire is cut, the summoned demons can’t last in the current world, and will be eliminated if the mana supply is interrupted even for a moment.



  • First person pronoun: 私 (watashi)
  • Second person pronoun: 貴方 (anata) / 〇〇 (without honorifics)
  • Third person pronoun: 貴方たち (anata tachi) / 貴方がた (anata gata) / 〇〇 (without honorifics)


Indeed like a great nobleman from the feudal period, courteous yet cruel.

He doesn’t really listen to others, but that’s more because of his paranoia than because of his arrogance.

He has a cunning personality, but lacks discretion.

Although he was the owner of a deep piety during his life, he tasted a profound despair after Jeanne Darc, who he respected and fought together with, was executed for heresy, and lost sight of God.

What was born as a result was a murderer that slaughtered hundreds of infants for pleasure, a monster which is said to be the motif for the appearance of Bluebeard in fairy tales.

Since he’s discerning the true beauty of life, he doesn’t just kill and abandon others when killing, for he has the policy of having to fully taste all of that resentment, pain, and lamentation.

Him staining his hands with cruel and dirty acts was a method to prove the absence of a God who is supposed to punish immorality, but after all, it isn’t impossible to say that his piety that was deeper than anyone’s has turned inside out……

Attitude Towards Master

Without thinking about his sadistic preferences and his addiction to Jeanne, he has acquired a proper education, and it’s certain that he’s an experienced person who led an army and ran across the battlefield.

Since he won’t emphasize to agree with his special preferences, he’ll become a reassuring partner attitude-wise.

He responded to the summon of the Holy Grail in order to resurrect the Holy Maiden Jeanne.

Therefore, he’ll think that his wish was fulfilled in the circumstance of the Servant Jeanne Darc being in the present world, and his concentration will be devotedly directed in earning Jeanne’s favor.

Dialogue Examples

「There is freshness in fear.
By fearing when in fear, the senses die.
Fear in a true sense isn’t a static state but a dynamic of change ―― like in the moment hope turns into despair.
How were they? The vibrantly fresh fear and the taste of death.」

「Unforgivable…… Don’t be so conceited, you rustic!!」

「Have hope, Ryuunosuke! Let us see the greatest COOL!」

「No matter how belittled for being dyed in shame and hatred my ending was, the memories of that day, just the glory of past days, were carved inside my chest.
No god or fate can steal it, or stain it, that light alone is――」

Historical Character and Figure

A real person. A feudal nobleman born in Nantes in the region of Brittany, in the France of the 15th century, his official name is Gilles de Montmorency-Laval.

Since his parents passed away when he was very young, he was raised and doted on by his grandfather, and although he acquired military exploits as a soldier, there were many behavior problems.

Since he met the Holy Maiden Jeanne Darc in the siege of Orléans in 1429, he moved together with her in battle from then on, eventually being called a hero devoted to the salvation of the country, and taking the position of marshal. When Jeanne was captured in England, he tried to rescue her but ended failing.

After Jeanne’s death, he felt nostalgic about Jeanne when he stayed in Orléans in summer of 1435, and when a girl that claimed to be Jeanne appeared in 1439, he took action and tried to make her feel his strong emotions towards her by giving her his soldiers. However, he was enticed by the mage François Prelati at the same time, and by repeating rituals of black arts at his territory, he atrociously murdered hundreds of children as sacrifices.

It is said that he attempted to secure his fortune through alchemy, but there are also records of him having indulged himself in magecraft since he was young. In 1440, he was arrested for the discovery of his actions, confessed everything and was executed

Character in FGO

As imagined from the chapter’s title, he appears as an important character in the first chapter 『Evil Dragon Hundred Years War Orléans』.

He shows largely his serial psycho-killer style in the 『interlude』, but in the event 『The Vengeful Demon Cries in the Prison Island』 that was changed and he showed a conduct similar to a man of calm personality.

Role in previous works:

In 『Fate/Zero』, he was summoned by a fellow murderer.

Obviously getting along greatly and receiving a rather deep impression from his Master’s philosophy of life, he fulfills a Copernican development of his own corruption being God’s grace itself. Thinking of Artoria as Jeanne, being affected by persistence scratched largely the Holy Grail War. In 『Fate/Apocrypha』, where Jeanne Darc is summoned in the Ruler class, he appears in a different shape from the Servants of the Holy Grail War.

Jeanne d'Arc


(※ He’s so overcome with emotion that it’s indecipherable)


Huum…… Compared with Jeanne herself like this, hohoho……

The volume was overwhelmingly different…… I am sorry for this…… This was a cruel misunderstanding that exceeds the Lord’s indifference…… I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

Oh? Why are you readying your Holy Sword? From overhead? To a low position?


What a thing…… This is, the smell of the abyss…….!

Comment from the Illustrator

It was lots of fun drawing Gilles de Rais’ rich facial expressions. I also had fun as a user with his appearances in the first chapter Orléans, limited time event, etc. I was also happy to see that the several growing states after the evolution were reproduced so solidly in the battle graphics! Please take care of Caster Gilles de Rais as the man in charge of the tentacles, guys!! (Azusa)

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