• Class: Avenger
  • True Name: Gorgon
  • Gender: FeMale
  • Source: Greek legends
  • Region: Europe
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 172+? cm
  • Weight: 57+? kg


  • Setting creation: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character design: Simosi
  • CV: Asakawa Yuu
  • Main works appearance: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Avenger: [B]

A state of being as an avenger that gathers people's grudge and malice to oneself, turned into a skill.
It is easier for hostility from the surroundings to be pointed towards her, but those negative emotions are automatically changed into the power of an Avenger.

Memory Correction: [C]

People are creatures who forget many things, but an avenger never forgets.
An Avenger attacking from beyond memory oblivion strengthen the effectiveness of criticals.

Self-Recovery (Magic Energy): [A]

Until revenge is achieved, magic energy shall continue to surge up endlessly.
Restores a miniscule amount of magic energy each turn.

Personal Skills

Monstrous Strength: [A]

Temporarily magnifies STR. An offensive special characteristic possessed only by monsters and Magical Beasts.
Increase STR by 1 rank upon usage. Duration depends on the rank of "Monstrous Strength".

Mutation Demon: [B]

Indicates the transformation of a hero or god into a demon in life. A skill that considerably strengthen one's ability as a Servant by emphasizing the truth of the past.
Gorgon has reached a rank in STR and CON that is absolutely impossibly for a human body.
Originally a composite skill that combines the effects of Battle Continuation and Self-Modification, but it is not applied in FGO.

(TLnote: parts of the description is word by word with the skill Natural Demon. So if you were a monster from beginning, you get Natural Demon. If you were changed to one, you got Mutation Demon. Either way, its a steroid on STR and CON. Im guessing that since this one is Mutation version, its mechanism is a modification of toughness aka battle continuation on self by means of demonization, and maybe Natural version would be inherently different in mechanism. Maybe. Anw its weird how they said this isnt applied in FGO when she literally have this ingame.)

Mystic Eyes: [A++]

The possession of Mystic Eyes of the highest level, "Cybele".
However, it is sealed during normal condition.

Scream of Fear: [A++]

A roar that brings about the instinctive fear of a living being. Bestow fear, continuous defense down, temporary large defense down, curse, and etc. to all enemies.
(In Fate/GO, it is fundamentally not being utilized.)

Noble Phantasm(s)

Pandemonium Cetus - Enforced Seal・Legion Temple

  • Rank: A
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~60
  • Maximum target: 400 person

Pandemonium Cetus.
Abandoning the last vestiges as a goddess, it temporarily has her materialize as her foundation (original) monster (Gorgon/the Monster of Gorgon), dissolving all kinds of life form within the designated area. Humans will have their life automatically plundered, and even Servants will receives severe damage.

Although this is the strengthened version of Rider Medusa's Noble Phantasm "Other Seal・Blood Temple", it needs no preparation time and is invoked by only the release of its True Name.
Its effect against inorganic type enemy is slightly weak.

(TLnote: Legion Temple is 万魔神殿, literally Temple of Ten Thousand Demon. I opted with Legion, as in demonic legion in the gospel. If anyone got better terms feel free to correct me)

Breaker Gorgon - Self Seal・Dark Temple

  • Rank: C+
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 0
  • Maximum target: 1 person

Breaker Gorgon.
A type of Boundary Field Noble Phantasm.
This Noble Phantasm is used on self, sealing the normal Medusa's Mystic Eyes.
If used on others, it will imprison the consciousness of the enemy within her own mind, and it can even obstructs invocation of abilities such as magic, skills, or Noble Phantasm. But its is fundamentally not being utilized in Fate/GO.

(TLnote: It's C+, unlike Rider version which is C-.)



First pronoun: watashi
Second pronoun: kisama/(first name without honorifics)
Third pronoun: yatsu/aitsu/are/
(first name without honorifics)


She was once a goddess, renewed as the existence of a monster that devours humans.
A portion of her body quite resembles that of a human, but even so her disposition is that of e powerful predator, an avenger embodying ferocity.
The vestiges of what once was one of the violet-haired goddess, who had lived in a small isle ever since time immemorial, is but her outward appearance. Her nature is already close to that of the monster Gorgon, who had took in her beloved sisters and had pulverized the many heroes who had dared embarked upon the isle.
She comprehends human speech by means of an exceedingly high intelligence; she does not fall to madness, and it is not that her mind is being contaminated-----yet above it all, essentially a mutual understanding with her is difficult.

Attitude Towards Master

A degree of awareness of being a vessel upon manifestation. (TLnote: i dont think I get it right. BMCMIIW)

In the unlikely event of success in regards of deepening mutual bond with her, the Master shall receives a great power. However, as expected her standpoint is different from that of a human. One must realize that she is fundamentally a disparate existence.
Her love and affection---
are not meant for human.

Dialogue Examples

"My favored food, you ask? The suffering of humans. What else do you think it might be? Fool."

"Annihilation. It is the one and only thing."

"You are not a sacrifice; you are nothing but a mere prey."

"Medusa. Quite a nostalgic name..."

"Be. Quiet."


The third of the three Gorgon Sisters in Greek legend.
Her real name is Medusa.
The result of an accursed growth.
By means of an uncertain factor, her disposition as a monster that is her foundation (original) is remarkably emphasized. She is on the verge of perfect metamorphosis from a goddess into a perfect demonic monster. Normally she cannot be summoned as a Servant.

------Already she is an existence that can only be called as the Queen of Magical Beasts.

She, who ended up embodying an existence exceedingly close to that of the monster Gorgon, is essentially a threat towards mankind. Indeed she was summoned as a Servant by means of Chaldea's system, but a meticulous caution is needed in handling her. If the Master lose their focus, they will lose their life.

In a way, one can say that she is a sample demonstrating the astounding, state of the art Chaldea summoning formula. Such a mechanism that summons not only possessions and divided spirits (bunrei) of the gods, but even also such a dangerous existence as a Servant; even in the world of magic, one simply cannot call it anything but a rare occurrence.

Standard Weapons

Adjacent attacks by means of her hooked claws, a mid ranged attack by means of her hair feelers that had turned into snakes. Long ranged attack by means of an intense magic energy light is also possible.


Including the non-humanoid, monstrous parts of her body would result in a substantial weight and height value.


.....Both that and I, had once seen a transient dream.
No words need to be said.


Unknown. Incompatible.

Angra Manyu/Edmond Dantes/Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)

Hahaha! Interesting! This lot stayed as human even as they estranged themselves from being human!

Avenger of Shinjuku

Feeding....you need not such, I suppose. You are one who procured your own spoils.

Medusa / Medusa (Lancer)

What a strange feeling.
The more I look at them, the more the feelings that I once had dwells within me. ....As though like that of a human.

Stheno / Euryale

Elder sisters, I-----


(She does not individually recognize him as Perseus who had once fought Gorgon, but she instinctively harbors unpleasant feelings and anger towards him, who holds a portion of her corpse turned into Noble Phantasm.)

Comment from the Illustrator

Medusa in the state of 50% monster-ization, or something like that kind of feeling. Her character has changed a lot from the initial setting; there were a lot of drawing change, like turning white at her third phase, or her turning into colossal size (perfect monster transformation). The design idea is Fate's Black Sakura-ish, but seems like the breasts are bigger huh. (Simosi)

Material Images

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